MAY 22, 2006



Board members: Nancy Harthausen has joined the Board to replace Al Franklin, who resigned. Mike Mundy joined the Board to fill Marguerite McDonald’s uncompleted term Both of these terms expire this year, and thus will be part of the POA Board election that will be held early in 2007.

Office staff. The Board has returned to the practice of having two part-time employees in the POA office. Suellen Bennett was hired in May to fill the second position.


Treasurer Bill Harniman reported that preparations are underway for the annual audit of the CSPOA books (as required by law), which will take place the week of May 22, 2006. He also announced that the Board would issue a quarterly report of the POA finances after the audit is completed.


Architectural Control Committee. Board Liaison Monty Craig reported that ACC Chair Curt Orwig did a complete review and updating of all key ACC documents, including ACC policies, procedures for ACC members to follow, and application and complaint forms for members to use. The updated forms will be reviewed by the Board within the next few weeks and will be phased in for use by the ACC and the POA office beginning in mid-June. The goal is to ensure consistent and fair application of the CSPOA Declaration of Restrictions.

Finance and Audit Committee. Committee Chair Maslin Kain reported that the committee has been reviewing CSPOA accounting policies and procedures and expects to have some recommendations for the Board to consider in the near future. One recommendation is that the Board consider breaking the current single “Reserve” account into three separate accounts (one for ongoing maintenance/repair of capital equipment and properties of the association; one for disaster recovery expenses; and one for upgrades and additions to POA facilities). Accounting for the Reserve funds in this manner would give the Board and the community a clearer picture of what funds are available for the three purposes. The Committee is preparing to work with the auditors and the Treasurer during the annual audit. Maslin noted that the committee would like one more volunteer who has some financial background. The Committee has completed and submitted to the Board a preliminary 5-year capital property maintenance plan. She also reported that they have submitted some recommendations for accounting procedure changes to the Board and that the committee will develop and submit to the Board by July a proposal for an annual budget development process that would involve more community input.

Facilities Management Committee. Board Liaison Mike Mundy reported that he had taken all steps necessary to opening the CSPOA Pool. The opening was delayed for six days by needed repairs and preparations, but is now open and operating at full hours (10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily).

Recreation Committee. Committee Co-Chair Sandy Howard reported that the committee has held its first meeting and selected him and Bob Anthony as co-chairs. The committee is discussing ways to improve the social and recreational activities in the community to better reflect the ages and diversity of the people currently living here. They also will examine whether any improvements or additions are needed for CSPOA recreation facilities.

Communications Committee. Committee Chair Bob Jones reported that this committee held its first meeting in May. Members include people involved with the Bulletin, the new POA web site, the newcomers booklet, and the bulletin boards in the community. The goal is to ensure that POA members have easy access to all the information they need about the community. This committee will be helping the Board of Directors with a community-wide survey they plan to do in the fall of 2006.



Memorial Day Picnic. Plans are underway for the POA Memorial Day Picnic, which will take place on Sunday, May 28, from 2-8 p.m. at the picnic area. The picnic “Putting Competition” is part of the picnics once again, thanks to the efforts of Jamie Hoskinson at the golf club.

Water Aerobics. Discussions are still underway about how to keep the water aerobics program going at the pool. A committee of members is looking for volunteer instructors and is committed to ensuring that some type of exercise program is available at the pool this summer. Anyone who can help or has ideas should talk with Board member Nancy Harthausen.


POA “Buffer” Property Maintenance. The Board of Directors is assembling a list of all of the small POA-owned “buffer” pieces of property around the community and will examine each and develop a plan for appropriate maintenance and landscaping.

Meeting with POA Attorney. The entire Board will meet with the POA attorney on May 24 in order to ensure that everyone is well-informed about the laws and procedures governing the operation of POA Boards.

Tree Removal Policy. The Board is doing extensive research on the relationship between trees and storm water runoff. The goal is to ensure that the POA has a tree removal policy that is as fair as possible to members wishing to do landscaping while still providing adequate water runoff protection for the community as a whole. The Board is talking with professional arborists and learning about the tree removal policies of nearby communities.