JUNE 5, 2006



• At the Attorney’s advice, the ACC will review the POA procedures for assessing penalties and holding hearings regarding Declaration of Restriction Violations. The result will be a printed document outlining the entire process and all potential penalties. The document will be discussed with POA members at an open member meeting and then finalized and distributed to all members. The goal is to ensure that all members have an opportunity to comment on the procedures and then are well informed about the final document.

• ACC members have been informed that the POA attorney advises the following steps in enforcement of the Declaration of Restrictions:

- Consistency in enforcement of the restrictions would be an important consideration in a court of law. However, as with any area of law, the consistency of enforcement applies to violations that the POA is aware of. The fact that one member committed an undetected violation cannot be used as a defense by other members committing the same violations.

- The Declaration of Restrictions permits the POA to set building standards and approve or disapprove structures based on those standards. However, once a structure is built according to POA requirements, the POA does not have the legal right to prescribe how the owner uses the inside of the structure. The only exception to the owner’s freedom of activity within the structure is that the owner may not violate local or POA ordinances concerning noise, operating a business, or conducting illegal activities.


Vendor Review Process. Bill Harniman and Mike Mundy will review all of the vendor-provided services the POA receives and determine which of those services should be subject to an annual or biennial bidding process to ensure that the POA is getting the best value for money spent.

Swimming Pool Rules. Mike Mundy is reviewing the rules for use of the swimming pool to ensure that we are able to maintain appropriate safety standards while allowing members to enjoy the use of the pool. He will prepare and share with Board members a draft copy for approval. The final version will be posted at the pool and the security guards will give copies to all pool visitors. POA members will be made aware that people who willingly violate the rules or refuse to accept the guard’s authority will lose their pool privileges.

Review of POA Buffer Properties. Monty Craig will undertake the task of putting together a complete list of all the “buffer” properties the POA owns in the community and then reviewing each to determine what maintenance, landscaping, or other action is appropriate for each property.

Membership Survey. Joyce Davis provided a first draft version of the survey that will be distributed to POA members in the fall. The goal of the survey is two-fold: 1) to gather demographics on the people currently living here so that the POA has a better picture of who the people are we are serving; and 2) to gather input from all members on their desires for changes and improvements in the community and their willingness to pay for such things. The draft survey will be given to all the Board Standing Committees for their input and suggestions of additional questions. It will be finalized and distributed to the members in the fall.

July 4 and Labor Day Picnics. Mary Fran Ryon has agreed to chair these two picnics. Board member Nancy Harthausen will be the Board Liaison to help Mary Fran. The Board will continue to pay Mike Devereaux to do the physical cleaning and moving necessary for the picnic and will authorize him to hire a helper for the furniture/equipment moving part of the work. Joyce Dunn Davis is looking into the possibility of having an ice cream wagon at the picnics.


ACC Chair Curt Orwig has completed preparation of a set of written procedures and forms to be used by ACC members in carrying out their work. Board members submitted their comments to Monty Craig, and the documents will now be finalized and put into use. Board members all expressed their appreciation for the effort and talent Curt put into preparing this outstanding set of documents.


Treasurer Bill Harniman provided a draft process for preparation of the POA’s 2007 budget. The process includes working with the Finance and Audit Committee, getting input from the other standing committees, and getting input from POA members before finalizing the budget.