JULY 17, 2006


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Joyce Dunn Davis, Monty Craig, Bill Harniman, Nancy Harthausen, Mike Mundy

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES. The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the Board Meeting of May 22, 2006 and the Board Planning Meeting of June 5, 2006.

TREASURER’S REPORT. Treasurer Bill Harniman reported that the annual audit has been completed and the Finance and Audit Committee has reviewed the quarterly financial reports of the POA. The annual budget development process has begun, and the Board Committee Chairs have been asked to provide input on the budget needs for their activity areas. Bill noted that currently approximately 98% of the annual POA Budget comes from member dues. He stressed the importance of developing additional revenue sources for the CSPOA in order to make needed updates and improvements to CSPOA facilities.

Facilities Maintenance Committee. Mike Mundy reported that the pool is open and operating without any significant problems. Facilities Committee Chair Joe Martere is investigating options for reducing the cost of operating the pool during the off season, particularly the possibility of covering the pool to reduce the cost of electricity and pool maintenance. Mike Mundy is purchasing some new pool furniture to replace worn out items and expects to buy from Walmart at a considerably lower cost to the POA. He noted that the Facilities Maintenance Committee needs additional members, particularly people with at least some maintenance expertise.

Recreation Committee. Co-Chair Bob Anthony reported that the Recreation Committee has begun providing free tennis lessons for children in Carolina Shores, and has 12-16 students in the initial class. The committee suggested that the Board consider these options for improving recreation opportunities: a play area for children; a regular bingo night at the POA; possible new clubs for biking, walking, hiking, or travel; a new and more functional building between the pool and tennis courts; a single key system for all POA facilities; and organizing some day trips for POA members. Communications Committee. Chairman Bob Jones reported that his committee has been discussing ways to improve and reduce the cost of the monthly POA Bulletin. The POA web site is now online ( ) and includes the current issue of the Bulletin and will maintain a one-year long archive of past issues. The CSPOA Newcomers Booklet has been updated (by editor Donna Watkins) and printed and is now being distributed to all new residents. The cover has been changed to include the correct POA logo, address, and web address. The Committee plans to assist in the distribution and collection of the POA Member Survey, which is scheduled for September.

Finance and Audit Committee. Chair Maslin Kain reported that the committee has met four times since the May Board meeting. The annual audit of the POA by auditor Brad Cheers has been completed and the results provided to the POA. No major problems were found. The committee also has been reviewing the POA’s overall insurance coverage, has been briefed by the Treasurer about the process for preparing the POA’s 2007 budget, and has reviewed the POA financial statements through May 31. The committee recommended that the board hire an outside expert to study the lives and future maintenance/replacement costs of major capital assets. The committee also recommended that the Board consider dividing its Reserve Account into three separate categories: 1) funds for purchase, major maintenance, and replacement of capital assets; 2) funds for repair/replacement of damages to the property resulting from hurricanes or other weather catastrophes; 3) funds available for making additions or improvements to the facilities available to members of the POA.
Architectural Control Committee. Monty Craig reported that he has been acting as the ad hoc leader of the ACC during the process of seeking a new chair for the committee. The committee has acquired two new members, which will reduce the workload, but would like to have several more. Currently 13 new homes are under construction. One builder has been fined $1000.00 for working with an expired permit and multiple delays in completion of the home. Another builder’s third extension has just expired and will be reviewed for a possible fine for unnecessary delays. Efforts are underway to get several properties cleaned up and to have a large dead tree removed from a vacant lot. The ACC has succeeded in getting several unregistered vehicles and improperly stored trailers removed from properties in the community.

POA Picnics. The July 4 POA picnic was a great success with approximately 350 people in attendance. Thanks were given to Picnic Chair Mary Fran Ryon and her volunteers for doing an outstanding job. Mary Fran has agreed to chair the Labor Day picnic.

Formation of a Nominating Committee. Board Member Nancy Harthausen is forming and chairing the Nominating Committee, whose task it is to solicit and review candidates for the 2007 Board election. She urged interested members to consider running for a position on the Board. Further details will be published in the August and September issues of the POA Bulletin.
Transfer of Tree Removal Oversight. The Town of Carolina Shores recently passed a tree removal ordinance and established a volunteer committee to review applications. In order to avoid compelling POA members to go through a two-level process for get approval for tree removal, the POA Board has met with the Town and agreed to turn over all responsibility for tree removal permissions and enforcement to the Town. The town policy covers trees 8” or more in diameter. The Board voted unanimously to comply with the 8” minimum (rather than the current POA minimum of 6”) until a review and updating of the CSPOA Declaration of Restrictions can be completed (in late 2006 or early 2007). Effective immediately the CSPOA will only get involved in tree removal issues when a tree is on CSPOA property or is on a vacant lot and is potentially dangerous to adjacent homeowners.
Proposal for Publishing the CSPOA Directory. Leslie Martin of Athens Publishing (in Calabash) presented a proposal to the Board that we contract with her company to publish the 2006 edition of the CSPOA Member Phone Directory. Athens Publishing will create and print the directory and provide the required number of copies to the POA at no charge in return for being permitted to include paid advertising at the end of the directory. She is willing to ensure the privacy of the contents of the directory and to ensure that no advertising that is unacceptable to the CSPOA will be included. Athens Publishing currently produces the directories for Brunswick Plantation, Sea Trail, and numerous other communities. She distributed copies of those directories for the Board and the members present to review. Board President Joyce Davis reported that she contacted the Sea Trail Board President and learned that they have done their directory this way for several years and are highly satisfied with it. Joyce Davis also reported that the savings to the CSPOA would be approximately $1,800 per year. The Board voted unanimously to approve using this method, pending receipt of an acceptable written agreement from Athens Publishing. Ms. Martin agreed to attend to that immediately.
Proposal for Driver Safety Class. AARP volunteer Victor Pizzolato presented a proposal to conduct an AARP Driver Safety Class for CSPOA members. The program is done in the classroom and requires two four-hour sessions. It is designed to update and enhance the driving knowledge and skills of older drivers. The Board agreed to sponsor the class and asked Mr. Pizzolato to coordinate the dates and details with Board Member Mike Mundy.


1. How many positions will be filled in the 2007 Board election? The answer is two current positions will be open (those filled by Nancy Harthausen and Mike Mundy during 2006) and three new positions will be open for a total of five.

2. Has the excess CSPOA income from 2005 been placed in the reserve fund? The answer is that the excess income of $26,000 in 2005, which came from the sale of a piece of CSPOA property to Centex Builders, was put in the reserve fund.

3. Why do we no longer have a competition for the yard of the month? Garden Club president Kathy Harniman was present and responded that the monthly competition had been suspended some time ago for a variety of reasons but had recently been reinstated as a seasonal competition and will be announced quarterly. The winner is selected by the Garden Club and announced in the Bulletin.

4. Will the Board please look into repairing/redoing the “Gate” signs, which have deteriorated due to age and weathering. The Board agreed to look into the matter.

5. Why must members now submit their complaints only in writing? The volume of member complaints not submitted in writing has made it very difficult for the ACC and the Board to fully understand, and to track, resolve, and respond to complaints. In addition, since some complaints can ultimately result in legal actions it is very important to have a complete written track record of the complaints and the actions taken on them. POA members can get complaint forms from the office in person, by fax, by mail, or – for those with extreme mobility difficulties – someone will deliver a complaint form. If someone telephones the office with a truly “emergency” complaint, an ACC or Board member will respond at once and will bring a blank complaint form along for the member to fill out. The Board is moving to also place the complaint forms on the CSPOA web site (

6. Why is the Board not buying new picnic tables every year to replace those that are getting worn out? There is money in the budget to do this. The Board President replied that a process is already underway to repair and refinish all picnic tables that need work and to replace any that are beyond repair. The Board has a responsibility to use the budget wisely and does not believe in spending money simply because it is a line item in the budget.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.