August 1, 2006


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Monty Craig, Bill Harniman, Nancy Harthausen, Mike Mundy.

Prior to the Board Planning Meeting, Stuart Henderson, who volunteered for the position of ACC Chairman, met with the Board for introductions and general discussion to allow the Board to become acquainted with the ideas Mr. Henderson envisioned for the ACC operations. This “get acquainted” meeting was productive and positive, and the Board agreed that Mr. Henderson was a viable candidate for the position. The following morning, I announced to the ACC members that Stuart Henderson was being considered for the Chairmanship, and polled the ACC Members present who unanimously approved of Mr. Henderson’s appointment. I then notified Mr. Henderson of the decisions and he accepted the position. Mr. Henderson agreed to begin as Chairman toward the end of August, upon returning from vacation.

The Board Planning Meeting was called to order at 11:00am.

The purpose of this meeting was to provide time for the Board Members to discuss various issues and activities pertaining to CSPOA operations. Information concerning Facilities Management, Recreation, Nominating Committee, ACC, and Treasury were discussed.

Facilities Management - Mike Mundy explained that several occurrences involving Members and the Security Guard at the pool had prompted him to contact the Security Firm and suggest that the Guard (Brenda) be re-assigned and another guard be identified as her replacement. Details of the decision will be chronicled and placed in the Pool Security Board File. Mike asked for Board input regarding the possibility of allowing some food/beverage items inside the pool area. The Board felt that easing of the restrictions could lead to difficulties with Members bringing unapproved items to the pool and creating problems with cleanliness of the pool. The Board felt that the existing regulations should be left in place. The poor condition of water fountains at the pool was discussed and Mike will research replacement equipment and obtain estimates to purchase replacement refrigerated units for the pool, and possibly the tennis court area. Mike will also obtain costs to provide new Bicycle Racks at the Pool/Tennis area and the POA Clubhouse.

Nominating committee - Nancy Harthausen advised the Board that following receipt of the Bulletin by CSPOA Members, with a request for nominations, the Nominating Committee would have their first meeting.

Recreation - Nancy Harthausen stated the she and Mary Fran Ryon had begun work on the Labor Day Picnic to be held on Sunday, September 3rd, with Monday the 4th as a rain date. Nancy has ordered the grille and freezer from Holtz Catering for the picnic. Nancy also volunteered to be the Board representative in charge of the Christmas Party which is scheduled for Sunday, December 10th.

Architectural Control - As noted above, Stuart Henderson met with the Board prior to the Planning Meeting. After Mr. Henderson left, the Planning Meeting commenced and the Board affirmed Mr. Henderson’s appointment as ACC Chairman. Monty Craig indicated that finalization of ACC Procedures and Guidelines had stagnated following the resignation of Curt Orwig, and that these documents would be re-visited and reviewed by Stuart Henderson. In addition, since Tree Preservation was now being handled by the Town of Carolina Shores, several of the documents would need to be re-worked to delete tree removal information previously handled by the ACC. Hopefully a few of the procedural Guidelines pertaining to Painting, Roof Replacement, Home Alterations, etc. which are of particular need by Members will be quickly updated and made ready for inclusion on the CSPOA Website.

Treasurer’s Report - Bill Harniman reported that CSPOA Finances were progressing normally, and there were no major variances from the Budget Plan. Bill has sent a 2007 Budget Call to the various Committee Chairs and will send the same to CSPOA Board Members. Bill is currently working on the year-end forecast of revenues and expenditures for use by the Audit/Finance Committee for 2007 Budget preparation.

There being no further business, the Planning Meeting was adjourned.