SEPTEMBER 14, 2006


PRESENT: Joyce Dunn Davis, Monty Craig, Bill Harniman, Nancy Harthausen, and Mike Mundy.

MINUTES OF JULY 2006 MEETING. Joyce Davis noted that she had modified the minutes of the July 2006 Board Meeting to include the comments made from the floor during the member discussion portion of the meeting.

POOL/PICNIC AREA UPDATE. Mike Mundy reported that the water fountain in the pool had again developed a serious leak and he had to shut it down. He explored the possibility of installing cooled water fountains at the pool and tennis courts (currently the water is tap water without refrigeration) and learned that having refrigeration in the water fountains would require regular inspections by the county Health Department, and the systems would have to be connected to an approved drainage outlet. The only way to do that would be to run underground plumbing a considerable distance to connect with existing underground drainage lines. The cost would be prohibitive. Mike also reported that he had received a petition signed by about 20 POA members concerning the change in security personnel at the pool. The Board agreed to spend time over the next several months doing an entire review of pool operations, including the physical maintenance, the bathrooms, the pool building and equipment, and the best way to maintain cleanliness and order at the pool in the future. Currently, the security guard contract alone costs the POA about $17,000 per year and it is not clear that this is the best and most cost-effective way to maintain order. Mike agreed to write a letter to the petition organizer thanking them for their concern and promising to include their ideas in future Board discussions of the pool.

At Mike’s suggestion, the Board agreed to begin closing the pool each day at 7 p.m. (instead of 8 p.m.) and to close it for the season on October 1, due to declining use and cooling temperatures.

FACILITY MAINTENANCE. At the suggestion of the Recreation Committee, Mike Mundy is obtaining price estimates for installing bicycle racks at the pool, tennis courts, and POA clubhouse. He will have a full report for the next Board meeting. Mike also reported that many of the Carolina Shores “Gates” signs and some of the entrance signs are in serious disrepair and need replacement. He and Facility Chair Joe Martere will inspect each sign and assess what needs to be done to repair or replace them.

CSPOA PICNICS. Nancy Harthausen reported that the final picnic of the year – Labor Day Weekend – was a big success and once again the ice cream was a hit. She praised the hard work of Picnic Chair Mary Fran Ryon for making the three summer picnics go so well. For next year’s picnics they are considering adding a potluck table, where members who wish to contribute food to share can do so. Currently, those who bring food share it only with the groups they come with, and this makes it somewhat difficult for newcomers to join in. Nancy feels that having a general potluck table would be more welcoming and would help get new members included.

HOLIDAY PARTY. The Board voted to hold the 2006 Holiday Party on Sunday, December 3, 2006 with the Trestle as caterer. Nancy Harthausen will chair the party and is working with the Trestle to come up with a contract for their food and services.

BUDGET. Treasurer Bill Harniman shared with the Board the work he has been doing using a computer program to assess the long-range requirements for funding repairs or replacements of the CSPOA’s capital equipment. This in-depth study is being done with software provided to Bill by a local facilities consultant who does work with Ocean Ridge and Brunswick Plantation. Having Bill do the study rather than hiring the consultant to do it will save the Board several thousand dollars and will get the study done more quickly. It will meet the standards suggested by the auditors who do the POA’s annual audit. The Board voted to pay this consultant a $300 honorarium for the use of his software. The result of this study will be very specific information about how much money will need to go into the CSPOA Reserve Account over the next 5-10 years in order to meet all future maintenance/replacement requirements. Once the total amount is known (by the end of this year), the Board will need to decide how and when to fund it – whether by gradual increases in member dues or by periodic assessments when needed. The outcome of this study will be discussed with members before any final decisions are made.

Bill also outlined plans for preparing the 2007 operating budget for the POA. Bill has asked all of the Board Standing Committees to give him their 2007 budget requirements for Board review. After some discussion, the Board asked that Bill delay completing a draft budget until the end of October, so that the results of the Member Survey can be used to guide some of the decisions. A draft budget will be mailed to members by early November and included as an insert in the November Bulletin. The Board meeting on Monday, November 13, will be used primarily as a discussion session for members to give comments on the budget. After that time the Board will meet to finalize the budget so it can be implemented on January 1, 2007.

BOARD ELECTION. Nancy Harthausen reported that the Nominating Committee has been at work soliciting candidates for the 2007 Board Election. The deadline for nominations is October 15. The Board discussed ways to modify the mailing of the ballot in order to reduce confusion among the members (currently about 10% of the ballots are returned to the office improperly). The Board agreed to put it on the agenda for the September 25 Board meeting to seek input from the community. CSPOA Office Manager Vicki Samuels has provided a suggested new method that Nancy and her committee will review.

MEMBER DIRECTORY. Joyce Davis reported that the membership database has been updated and electronically transmitted to Athens Publishing, where it will be produced in its new format by late October. It will be distributed to members with the November Bulletin.

MEMBER SURVEY. The Board gave final comments and suggestions about the design of the CSPOA Member Survey. Joyce Davis reported that it will be completed, printed, and distributed by October 1, with returns required by October 15. It will be mailed, included in the Bulletin, and available on the CSPOA web site. Every effort will be made to get a large response so that the results can be useful in guiding future Board decisions.

ACC. Monty Craig reported that the new ACC Chair, Stuart Henderson, has been hard at work and is doing an outstanding job. The ACC currently is tackling several problems with absentee property owners who are not properly maintaining their lots. They are being sent final action notices and if they fail to meet the deadlines the Board will vote to take over the cleanup and assess the property owners the cost. Bill Harniman reported that he has compiled a list of all the small pieces of “buffer zone” property owned by the CSPOA around the community and will bring it to the next planning meeting so the Board can discuss how to either maintain or dispose of these properties.