MARCH 19 2007


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT; Al Franklin, Mal Mac Raild, Mike Mundy, Sally Nolan, Connie Six.

Call to order. Mike called meeting to order at 7:00pm

Mike introduced the board and informed the members of each of the board’s responsibilities. He then advised the members of Monty Craig’s and Bill Hamimam’s resignations. He advised that one spot was filled by Angela Kopitopoulos. In our next planning meeting we will discuss the open position and someone to fill it.
Don Hart was appointed by the town to be our liaison and Mike will be ours to the town. Mike informed the meeting that we will reinstate the ad-hoc committee on the golf course.

Mal gave the treasure’s report for the year end 2006 and the auditors findings. He praised Bill and his committee on the fine job they did in increasing interest income.

Mike opened the meeting for general comments.

1. Helen asked the board to respond to her letter.
2. Maslin suggested we use the web site for info distribution
3. Jeanie made a pitch for the New Friends meeting


Business meeting

Old business: Al Moved to approve the minutes of the planning meetings of Feb.5th & Feb. 12th. Sally seconded Motion Passed

Mal moved to Segregate operating funds from reserve funds & transfer reserve to another bank
for safety of funds. Al seconded motion passed..
Mike moved to establish a $5000.00 threshold for capitalization. Sally seconded .Motion passed.
Mike tabled the decision on the remaining life and replacement cost study.

Bob Anthony gave a recreation committee report on swimming pool proposals for this year. The board will review at next planning meeting.

Mike adjourned the meeting at 8:12 pm.