Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

August 20, 2007

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Mal MacRaild, Sally Nolan, Al Franklin, Angela Kopitopoulos, Connie Six, and David Jones.

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 3:20 pm. Mike asked for approval of the minutes for July. Motion to approve minutes made by Mal MacRaild. Seconded by Sally Nolan. All in favor Aye. No Nays.

1. Don Hart, Town Liaison.

• Requested a date for “Candidates Night” prior to November 6, 2007 upcoming election to fill 3 commissioner seats and Mayor’s seat. Scheduled date to appear in October Bulletin.

Please put in the Bulletin:

• Hurricane Storm debris-2 trucks will be out for pickup of debris.

2. Joyce Dunn addressed the meeting to discuss an outside Company producing our monthly Bulletin and community telephone directory. Joyce passed out a sample Bulletin for our consideration. Advertisers would defray part of the costs. Joyce asked to wait to review other monthly Bulletins in the area before a decision is made. All information and pictures would be delivered by e-mail. A sample for Carolina Shores will be presented in the next 2 months with a projected date of January 2008 to publish the new Bulletin.

Old Business

• New PA System has been purchased for $290.04.
• Office telephone system has been replaced by ATMC at cost of $1771.00.

Sally Nolan:

• New card information is not yet complete. Item tabled.
• Facilities recommendations:
• Construction of a Storage Shed. The board discussed combining construction of the shed and restroom improvements at the same time. Item is tabled for further information and planning.
• Quote from Williams Carpet Co. to replace carpeting in POA Community room for $5212.31. Members asked that we get prices for other types of flooring to replace the carpeting.

Angela Kopitopoulas:

• Weekly Bingo Game-The information is not available yet, will present at a future meeting.

• Golf Course survey results are Yes: 309 No-206, Undecided-19. Mal MacRaild suggested that a committee be formed to research further information to purchase the Golf Course.
Al Franklin made a motion to form the committee. Their first step is to get legal council to check the legalities and the Board will authorize fees at a later date. Seconded by David Jones.
All in favor Aye, no nays. Mal MacRaild and David Jones agreed to be members of the committee to represent the Board.

New Business:

Al Franklin- ACC

• Two letters of violations to be sent to levee fines.
• Open slat construction of Patio wall fences. Al will be sending requirements for publication in the Bulletin. Al made a motion to accept this notification seconded by Sally Nolan. All in favor Aye, no Nays.

Angela Kopitopoulos

• Discussed replacing furniture in the secretary’s office. Mal MacRaild suggested place in budget as a line item.
• New friends requested funds for decorations for the community Halloween party. Angela made a motion to provide $50.00 to New Friends. Seconded by Al Franklin. All in favor Aye. No Nays.
• Pat Cejka at 43 Gate 6 made a request to purchase the buffer POA property adjacent to her home. This request will be considered.
• Mrs. Cejka also requested the Town mow the grass up to the town fence near her home. Don Hart will have this taken care of.

Connie Six

• Discussed the following issues:

1. Smoking at the pool.
2. Cleaning the pine straw from the tennis courts.
3. Changes to the POA Christmas Party.
Board discussion followed, no changes at this time. Mal MacRaild made a motion to purchase 3 additional trashcans. Seconded by Sally Nolan. All in favor Ayes, No Nays.

Mal MacRaild

• 2008 preliminary budget line items need to be submitted by each Board member.
• Nancy Apple met with Mal to work on accounting system.

Mike Mundy

• We need to form a nominating committee for the Board elections. Angela Kopitopoulos will form nominating committee.

Al Franklin made a motion to adjourn at 6:10 pm. Seconded by Mal MacRaild.

Next general meeting is scheduled for an Open Meeting on Monday, September 17th at 7pm.

The next Board meeting is October 15th a 3pm.