Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

October 15, 2007

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Al Franklin, Sally Nolan, Mal MacRaild, Angela Kopitopoulos, Connie Six, and David Jones.

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

Al Franklin made a motion to accept the minutes of September 17, 2007. Seconded by Connie Six.

Al Franklin presented current ACC investigations.

  1. A Commercial Truck in driveway: a letter was sent from the Board stating we would issue a $50.00 fine to the resident.
    Al made a motion to apply the fine, seconded by Mike Mundy. The resident has 5 days to resolve after which a $50.00 per day fine will be applied.
    All in favor Aye, one Nay by Sally. Motion passed.
  2. Parking cars in the street, a boat in the yard. Al suggested sending a letter to the resident warning of the violation. Al will write the letter. All in favor Aye, no Nays.
  3. ACC did put a lock on the ACC office door. We may consider installing a similar lock on the office door.


Mal McRaild moved to have the ACC start a control sheet on escrow account. Dave seconded. All in favor Aye, no Nays. The control sheet will be started by the ACC.

The Board will consider Medical and Family excuse for overriding the 3 months of missing Board meetings presently resulting in termination. All in favor Aye, no Nays.

Sally Nolan: Facilities

  1. Sally introduced John Scwabb from the Die Bold Corp. He presented and explained an upgraded card access system for our community. It would be $1500-$1600. per year for service contract. 8000 event memory capacity per card. Cost: $3.60 per card or $6.60 per key card.
    Mike discussed using current system and clear memory out of system to enable us to continue using the system we currently have. We must have a dedicated telephone line for the system. One line for each area with card access. They will run a conduit from pool house to tennis courts. Total cost estimate is $18,990. not including cards. Effective October 2, 2007 Pelen Co. has been changed to Die Bold Inc. Currently to schedule work would start in 2 to 3 weeks. Wait till Spring 6-8 weeks.

Sally introduced Randy from Tyco-ADT-Presentation was made by speakerphone. Dave Jones used the office PC for a demonstration. Cards cost approximate $4.00. Tags approximate cost is $6.00. Members listed in excel can be ported to ADT and they will input members at each access point. Assign members to groups in excel format and for access times. Quote of expenses was presented on a written estimate to each Board member. Copy attached.
Dave Jones made a motion to purchase the ADT system. Seconded by Mal MacRaild. Any discussion-none. All in favor, Aye. Any opposed, No.

Golf Course Property
Mal MacRaild and David Jones are having their first meeting Wednesday with their committee.

Liaison from Town or Carolina Shores, Don Hart, will be leaving office on November 16, 2007. Board provided Don with a list of committee members (see attached list of members)
Town of Carolina Shores included a police department in long range plans. Carolina Shores proposes a satellite office from the Sheriffs Office. Town will continue to push the county for increased coverage by the Sheriff’s office. Golf Course-Ad Hoch committee met all its requirements. Impact fees are illegal in North Carolina. Town is investigating various zoning changes for the Town including the golf course. Don Hart suggested the committee make an appointment with Leslie Bell, Head of Planning and Zoning for Brunswick County.

AL Franklin – introduced the subject of access to the POA office by non-directors. Angela Kopitopoulos made a motion for access to Business office during regular hours only. Seconded by Al Franklin. All in favor, Aye. No Nays.

The Christmas Party
Committee has been formed for the party. The chairperson is Joyce Dunn.

Next Board meeting is scheduled for November.

Motion to adjourn made by Al Franklin. Seconded by Connie Six at 6pm.

Golf Course Committee Members


1. Dave Jones
2. Mal MacRaild
3. Teddy Altreuter
4. Jim Garrigan
5. Steve Delisle
6. Paul Jordan
7. Al Beard
8. John Elvin