Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Special Board of Directors Meeting

December 18, 2007

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Al Franklin, David Jones, Mal MacRaild, and Angela Kopitopoulos.
Guests: John Russo and Tom Puhls-Town of Carolina Shores Commissioners.

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 3:07 pm. He introduced John Russo and Tom Puhls. Tom Puhls has been assigned to be the new Town Liaison to all the POA’s comprising the Town of Carolina Shores. The last Thursday of each month will be the Town’s monthly workshop. The results will be posted on the website. The Mayor directed John Russo, to question if the POA has removed “tree removal” from the Deed of Restrictions? Al Franklin responded this issue needs approval by the membership. The Board voted about one and half years ago to relinquish all tree removal responsibility to the Town. Mike Mundy presented a request to Mr. Russo and Mr. Puhls to improve communication between the Town and the POA for building permit applications. Al Franklin suggested that approval checks are re implemented between the Town and the POA /ACC. Mike asked that procedure be written and forward to the Town. Al, Mike, and Pete Gulliver will work together to provide the Town with this procedure.

Approval of the minutes for November 12 and November 28 Board meetings. Motion to accept 1 and 2 made by Dave Jones. Seconded by Al Franklin. Any discussion, no. All in favor, Aye. No Nays.

Al Franklin made a motion for a resolution that we do not sell any “buffer zones” to anybody. Seconded by Mal. Buffer zone is property that protects property owners from commercial, public, and roads. Allows them buffer space protection. Discussion commenced, motion is tabled until all buffer zones and right of ways are identified.

3 Gate 11-the deck has been removed from the back and the owner must apply to the Town for a variance for the sunroom. He must also apply for a permit to move the deck to the side of the house and letters of acceptance from his neighbors. Al made a motion that we impose double fines for two occurrences of not applying for building permits on the same property. Seconded by Angela. Asked we add to the motion that the POA publish building permit and applicable fines in the Bulletin to again remind residents of their responsibilities. Full discussion followed. All in favor, 4 Ayes. Nays-1.

Mal MacRaild announced all reserved funds have been separated from operating funds. Mike suggested that the office close 12 noon from January 2, 2008 until February 15, 2008. This will allow the secretaries from 12 to 1 pm to post dues.

Annual meeting scheduled for February 2, 2008.

Next Board of Directors meeting is January 21, 2008.

New Business:
The Garden club requested a price from Coffee Grounds to landscape around the Clubhouse. A price of $2900.00 was drawn up for this work. We will discuss this request in the future.

Al Franklin made a motion to adjourn seconded by Mal MacRaild. All in favor, Aye. No Nays.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.