FEBRUARY 12,2007


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Monty Craig, Al Franklin, Bill Harniman, Malcolm Mac Raild, Mike Mundy, Sally Nolan, Connie Six.

Call To Order. Mike called the meeting to order at 1:00pm

Old Business.
1. Signs. Mike and Bill meet with the owner of the Carolina Shores golf course to replace the sign at the entrance of the golf course. No agreement was reached. The POA offered to pay and erect the sign but Mr Matheny said no he will pay for the sign but our cost was to much. Further review by the board and by unanimous approval the board voted to have Mike send a letter to Mr. Matheny, advising we would pay half and the sign would be his property.

2. Al noted that the 12 courts on Northwest Dr. did not have new signs Mike will look into pricing these additional signs.

3. The Villas have a separate POA, and did not want to pay for new signs. Al Franklin moved that we replace the signs at no cost to the villas. Monty seconded motion passed. Mike will send letter to the villas.

4. Board discussed hiring a part time accountant. Bill and Mal will interview Nancy Apple to see if she fits our needs to convert A/R to Quick books ,Train our staff, and handle the general ledger responsibilities.

Point of information: The CSPOA has 1246 dues paying members.

5. Officer election continued, Mal nominated for Treasure. By Monty Sally seconded. All directors voted Yea. Mal suggested we ask Angela Kopitopoulos to be secretary and with Monty leaving the board replace him with Angela. Mal will contact Angela.

New Business:

1. Standing Committees. The standing committees will be the same as last year. A hold will be put on reactivating the House Committee. The ACC. & Finance committee chairpersons resigned.

The standing committee liaisons will be;
1. ACC. Al Franklin.
2. Finance. Mal Mac Raild.
3.Communications. Mike Mundy.
4.Facility Management. Sally Nolan.
5. Nominating committee. Monty Craig,
6. Recreation committee. Connie Six.
7. Town of Carolina Shores. Mike Mundy.

Up date on town meeting with Mr. Matheny. Mr. Matheny wants out of the golf course business. He will present a development plan to the town. His starting dollar figure for purchase of the course is $15,000,000. He has 150 Acers The town is meeting with the state revenue board to see about financing. Note that 30% of 150 Acers would be infrastructure. Or between 4 to 5 million dollars. After the town meets with the state we may put together a committee to review our options with the course.

2. The storm water is not the POA’s problem as the right of way takes in the ditches. If the town corrects the water flow in the ditches it would spread the cost evenly through the Town.

Long term goals:

1. Look at replacing the pool pump house.
2. Look at replacing the POA club house.

Monty tended his resignation from the board effective March 1st 2007.

Adjourned 3:10pm