FEBRUARY 5, 2007


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Monty Craig, Mike Mundy, Bill Harniman, Al Franklin, Sally Nolan, Connie Six, Malcolm Mac Raild.

Call To Order. Monty called the meeting to order at 1:00pm. The primary purpose is the election of officers and appoint liaisons for the standing committees. Monty asked for a volunteer to take the minutes until a secretary is elected. Malcolm will take the minutes.

Monty called for nominations for president. Sally nominated Mike and Al placed his name on the ballot. The vote was taken and vote was Monty, Sally, Connie, Mike, and Mal voted for Mike and Al and Bill voted for Al, Mike was declared president and took over the meeting

Mike called for nominations for vice president. Mal nominated Al there were no other nominations all board members voted for Al.

Bill started to go over the treasures duties and recommended we think about a part time accountant as he was spending 20 to30 hours a week to post to the ledger and prepare bills for payment. A discussion ensued. The board looked favorably on this recommendation. A motion was not made but a action to post a note on the POA’S web site to see if we had any members who would be interested was agreed upon. Bill will handle that.

Guest Speaker Don Hart showed up at this time and Mike suspended the election until Don was done with his presentation

Don Hart is the Town of Carolina Shores liaison to the POA. Don had two topics he wanted to discuss.
Storm water run off, and the Carolina Shores golf course.

Storm Water run off is the responsibility of the town. They must control the run off and erosion with in its boundaries Part of the towns action plan is to replace the culverts under the roads in Carolina Shores. They have replaced two so far one on Carolina parkway and the other on midiron. The cost of the last one [midiron] was $70,000. $20,000 over estimate due to complexities of the utilities crossing the road. They have seven more to do.
A major problem the town is trying to solve is the flooding in the Northwest drive area. The state put a culvert under RT 17 funneling the west side of 17 to the northwest ditch. The town is trying to get the state to close that culvert and send the water down the west side of 17.
The town owns the culverts under the streets but each home owner is responsible for their ditches and driveway culverts. Many driveway culverts and ditches are blocked or are not draining. If the home owners don’t maintain their ditches then the town will do it and it will be at a cost to the home owner above and beyond the $60 yearly fee paid now.

Carolina Shores Golf Course:
The town feels that the course should stay a golf course. It has researched costs for running a course through meetings with other owners and clubs. Replacing the cart paths at C.S.G.C. would cost about one million dollars. They have met with C.S.G.C. owner and they feel that there is progress in reducing the animosity between the town, and the owner. They will talk to the owner about replacing the sign at no cost to him on country club dr. The POA has already brought that up to him. The town’s research shows that with R15 zoning about 350 homes can be built on the course. The course did about 31,000 rounds in 2006 but would like 40,000.

Don suggested that we have a town liaison to attend the workshops and the town meetings.

The Board meeting resumed at 2:30.

After discussion the board decided to leave the election of Secretary and treasure for next meeting.

Standing committee Liaisons.
Al volunteered to be the liaison for the ACC committee. The rest will be selected at the next meeting.

Open meeting schedule: The board decided to keep the open meetings every other month. The first meeting well be March l9~ at 7:00pm

The next board meeting is set for Monday the 12th at 1:00pm

In closing comments Monty advised due to health issues he will be leaving the board after we get our feet on the ground.