Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

May 21, 2007

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Mal MacRaild, Angela Kopitopoulos, Al Franklin, Sally Nolan, David Jones, and Connie Six. Liaison: Don Hart of Carolina Shores.

Call to Order at 2:05 pm.
President Mike Mundy called the meeting to order. Welcomed David Jones to the Board. He will replace Bill Harniman for the reminder of Bill’s term for the balance of the year. Mike asked if it is acceptable to the Board to change the meeting time to evening. The members agreed to change the time for future Board meetings to 3 pm. On the Third Monday of each month, Quarterly open meetings to remain 7:00 pm.

Committee Updates

A. Architectural Control Committee-Al Franklin

• Discussed 14 Topsail. The owner’s father will speak to his son to make necessary repairs. The owner has one week to make repairs to comply with deed of restrictions. If he doesn’t comply, we will proceed with legal action.
All dues need to be paid up to date.
Al made a motion to take legal action if necessary. Seconded by Mal. All in favor. Aye.
• Mr. Peter Kirkby-19 Gate 6- wants to remove 2 8 ft. sections of privacy fence in rear of his property. This would be in violation of the DOR.
• Motion by A. Kopitopoulos to reject request. Seconded by Mal MacRaild. All in favor-Aye.
• A letter to be sent to property owner on Yellow Jacket for information on rental property.
• 20 Gate 3. ACC inspected this property. There is still a drainage problem. The Builder will check property to correct problem.
• Al Franklin discussed procedures to issue fines to builders for working out of hours.

• 1st Violation- Letter sent
• 2nd Violation- Regular fine
• 3rd Violation- Double fine

Motion to accept by Mal MacRaild. Seconded by Dave Jones. All in favor. Aye.

• 35 Calabash Dr. The Board agreed property was discussed at April meeting. If no improvements by June 01, 2007 the Board will use monies being held to clean up the property. Motion to accept by Al Franklin. Seconded by Mal MacRaild. All in favor. Aye.

B. Audit and Finance-Malcolm MacRaild

• Mal MacRaild spoke with Nancy Apple today. She is planning to start training the office personnel in about 2 weeks. Each member received an updated Profit and Loss statement through April 2007.

C. Recreation-Connie Six

• Connie Six discussed upcoming Memorial Day Picnic. Members arrive at 1:30 to help. Al Franklin suggested purchasing 8 new coolers and propane gas tanks for POA use. Mike Mundy has received an offer for a free freezer for the POA. The chest freezer will be available for ice cream at picnics.

• Subject of Lap swimming: For Lap swimming it’s too difficult to open pool at 8am. Interferes with pool cleaning. The final decision is that the pool to open 7 days a week at 9 am.- Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays Water Aerobics. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 9 to 10 am. Lap swimming.

D. Facilities-Sally Nolan

• June 13- POA to be closed for re-carpeting of the office.
• Pool bathrooms have been painted and refurbished. Al to replace locks on bathrooms.
• Sally plans to inventory supplies.
• Vacuum has been replaced.
• Replacing pool furniture- Sally to check prices and present to Board.

E. Secretary-Angela Kopitopoulas

No recommendations

F. David Jones- will decide which area he would like to become involved in.

G. Mike Mundy will mount flags for Memorial Day. Flags to be flown a few days before the holiday.

Al Franklin will recruit a volunteer to move the donated freezer to the POA.

Old Business- Town of Carolina Shores will provide new street sign on Northwest Dr. when new budget is passed.

New Business- Discussed trash pickup for handicapped resident. Party wants curbside pickup. Waste management is not accepting new customers in Carolina Shores. The Town of Carolina Shores is discussing this issue with the resident. Subject for June Open Meeting-Discussion of Options for garbage disposal.

Complaints were made by some residents concerning articles in the May Newsletter. In the future Board members will approve articles pertaining to their responsibilities.

Motion to adjourn made by Sally Nolan. Seconded by Mal MacRaild at 4:15 pm.