Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Open Meeting

June 18, 2007

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Angela Kopitopoulos, Al Franklin, Sally Nolan, David Jones, Mal MacRaild, and Connie Six.

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

1. Mike introduced new Board Members. Angela Kopitopoulos and David Jones both of whom are filling the remainder of one-year terms.

2. Mike asked for approval of May 21, 2007 minutes. Mal made motion to
accept minutes. All in favor, Aye. Seconded by Connie Six.

3. ACC- Peter Gulliver presented current ACC information. There have been no new Building Permits filed in the last 3 months.
Pete reminded POA members to keep up housekeeping of properties.
Al Franklin discussed properties:
• 14 Top Sail
• 35 Calabash Dr.
He gave updated status. He informed members at the last Board meeting the Board approved the following:
Effective July 1, 2007 ACC Violations
• First Violation-15 days to correct
• Second Step for same violation fine issued.
• Third time-fines will double.
Details will appear in the July Bulletin

4. Audit and Finance- Mal McRaild
Collections were good. As of 06/16/2007 we have collected $204,000. Leaving an outstanding balance of $5,800. or 2.8%. 29 members have not paid. 20 of which do not live in Carolina Shores.
We have completely removed the reserved funds from our operating funds and put these funds into CD’s in two different banks. Satisfying the recommendations of the 2006 audit.
We have updated our quick books program and hired Nancy Apple accounting to update our staff training and review our monthly positing to help ensure we are following proper accounting principles.
Plans for 3rd quarter:
• Convert our accounts receivable and member information base to quick books.
• Start our 2008 Budget process.

5. Recreation- Connie Six

• The Bleachers at the Tennis courts have been completed. Children’s tennis lessons have begun and are going very well.
A reminder to all members:
• No alcoholic beverages or food at the pool.
• Children with diapers are restricted to the children’s pool.

6. Facilities- Sally Nolan

• The gutters have been removed and flashing repairs completed to the POA Building.
• Painting has been completed at the pool bathrooms and changing rooms.
• The fencing has been replaced on Rte 179 border.
• New carpeting has been installed in the POA Office and hallway.
• Shrubs will be removed at the rear of the POA building.


7. Communications- Dave Jones

• POA website- we need more information and updates to keep the information current and interesting to the users.
• The Bulletin-The Editor will be resigning after the July issue. A volunteer is needed to replace the Editor. Please contact the communication committee. If you are interested or know of someone that you would like to recommend.

Mike announced- Pool will remain open till 9pm starting July 4, 2007. The pool can remain open until dark.
Mike introduced the subject of trash disposal for discussion. We would like public feeling regarding trash disposal. Hand out was provided with a full explanation of current trash disposal in Carolina Shores.
Mike asked-should the POA have a survey issued to the members to answer if they are interested in changing trash disposal?
Joyce Dunn suggested a survey be enclosed with Budget proposal in November of this year. Dave Phlaster suggested using the website to survey the members. Jerry Dale acknowledged that the Town of Carolina Shores has done an excellent job of managing trash disposal in the best interest of our residents.
Mike Mundy recommended that the Care Team of New Friends be contacted if any resident needs help for trash disposal.
Mike asked for a vote. The vote was all aye’s not to resurvey the members to change the method of trash disposal.

Open Floor for comments:

1. A new grill has been purchased by POA for picnics.
2. Mayor Mann gave details of how funds were made available for traffic light on Rte 179.
3. American Flags will be flown throughout the community on all major holidays.
4. Lynn Darby suggested an American Flag be displayed in the POA for our meetings.
5. A bike rack will be installed at the pool this week.
6. Grace Farley asked if we could improve the appearance at the Golf Course entrance. Mike Mundy responded that we can approach the golf course if they would be willing to make improvements but said he has very little hope that the owner would be willing to make improvements.

Mal MacRaild made a motion to apply bank fees and a $25.00 charge for all checks returned that were accepted by the POA. Seconded by Al Franklin. All in favor -Aye. Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn made by H. Morrison. Seconded by Al Franklin at 7:55 pm.