Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

July 9, 2007

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Mal MacRaild, Sally Nolan, Al Franklin, Angela Kopitopoulos, Connie Six, and David Jones.

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 3:08 pm. Mike asked for approval of the minutes for June. Motion to approve minutes made by Al Franklin. Seconded by Mal MacRaild. All in favor Aye. No Nays.

1. Mike introduced Joe Martere representing the Facilities Management Committee.

• No information is available on the 10’x16’ Tennis Storage Building. It will be provided by July 13, 2007.
• $26,000 for replacement of current restrooms at the pool, approximately 10’x20’.
• Provided 2 estimates for children playground installation. $15,000 - $35,000. This is commercial grade equipment which is recommended.
• The tennis players have asked that the new storage building be relocated away from the tennis courts.
• Mike Mundy recommended that we table these 3 projects for discussion at our next meeting.

2. Don Hart, Town Liaison

• Signs on Northwest Dr. The Town has scheduled work for the installation of street signs.
• Town will take over responsibility to replace lights at entrances. Brunswick Electric will replace broken lightening and maintain the lights in the future for a monthly fee.
• Brunswick county manager is to contact Marty K. Lawling. He is in charge of recreation and water and sewer projects.

3. Angela Kopitopoulos is checking with the county to setting up a weekly Bingo Game in the POA.

4. Connie Six discussed a survey was not completed at the picnic to know preferences for picnic and rain dates.

5. Al Franklin suggested the POA purchase a new CD player with PA system and speakers.

6. No procedures are in place now to limit expenditures for the Board members. Al Franklin made a resolution that all expenditures over $750.00 that have not been budgeted are to be presented to the Board for approval. Seconded by Mal MacRaild. The Board discussed this resolution. Amended resolution to the Board is to approve all expenditures over $500.00. All in favor. Aye no nays.

7. Mike Mundy suggested that each Board member start preparing budget information for Mal MacRaild. Next year’s budget to be more detailed.

8. Sally Nolan announced New Business. Contacted ADT for new access card system for pool and POA entrance.

9. Al Franklin contacted ATMC because of on going telephone service problems.

• 2 prices quoted from ATMC: Installation

a. With answering service: $2614.14
b. Monthly stays the same no answering service: $1771.00



Al cancelled the T.V. cable service. Al made a motion to accept ATMC system for $1771.00. Seconded by Sally Nolan. All in favor Aye. No nays.

10. Mal MacRaild stated all taxes have been paid up to date.

11. Mike suggested we discontinued the Carolina a Basic internet account.

12.Mike Mundy discussed resident complaints regarding golf paths used by residents in the afternoon. This is the Golf Course’s responsibility.

13. Trailers parked in driveways over 3 days. All complainers need to complete complaint forms in POA.

14. There have been several requests for residents to purchase buffer zones. We need to review each case separately.

15. “The Golf Course” discussion: Mike Mundy will contact the county to check if they are interested in purchasing the Golf Course. Our attorney needs to be contacted to discuss our options. We need dollar amounts for purchasing the course. Mal suggested a detailed survey be sent to residents for their views. Mal agreed to compose the survey letter with Sally and David. Sally motioned to approve postage for letter survey. Seconded by Mal MacRaild.

16. Motion to adjourn made by Mike Mundy. Seconded by David Jones at 5:20 p.m.



Next Board meeting will be on August 20, 2007 at 3pm.