Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

January 21, 2008

Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Sally Nolan, Mal MacRaild, Al Franklin, Angela Kopitopoulos, and David Jones.
Liaison: Tom Puls of Town of Carolina Shores Commissioner

Executive Meeting at 3:11 pm.

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 3:11 pm. Motion to accept the December minutes made by Mal MacRaild and seconded by Al Franklin.

Old Business

1. Town Board of Adjustments approved variance at hearing on January 14, 2008 for sunroom on 3 Gate 11.

• Al made a motion to approve variance for sunroom at same property. Seconded by Sally. Discussion: none.
• Al will make arrangements for letters to be mailed to 3 Gate 11 with results of approval. A letter will also be sent to 77 Calabash Dr. The letters will notify a tentative meeting for Monday, February 4, 2008 offering a hearing on that date to the members.

2. Discussed proposed landscaping around the POA building by Coffey Grounds Landscaping. Sally will speak with the landscaper to discuss prices and materials. Item tabled for next meeting.
3. New Key Card System

• Sally received a bid from D & D Electric for $1175.00 for the electric work needed. Sally said the work is to begin soon. She said the pool gate would remain in place until a decision is made regarding renovations.

Report by Directors


• Al Franklin
Deed of Restrictions. Explained why we need to publish amendments to Resolutions that have been approved by the Board. Al suggested we publish this information in the Bulletin. The office will update the Deed of Restrictions to include this information.

Al made a motion seconded by Mal MacRaild to amend “Block Glass” to eliminate the words, “in this particular instance.”


• Mal MacRaild presented the Balance Sheet thru 12/31/2007 and the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual.
Mal has completed all financial information for the auditors. Mal emphasized that a Capital Budget needs to be prepared, a commercial inspection, and appraisal needs to be made for the preparation of a Capital Budget.

Golf Course Committee

• David Jones has transferred responsibility for the committee to Teddy Altrueuter. Information and comparisons are still being gathered.
Attorney response:
POA can purchase the golf course. A majority of members must approve financing by voting at a meeting including proxy voting.

• Recreation Angela volunteered to make improvements to the Bocci courts, to prepare a written estimate for materials needed, and present to the Board for approval.
• Elections Angela stated that votes will be counted on 02/02/2008 starting 9:00 am.
• Annual Meeting Mike confirmed the annual meeting will be held on 02/02/2008 at 3:00 pm.

New Business

• Dave will prepare a list of members concerns that were voiced at the Meet the Candidates meeting. This will be presented at the next meeting.
• Angela made a motion to install motion lights outside the POA office parking lot. Seconded by Al Franklin.

Motion to adjourn made by Al Franklin. Seconded by Mal MacRaild at 4:45 pm. Meeting adjourned.