Carolina Shores Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting - Election of Board Members

February 2, 2008 - 3:00 PM

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM. Nancy Harthausen announced that the deadline for submitting ballots was 3:00 PM and that the balloting was officially closed.

Mike announced that Mayor Selby had formed an advisory committee composed largely of retired Law enforcement personnel to study and make recommendations to help combat the recent rash of home burglaries. Mike then introduced Mayor Selby to give us an update on the committee’s first meeting.

Mayor Selby commented that the town was very concerned about the rash of home invasions - he asked that any resident who had been a victim in the past year call Town Hall so that a database of these crimes can be developed to help in looking for a solution. The Mayor stated that one of the recommendations that the Town might consider is negotiating with an alarm company for installation of home alarm systems. He asked for a show of hands of those who be interested in an alarm if their only cost was a monthly monitoring fee of about $20 - about 1/3 of the members raised their hands. He also stated that the town will be pursuing additional support from the Sheriff’s department and is also considering hiring a private security firm to patrol at night. He then read a Press release that will be sent out early next week.

Mike next introduced Mal MacRaild to review the preliminary financial results for the year just ended. Mal reviewed the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement s for 2007 - he stated that we had accomplished all of the recommendations from last years audit with one exception - a capital evaluation and long range plan. He stated that our reserve had been separated from the operating funds and was now about $285,000, but after the audit, we will transfer the excess income of about $40,000 to reserve.

Mal stated that the Special project budget for this year includes money for the ADT Key card system and for improvement of the building and restrooms at the pool.

Mike Mundy then stated that our financial and office recordkeeping has been vastly improved in the past year and expressed the gratitude of the board to outgoing board members Mal MacRaild and Angela Kopitopoulos for their efforts in accomplishing this.
He also explained to the members present that the Adt system is to replace the obsolete card access system at the pool and that the new system will allow access to all facilities (pool, tennis courts and clubhouse with one key card or fob.

Mike Mundy introduced the candidates and invited them to come forward and sit in the front row. Candidates in attendance were:
Joyce Dunn
David Jones
Charles Korf
Linda Pennington
Candidate Bob Quintano was not present.

Mike then announced the results of the election as follows:
Joyce Dunn - 401 votes
Dave Jones - 312 votes
Linda Pennington - 282 votes
Charles Korf - 261 votes
Robert Quintana - 208 votes

The ballots will be held in the office for 48 hours if any defeated candidate desires a recount and then will be shredded.

The newly constituted board will meet on Monday, February 4th at 3:00 PM to select officers for the coming year.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 PM.

Mike Mundy