Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Al Franklin, Joyce Dunn, Sally Nolan, Connie Six, Linda Pennington, and Dave Jones
Board Members Absent: None
Guests Present: Maslin Kain, Assistant Treasurer

President Mike Mundy presented the minutes of the January 21 Board meeting, the February 2 annual member meeting and election, and the February 4 executive session of the Board for final approval. A motion was made and seconded and the three sets of minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Mike Mundy presented a letter from the POA’ s attorney Mark Napier indicating that he has left the firm of Jeffcoat, Pike, & Napier to join another firm. He is inquiring whether the POA wishes to stay with Jeffcoat, Pike (in which case we would have to ask them to assign us another attorney) or continue using Mark Napier as our attorney (in which case we should instruct Jeffcoat, Pike to let Napier take the POA files to his new firm). After discussion various options, the Board agreed to table this decision until the next meeting. Meanwhile, Dave Jones will investigate the possibility (and cost) of changing POA representation to the firm of Ward and Smith (Wilmington), who have already consulted with the POA’s Golf Course Advisory Committee. Dave Jones also will contact several other local POAs to see what firms represent them. Ward & Smith is known to represent Brunswick Plantation.

Mike Mundy Reported that the lock on the outside door to the POA office portion of the building is not working properly and needs to be replaced. Jack's Locksmith has given us two alternate proposals for the repair:

1. Replace closer with a new easier to adjust and open closer and replace lockset with a set with lever instead of knobs on both sides for a cost (installed) of $151.

2. Replace closer, replace lockset with an unkeyed passage set (again with a lever on both sides) and also drill door to install a combination keypad dead bolt for a cost of $300.

Board members noted that currently almost every door within the office complex has a different key, thus requiring that we carry multiple keys at all times. After discussion the Board agreed that Mike should instruct the locksmith to do the following three things:

1. Repair the outside door lock and re-key both it and the lock on the door that leads from the kitchen to the office so that both work on a single key.
2. Re-key all the other doors within the office section so that all of them work on a single key.
3. Replace the outside door handle with a lever-style opener to make the door easier to open and repair the “hinge” to the outside door so that it moves more smoothly and doesn’t require so much effort to pull open.

Dave Jones reported that Maslin Kain has agreed to serve as a paid part-time Assistant Treasurer to the POA, responsible for day-to-day oversight of POA financial operations.

Maslin reported that the annual audit is nearly complete and the report from the auditor should be received soon.

Dave and Maslin had previously met to discuss how to work together and come up with several items for the Board to discuss:

Reconstituting the Board Audit & Finance Advisory Committee – both Dave and Maslin feel this is very important, but are concerned about the difficulty of recruiting qualified members. After discussion the Board agreed that the committee would be reconstituted with Dave serving as Board Liaison and Maslin serving as a member. The committee will need new members and a new chairperson. All Board members agreed to look for qualified candidates among their personal contacts in the community.

Day-to-Day POA Bookkeeping Responsibilities. After discussion the Board agreed that this is part of the Office Manager’s job. The Board has instructed Maslin Kain to arrange with Office Manager Vicki Samuels to work together one afternoon a week (outside of normal POA office hours) for as long as needed in to instruct Vicki in the use of the accounting system. Vicki will be allowed to reduce her POA office hours during the times she is working with Maslin outside of office hours. In addition, the Board agreed that in order to do accurate bookkeeping the Office Manager must have quiet time and private workspace. To facilitate this, the computer in the Board Office room will be upgraded to contain the same software and information that is currently contained in the Office Manager’s computer (Al Franklin will arrange for this with Vaughn MacEntee) and the Office Manager will be instructed to work in this office during the days on which both employees are working at the POA. The Board further noted that, as a paid employee of the POA, Maslin should have keys to the office and access to the building whenever needed. Maslin is to see the office staff to get the keys.

Office Hours. The Board voted to continue closing the POA office at Noon every day in order to allow the staff one hour of uninterrupted work time each day. This will be announced in the Bulletin and on the web site and signs will be put up in the POA

Supervision of Office Staff. The Board agreed that supervision of the POA office and office staff is the responsibility of the Secretary of the Board (who, through the by-laws and articles of incorporation, is charged with maintaining the records of the Property Owners Association). All requests for services or changes in the offices should go through the Board Secretary. The Board has assigned Maslin Kain the responsibility of oversight of day-to-day accounting, giving her the authority to instruct the office staff on maintaining required financial records.

Long Range Capital Plan. Dave and Maslin asked the Board whether they should wait to begin finding a consultant to prepare a long-range capital plan for the POA until the Board has time for a full discussion of the issue. Board members agreed that there should be no delay and instructed Dave and Maslin to begin looking for the right person and bring their recommendations about how to move forward back to a future meeting for discussion.

Moving Money Around Within the 2008 Budget. Maslin asked for Board approval to move specific items around within the 2008 Budget in order to ensure that funds are in the appropriate locations within the budget. This would not result in any increases or decreases to the budget. The board approved her request.

Board Member Access to Accounts. Dave Jones was instructed to have his name added to the two POA checking accounts and to remove Mal MacRaild’s name from those accounts. All Board member names will be added to the POA account at True Value Hardware in Calabash.


After discussion of various options the Board voted unanimously to resume the practice of holding monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month at 3pm in the POA Board room. In addition, the Board will host quarterly “Member Discussion Meetings” in the clubroom where all members will be urged to submit agenda items and to attend. These meetings will include agenda items submitted by POA members and by Board members and also will include open floor time for discussion of any items members wish to raise. They will not be decision-making meetings – notes will be taken by the Board for discussion and/or action at future monthly Board meetings. The Member Discussion Meetings for 2008 will be:

April 21 – 7pm
July 16 – 7pm
October 15 – 7pm

At these three meetings each of the Board Advisory Committees will be asked to give an update on their activities.

At the Annual Meeting February 2, Dave Jones took notes about the questions and concerns members raised and used his notes to prepare a list of suggested improvements in communications. The Board reviewed the suggestions, found that many of them had already been covered during this meeting, and then took action on two remaining ideas:

• Post the minutes of each Board meeting promptly on the POA web site and also a hang a copy on a bulletin board in the clubhouse for members without computers. The Board agreed to both of these actions – approving minutes in draft form via email so they can be made available prior to final approval at the next Board meeting.

• Dave Jones will place a year-round collection box for food donations for Brunswick Family Assistance in the clubhouse, and he will personally deliver the donations to BFA.


The Board approved the following assignments for its members:

Nominating Committee Chair – Linda Pennington
Liaison to the Communications Committee – Joyce Dunn
Liaison to the Recreation Committee – Linda Pennington
Liaison to the Facilities Maintenance Committee – Sally Nolan & Connie Six
(with input from Linda Pennington on items related to the recreation area)
Liaison to the Finance and Audit Committee – Dave Jones
Liaison to the Architectural Control Committee – Al Franklin
Liaison to the Town of Carolina Shores – Mike Mundy

Mike Mundy reported that the Town of Carolina Shores has established a Security Advisory Committee, which has met twice to discuss options for improving personal and property protection for residents. The cost of the Town subsidizing either home alarm systems or private security patrol appears to be prohibitive. However, the Mayor has met with Sheriff Hewett, who has agreed to significantly increase nighttime patrol in our community until the perpetrator(s) of the current rash of burglaries is caught. The Sheriff’s office also agreed to do a presentation on personal, home, and auto safety for the town. It will take place at the Carolina Shores POA on March 4 at 4pm. All residents of the town will be invited to attend.

The Board discussed the proposal submitted in the fall by Coffee Grounds (responding to a request from the Garden Club) for updating the landscaping at each of the entrances to Carolina Shores and by each of the gate signs. The Board gave preliminary approval to the proposal, pending receipt of a written contract the specifics the exact locations and scope of work for the Board President to sign. Sally Nolan will talk with the Garden Club about getting the required contract.

Sally Nolan reported that ADT should finish installing the new access system that will tie the clubhouse, the pool, and the tennis courts into a single system that will be managed by computer from the POA office. The next step is for ADT to train the office staff on how to administer the system’s database. This must be done when the POA office is closed because it will take time and concentration to learn. Joyce indicated she would like to participate in the training so someone on the Board will fully understand operation of the system. Mike noted that we do not need the system to be fully operational until later this spring – in time for people to use the swimming pool beginning in May. The Board agreed that the changeover to the new system should not be immediate – we should take the time available to be sure we understand the new system and are using it correctly before disabling the old system. In addition, once the new system is operational, we will have to change the doorknob on the clubhouse so that the old keys no longer work. The Board also discussed how to distribute the key fobs for members for the new system. One option is to hold a series of special “open office” days, staffed by Board members, and require that members come to the POA to sign up. Another option is to mail each property owner one “fob” and require that people who need a second one come to the office and purchase it. The Board agreed to table that decision for a future meeting.

Al Franklin reported that the ACC recently encountered a property owner who is parking his business vehicle (with business signage on the outside of the vehicle) in his driveway and insists that it is not a violation of the DofR because the vehicle is a passenger-style vehicle, not a truck that would be considered commercial size. Al made a motion to pass a resolution to clarify the requirement of the DofR policy as follows:

RESOLVED that a “commercial vehicle” is identified as any vehicle with business signs or lettering on the outside of the vehicle.

Sally seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed. Joyce will deliver a copy of the resolution to the office to be added to the POA’s list of formal resolutions.

There being no further business, the meeting of the Board adjourned.