APRIL 21, 2008


Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, President; Joyce Dunn, Al Franklin, Dave Jones, Linda Pennington, Connie Six

Board Members Absent: Sally Nolan
Guests Present: Maslin Kain, Tom Puls

Mike Mundy called the meeting to order and asked for approval of the minutes of the Board meeting of March 17, 2008. Al Franklin moved that the minutes be approved, Dave Jones seconded, and the minutes were unanimously approved.


Tom Puls, who serves as the liaison from the Town of Carolina Shores, reported that the Town is holding a public hearing on May 5 at 6pm to discuss the Town's proposal to merge the entire population of the town into a single voting district. (Presently there are two districts - one encompasses the community of Villages at Calabash and the other encompasses all the other voters in the town.) If passed, the result would be that all future candidates for town office would run as at-large candidates rather than representing one of the districts.

Tom also reported that 2008 is the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Carolina Shores, so there will be a celebration at Town Hall on September 18. They hope to have music and food. More details will be provided during the summer.

The Town has returned to its former pattern of holding the Commissioners' Workshop on the first Monday of the month at 9am, followed by the Commissioners' Meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at 3pm. Their experiment with allowing more time between the two meetings did not result in any additional attendance or input.

Joyce Dunn asked for information about the Town's involvement in providing matching funds for a grant the Calabash Fire Department has received. Tom confirmed that the $75,000 match for the grant was to have been shared equally by the Town, Brunswick County, and the Town of Calabash. Brunswick County has decided not to contribute any money and the Town of Calabash has decided to limit their contribution to $15,000. Some of our Commissioners favor having our Town increasing its contribution to $37,000. This will be discussed at the Commissioners' Workshop on May 5 and the Commissioners' monthly meeting on May 6. Residents can attend either meeting and express their views on this issue to the Commissioners.

Discussion then turned to maintenance of the water runoff swales in front of the homes and lots in our community. Tom was asked to clarify the Town's ordinance about maintaining the swales. Concern was expressed about properties where the swales are not properly maintained and their potential impact on effective runoff in the event of a major storm. Several Board members also raised a concern that the Town building inspectors are not insisting that builders install proper side and front swales when building new homes, which results in water runoff problems in the neighbors' yards. Tom was asked to take this issue to the Town Commissioners and provide the CSPOA Board with a written response that can be printed in the Carolina Shores Bulletin. He agreed to do so.


CSPOA Legal Representation. Mike Mundy reported that he has instructed the Jeffcoat, Pike law firm to transfer CSPOA files to Mark Napier at this new office.

Finance and Audit Reports. Maslin Kain reported that the annual audit for 2007 has been completed and copies of the audit report are available for Board review. The audit found no significant problems. They made only two significant suggestions (concerning reconciling CSPOA cash and conducting a long-range reserve study) and both have been done.

Long-Range Capital Reserve Study. Board members had been provided with advance materials concerning bids on doing a long-range capital reserve study for the CSPOA. Maslin reported that four companies bid on the project and the lowest bid came from Reserve Advisors, the company with the most thorough proposal, the most experienced personnel, and a list of North Carolina HOA clients. Joyce Dunn moved that the Board accept the Bid of $3,900 from Reserve Advisors, choose the option of receiving both paper and electronic copies of their final report and all attachments, and forward the required deposit to them at once. Dave Jones seconded and the motion was passed unanimously. The report should be completed and available to the Board by mid-summer. Maslin concluded her report by distributing copies of a recommended Board Resolution on requiring a Reserve Study. It will be discussed and voted on at the May meeting.

Current Budget. Dave and Maslin distributed the quarterly budget report. A question was raised about an inordinately high water bill for the first quarter. Mike Mundy reported that the water bill resulted from running toilets in the POA bathrooms. Repairs have been done multiple times without success. Finally the plumber contacted the toilet manufacturer (American Standard) and learned that the valves in all toilets of that model have been recalled. They provided free replacements but would not accept responsibility for the water cost. The toilets are now fixed. The Board agreed that in the interest of time they would take the quarterly report home to read and hold further discussion until the May meeting.

Pool Video Security System. Mike presented a proposal from ADT for installing a video security system at the pool/tennis court/picnic area. The cost of installing and operating the system will depend on whether the POA elects to purchase the equipment or lease it, and the level of service selected. The video monitoring system is digital, which would allow the POA to review and/or save the daily tapes by computer. Joyce moved that the Board approve installation of the system and authorize Mike Mundy to obtain further information from ADT, share the answers with the Board members via email, and then negotiate an agreement with ADT for installation of the system. Linda Pennington seconded and the motion. It passed with six "yes" votes; Al Franklin voted no.

Fire and Burglar Alarm System in Clubhouse. Mike Mundy reported on his investigation of the POA's current contract with Coggins Security for the fire and burglar alarm in the clubhouse. The system was installed several years ago, before the current Board took office. The original two-year contract has ended. The burglar alarm installed in the POA office was found to be unnecessary and is no longer used. Currently the CSPOA pays Coggins $55 per month to monitor the fire/smoke alarm, $98 per year to inspect the monitors. Any repairs would be charged at $85/hr. plus materials. ADT has made a proposal to take over the monitoring for $59 per month, with no annual inspection cost or maintenance charges. Mike also talked with ATMC about taking over the system, but they can only do it if the clubhouse is considered by the county to be a "residential property." Al Franklin will look into the POA's tax status in the county. If ATMC can do it, they would have the lowest cost. This will be discussed further at the May Board meeting.

Opening and Operating the POA Swimming Pool. Linda Pennington reported that she has ordered new pool furniture to replace some of the worn out older pieces. It will arrive by May 1. She and Mike Devereux have cleaned the furniture that was left outside over the winter. Joyce Dunn moved that the Board hire JMG Home Repair (Mike and Gwen Poffenberger) to get all of the pool furniture out of the storage room and do the cleanup and setup required to open the pool (including cleaning up around the outside of the pool fence). Linda seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. After additional discussion, the Board agreed that the POA will not hire security guards for the pool this year. The pool will open for the year on Saturday, May 10.

Linda further reported that JMG has already hauled off the old, broken picnic tables, replaced/repaired several picnic table benches, removed the horseshoe stakes, and cleaned up the bocce courts (including new stones).

Linda will call the POA staff and have them arrange for Coffey Grounds to do a complete cleaning of the pool/tennis court/picnic area grounds prior to the Memorial Day Picnic May 25.

The Board discussed whether to purchase any new picnic tables and agreed to put this on hold until a decision is made about changes to the entire pool and picnic area. The Board agreed to discuss long-range planning for the pool and picnic area at its May meeting.

New Directional Signs for the POA Building. Mike Mundy talked with the company that installed all the new signage in the community last year and got prices for installing matching "directional" signs on the route to the POA building. The signs will cost $185 each, plus $100 to install both. They will be 8"x21" and match the existing community signs. They can cover the signposts with white "sleeves" as they did for the other signs at the cost of $75. Al Franklin suggested that we also put up signs at the POA parking lot indicating which is the POA office door and which is the clubhouse door. Joyce Dunn moved that the Board authorize Mike Mundy to proceed with the order, including the signs Al recommended. Al seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


ACC Issues. Al Franklin reported that the ACC has received complaints about a resident who has kept a portable storage unit in his driveway for over a month. The current language in the DoR concerning keeping large items on your property does not explicitly cover PODS (portable storage units) since they were not commonly available until recently. Al moved that the Board pass a resolution prohibiting long-term presence of such units, as follows:

Resolved that the CSPOA Board hereby amends Section 6, Item 9 of the Deed of Restrictions to delete the final sentence and replace it with "Random unavoidable parking of such vehicles, storage units, and dumpsters must be reported by the property owner to the Association as soon as possible to get approval to have the item on the property for a set period of time, to wit: four days for boats and motor homes and seven days for storage units."

Joyce seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed.

POA-Owned Buffer Properties. Al requested that Board members each take the time to read the notebook he prepared concerning POA-owned buffer zones adjacent to some properties in the community and be prepared to hold a discussion at the May meeting on whether to allow property owners to purchase them.

Golf Course Advisory Committee. Dave Jones reported that the Golf Course Advisory Committee expects to have preliminary recommendations for the Board in about a month.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.