MONDAY, MAY 19, 2008


Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Al Franklin, Joyce Dunn, Sally Nolan, Linda Pennington, and Dave Jones
Board Members Absent: Connie Six
Guests Present: Maslin Kain, Assistant Treasurer; Tom Puls, Town of Carolina Shores Liaison


Tom Puls reported to the POA Board on the following issues:

Responsibility for maintaining the ditches in front of CSPOA homes. He was unable to bring this issue up at the April town workshop because that was their annual budget workshop and there was no time on the agenda. He plans to bring it up in May. Board members re-iterated to him the importance of getting a written response from the town ASAP, especially since the POA's reserve study consultant expects to complete his job by July and the ditch issue has potential financial impact on the CSPOA.

April town meeting outcomes.

· The Commissioners approved returning the town to a single voting district with all future candidates running as at-large candidates.
· The Commissioners approved turning property tax collections over to Brunswick County. They also approved putting an ad in the Brunswick Beacon listing town property owners who are currently delinquent in paying their taxes. This will be followed by placing liens on such properties.
· The Commissioners approved contributing $30,000 to the Calabash Fire Department.
· The Commissioners approved the appointment of Sandy Wood to the Planning and Zoning Board as an extra-territorial jurisdiction representative.

Curbside Recycling. Brunswick County is considering implementing countywide bi-weekly curbside recycling pickup. It is not yet clear how this would affect the town's recycling center. The County is conducting an on-line survey to learn how residents feel about curbside pickup. The survey is on the County government web site:


President Mike Mundy presented the minutes of the April 21 Board meeting for final approval. A motion was made and seconded and the minutes were unanimously approved as presented.


Capital Maintenance/Improvement Reserve Study. Maslin Kain reported that the consultant doing the reserve study will be in Carolina Shores on June 12 to do a tour of the CSPOA's property and to study CSPOA historical documentation. He expects to complete and submit the report by the end of July. She asked that the Board pass the Resolution mandating the preparation and future updating of a CSPOA Board Reserve Study. Joyce moved and Al seconded; the motion was passed unanimously. The Resolution will be attached to this set of minutes and provided to the POA office staff for their records.

Video Security Cameras for the POA Pool. Mike reported that installing a computer-based video security system at the pool through the plan in which ADT owns the equipment will cost ~$1,600 for installation and $65 per month for a five year contract. Board members authorized Mike to move forward with having it installed in accordance with the motion passed at the April meeting of the Board.

Clubhouse Alarm System. Board members authorized Mike to move forward with having ADT take over monitoring and maintenance of the fire & smoke alarm system already installed in the POA clubhouse.

Long-Range Plan for The Pool & Picnic Area. The Board authorized Linda Pennington to form a Board Advisory Committee to do a study and make recommendations to the Board concerning upgrades to the pool and picnic area. Important considerations will include:

· Upgrading the pool house, pump house, and bathrooms.
· Removing the old storage buildings by the tennis courts and replacing them with some form of storage sufficient to meet the current needs for the pool furniture, picnic equipment, and tennis equipment.
· Separating the pool house from the pump house.
· Evaluating short and long-term repair and maintenance requirements for the pool and pool deck.
· Moving the bathrooms inside the fence that surrounds the pool.
· Improving the landscaping around the pool and picnic area.

The committee's recommendations should include estimated costs for their recommended changes. Their deliberations will include information developed by the Reserve Study consultant concerning long-term maintenance needs and costs for the pool area.

New Directional Signs For The Clubhouse. Mike reported that the total cost for installing new directional signs telling drivers how to find the clubhouse and which door to use for the office and which for the clubhouse will be $895. The signs will be the same design as the new gate signs installed in 2007.

Golf Course Advisory Committee. Dave Jones reported that the committee expects to submit its recommendations to the Board within the next month.

POA Access System Change. Joyce reported that the implementation of the new POA access system for the clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts was completed without any problems and that members seem to be pleased with the new system.

Pool Opening. Linda reported that the pool opened on May 10 and that JMG owners Gwen & Mike Poffenberger did a great job cleaning and setting up. JMG has been hired at $200 per week to open and close the pool and clean the deck and the bathrooms daily.


Architectural Advisory Committee Actions. Al Franklin reported that he and ACC Chair Pete Gulliver met with Town of Carolina Shores Building Inspectors concerning the problem of builders not creating appropriate swales alongside new homes. (Note: FEMA requires that new homes be constructed on higher lots than previously, which creates water runoff problems for neighbors if proper side swales are not installed.) The ACC learned that the Town is not doing inspections of swales prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy for new homes and that the ACC will have to take complete responsibility for seeing that it is done. The Board agreed that in the future property owners will not receive any refund of their $2000 bond that is held by the POA during new home construction until the ACC has approved the side swales. The ACC will take digital photos at the time of final approval to ensure that builders do not obtain a refund of their bond and then alter the swales. Al and Pete will call the POA's attorney to ensure that this policy is legally allowed by state law.

Al also reported that the Town building inspectors have agreed to put a notice on their construction permit packages alerting builders and homeowners that permits are required from both the Town and the POA. The POA will put a similar notice on the POA building permit packages.

Memorial Day Picnic. Linda reported that she has a full complement of volunteers to manage the picnic and the food and beverages have been ordered.

New Committee Members. Dave Jones reported that Cathy Gulliver and Nancy Harthausen have agreed to serve on the Audit and Finance Committee.

There being no further new business, the Board adjourned.