MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2008


Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Al Franklin, Joyce Dunn, Sally Nolan, Connie Six, and Dave Jones
Board Members Absent: Linda Pennington
Guests Present: Maslin Kain, Assistant Treasurer; Tom Puls, Town of Carolina Shores Liaison


Tom Puls reported to the POA Board on the following issues:

Weather Emergency Plan. The town wants to know whether the CSPOA would be willing to open its clubhouse as a shelter for town residents in during a weather emergency. Board members asked whether the town has discussed emergency planning with Brunswick County Director of Emergency Services Randy Thompson or with the American Red Cross (the organization already charged with operating shelters in the County when required). Tom replied that they have not done so yet. He agreed to put this question on hold until after such discussions take place and the town has more details to provide on what operating a shelter would entail. Tom also reported that the town has $16K in its budget to buy warning sirens, but before they can be purchased the town will have to obtain an easement from the Villages at Calabash. Board members questioned whether a siren is needed, since there is already a good Reverse 911 system in place that will automatically call town residents in the event of a weather emergency.

Responsibility for Maintenance of the Roadside Swales. The town Planning and Zoning Board is looking for an expert to review all the Town Ordinances and recommend needed changes. They have not found that person yet.

The town has agreed that the current ordinance concerning maintenance of the drainage ditches (swales) that run in front of most homes in the community is incorrectly worded and the CSPOA is not responsible for the maintenance. The Town believes that it is the responsibility of each individual property owner. In the event a property owner fails to maintain his/her swale the Town will do the maintenance and bill the property owner for the service. Joyce Dunn questioned how the Town can ensure the safety of all the homes in the community in the event of a sudden flooding rain since currently the Town has no staff member responsible for regularly inspecting all of the swales and taking prompt action on clogged or overgrown ones.

Al Franklin noted that the Town currently has no process in place for ensuring that builders dig proper swales alongside and in front of homes they are building. Since FEMA requires that new homes be built on higher ground than was required in the past, if they do not have suitable swales then runoff after rains flows into the yards of their neighbors. Tom agreed that this is a problem and said he will recommend to the Town that updating of the ordinances include a new one dealing with swale requirements for new homes.

NC Legislature Bills Affecting Towns. Tom reported that the NC Legislature is considering two bills that will affect our town. The first bill would declare a moratorium on all town annexations of neighboring property for nine months while the Legislature considers whether to change existing annexation laws. The second issue is that the Legislature wants to do away with the Powell Bill, which is the law that provides funding for local roads. The town currently gets $90-100K per year through this bill for maintenance of town roads. If the Powell Bill is not funded the town will have to come up with this money through its own annual budget.


Minutes of the May 19, 2008 Meeting. Al Franklin moved that the Board approve the minutes of the May 19 meeting. Dave Jones seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

CSPOA Reserve Study. Maslin Kain reported that the contractor doing the study visited the community the previous week and spent a day reviewing historical and financial data and examining all of the CSPOA property. He has promised to get the completed report to the CSPOA Board in time for it to be presented at the July 21 Member Discussion Meeting.

Pool Security System. Mike Mundy reported that ADT would be installing the video security system for the pool, picnic area, and tennis courts this week.

Clubhouse Fire/Smoke Alarm System. Mike Mundy reported that ADT will take over maintenance of the clubhouse fire and smoke detector system as of July 1. He has notified Coggins Security that we are terminating their services on that date.

Long Range Plan for the Pool/Picnic Area. Joyce Dunn reported that she and Linda Pennington are recruiting members for the Board Advisory Committee on the Pool and Picnic Area and the first meeting will be scheduled soon.

New Directional Signs for the Clubhouse. Mike Mundy reported that the new directional signs for the clubhouse have been installed.


Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Report. Al Franklin reported that the CSPOA attorney says the POA can legally hold the $2000 bond required for all new homes being built until the builder is able to successfully demonstrate to the ACC that the swales around the property function adequately to protect neighbors from water runoff. He gave the example of a recent discovery of a new home where the builder had installed an underground rainspout that is aimed at the neighbor's property. For all future homes, builders will be required to submit a plan for drainage and the $2000 bond will not be refunded until there has been a rainfall sufficient to demonstrate whether the home's swales are functioning effectively.

Finance & Audit Committee. Dave Jones and Maslin Kain reported that they have recruited two new members for the Finance & Audit Committee (Nancy Harthausen and Cathy Gulliver). Cathy has agreed to be the chair. Maslin inquired about how their Board views the committee's role in development of the annual CSPOA budget. The Board agreed that the committee should take the lead in preparing a draft budget for the Board. The August meeting of the Board will focus in depth on the budget and long-range financial planning. The October Member Discussion Meeting will present the proposed budget for discussion by CSPOA members.

Picnic Area Update. Office Manager Vicki Samuels had requested that the Board clarify its policy on allowing the use of the CSPOA gas grill by members hosting private picnics. After discussion the Board agreed to charge a flat fee of $50 for private use of the grill, which will cover the cost of gas and maintenance of the grill. Members who do not wish to rent the grill can use the two small charcoal grills alongside the picnic area at no charge.

Replacement of the Clubhouse Carpeting. Joyce Dunn presented a bid from North State Flooring to replace the carpeting in the clubhouse party room and library with a more durable commercial grade of carpeting. Al Franklin will obtain a second bid from Grand Strand Carpets using identical specifications. Sally Nolan provided a copy of a bid already made by Williams Carpet (who replaced the office carpeting earlier in 2008). Joyce agreed to visit Williams to ensure that their bid is on the same specifications.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.