Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Al Franklin, Joyce Dunn, Sally Nolan, Linda Pennington, Connie Six, and Dave Jones
Board Members Absent: None
Guests Present: Maslin Kain: Assistant Treasurer; Cathy Gulliver & Nancy Harthausen, Finance and Audit Committee


  1. Tom Puhls reported the following:
  2. The Powell Bill is still in Committee in State Legislature. The bill requiring a moratorium on involuntary annexations was not passed.
  3. Walgreens Drugs plans to build a store at the corner of Rt. 17 and Country Club Road.
  4. The Council Chamber in Town Hall has been carpeted in order to improve the acoustics at Commissioners' meetings.
  5. The town will host a special celebration of its 10th anniversary on Thursday, September 18, from 2-5 p.m. It will include refreshments and bluegrass music played by County Council Chair Phil Norris's band. The POA will loan the town folding chairs.
  6. The town has started a cleanup of all of its ditches. The work will be completed in November.
  7. The town is working on an agreement with the Town of Shallotte to share the use of a speed-metering device they own. Speed metering devices are the machines placed on busy roads to show people driving by how fast they are going.


Cathy Gulliver updated the Board on preparation of the draft budget for 2009. She reviewed a list of questions the Finance and Audit Committee had concerning specific items for the budget and asked for direction in making changes to various line items. The Board went through each of the questions, provided answers to some, and agreed to do further research and report back to the committee on others. The Board agreed to devote most of its September meeting to a comprehensive review of the draft budget so that it can be included in the November issue of the Bulletin for members to review prior to the November 17 quarterly Member Discussion Meeting.


Minutes of the July Meeting. Al Franklin moved that the minutes of the July meeting be approved as amended. Dave Jones seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Replacing the Clubhouse Carpeting. Bids were presented from North State Flooring, Williams Carpet, and Grand Strand Floors. Sally Nolan moved that the Board accept the lowest bid, $8,780.49, made by Grand Strand Floors. Al Franklin seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The carpeting will be commercial grade with a 10-year guarantee. A tweed pattern that contains a mix of the colors presently used on the furniture in the clubhouse has been selected. Sally will notify Grand Strand Floors and schedule the work.

Removing the Room Dividers in the Clubhouse. JMG Home Repairs has been hired to remove the room dividers in the clubhouse. This will need to be done before the carpeting is replaced. Sally will arrange the work schedule.

Reserve Study. Mike Mundy reported that he talked with the reserve study consultants about the items the Board wants changed in their 20-year repair and replacement forecast. They have agreed to most of the changes and told Mike that several of their recommendations are standard among reserve study consultants, and in some states must be included in such studies. Mike passed out a copy of the updated Reserve Study spread sheet. An updated version of the written report is pending. Once all of the report is completely updated a copy will be kept in the office for members to come and review. The size of the study (70+ pages, including photos) makes it too costly to make individual copies for members.

Recreation Area Advisory Committee. The Board discussed the ideas proposed by the Recreation Area Advisory Committee at its first meeting (e.g., moving the fence around the pool to enclose the bathrooms; adding a shower inside the pool area) and agreed that these are preliminary suggestions that need more extensive investigation before any decision is made. Board members noted that the shower located outside the pool house is rarely used and that moving the pool fence involves moving and reprogramming the computerized access system, which could be a major expense. If the fence is to be moved, consideration should be given to completely replacing it and updating the landscaping around the pool rather than just moving the gate and replacing a small part of the fence in a way that will not match the rest of the fence. Linda will take this response back to the Committee and have them do further research.

Replacing the Recreation Area Storage Sheds. Board members discussed the need to tear down and replace the two storage sheds located alongside the tennis courts. A preliminary consensus was reached that this should be done within the next several months so that the pool tables, chairs, and umbrellas can be stored properly at the end of swimming season. The replacement building should have enough space for the pool equipment, all of the POA picnic equipment (including tables and chairs), and the tennis equipment. Joyce Dunn moved that the Board table this decision until its September meeting, at which time Linda will present complete data and recommendations on options for replacing the sheds. Al Franklin seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Establishing a Board House Committee. Joyce Dunn reported that she had met with Debbie O'Dell and Marlene Stewart about establishing a CSPOA House Committee, with responsibility for maintenance, operation, and use of the POA clubhouse. Debbie agreed to serve as Committee Chair and Marlene will be responsible for stocking and maintaining the clubhouse kitchen. The work of the House Committee will now be separated from the Facilities Maintenance Advisory Committee.


Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Report. Al Franklin reported on the following actions and questions from the ACC:

· #1 Gate 10. There are several dead trees by this house that need to be cut down. The ACC determined that the trees are on land owned by the CSPOA, so they recommend that the POA take care of removing them. The Board agreed. The ACC will arrange for D.A.M. tree service to do the work.

· Are Healthy Trees Being Removed? Board members questioned how the town is deciding which trees to allow homeowners to remove. There are some concerns that some homeowners have been able to remove large numbers of trees from their lots since the Town took over responsibility for issuing permits. Al will talk to the town about this and report back to the Board.

· Variance for 7 Court 7 Northwest Drive. At its July meeting the Board approved a variance request by the homeowner permitting the installation of a bedroom window provided that the homeowner install a privacy fence 6' to 8' tall and extending no less than one foot on each side of the window. The does not want to install the privacy fence and submitted to the ACC a letter from the adjacent neighbor saying that she does not mind the absence of a fence. The Board discussed the matter and agreed that the CSPOA Declaration of Restrictions has always required privacy fences between patio homes, regardless of the space between them. Joyce Dunn moved that the Board reconfirm its previous decision to require installation of a fence. Sally Nolan seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

· 37 Carolina Shores Parkway. The property owner installed a white lattice-type privacy screen in her yard without submitting plans and getting approval from the ACC. Dave Jones moved that the Board require that the property owner must either remove the fence at once or request a hearing with the Board of Directors on the matter. Joyce Dunn seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

· Town Oversight of Swales for New Homes. As noted in previous Board minutes, the building inspectors for the Town of Carolina Shores historically have not inspected or approved the swales put in by builders of new homes. The Mayor has advised the CSPOA that town staff recently discovered there is an ordinance covering the size and location of swales, including a drawing of the requirements. The ACC now has a copy of the drawing and will work with the Town to insure their full enforcement of this requirement in the future.

Grounds Maintenance Contract. Sally Nolan advised the Board that she is in the process of obtaining two bids for the CSPOA's annual grounds maintenance contract so the Board will be able to review them and sign a new contract with the company selected for services beginning in January 2009.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.