Board Members Present: Al Franklin, Joyce Dunn, Sally Nolan, Linda Pennington, Connie Six, and Dave Jones
Board Members Absent: Mike Mundy
Guests Present: Maslin Kain, Assistant Treasurer; Cathy Gulliver & Nancy Harthausen, Finance and Audit Committee


Town Liaison Tom Puhls was unable to attend this meeting.


Cathie Gulliver presented the updated draft budget for 2009 and reminded the Board that the final draft version must be ready by October 15 in order to be included in the November issue of the CSPOA Bulletin.


Minutes of the Board Meeting of August 18, 2008. Dave Jones moved that the minutes be approved as amended. Al Franklin seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Minutes of the Board Executive Session of August 28, 2008. Sally Nolan moved that the minutes be approved. Connie Six seconded and the motion passes unanimously.


Pool Water Meter. Al reported that he has been in contact with both Plumb Rite and Brunswick Public Utilities about separating the water and sewer meters at the swimming pool in order to reduce the monthly pool water expense by approximately 60%. Brunswick Public Utilities have provided an estimate of $2300 for separating the two meters. The rest of the installation of pipes (from the pool to the nearest connection, which would be close to CS Drive) will have to be done by a plumber. Plumb Rite is putting together an estimate for this work. Al has asked Brunswick Public Utilities to provide a printout of the current annual cost of water/sewer at the pool and to provide an estimate of what we would save if we separate the meters.

Unused Water Outlets in Landscaped Areas. Al reported that we are in the process of removing unnecessary water meters and capping unused spigots in order to eliminate monthly charges for these. Brunswick Public Utilities is taking care of this.

Replacement of Clubhouse Carpeting. Sally reported that the installation will take place on September 30. Since she will be away then Connie Six has taken over management of this process. Connie reported that she has been in touch with all groups that meet in the clubhouse on September 29 and 30 and October and informed them that they will be unable use the clubhouse on those dates. On September 29 the furniture in the clubhouse and library will be moved to allow for carpet installation. The installation will take place on September 30 and may continue into October 1. Joyce will take care of having the old console TV removed before then.

Nominating Committee. Linda Pennington reported that the committee is at work seeking candidates for the Board election and preparing the mailing that will have to be done. She asked the Board to review the schedule for the annual election. It is:

September 1-October 15: Nominations may be made
November Bulletin: Contains candidate biographies
Early January: Ballots are mailed to property owners and candidate forum
Is held at POA
First Saturday in February 2009: POA Annual Meeting. Election takes place.





Swimming Pool Closing Date. The Board agreed to leave the pool open during the day as along as warm weather holds (probably well into October) and to gradually reduce the closing hours as the sun sets earlier. Joyce will take care of doing this online.


Tree Removal. Al Franklin reported that the ACC is concerned that the Town is allowing too many healthy trees to be removed. They recommend that the POA resume responsibility for issuing permits. The ACC will notify the Town of this intention.

Ditches in Front of Homes/Properties. The ACC is concerned that the town is moving slowly on rewriting ordinances and until this happens the current ordinance holds the POA responsible for ditch cleanup. The Board has a complete paper trail showing that the ditches were deeded to the Town of Calabash and then to the Town of Carolina Shores, which means that the town has responsibility for cleaning them. This is a critical issue to property owners. Joyce Dunn moved
"That copies of all of the previous correspondence and legal actions taken about the ditches in front of properties be turned over to the CSPOA attorney and that he be asked to provide a legal opinion on responsibility for maintaining the ditches."

Sally Nolan seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Use of the CSPOA Gas Grill. The Board discussed a member's request to use the grill for a picnic of retired NYC firemen and agreed that the previous decision (to limit the use to POA-sponsored picnics only) would stand.

Replacement of the Picnic Area Storage Shed. Joyce Dunn and Linda Pennington informed the board of their preliminary research about replacing the sheds and ask that the Board determine the specifics of the type of shed desired. After discussion, Board members agreed that:

- The shed should be 10' deep by 16' wide
- The outside of the shed should be wood, not vinyl siding
- It should have double doors
- It should have some means of separating the tennis equipment from everything else and allowing the tennis players easy access to their equipment
- It should have a ramp large enough for moving the gas grill
- It should have a frame roof (not a gabled roof)
- It should have some light (either a skylight or electricity) in the interior.

Linda and Joyce will continue obtaining estimates for purchase and installation of a new shed and removal of the existing sheds so that the Board can vote on it at the October meeting and the shed can be installed by the end of October. The information on shed replacements gathered by the Recreation Committee in the past will be used to help select a vendor for the project.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.