Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Joyce Dunn, Al Franklin, Dave Jones, Sally Nolan, Linda Pennington, and Connie Six
Guests Present: Maslin Kain, Assistant Treasurer; Cathy Gulliver & Nancy Harthausen, Finance and Audit Committee


Town Liaison Tom Puls was unable to attend this meeting.


Cathie Gulliver presented the final draft budget for 2009. She reported that for the first time the budget has been broken down into very specific expense categories. It is a very lean budget that will not require any increase in member dues for 2009. Nancy Harthausen will arrange to have it printed and distributed with the November issue of the Bulletin. Mike Mundy asked that the Finance and Audit Committee members be the ones to present the budget to the members at the quarterly Member Discussion Meeting on November 17. After hearing member input at this meeting the Board members will vote on the final budget for 2009 and it will be distributed to all property owners with their 2009 dues bill.


Al Franklin moved that the minutes of the September 22, 2008 Board meeting be approved as presented. Dave Jones seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Dave Jones moved that the minutes of the September 22, 2008 hearing on ACC issues be approved as written. Sally Nolan seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Nominating Committee. Linda Pennington reported that the Nominating Committee has five candidates for the election to fill four positions on the Board for 2009. The candidates are: Kerry Jarrell, Peter Gulliver, Al Franklin, Teddy Altreuter, and Jan Knorr. The Committee is in the process of assembling photos and biographies of the candidates to be published in the December issue of the CSPOA Bulletin. The Committee also is identifying a date in early January for the Candidate Forum.

Replacement of the Carpeting in the Clubhouse. Mike Mundy reported that the process of replacing the POA carpeting became a much larger and more expensive job than had been covered by the winning bidder (Grand Strand Carpeting). The first problem was that the padding under the current carpet had been glued to the floor, which made removing the carpeting a much more difficult job than the contractor anticipated. The second problem was that the bid had not included padding. After extensive discussions with the contractor, the job was completed for $4,000 more than bid, including high grade padding that will not have to be replaced in future carpeting replacements. The contractor sold us the padding below their own cost.

Replacement of the Picnic Area Storage Sheds. Linda and Joyce reported on the bid received from JMG to install a new 10x16 storage shed on a concrete pad and remove the old sheds. The total cost (including purchasing the shed from Lowes) should be under $5,000. The Recreation Committee requested that the shed not be installed alongside the tennis courts because it casts a permanent shadow on the court that results in development of mildew and makes the courts slippery. Linda and Joyce examined the area and agreed that the shed could be installed near the pool buildings. Al Franklin suggested that it be installed on the gate side of the pool. Al moved that the Board approve the bid and instruct JMG to begin at once. Joyce seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Grounds Maintenance Contract. Sally Nolan reported that she has received three bids from contractors for the CSPOA annual grounds maintenance contract. She has placed the bids in a folder in the Board office and asked that all Board members read the bids and be prepared to discuss them at the December meeting.

Changes to the Articles of Incorporation and Deed of Restrictions. Mike Mundy reported that the attorney the POA retained to draft the materials necessary to conduct a property owner vote on whether to amend the Deed of Restrictions to allow the CSPOA to purchase real property and make it available for public use has the documents ready for Board review and the cost of his work is likely to be less than anticipated. To date the bill is only $700. Mike handed out copies of the materials from the attorney and the Board agreed to discuss it at the December meeting.


Town of Carolina Shores Fire Department Feasibility Study. Mike Mundy handed out copies of a this feasibility study, prepared by Commissioner Gere Dale, and reported that it would be discussed at the Town Workshop on Monday, November 3. Board members agreed that it would not be appropriate for the Board to take a position on behalf of the CSPOA members without knowing giving them an opportunity to make their wishes known. The Board agreed that Joyce Dunn would send an email to the CSPOA email network informing them about the meeting and recommending that they try to attend and make their individual preferences known to the Town Commissioners.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.