Board Members Present: Mike Mundy, Joyce Dunn, Al Franklin, Dave Jones, Linda Pennington, Sally Nolan
Board Members Absent: Connie Six
Guests Present: Pete Gulliver, ACC Chair


Before beginning its business meeting, the Board discussed a recommendation from the ACC concerning a property owner who is in repeated violation of the prohibition against parking commercial vehicles in driveways overnight. The property owner had been notified of potential fines and told that he could attend this meeting of the Board and present any information he wished on the matter to the full Board. The homeowner did not come to this meeting. The ACC recommended that the property owner be fined $50 immediately and $50 per day for every day after 15 days and up to 90 days that he remains in violation of the DofR. Al Franklin moved that the Board accept this recommendation. Joyce Dunn seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


ACC Chair Pete Gulliver presented to the Board a proposed revision of the ACC Guidelines for Outbuildings. Following his presentation and a full discussion of each section of the guidelines, Al Franklin moved that the Board pass the a resolution implementing the following guidelines:


1. This document addresses the minimum requirements for the construction and placement of outbuildings.
2. Outbuildings are structures including, but not limited to, lawn and garden sheds, gazebos and greenhouses.
3. All outbuildings shall comply with the current CSPOA Declaration of Restrictions and these requirements.
4. Approval will be required from the CSPOA prior to commencing construction.
5. The building must be of a design, color and construction similar to the residence. In addition, it must be aesthetically suitable for the lot and appropriately screened.
6. The square footage of the outbuilding must be no greater than ½ of 1% of the square footage of the lot. The maximum square footage of the outbuilding must be no greater than 120 square feet, regardless of lot size. The maximum allowable height of the outbuilding shall be 8 feet.
7. A lawn and garden shed, greenhouse, or any other outbuilding (except a gazebo) must be placed:
A. Behind the principle residence or behind a detached garage and
B. Within the CSPOA setbacks and
C. Within both side boundaries of the principle residence or within both side boundaries of a detached garage.
A gazebo must be placed:
A. To the rear of the principle residence and
B. Within the CSPOA setbacks.
8. Property owners who are requesting permission to construct an outbuilding must provide the CSPOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) with the following:
A. A completed copy of the "Request for Alterations" form and
B. A plot plan showing the location of the outbuilding, all other structures and the setbacks and
C. A drawing or brochure of the proposed outbuilding indicating all applicable dimensions and materials to be used and
D. Samples of paint colors, siding and roofing materials and
E. Copies of all relevant building permits issued by The Town of Carolina Shores.
9. Outbuildings, REGARDLESS OF SIZE, shall be placed on a masonry pad and anchored down according to the High Wind Requirements of the North Carolina State Building Codes, Chapter 44, for a 130 mph wind zone and minimum uplift of 710 pounds per linear foot.

Sally Nolan seconded the motion and the Resolution passed unanimously.


Town Liaison Tom Puls was not present.


Al Franklin moved that the minutes of the December 2008 Board meeting be approved as written. Dave Jones seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Repairing the Split Rail Fence Along Route 179. Al Franklin reported that he had received two bids for repairing the fence. After discussion it was agreed that all work on POA property must be done by vendors who have active business licenses and liability insurance policies. Al will ask each of the bidders for copies of their license and liability insurance and bring that information to the next Board meeting for a decision.

Repair of the Carpet in the Clubhouse. The carpet installation company came to the clubhouse this week and repaired the spots that needed re-gluing or were fraying at the edges.

Parking Area Resealing. Mike Mundy presented two bids he obtained for patching, smoothing, and resealing all of the paved areas owned by the POA. The bids are from Twin State Asphalt (the vendor who previously repaired the POA parking lots) and Haddock Enterprises (the vendor who did a large job for in the Village at Calabash). Both bids included fixing the problem area in the pool parking lot, where the pavement needs to be extended so that vehicles leaving the lot do not have to drive onto the grassy area as they turn onto the exit road. Mike recommended that, since the two bids are very close in price, we accept the bid of $7,373.00 from Twin State Asphalt, whose previous work in Carolina Shores was satisfactory. Joyce Dunn moved that we accept the bid from Twin States, Linda Pennington seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Al Franklin recommended that we add a second diagonal handicap parking space in the pool parking lot and restripe accordingly. Everyone agreed. Mike Mundy will obtain the business license and insurance information from Twin State and award them the contract.

Reserve Study. Mike Mundy reported that when the POA's annual audit is completed the Board should send the results to the Reserve Study consultant, who will incorporate the 2008 year-end financial outcomes in their final report to the POA. When that report is completed the POA will get a written copy and a copy of the final Excel spreadsheet of the study so that future Boards will be able to update the numbers and projections contained in the report. Mike will follow through on getting the information to the consultant and getting the final Reserve Study report back to the Board.

Painting the Clubhouse Trim and Walkways. Painting contractor JMG is scheduled to paint the clubhouse trim, railings, and front steps this week, weather permitting. Access to the clubhouse will be limited for 1-3 days. House Chair Debbie O'Dell is notifying any groups that will be affected.

Repairing the Shed Outside the POA Office. The Garden Club has asked the Board to replace the rotting door on the shed located in front of the office side of the clubhouse so that the building can be used to store holiday decorations. JMG will replace the door and the lock, dispose of the old door, and paint the new one for $360.92. Sally Nolan moved that we accept the bid; Joyce Dunn seconded and it passed unanimously. Sally will notify JMG to do this job at the same time they paint the clubhouse trim.

Separating the Water/Sewer Meters at the Pool. Al reported the Plumb Rite would charge $2,233 to install pipes from the pool house to the street so that the pool can have a separate water meter from the rest of the facility and thus not pay sewage charges for the water used to refill the pool. Al will obtain a written price from Brunswick County for installing the separate meters and the Board can discuss this when that information is available.

Floodlights at Sunfield and Persimmon. Al Franklin reported that he has repaired the floodlights at Sunfield and Persimmon and that BEMC is putting in two new fixtures at Thomasboro and Pinewood.

Moving And/Or Replacing the Pool Fence. The Board agreed to delay discussion of this issue until the February meeting so that the new Board can discuss how extensive a repair and/or updating they want to do in the pool area. Concern was expressed about how it would be possible to have the bathrooms enclosed within the fence and still be able to let tennis players use the bathrooms during the season when the pool is locked down. One possible way is to add on new fencing enclosing the bathrooms while still leaving the gate to the pool in place. During swimming season that gate can be left unlocked for easy bathroom access by swimmers; once the pool is closed that gate could be locked with a padlock so that people using the bathrooms would not be able to go any further than the bathrooms.

New Flooring in the Pool Bathrooms. Linda Pennington reported that it will cost approximately $500 to install new floors in the pool bathrooms using a material that is designed to withstand the dampness of the location.


Grounds Maintenance Contract. Sally Nolan reported that the new grounds maintenance contractor, Verity will begin work on February 1. Sally and Mike Mundy met with Verity's owner to discuss how they will work with the POA. Under this contract Verity is responsible for planting seasonal flowers that are paid for by the POA. Verity has been told that there is no irrigation system for the gates. The Carolina Shores Garden Club will oversee the selection of the flowers. Phyllis Hartley of the Garden club has a copy of the contract and will work with Verity and the Board as this work is done. Verity's contract includes responsibility for the landscaping around the swimming pool and they will take care of the poison ivy problem in the picnic and tennis courts areas. Verity also will pick up and remove waste from the tennis courts instead of blowing it up against the fence. Sally will meet with the Board member who replaces her and bring that person up to speed on the contract.

Office Staff Wage Increases. Joyce Dunn reported that she has met with the Office Manager and the Office Assistant to do a review of their 2008 performance and to set goals for 2009. Joyce moved that the Board approve a 5% cost of living increase for both staff members retroactive to January 1. Sally Nolan seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. Joyce will convey the information to the staff.

Termite Treatment. Mike Mundy noted that there had been some confusion over which companies are responsible for termite and pest control. Terminex is responsible for termite treatment at the pool area and Strand Pest Control is responsible for pest control at the Clubhouse.

Producing the CSPOA Bulletin. Joyce Dunn reported that the downturn in the economy is affecting local businesses to the extent that advertising revenue for the CSPOA Bulletin dropped significantly in December, making it impossible for Athens publishing to continue paying the full cost of designing printing the Bulletin. Athens Publishing believes this will gradually turn around and has asked that the POA pay 50% of the printing cost ($650) per month for the next several months to allow time for the advertising revenue to build back up. Joyce recommended that the Board agree to do this and review the situation again in three months. The Board agreed.

The POA Member Directory. Joyce Dunn reported that the 2009 POA Member Directory is at the printers and will be available for distribution with the February issue of the Bulletin. Athens Publishing had sufficient advertising for the directory to be able to publish it again at no charge to the POA.

Power Washing the Tennis Courts. Sally Nolan reported that mold is building on the tennis courts and they need to be power washed to remove it. The job must be done by someone who knows how to do tennis courts, since they are not done the same way as other types of pavement. Barry Hetrick (who lives in Carolina Shores and is a tennis player) will do the job for $100 for the full court or $50 to remove the mold only. Sally will pass this information along to the new Board member in charge of facilities who can then arrange to have the work done.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.