Board Members Present: Joyce Dunn, Al Franklin, Pete Gulliver, Kerry Jarrell, Dave Jones, Jan Knorr, Linda Pennington
Board Members Absent: None
Guests Present: None


Acting President Al Franklin called the meeting to order and announced that the primary purpose of this meeting was to elect the Board officers for 2009. He opened the floor for nominations for President.

Dave Jones nominated Joyce Dunn for President. Al Franklin nominated himself. There being no other nominees, Al called for a show of hands and Joyce Dunn was elected President.

Al Franklin turned over leadership of the meeting to Joyce Dunn.

Vice President
Linda Pennington nominated Al Franklin. There being no other nominees, Joyce called for a show of hands and Al was elected Vice President.

Joyce Dunn nominated Jan Knorr for Secretary. Jan declined the nomination, saying that significant other personal responsibilities for 2009 led her to prefer not to accept a Board office during her first year of service. Discussion then ensued among those present about the responsibilities of the Board Secretary and the best way to fill this position, since the Board Secretary does not have to be an elected member of the Board. After the discussion Kerry Jarrell agreed that he would be willing to take on the position as long as the Board could return to tape recording the meetings so he would have a reliable reference source when writing the minutes. Joyce Dunn nominated Kerry and by show of hands he was elected Secretary. Since Kerry will be absent from the March meeting of the Board, Jan Knorr agreed to do the minutes for that meeting.

Joyce Dunn nominated Dave Jones. There being no other nominees, Joyce called for a show of hands and Dave was elected Treasurer.

Following the election of officers, the Board discussed assignment of the positions of “Liaison” to Board Advisory Committees.

Board Advisory Committees
Architectural Control Committee – Al Franklin will continue as Board Liaison. Pete Gulliver recommended that the new ACC Chair be Bob Jones, with John Manning as Assistant Chair. The Board concurred with this recommendation.
Communications Committee – Jan Knorr will be the Board Liaison. Currently there is no chair for this committee, so Jan will call a meeting.
Finance and Audit Committee – Dave Jones will continue as Board Liaison. Pete
Gulliver questioned whether the Board has any concerns about Cathie Gulliver continuing as Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee now that he is on the Board. All Board members agreed they would be happy to have Cathie continue and that they do not see any conflict of interest as long as Pete is not the Board Liaison to that committee.
Facilities Maintenance Committee – Linda Pennington will be Board Liaison; she will continue to have personal oversight of swimming pool operations; Bob Anthony will be asked to continue oversight of the tennis courts; Debbie O’Dell will continue as House Chair; and Mike Mundy will join the Committee with responsibility for major maintenance and improvement projects. Pete Gulliver will serve as Board Liaison to the new grounds maintenance contractor, Verity.
Advisory Committee – Pete Gulliver questioned the absence of an “Advisory Committee” as specified in the Bylaws and urged that the Board resume having the committee. He agreed to organize the committee and to be Board Liaison.

Liaison to the Town of Carolina Shores
Joyce told the Board that the Town’s liaison to this Board had been absent from the past few CSPOA Board meetings due to medical problems, but that he plans to resume attending ASAP. Kerry Jarrell and Pete Gulliver agreed to share the responsibility of being the CSPOA Liaison to the Town.


The Board discussed changing its monthly meeting time to accommodate the needs of working members. By a vote of 6-1, agreement was reached to begin meeting at 6:30PM on the third Monday of each month, beginning in March. Members will continue to be welcomed to observe these meetings, but will not participate in the discussions or decisions. The Board will continue to hold quarterly “Member Discussion Meetings” where members are invited to participate in discussions of any topics of interest to them. The next Member Discussion Meeting will be Monday, April 20, at 7PM at the POA.


Joyce Dunn noted that the minutes of the January Board meeting were approved via email among the 2008 Board members.


Pool & Recreation Area Committee.
Linda Pennington reported that this committee has not met in several months, but discussion is ongoing about how to enclose the pool bathrooms within the security fence so that pool users can access the bathrooms without needing a pool pass to get in and out. The decision the Board needs to make is whether to do the smaller job of moving the existing fence and security system just enough to facilitate access to the bathrooms or whether to delay the project until fall and do the much bigger task of removing and replacing the existing fencing and landscaping and resurfacing the pool deck. Linda is to convene the committee and work with them to get complete information on the cost of doing the smaller job so that the Board can decide which direction to take at its next meeting. Linda will talk with Mike Mundy about who to contact at ADT security to learn the cost of moving the access system.

Finance and Audit Committee. Dave Jones reported that the annual audit of the POA’s financial records is underway. Maslin Kain has the “Audit Engagement Letter” from the firm (S. Preston Douglas and Associates) and their staff was in the CSPOA office gathering data on February 9. Once the audit is completed, Mike Mundy will take care of transmitting the final 2008 budget outcomes to our Capital Reserve Study consultant, who will input the data and give the CSPOA a final version of the Reserve Study (both hard copy and Excel spreadsheet on CD).

Repair of Split Rail Fencing on Route 179. Al Franklin presented the bids and insurance certificates from two people who bid on doing the repair and replacement of the split rail fencing owned by the POA along Route 179. Only one bidder (Brian Durost) had appropriate insurance so Joyce moved and Al seconded that the bid be accepted, with a price of $850. The motion passed unanimously and Al will notify the bidder and get the job done.

Repair of Clubhouse Carpet. Al Franklin reported that, although the contractor who installed the new carpeting in the clubhouse had already returned once to repair fraying areas and spots where the glue was not holding, more such problems have appeared. He said he had asked the POA staff to call the contractor and get them out again. Joyce Dunn said she would talk to the staff about that because she believes representatives of the Board should be present when the contractor comes. Linda Pennington noted that there are several areas in the clubhouse where the contractor pieced together small pieces of carpet rather than installing one large piece as would be the norm.

Separation of the Pool Water Meter. Al Franklin reported that he has talked with both Plumb Rite and the Brunswick County Public Utilities (the municipal water company) about the cost of separating the water lines at the pool so we can have a separate meter for the pool itself and for the bathrooms. Plumb Rite would charge approximately $2500 to run the needed water line from the pool house to the road. The County office said it would cost another $2347 for them to install a separate meter. Board members questioned why the County would charge so much for such a small part of the overall job. Al said he had talked with a staff person in the billing office who had limited familiarity with what is entailed in the job. She referred him to their engineer, who has yet to call him back. He will report back at the March meeting.


Finance and Audit Committee. Dave Jones reported the following recommendations from the Finance and Audit Committee:

• The Treasurer will present a monthly budget update to the Board that should be approved by vote and recorded in the monthly minutes.
• The formatting of the monthly budget and Year-To-Date figures will be changed to make it easier for Board members to read.
• The Finance and Audit Committee requests a quarterly in-depth discussion of the budget with the full Board.

The Finance and Audit Committee also questioned the Board about what account would be used to pay the monthly cost of printing the CSPOA Bulletin. The Board discussed this issue and agreed that they wish to ensure continued publication of the Bulletin; the 2009 budget does not contain funds to do it. Board members agreed to each review the budget and continue the discussion at the March meeting. Dave Jones noted that there is an account number for Bulletin publication in the budget, even though it was not funded, so the office staff can be instructed to record payment of those bills in the appropriate account, which will show a negative balance until funding is identified.

The January and February year-to-date reports will be available for the March meeting. They were delayed slightly due to the work on the 2008 audit.

Maintenance of the Ditches in Front of CSPOA Houses. Al Franklin reported that CSPOA Attorney Mark Nappier (who is unable to represent CSPOA interests with the Town of Carolina Shores in determining legal responsibility for maintaining the ditches) has recommended that the CSPOA retain Amie Sloan of Jeffcoat, Pike in Calabash for this job. Al asked whether the Board wants Mark Nappier to transfer the files on this matter to Ms. Sloan. After discussion, Board members agreed that they do not want to retain Amie Sloan. Joyce Dunn and Dave Jones will take responsibility for identifying an attorney for this purpose. Joyce will notify Mark Nappier of the Board’s decision and she and Dave will work together on identifying an attorney.

Architectural Control Committee. Al Franklin reported that the ACC is currently updating the “Guidelines for Fences” and will bring their recommendations to the March meeting of the Board for review.