Monday, May 18, 2009
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Joyce Dunn called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:38 P.M.

Board Members Present: Linda Pennington, Dave Jones, Jan Knorr, Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Kerry Jarrell, and Joyce Dunn. Also present was Bob Jones, Chairman of the Architectural Control Committee.

Approval of April Minutes. A draft of the April minutes was passed out. Approval of the minutes was tabled to provide members an opportunity to review them.


REPORT FROM THE TOWN OF CAROLINA SHORES No one was in attendance from the Town of Carolina Shores. Two issues were reported on by liaisons Pete Gulliver and Kerry Jarrell. First, no further action on the Leach property. Second, the Town had a public hearing on the issue of changing its charter. The Town will make a final determination on June 2, 2009.

ARCHICECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE (ACC) (Al Franklin, liaison.) Joyce Dunn reported that a letter had been received from the Garvins requesting a variance for constructing a shed. Bob Jones, chairman of the ACC, advised that the shed was constructed from plastic or PVC. Mr. Jones advised that PVC does not meet the guidelines for a shed. Al Franklin moved that the board deny the request based on materials. Vote was unanimous.

The board discussed Mr. French's request for resolution on a parcel owned by the POA. Mr. French had been maintaining the parcel in exchange for use of irrigation water. The irrigation water was from a pump owned by the golf course. Al Franklin will meet with the golf course manager in an attempt to resolve the issue.

Review of Declaration of Restrictions (DOR) was held until the June meeting.

TREASURER'S REPORT (Dave Jones, Treasurer) The board discussed the status of Maslin Kain. Kerry Jarrell advised that changes proposed to the accounting system and board member input should reduce the need for her services. He advised that he will monitor the Association's needs for accounting support and requested that the board revisit the issue in three months.

Dave Jones advised that there is currently $11,000 in unpaid dues and fees. The board discussed collection alternatives for the receivables. It was determined that the office will terminate POA privileges for any member who is delinquent more than 90 days. For delinquencies greater than 6 months, Joyce Dunn will file liens against the property.

Kerry Jarrell explained a new chart of accounts for the accounting system. He also reviewed a new procedure for approving bills. Beginning May 31, 2009, board members will receive detailed budget reports, and board members will be responsible for helping maintain the accuracy of accounting records.

Facilities Maintenance Committee (Pete Gulliver, Liaison)

Grounds Maintenance Pete Gulliver reported that the improvements to the grounds around the pool area have been completed. New flowers and an irrigation system have been added and the railroad ties have been removed. Additionally, a local resident is donating a bench. The Garden Club is to be commended for buying many of the plants.

An arborist has been asked to evaluate many of the trees on POA property. Some of the large pines around the POA clubhouse will need to be carefully watched and may need to be removed in the next few years.

HVAC Pete Gulliver reported that a meeting was held with Sandpiper Heating and Air Conditioning about the HVAC in the clubhouse. Sandpiper evaluated the system and recommended total system replacement rather than replacing individual zones. Dave Jones advised that the reserve study estimated the cost of total replacement at $78,000 over a period of 15 years. Sandpiper's estimate for total replacement now will be between $25,000-$30,000. The committee will solicit two more bids before making a recommendation.

Pool Committee (Linda Pennington, Liaison) Linda Pennington evaluated two proposals for pool maintenance. She will continue to use Coastal Pools. The pool deck and pool tiles will need to be replaced soon. Linda updated the board on the Memorial Day picnic: all arrangements have been made and volunteers have been assigned for all tasks.

Communications Advisory Committee (Jan Knorr, Liaison) The communications committee met on May 7, 2009, and will meet again in July. Their primary concern was the cost of the Bulletin. They are evaluating alternatives to pay for it in the future. They also discussed the volunteer carriers who distribute the Bulletin. They intend to update the list of volunteers at the next meeting. The committee also discussed the website; they requested that all ACC forms be put on the website. The committee also requested that special announcements be sent to Gary Stewart, who will update the website. The Board discussed going to an electronic Bulletin in order to save printing costs. The Board decided that too many residents do not have Internet access and would not be served by an electronic version only.

Unfinished (Old) Business

Fence Guidelines Al Franklin suggested postponing discussion on the fences since the committee has not met to discuss the guidelines.

Ward & Smith (re: golf course) Dave Jones provided an article documenting the bankruptcy filing of the golf course owner's Palmetto Greens Development Company. He contacted Ward and Smith to finalize the paperwork clarifying the POA's authority to and options for dealing with the Carolina Shores Golf Course. The attorney should have something available by the next board meeting.

Cox Law Firm (re: ditches) Joyce Dunn distributed two letters from the Cox Law Firm on the subject of ditches and swales. The letters are an attempt to clarify responsibility for maintaining ditches and swales with the Town of Carolina Shores. In the opinion of the attorney, there is an excellent paper trail documenting the Town's ownership and responsibility for the ditches and swales in front of houses. The board discussed various opinions and concerns about the swales. Peter Gulliver expressed concern that the Town would hold homeowners responsible, which would be a potentially disastrous arrangement.

Pinebark/Oakbark Property & Centex Property No further discussion on this issue.

New Business

Discussion of Working Norms for the Board The Board had a brief discussion on the working norms for the Board. Further discussion on the topic of Board norms was tabled.

POA Bulletin Norms/ Letter from Town of Carolina Shores The board discussed the letter from the Town of Carolina Shores on the article in the Bulletin about the change in the town charter. The general consensus of the board members was that no response to the letter was required.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:51 P.M.