Monday, July 20, 2009
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Joyce Dunn called the quarterly public meeting of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 7:10 P.M.

Board Members Present: Linda Pennington, Dave Jones, Jan Knorr, Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Joyce Dunn, and Kerry Jarrell.

Board members gave the following information:

Pete Gulliver announced that a new landscape contractor, Coffee Grounds, will be on the job August 1 through the end of the year.

Joyce Dunn recognized the CSPOA Garden Club for doing such a nice job on the grounds around the pool and the POA Building.

Linda Pennington announced the formation of the recreation committee. The committee will gather ideas and suggestions for the recreation amenities. Many repairs are needed and the committee will consider all new ideas.

Kerry Jarrell announced a new policy concerning suspension of privileges of anyone who violates the rules. The new policy will enable the board to act swiftly to suspend or reinstate privileges if necessary.

Joyce Dunn raised the issue of the recent letter sent by the Town to residents about culverts. The board intends to send a letter to the Town protesting the manner in which the Town communicated with residents on this issue. The board will request that the Town investigate its procedures that allowed such a letter to be sent. Additionally, she advised that there has been no litigation filed at this point. There has been correspondence between the POA and the Town on ditches and swales, but that communication cannot be made public at this time. However, it is the intent of the board to resolve this issue with the Town as quickly and as cheaply as possible. No litigation has been filed, but that could occur if the Town does not accept its responsibility.

The following points were made by residents:

Residents should attend Town meetings to voice support for or opposition to Town actions. The next meeting of the Town is on August 3rd at 10am.
Residents were generally opposed to the Town's letter and the offensive manner in which it was written. The property in front of houses does not belong to the people but to the Town.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.