Monday, October 19, 2009
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Joyce Dunn called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:36 P.M.

Board Members Present: Joyce Dunn, Kerry Jarrell, Pete Gulliver, Jan Knorr, and Linda Pennington. Absent: Al Franklin and Dave Jones.

Approval of September Minutes. The minutes of the board meeting of September 21st and for the executive session on September 21st were presented. Joyce proposed editorial corrections and moved that the minutes be approved as amended. Pete seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The board went into executive session at 7:30pm.
The board reconvened at 7:51pm.


Recreation: The recreation committee met with the board to present the committee's recommendations for 2010. Committee chair, Michael Riccitelli, addressed the board. The committee's first suggestion concerned resurfacing the pool deck. The committee recommended a synthetic product called Pebble-Flex, as opposed to concrete. The committee also recommended having only one picnic for 2010. The single picnic format would provide more activities and an expanded menu. The committee suggested having the picnic in mid to late June.

Linda reported that the pool has been closed for the season. A new dusk to dawn light will be installed by the gate. The inside gate will also be padlocked to prevent unwanted access.

Audit and Finance: The finance committee presented the latest working version of the 2010 budget. The board reviewed the detailed line items with the committee. The largest areas of increases are in legal fees and ground maintenance. The budget will be presented to the POA membership at the public meeting on November 16th.

Joyce advised the board that the Treasurer, Dave Jones, had resigned from the board. She moved that Kerry Jarrell, Secretary, assume the duties of the Treasurer, including check-signing authority, for the remainder of this board term. Pete seconded the motion. The approval was unanimous.

Facilities Maintenance: Pete advised that the HVAC system installation had been completed and is working well. The CSPOA will need to plant 12 trees to replace those that were removed due to damage or disease. The lock to the entrance door was replaced and the lock at the end of the office hallway will be replaced with the same type of combination lock. Kerry reported that the HVAC installers had disrupted the fire alarm system. The system will need to be repaired by ADT.

Nominating: Jan reported that we are still lacking an adequate number of nominees for the upcoming board election. She requested assistance in finding additional nominees.

Communications: Jan advised that all CSPOA forms are on the website. Both Jan and Joyce volunteered to help with the bulletin after January.

Old Business: Joyce advised that there was no new contact from the Town on the issues of ditches. The Cox and Watts law firm has sent out letters to property owners who owe membership fees or fines. Those letters have already produced some results.

Joyce thanked the board for allowing a candidate forum for the upcoming Town election. She also recommended that the board invite the golf course committee to attend the next board meeting to discuss current developments with the course.

New Business: The board approved the following meeting schedule for the upcoming months:

November 9, 6:30pm - Regular November meeting.
November 16, 7:00pm - Open member meeting.
December 14, 6:30pm - Regular December meeting.
January 3, 3:00pm - Candidate forum.

Pete reported that the crawl space under the building needs remediation. Two bids have been received for removal of the insulation, treatment for mold, and sealing the floor from further damage. He will seek at least one additional bid. Pete also advised that the flowerbeds around the building will need to be removed or lowered in order to prevent further damage.

Joyce proposed sending a letter to the Town regarding the threatening message left by a CSPOA property owner on a Town employee's voice mail. The letter would simply advise that the board did not approve of such language or tactics. Kerry seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31pm.