Monday, March 15, 2010
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:05 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Jan Knorr, John Manning, Bob Jones, and Mike Riccitelli. Absent: Kerry Jarrell.

Approval of February Minutes: Pete presented the minutes for the board meeting of February 8th. Bob moved that the minutes be approved as presented. Jan seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The board went into executive session to consider a hearing on a violation on the CSPOA DOR. After the executive session, Al moved that the resident be fined $100 and be notified that an additional fine of $50 per day be levied if the offense continues after five days. John seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Recreation: Mike gave a report on the pool filters. Bids have been received from Coastal Pools and Carolina H2O. The bids offered will not meet the new NC standards for filtration. The board agreed to meet on Thursday, March 18th to consider other options.

The recreation committee made the following recommendations:
The summer picnic would be a catered including setup and cleanup.
The pool would be reserved for adults lap swimming only from 9:00am until 10:00am on weekdays.
The pool area should be designated as nonsmoking.

The board agreed to consider the recommendations and accept public input.

Building Maintenance: Bob reported that gutters have been installed around the clubhouse.

Grounds: John reported that the first bid for resurfacing the tennis courts has come in at $13,000. A second bid is expected in a week. The work will take about a month to complete. John moved that a maximum of $15,000 be approved for the tennis court work. Al seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

John reported that the tree pruning in the common area along Country Club drive is being planned in two segments and bids are being solicited.

ACC: Al briefed the board on building projects and the latest work of the ACC. No action was taken.

Communications: Jan briefed the board on progress in printing and distributing the bulletin. The board discussed potential changes that would control costs while still serving the membership.

Town of Carolina Shores: John reported that the Town has announced that it will pave Oakbark Ct. Discussion continues on the agreement to maintain the sign in front of the clubhouse. The Town has not proposed a workable solution to date.

The Town retreat was poorly attended. The issue of storm water management was considered and will be voted on at the next meeting.

Finance: Pete gave an update on unpaid dues. As of March 15th, approximately $33,000 was outstanding.

Special Orders: Mike reported that co-chairs of the recreation committee have been selected. Mike moved that Gloria Riccitelli and Marilee Burns be appointed co-chairs of the recreation committee. Al seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Pete presented a proposed agreement between the Town and the CSPOA concerning the sign in front of the clubhouse. John moved that the Board advise the Town that the CSPOA will accept ownership and responsibility for the sign. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

New business: Pete proposed that the quarterly open meeting be done on May 3rd. The board concurred.

The board received a request to make the pool area nonsmoking. Al explained that the issue has been debated over the years. Currently smokers must bring their own ashtray and dispose of the debris appropriately. The board considered the request and determined that there was insufficient cause to ban smoking at this time.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 19th at 6pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:01 pm.