Monday, July 12, 2010
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Jan Knorr, John Manning, Bob Jones, Mike Riccitelli and Kerry Jarrell. Erica Stringer was recognized as a guest.

Approval of Minutes: Pete presented the minutes for the board meeting of June 14. John Manning moved that the minutes be approved as presented. Bob Jones seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Residence Comments: The Board recognized information from three residents.
Cynthia Williamson requested reconsideration on the bulletin. Lynn Darby submitted an email regarding fire safety. Erica Stringer expressed concerns about the Tuesday evening adult pool hours. The Board suggested that she gather names in support of her position, and if enough members signed the petition, the Board would revisit the issue.

The Board went into executive session to consider a hearing on a violation of the CSPOA DOR. Kerry Jarrell made the motion to go into executive session and John Manning seconded. Back in session at 6:26 pm.


Recreation: Mike advised that the committee was meeting for preparation of the Christmas party. The committee is considering other venues due to inadequate size of our building. Mike will inform the board of location, date, and etc. decided by committee.

Mike advised of an incident at the pool. People not involved with water aerobics or lap swimming are coming in prior to the opening at 10:00 A.M. A list of participants involved in those programs is to be submitted by program directors and given to office staff to be scheduled in Brivo (card security system).

Building Maintenance: Bob Jones reported problems with the air conditioner have been discussed with Sandpiper and list of suggestions passed out to board members. One of the biggest problems is loss of cool air in the clubhouse when members place a coat hanger in the front door. Other problems stem from members changing the keypad's temperature setting. Jan Knorr suggested placing a statement in the bulletin, making an announcement on the website, and discussing it at the open quarterly meeting.

Tables and chairs from the pool shed are being relocated to the clubhouse shed.
Bob reported maintenance is being done in the bathrooms to remove wallpaper and to build cabinets under the sink to improve the appearance. Bathroom bulletin boards are to be improved. Notices are to be rotated every 3 months. Pete requested that one of the sinks be handicap accessible.

Grounds: John Manning reported that the tennis courts are finished and everyone is pleased with the job. Cost of repair is under the amount budgeted. Positive comment was made regarding the sign in front of the clubhouse.

A contractor is going to give an estimate on refinishing the Bocce courts. Flags have been stolen from Gates 7 and 10. They have since been replaced.

Irrigation: Repairs were made to the irrigation system so that water to the island and around the building can be hooked up to a timer.

Split rail fence: Brian Durost has quoted repairs to the split rail fence. His price of $2,435, includes buying posts and labor. Kerry Jarrell made the motion to accept the bid contingent upon John notifying board via email if any bid less than $2,435 is received. Bob Jones seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Electrician reports lights for the wall have been delayed and will be installed as soon as they are received.

ACC: Al Franklin discussed a variance request of new construction on Sunfield Drive.
Bob reported that the member withdrew the request for the variance.

Communications: Jan briefed the board on delivery of the bulletin. There are still a few calls coming in. The list of members requiring a printed copy is around 70 members.

On September 21st a speaker from Brunswick County Dept. of Aging, Rene Tarquinio, is to speak on options available to members who need assistance with a family member. Announcement will be in next month's bulletin and on the website. Refreshments were approved for that meeting.

When fertilization is scheduled, Jan will handle notice via email to the residences along the gates so they may remove their cars from the area to be treated.

Town of Carolina Shores: Pete reported HOPOA advisory committee has met and minutes of the May and June meetings have been given to board. Mike asked the Town to look into signs marking golf cart crossings.

The Town has decided not to give out the agenda of their meetings in advance to cut expenses. The HOPOA committee for the Town is to identify an alternate for Pete. Bob Jones was identified as the alternate.

Finance: Kerry reviewed the budget through the end of June. Detailed printouts of expenses for June were also distributed. Kerry and Mike are to review expenses paid for pool repairs. John Manning advised of coding for tennis courts (6850). Kerry reported budget looks good.

Regarding delinquent accounts, 25 liens have been filed. Payments was received from 6 members since liens were filed. 19 members for current year have not paid. He intends looking into taking some of the people who owe larger balances to small claims court.

Special Orders: Mike discussed renewal of the contract for pest control. Strand Pest Control is strongly being considered for renewal. Mike will talk with Strand regarding price.

No old business.

New business: Pete recognized Mike regarding physical inventory. Mike discussed why inventory is needed for security and for insurance purposes. Kerry made a motion to create a physical inventory of the assets we have and keep a video of such. Mike seconded. Board unanimously agreed to physical inventory with completion date on September 30, 2010.

Discussion made regarding chest freezer donated by New Friends Group. The freezer is no longer being used by the group and they want the board to dispose of it. Mike will talk with Marlene before a decision is made.

Discussion was made for reimbursement of mileage. Pete made the motion to reimburse for mileage at the standard government allowance. Seconded by Al Franklin. Motion carried unanimously to reimburse at standard government allowance for general reimbursement of business.

Discussion made regarding modification to the DOR rule 6-14 regarding improved and unimproved lots. Pete made the motion to approve the new language. John Manning seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Announcements: Quarterly community meeting, Monday, Aug. 2 starts at 7 P.M. Pete will be working with New Friends to invite newest members of our community for a meet and greet. All members of the Board are requested to be there.

Announcement: Next Board meeting is August 9, 2010.

Board meeting adjourned at 9 pm. to go into executive session.