Monday, August 9, 2010
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:06 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Kerry Jarrell, Bob Jones, Jan Knorr, John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli.

Approval of Minutes: Kerry presented the minutes from the board meeting of July 12. Since board members had not seen the minutes in advance, Kerry suggested that the minutes be conditionally approved, but allow board members up to 48 hours to submit changes. John Manning moved to accept the minutes as recommended. The motion passed.

Resident Comments: Pete presented a letter from Teddy Altreuter requesting changes to the bulletin. The letter will be forwarded to the communications committee to review. He also presented a petition from Erika Stenger requesting an end to the Tuesday adults only swim time at the pool. The petition will be forwarded to the recreation committee to review.


Nominating Committee: The Board set October 25th as the cutoff date for applications for individuals interested in running for the board of directors. Bob Jones volunteered to serve on the nominating committee.

Recreation: Mike advised that the recreation committee's current focus is on the December holiday party. The fire marshal has limited the clubhouse's capacity to 150 occupants at any one time. Since the holiday party generally draws over 300 residents, other venues are being considered for the event. The committee hopes to determine the venue, the menu, and the caterer within the month. Pete reiterated that the party is for members in good standing only. Dates being considered for the party are December 5th and 12th.

Building Maintenance: Bob reported that the Calabash Fire Department volunteered their time and equipment to put up the flag by the entrance to the clubhouse. Bob recommended that a donation of $75 be made to the Department as a demonstration of our gratitude for their services. John Manning seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Bob reported that all of the tables from the pool area have been moved to the shed by the clubhouse. Two six foot tables and two card tables have been replaced with new ones. The Board agreed to donate the old tables, chairs, and unused computers to Habitat for Humanity.

Grounds: John Manning reported that a committee was created to oversee the renovation of the bocce courts. They are currently considering options.

John reported that the flags at five of the entrances to the community are in need of replacement. Additionally, one flagpole needs replaced.

John advised that the irrigation system is now working at the pool.

Mike Riccitelli reported that the electronic gates to the tennis courts and pool should be fully functioning by Wednesday, August 11th. The problem stemmed from a circuit board that was damaged by a power surge.

ACC: Pete expressed concerns about poor drainage behind the new house on 5 Yellow Jacket Court. Al advised that the Architectural Control Committee issued a certificate of completion for construction of the house. Neither the Town's certificate of occupancy, nor the CSPOA certificate of completion address drainage issues. Jan suggested that a letter be sent to the Town addressing the board's concerns on drainage in the area.

Since the ACC has issued a certificate of completion, Pete made a motion to refund the escrow money to Linker& Linker Construction for 5 Yellow Jacket. Al seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Communications: Jan gave the board an update on the progress of delivering the bulletin electronically. The number of residents requesting paper versions appears to have stabilized. Kerry advised that the expenses for the bulletin are staying within budget. The communications committee will continue to monitor the situation and will review the resident letter submitted earlier in the meeting.

On September 21st a speaker from Brunswick County Dept. of Aging, Rene Tarquinio, is to speak on family care giving, support programs, and changes to Medicare part D.

General Advisor Committee: Pete advised the Board there would be a meeting of the committee after the next quarterly community meeting.

Legal Affairs: Nothing to report.

Town of Carolina Shores: Nothing to report.

Finance: Kerry reviewed the budget thru July 31st. Major maintenance on the tennis courts and pool were charged to the reserve fund rather than operations. Kerry reported that 27 liens have been filed. There are two members who have large fines that may eventually result in liens. As of the end of July, 19 members have not paid their annual membership dues. The board will consider action in small claims court if the potential for collection using that method appears favorable.

Budget forms were distributed on August 1st and should be returned by the end of August. The finance committee plans to send the first draft of the budget to the board at the September meeting, and the committee plans on holding a work session with the Board on September 27th.

No old business.

New business: Kerry created a reimbursement form for everyone to use for mileage and expense receipts. Reimbursement requests should be turned in to the office no later than 90 days after an expense is incurred or quarterly.

Announcements: Pete announced the following schedule for Board meetings: would be September regular meeting will be September 13th at 6pm.
Board budget workshop will be September 27th at 6:30 pm.
October regular meeting will be October 11th at 6pm.
Quarterly community meeting will be October 25th at 7pm.
November regular meeting will be on November 22nd at 6pm.

Al made the motion to adjourn. Bob seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:06pm.