Monday, October 11, 2010
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:07 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Kerry Jarrell, Bob Jones, Jan Knorr, and John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli. (Not present: Al Franklin)

Approval of Minutes: Kerry presented the minutes for the board meetings of September 13, 2010 (continued on September 15, 2010) and minutes for special meeting on September 19, 2010. John moved that the minutes for each meeting be approved. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Residents' Comments:
Marlene Stewart asked that the board subsidize $30 to purchase the turkey and ham for the community Thanksgiving dinner in November. Additional money is needed because of increased participation this year. Bob will meet with Marlene later to discuss what expenses can be paid out of the budget for the kitchen fund.

Pete informed the Board of an email he received from Dan and Sue O'Reilly regarding political signs. Pete will explain when ACC decision is made.

Ellen Pecina asked to use the community e-mail system to notify residents of the 1-year celebration of the CCCS (Concerned Citizens of Carolina Shores) coming up on October 22nd. Her request was denied as the Board believes the e-mail system should be used for non-political purposes.

John advised the breaker had flipped the lights off on the sign in front of clubhouse during the last storm and that he turned it back on.


Nominating: John reported he has received two applications for open board seats. He has asked Marlene Stewart and Teddy Altreuter to mention the need for applicants for open board positions at the next meetings two large Carolina Shores clubs. At the next meeting, the Board will discuss how to proceed if it doesn't get four applications.

Recreation: Mike reported another recreation meeting is scheduled this month. Plans for the holiday party are moving along as planned.

The pool is now closed for the season. Brunswick Electric's proposed plan for security lighting at the pool was shown to the Board. They have proposed lighting two areas. The cost is $30 a month per light (4 poles) with an installation fee of $100 per pole. In addition, the board must approve and sign a 20-year contract with Brunswick Electric. Cost of installation is to be covered by money in this year's budget. Additional money to cover the increased electric bills will need to be budgeted in future years.

Mike asked the Board to consider repairing the drain at the kiddy pool. He will obtain cost estimates. Broken pool table tops are being replaced with Plexiglas tops. Mike discussed winterizing the pool. Kerry advised that since there have been repairs done this year to the pool's filters to wait and compare this coming winter's electrical costs with last year's electrical costs to see if it is more economical to run the pumps or to buy a pool cover. Mike will meet with another security firm to compare cost with ADT's services.

Residence comments continued:
On behalf of the garden club, Ellen Pecina asked the Board to approve having the POA landscape contractor prune and weed the large flowerbed in front of the POA and the anticipated beds surrounding the Carolina Shores signs four times a year. She estimates the annual cost to be no more than $1600 but has not obtained a formal bid. The Board agreed to authorize up to $1500 in next year's budget to be used for flowerbed maintenance.

Building: Bob Jones inquired about an appropriate temperature for the clubhouse. The Board agreed that 72 degrees was appropriate and approved installation of a lock box over the thermostat. Bob will to contact JMG to do the installation.

Grounds: John has discussed with Garden Club president Teddy Altrueder repairs and reactivation of the irrigation system around the signs on Country Club Road.
John stated the cost to repair the system would be approximately $1,000. Kerry stated that there should be funds available out of the current year's budget if the Board deems this project a priority.

John advised that Coffey Grounds estimated the cost for bush hogging buffer zones at Gate 3 and Gate 11 at $350. Bob moved to bush hog the two lots; seconded by Jan. Motion carried.

John advised that Coffey Grounds estimated the cost to cut the bamboo on the buffer zone on Gate 12 at $350. The Board agreed to have Coffey Grounds cut the bamboo as part of the current year's budget.

John advised the Board that there are six flags and one flagpole missing. John has a spare pole. Flags have been ordered and are currently ready for pick up. They should be in place shortly. The Board suggested purchasing extra flags.

ACC: Pete advised some of the political signs brought into the office were too big and this is why we have not seen too many of the political signs around the neighborhoods.
Kerry asked if security signs on lawns qualified as one of the two signs allowed on property. The Board agreed that a security sign would count as one of the allowed signs.

Al advised the Board that the current Request for Alterations form gives the applicant 90 days to complete the alteration, but the DOR (Deed of Restrictions) allows six months. The Board agreed that the time on the form needs to be changed to match the DOR.

Communications: Jan advised that everything is running well with the Bulletin. The seminar with speakers from the police department and senior services went very well. Approximately forty members attended.

Town of Carolina Shores: Nothing to report.

Finance: Kerry advised the Board he had placed the transaction detail of accounts for September in each director's box. He requested the directors to review their accounts for expenses that may not be theirs. Kerry advised that the budget for this year looks strong. The Board reviewed the proposed budget for next year with the suggested dues at $205. Board was advised to review the 2011 budget for any changes that may be needed before the next public meeting when the budget will be presented.

New Business: Kerry noted that BEMC will be sending a check for $2114.00 for the retirement of capital credits. This revenue should put the POA over the budgeted revenue number for 2010.

Kerry proposed to the Board the following changes for collection of delinquent dues: on April 1st a certified letter would be sent advising that failure to pay within 30 days would result in a lien being filed. After May 1st a lien would be filed and the cost of filing the lien ($76.75) would be added to the amount owed. After the lien is filed, interest would accrue at an annual rate of 8 percent until the debt is paid. Mike seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion was amended to read, "a $100.00 administrative fee would be added after May 1st to cover the costs incurred in filing the lien". Motion passed unanimously.

Jan asked if there were any rules concerning driving golf carts in Carolina Shores. Pete advised that there is no Town ordinance and that the Town is not inclined to make one. If residents are concerned about golf carts being driven on Town streets, they should call the Sheriff's Department. Pete will attempt to address this issue in his President's Message in the next bulletin.

Pete reported that the cost of the architect's conceptual drawings for renovation of the office, board, and ACC areas of the clubhouse is $1700.00. Bob moved to accept the architect's proposal. Mike seconded. Motion carried.

Board agreed that the architect's proposal for landscaping around the pool be separate from the proposed renovation to the clubhouse.

Pete presented an estimate of $1858.00 for refurbishing the Bocce courts. Jan asked that additional estimates by obtained.

Kerry encouraged the Board to consider spending excess money on long term improvements rather than to just spending the money. If an item is needed and already approved within the budget, then the director of the particular area doesn't have to come back to the Board for approval.

Pete moved that the meeting be adjourned. Bob seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 9:12 P.M.