Monday, November 10, 2010
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:00 PM.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Kerry Jarrell, Bob Jones, Jan Knorr, John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli. Helen Morrison and Gordon Malmfeldt were also present.

Approval of Minutes: Kerry presented the minutes for the board meeting of October 11, 2010. Kerry requested a motion to change the name of the vendor for a $2114.00 check received from ATMC to Brunswick Electric. John moved the minutes be accepted with the above correction. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Resident’s comments: Helen addressed the Board regarding low attendance at the quarterly Board meetings. Helen suggested that changes to the bulletin, picnics, and holiday party contributed to the low member turnout.

Kerry informed the Board of a comment received from Lynn Harbold of 6 Gate 3 concerning the budget line for income taxes. Lynn offered to help with tax matters in the future if the CSPOA needed his expertise.


Nominating: John reported that the committee met and is hopeful that a write-in candidate will run so that the Board doesn’t have to appoint a Board member. (There are only three candidates for the four vacancies.) Ballots have been printed and picked up. The Office needs to print labels and pull the ballots of the members who are in arrears. John has recruited people to help stuff the envelopes.

Recreation: Mike reported the recreational committee met to finalize plans for the Holiday party at Captain John’s. Door prizes are to be given away. Mike requests all directors attend to show support for the committee. Mike asked that Pete welcome everyone around five o’clock.

Mike proposed security lighting in the pool area. Mike has a verbal bid from Brunswick Electric for four poles at $100 per pole. Electricity for the security lighting would run $30 per pole per month. This additional lighting should deter vandalism in the pool area. Kerry seconded motion. Motion passed.

Mike recommended that the Board reassess the adequacy of the ADT cameras at the pool after the new lighting has been installed. Pete requested an update from Mike on the dispute with ADT over repairs to the security system. Mike said a credit has been issued on the bill and the matter should be resolved soon.

Mike advised we are running one pump and one filter at the pool for the winter to save electricity. Mike will to update the Board next month on electricity use in the pool area.

Building Maintenance: Bob reported that the front door of the clubhouse has been programmed to remain unlocked at certain times to accommodate certain groups. Since this compromises the security of the building, Bob will authorize the office to disable that programming. Kerry advised Bob to communicate the change to the groups affected.

Bob reported that a locking plastic cover has been placed over the thermostat to prevent tampering with the thermostat. The temperature setting has been adjusted for the morning exercise group.

John advised that a garden club member complained that the outlets in the clubhouse are loose. Al volunteered to look at them.

Bob reviewed the final plans for the office area and will post those plans in the Board office room. Kerry reviewed the planning and implementation process for the renovation. First, a cost estimate would need to be obtained. Next the plan would be presented at the reserve workshop in January. If the workshop reached consensus recommending the renovation, then it would be brought to the Board for approval in February. Once approved, bids would be solicited from contractors.

Bob moved that we obtain a cost estimate from the architect and pay for that estimate out of current year funds. John seconded. The motion passed. Bob will keep Board members current on the process by e-mail.

Grounds: John reported that plans for repairing the irrigation system around the Country Club Road signs has been worked out with Coffey Grounds Landscaping. This will be done out of the 2011 budget. The Garden Club will purchase the plants, and Coffey Grounds will do the planting and pruning of flowers as well as the trimming around the pool.

The buffer zones around Gates 4 & 11 have been bush hogged. Bamboo on Gate 12 will be done toward the end of December. New holiday flags will be put up after Thanksgiving. The price of new flags was $345.

John recommended changing the heads on the lights in the picnic and tennis area. This would provide better lighting for those areas. John will obtain bids and report at the next board meeting.

Architectural Control: Al inquired about security signs. Pete advised the security company signs would count as one of the two signs allowed per yard. Kerry clarified that the ACC does not consider the signs to be a problem and would only respond if there were a clear violation of the sign rules.

Al advised the only way to obtain animal control is through the Town. Al advised the Board he would be sending notification of hearing for the property at 2 Swamp Fox. Prior to the hearing, directors were requested to drive by the property in question and look at the shed added to the house.

Communications: Jan reported that the candidates for Board office are listed in December’s Bulletin. Pete inquired about how much longer we would need to make hard copies of the Bulletins. Kerry commented that every single member is important and we are here to accommodate our senior people because we represent all the people. Jan commented that the number of copies we will need to make would decrease as the years go by.

General Advisory: Nothing to report.

Legal Affairs: Nothing to report.

Town Meeting: Bob reported on the Town of Carolina Shores meeting. The Town Administrator will be retiring on February 1, 2011. Several openings exist on the planning and zoning board.

Audit and Finance: Kerry handed out a budget update through the end of October. Revenue number will be larger than shown due to a refund of capital credits expected from Brunswick Electric. Kerry expects expenditures to be under budget for the year. Some discretionary funds are available for projects needing to be done prior to end of year. If not used, this money will be transferred to the reserve fund. Lower than expected legal fees represent the largest budgetary savings.

Kerry passed out the operating budget for 2011. Kerry moved to accept the proposed budget for 2011. John seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business: Pete raised a question about the procedure for handing a tie in the voting for write-in candidates. John recommended that in the event of a tie, the Board should select one of the write-in nominees. Bob reminded the Board that according to the DOR the Board may appoint and remove any officer or employee. The Board organization meeting for 2011 will be on the Monday following the election.

John inquired if the office is to be closed on December 24 and 31. The Board agreed the office would be closed from December 23 through January 2.

John advised of a complaint received regarding Coffey Grounds piling up the pine needles around the tree bases. Al advised the pine needles laid too high on the base of a tree could kill the tree. John stated he would talk with Coffey Grounds about the issue.

Mike reported receipt of a letter stating the regulation from the State of North Carolina requires a fence around the kiddy pool. Mike will investigate this matter to see how this affects us.

Al made a motion to adjourn. Mike seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM.