October 10, 2011
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 2:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Bob Jones, Kerry Jarrell, Brent Horten and John Manning. Absent:Al Franklin and Mike Riccitelli.

Approval of Minutes: Kerry presented the minutes of the September 12, 2011 meeting. John moved that the minutes be accepted as presented. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Joyce Dunn spoke to the Board and advised them that the town park has been put on hold indefinitely due to lack of interest. She asked the Board for permission to use the clubhouse for a series of lectures on "Successful Aging". Joyce explained that her background is in aging and that she would like to offer a series of lectures and that she would be responsible for everything involved in the registration, setup and cleanup. There would be no cost to the CSPOA for anything, with the exception of refreshments if any were served. Joyce's one condition for doing this lecture series was that she wants to have it in the POA Clubhouse and be able to invite residents of the Town of Carolina Shores. She would ensure that POA members would get first priority for the seats. She plans on holding the lectures after the first of the year. Brent moved to let Joyce hold the lectures at our clubhouse. John seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Resident comments agenda items only: Peter Kirkby,Sue O'Reilly,Barbara Hartnett, Lynn & Larry Darby and Bruce Patterson were present.

Peter Kirkby asked Kerry how much Cox and Watts charged for the non disclosure agreement. Kerry stated that he was not sure of the amount but he could check the bill and advise later. Peter also questioned Kerry's previous comment that the attorney advised that, to the best of her knowledge, the CSPOA was one of the few such entities that did not have a non-disclosure agreement. Peter provided results of his own investigation and reported that, of the entities that he poled, none had such agreements.

Peter Kirkby commented that Bob Jones' report on the ACC minutes were incorrect with regard to the handling of the tree issues with the owner of 8 Golf Crest Court. Peter stated that there was only one arborist with several reports. He also said that he had met with the arborist and that the arborist admitted that if the trees received the proper care they could live for thirty more years. He felt that he and Dan had handled the issue properly.

Larry Darby commented that there was a large limb hanging over the picnic area and that it needs to be removed.

Lynn Darby and Sue O'Reilly wanted to know about the possibly of having a large screen TV and DVD player installed in the clubhouse.. Kerry said that a TV was not out of the question since the Board was already looking into a computer projector for presentations. A TV could replace the projector.

Sue also felt that the clubhouse could use some updating. Pete stated that the 2012 proposed budget contained some funds for the clubhouse. Kerry said that the House Committee was recently staffed and that they are making recommendations for improvements to the clubhouse interior. He also said that the budget will be announced in the November bulletin and that a meeting is scheduled on November 7th for the community to talk about the budget. Suggestions from residents could be made up until the final budget is approved in December.


Financial Report: Kerry reported on the suspended members. Suspended members are those owing dues or fines in excess of $150 and who have not made payment arrangements.

Suspended Members:

Jim & Bonnie Callahan- 86 Carolina Shores Dr.
Charles Clark- 11 Golfview Ct.
Gere & Marge Dale- 46 Calabash Dr.
Charlotte DelVecchio- 1 Pinebark Ct.
Larry & Kandy Goodman- 2 Egret Ct.
Ernest D. & Joy Hancock- 4 Cleek Ct.
Reid & Michelle Hunnicutt- 40 Calabash Dr.
Harry & Shirley Kesterson- 16 Sunrise Ct.
Thomas& Terrie Kirby- 5 Gate 11
Deborah Langdon- 89 Carolina Shores Dr.
Kenneth & Kelly Massey- 6 Buoy Ct.
Teresa Merlin- 8 Myrtlewood Dr.
Richard Peak Jr.- 38 Sunfield Dr.
Richard Pratt- 14 Northwest Dr.
Todd Yando- 29 Gate 6
Joseph & Louise Zaorski- 29 Gate 11

Kerry reported that members' receivables as of October 7th 2011 were $6980. He then distributed the detailed transactions for the month of September 2011 and a budget update through the end of September. He also mentioned that revenue budget has been meet with about a $950 overage. About two-thirds of budget has been spent and everything seems to be in line. The Audit and Finance Committee has met and made some recommendations and are scheduled to meet with Board at 2PM Wednesday, October 12th for a budget workshop.

Brent said that the pool would be closing on Monday October 17th. He is investigating other vendors who might be able to handle the pool maintenance next year.. Currently, Coastal Pools has our maintenance agreement. Brent is still looking for a better price on water fountain for the tennis court.

Communications: Nothing to report.

Architectural Control: Bob reported that volunteers are needed to serve on the Architectural Control Committee. The By Laws require that this committee exist and if we can not get volunteers we would need to hire people. Bob and John are handling this committee's issues and working with existing members.

Nominating: Committee meeting scheduled for October 13th, 2 PM.

Clubhouse: Mailboxes have been installed and will be ready for use as soon as the two master locks come in. In Mike's absence, Pete asked Merrilee for status on front ramp. Five contractors were given plans and told to have bids back by October 24th. The contract to be awarded on October 28th with work scheduled to begin on November 7th.. All work, with the exception of railings, is to be completed by November 21st. All work including railings and final inspection to be completed by December 9th.

Grounds: John reported that the lights at end of retaining wall have come in and will be installed soon. Tree plantings to be done in early November. The old ramp in rear of building has been removed and steps will be installed. One lamp in the picnic area was broken and Brunswick Electric has been notified to repair it. The pool area irrigation has been completed and the Garden Club is deciding what plants to put there.

Office Staff Change: Kerry announced that Linda Rugg has replaced Karen Smiley in the office. Linda is the editor of the bulletin and will continue doing this as part of the office duties in the future. Linda is chairperson of the Communication Committee, which is an advisory committee to the Board.

General Advisory Committee: Nothing to report.

Legal Affairs: Nothing to report.

Town of Carolina Shores: Pete stated that he has an appointment scheduled for October 11th with the town manager to discuss three issues concerning our community. They are swales, potholes and unpaved roads. Pete invited any interested Board members to attend with him at 2 PM.

Maintenance -Nothing to report.

Old Business- Brent advised that the company who resurfaced the tennis court will be doing the necessary repairs this month.

New Business- None.

Resident Comments- Lynn Darby asked if the CSPOA could purchase a bag toss game for the picnic area. The Board will look into this matter.

Bruce Patterson asked what type lights were we using in the front of the building. John said they were energy efficient and were on a timer. Bruce also asked how contractors got on a list to submit bids. He also wanted to know if we could get something going with the Forestry Service to run a youth program. Bob thought possibly the town might be asked to look into this since we do not have many children and would not want the liability involved with this type of program.

Sue O'Reilly questioned Brent about pool cover for the winter months to reduce electrical consumption. Kerry said that in 2010 the pumps were replaced, which cut down the electric bills. A cover for this pool was estimated to cost $14,000 in 2010.A cover would still require chemicals and pumps to prevent algae growth. It was determined at that time that leaving it uncovered was cheaper.

Pete reminded everyone of the Community Meeting November 7th,2011 at 7 PM, to discuss the 2012 budget.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.