November 14, 2011
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 2:05 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Bob Jones, Brent Horten, and Mike Riccitelli. Absent: Kerry Jarrell, John Manning and Al Franklin.

Approval of Minutes: The members received copies of the minutes for the regular Board meeting of October 10 and were asked for any comments. Bob Jones requested a change in some of the wording, which was agreeable to the Board. Pete moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Mike seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Resident comments agenda items only: None


Financial Report:

A sheet titled "Suspended Members" was passed out. Pete asked if it was OK to list the suspended member names into the minutes instead of reading the list. It was OK'd by the attending Board members. The suspended members are:

Charles Clark- 11 Golfview Ct.
Gere & Marge Dale- 46 Calabash Dr.
Charlotte DelVecchio- 1 Pinebark Ct.
Larry & Kandy Goodman- 2 Egret Ct.
Ernest D. & Joy Hancock- 4 Cleek Ct.
Reid & Michelle Hunnicutt- 40 Calabash Dr.
Harry & Shirley Kesterson- 16 Sunrise Ct.
Thomas& Terrie Kirby- 5 Gate 11
Deborah Langdon- 89 Carolina Shores Dr.
Kenneth & Kelly Massey- 6 Buoy Ct.
Teresa Merwin- 8 Myrtlewood Dr.
Richard Peak Jr.- 38 Sunfield Dr.
Richard Pratt- 14 Northwest Dr.
Todd Yando- 29 Gate 6
Joseph & Louise Zaorski- 29 Gate 11

Pete mentioned that the Board was in a position to reinstate Jim & Bonnie Callahan of 86 Carolina Shores Dr. Brent made a motion to reinstate them and Mike seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Kerry wanted it noted that the total outstanding receivables as of November 7 was $6,709.

The 2012 Budget was in the November Bulletin and was presented at the November 7 Community meeting. Comments about the budget from the residents attending the Community meeting were favorable as stated by Brent, Mike and Pete.

Bob reported he told Kerry he had a contact at an independent insurance agency in South Carolina regarding insurance for the POA.

Recreation Committee:

Brent reported that last month Lynn Darby asked about the Bean Bag Toss game. She sent Brent information about it on Amazon. After looking into it, Brent didn't think that was the board he wanted because the reviews didn't warrant the cost. Brent said that for the price of the boards, he could build them. He would buy the scorekeeper.

Mike and Brent reported about the new security system at the pool. There are 4 new cameras, a new flat screen TV and DVR with a terabyte of memory, which should last about four to six weeks and will then rewrite itself.

Communications: None

General Advisory Committee:

Al reported to Pete that he contacted Dan to reconvene the General Advisory Committee. Since Dan has received the opinion from the attorney covering the questions raised about the by-laws and DOR, Dan has agreed to reconvene the Committee.

Architectural Control:

Bob reported that tree removal was normal for this time of the year and that requests for alterations have been slow. The ACC has had a few meetings and training was begun. Eva Jensen went out with Bob and John and saw tree removals and how to deal with the public. Eva was pleased that she learned so much and learned how to deal with the public when complaints were made.

Bob mentioned that other residents have also expressed interest in the ACC.

The next ACC meeting is Wednesday, November 16.

Nominating Committee:

Pete mentioned that there are six people running for office. This will be announced in the Message from the Board in the December Bulletin. There is a statutory requirement to announce the names of the nominees 60 days before elections. Brief candidate biographies will be in the January Bulletin and the Meet the Candidates meeting will be sometime in January. The Nominating Committee will get together near the end of November to make sure everything is in order.

Pete thanked Mike and Bob for running again. He mentioned Linda Pennington was running and that she was an asset when she was on the Board previously.


Mike reported on the progress on installing a new ramp at the front of the building. There have been revisions to the original plans. Prints were re-submitted to the two lowest bidders: R.H. McClure and Wayne Smith. Bob and Mike checked the references submitted by the low bidder, R.H. McClure, and found the references to be very positive. R. H. McClure re-submitted their proposal and a time schedule was worked out. The ramp is to be finished in four weeks from the start date. The re-submitted price is $9,922 from original price of $9,314. This price may be reduced by $270 if spindles could be changed from 4'3' to 4'. The architect will be consulted on the size of the spindles. During construction residents will be able to use the back door. There will be a blast email sent to let the residents know when construction is scheduled.

Brent requested the heat in the clubhouse go on around 9:00 A.M. because it has been too hot for the exercise class held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mike will make the change.

Mike and Bob spoke to First Sgt. Tom Tolley of the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department regarding a Safety course for the residents of Carolina Shores. First Sgt. Tolley and Sgt. Burke Reevis will conduct the Safety course on January 12 at 1:00 p.m. Mike would like to extend an invitation to the HOA/POA's of the Town of Carolina Shores provided space is available. The course will be referred to as the Comprehensive Safety Program.

Mike also spoke with the Brunswick County EMS to provide two other courses: a first aid course and a CPR course for the residents of Carolina Shores. The CPR course will be on March 15 at 1:00 P.M. The course will be for information not for any certification.

All three courses are free and will be open to all residents of Carolina Shores. The courses will be offered to other HOA/POAs provided there is space available.

Mike mentioned that a club member wanting the front door to be left open during a club meeting approached Linda Rugg. The Board is concerned with the safety of the membership and felt that the POA could be liable should a crime take place in the building. Pete stated that leaving the door open during inclement weather is costly. Linda suggested putting a notice in the Bulletin about this issue and also contacting leaders of the clubs to reiterate that members need to use their cards or keyfobs to get into the building.

Thank you:

Jan Knorr sent a thank you note to the Board for their assistance and concern during her medical emergency and in the days that followed.


Bob reported for John that the retaining wall lights have been installed, the old ramp in the back has been removed, and cement was poured so the water will run away from the building. A new handrail will also be installed. The flagpole was moved to the front and John plans to reuse lights to light the flagpole.

The broken tree in the picnic area has been removed. John plans to trim trees in the picnic area next spring so limbs won't overhang and pinecones won't drop on residents in the area.

Pete asked Bob and Mike to become more involved with the planting of the replacement trees. There are 24 trees. The agreement with the Town requires that the trees be planted by December.

Mike said that John did a beautiful job on the flagpole, on the lakes and the concrete in the back of the building. Bob said that the electric company assumed all costs for the lights fixtures and installation.

Legal Affairs:

Nothing to report.

Town of Carolina Shores:

Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

Old Business:

Pete said the Golf Course foreclosure was postponed and the new auction date is December 12, 2011.

New Business:

It was agreed the Board and office staff Christmas dinner would be Saturday, December 10, 2011, at the Officers Club.

Pete mentioned the signage at the recreation area is getting tired. Possibly there may be some money available in the operating funds to get new signs.

Bob talked about an emergency entrance to the POA from Rt. 179. Approvals would be needed from the county and state if such an entrance were constructed. This entrance will only be for emergency vehicles and not for residents. Bob and Mike will research a new entrance.

Resident Comments:

No comments.


Pete mentioned the holiday party to be held on December 4. He said the recreation committee has worked very hard and done a superb job in putting the party together. Mike requested that all Board members attend to show their support.

The next Board meeting will be December 12.

Executive Session:

At 3:59 P.M. the Board went into executive session.

The Board reconvened at 4:35 P.M.


Mike made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 4:36 P.M.