Monday, January 10, 2011
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 6:09 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Al Franklin, Bob Jones, Jan Knorr, John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli. Absent: Kerry Jarrell.

Approval of Minutes: Pete presented the minutes for the Board meeting of December 13, 2010. John moved the minutes be accepted. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Residents’ Comments:

Pete advised that he had received a request from the Concerned Citizens of Carolina Shores to display "CS" decals and permit their sale at the POA office. The Board agreed that the office staff would not be involved in this transaction, but that it would permit a display with a cash box outside the business office so that residents could take a decal and make a donation.

Pete received a call from Mrs. DeFlippis advising the bamboo had been cut from the POA property on Gate 12. She requested that the POA reimburse her for the work. The Board declined the request.


Nominating: John reported candidates’ night was cancelled. The election will be held on February 5th at 3 P.M.

Recreation: Mike reported that Brunswick Electric has marked the areas where utility lines for the lights are to be located. Brunswick has lowered the cost of the lights from $30.00 to $24.90 per pole per month.

Mike advised that there is a drain problem within the pool. A plumber has been contacted to correct this issue. The drain will be run behind the basketball courts. Mike has also been in contact with several contractors to obtain quotes for the new pool deck.

Mike received a letter from the American Disabilities Association regarding handicap access to the pool. Mike has been attempting to contact the Brunswick Health Department to check on required accommodations. He also mentioned that Coastal Pools has advised of a pool trade show in Atlantic City in late January. The show will feature many pool products including handicapped access solutions for pools. Mike recommended that someone attend that show to get additional information on the ADA requirements and solutions. Pete suggested that the knowledge gained from the trade show could be very valuable as the Board moved forward on pool renovations. Al moved to send two Board members to Atlantic City to gain information regarding necessary renovations to the pool. Bob seconded the motion. The motion failed.

Mike advised that a fence would need to be put between the adult and kiddy pool in order to comply with new safety regulations. Mike will obtain quotes on that fence.

Carolina Creations has provided some concepts for expansion of the pool area. Mike suggested that we do the renovations in phases. He suggested that phase one deal with the disabilities issues.

Al had concerns about the moisture and mold in the pool house. The Board agreed that the pool house should be considered as part of the overall renovation and expansion.

Clubhouse: Bob obtained a quote of $2,765 from JMG Construction for constructing a storage closet in the clubhouse. Bob moved to raise the original amount of monies set aside for this job from $2,000 to $2,765. Mike seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Bob advised that the survey done by Owen Gidlow is on a flash drive and is called “CSPOA Architect Drawings and Easements” under “Documents” on the office computer. Bob reviewed changes to the architectural drawings for the clubhouse renovation. The drawings and potential renovation would be presented to the reserve workshop in late January. The architect’s estimate for the renovation is between $8,000 and $10,000.

Grounds: John reported that the bamboo near Gate 12 has been removed by Coffey Grounds. A new sign is up on Country Club Drive, and Al is working on lighting for the sign. John reported that the brush and old azaleas near the pool would all be removed to provide space for the pool deck.

Architectural Control: Al advised that the issues with the shed at 2 Swamp Fox are being addressed by the ACC. The plans for that shed have also been sent to the Town.

Communication: Jan reported that the holiday message she sent to the membership, wishing all a safe and joyful holiday season, was met with some negative comments. Some residents did not like the holiday party and took the opportunity to express that opinion.

Jan mentioned that Marlene Stewart has been ill and is unable to continue folding the Bulletins and stuffing them in envelopes. Jan is seeking assistance in preparing the hard copies of the Bulletin for those who do not have access to the electronic version. Pete suggested that the members who benefit the most are those who receive the hard copies of the Bulletin. He suggested that someone from that group might be able to volunteer to temporally assume this responsibility. Linda Pennington has taken on Marlene’s duties for the kitchen. Jan volunteered to edit the Bulletin for February.

General Advisory Committee: Nothing to report.

Legal Affairs: Small claims court is in Bolivia is scheduled for January 11th regarding 9 Oakbark Ct. Pete announced he would be going by himself due to some Board members’ expressed concerns of the cost of hiring an attorney.

Town of Carolina Shores: Pete stated that the workshop was uneventful. Mike forwarded an announcement from the Town regarding a retirement party for the Town Administrator, Linda Herncane. Mike stated that the party would be January 21st between 1 and 4 P.M. at the town hall. The Mayor is to read a proclamation for her around 3 P.M. The Town will present a gift to her. The Board discussed a gift for Mrs. Herncane and decided to send a gift if requested to do so.

Financial Report: No financial report was available.

New Business: The Board discussed the format for the February 5th CSPOA Annual Meeting. Most ballots will be counted before the meeting. Ballots will be accepted to 3 P.M., at which time John will ask for a motion from the floor to close the election. John suggested that, while any final ballots are being tabulated, Pete provide a synopsis of what has been done by the present Board. Jan suggested that each Board member provide a list of accomplishments during the past year. Pete will notify Board members of the format by Thursday, February 3rd. The Board discussed whether the organizational meeting should be a closed meeting. Bob moved to have a closed meeting. John seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Mike suggested that the Board meetings for the entire year be posted on the calendar.
In consideration of the workload placed on Board members, Mike suggested that the number of Board members should be increased from seven to nine. The Board agreed to consider the change over the next year.

Bob thanked Jan for her two years of service and commended her on a job well done.

John made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Bob seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.