April 11, 2011
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 2:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Bob Jones, Kerry Jarrell, Brent Horten, John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli. Absent: Al Franklin.

Pete reminded the gathering that Board meetings are for residents in good standing only. Board meetings are not public or social functions. Pete then asked all non-residents to leave the building.

Approval of Minutes: Kerry presented the minutes for the regular Board meeting of March 14, 2011 and the special Board meeting of March 14, 2011. Kerry moved that the minutes be accepted. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Resident comments: Helen Morrison raised questions concerning proposed building renovations, pool lighting, and the emergency handicapped access ramp. She also raised a question concerning the office personnel changes. She further advised that Pete Gulliver had sent an inappropriate email to the office when he was a Board member. Helen called for him to resign from the Board.

Peter Gulliver was asked to explain the allegation. He advised that he had sent the email to several male friends and had mistakenly sent the email also to the office, not to any specific individual. He stated that he had apologized to everyone and to anyone offended by that email.

Vicki Samuels raised questions concerning pool lighting, hiring pool attendants, and pool renovations. She also raised a question concerning the adults-only swim that is on the pool schedule for this summer.

Suellen Bennett complained to the Board about an inappropriate email received in the office, an argument in the office between an ACC member and a builder, and the Board not responding to the office staff as quickly as she thought they should have.

Peter Kirkby read a statement complaining about the behavior of the Board liaison to the ACC, Bob Jones, and requested that the Board replace that liaison.

Various members expressed their opinions and suggestions about Board procedures. Members also expressed their opinions about the need for pool supervision, time for adults or children swimming, renovating the picnic and basketball areas, etc.

There being no further comments, the public comments segment of the meeting was closed.


Architectural Control: Bob Jones reported that the resident from 17 Calabash Drive had requested a Board appeal for a variance for a shed. The residents, Bill and Louise McGarva, explained their request to the Board. Peter Kirkby, ACC chairman, advised the Board of the chain of events leading up to the appeal. Bob Jones asked Peter for the ACC recommendation. Bob advised Mr. And Mrs. McGarva that the Board would consider the appeal and would notify them of the decision.

Nominating: Nothing to report.

Recreation: Pete announced that the recent newspaper article concerning the pool fence was incorrect. While there are problems with other pools, there are no problems with the CSPOA perimeter pool fence.

Brent reported that the new pavers for the pool deck were in and would be finished within a few days. The new fence around the kiddy pool is in. The shower has been moved inside the pool area, and the hours of operation of the pool are posted.

He requested that discussion the pool attendant applicants be held in executive session. He also mentioned that repairs of the basketball area are still under consideration.

Clubhouse: Mike explained that a new emergency handicapped access ramp was planned in response to NC regulations and local fire marshal requirements.

Grounds: John reported that a sewer line backup had occurred at the clubhouse. There was no damage to the clubhouse, but Brunswick Utilities found that the palm tree by the office entrance was blocking access to the sewer line and it had to be removed.

John advised that a new gate had been installed in the tennis court area. Handicap parking signs are also being planned for the pool, clubhouse, and tennis court parking lots.

Communication: Pete gave an update on the CSPOA member phone directory. Pete thanked Joyce Dunn and Marlene Stewart for their efforts in editing the directory. The directory has been transmitted to the printer and it should be ready before the next meeting.

General Advisory Committee: Pete reported that the general advisory committee is responsible for advising the Board on any matters not handled by other committees. The next task for that committee is a review of Board resolutions from the past several years. He requested that members volunteer for the committee. Jackie Orwig, Linda Pennington, Terri Ste. Marie, Dan Mann, and Peter Paff volunteered to serve on that committee.

Legal Affairs: Nothing to report.

Town of Carolina Shores: Pete announced that the next Town of Carolina Shores budget includes two paving projects within our community. He requested that the membership let the commissioners know that they support those projects.

Financial Report: Kerry advised that the public comments on excess spending were unfounded. He reported that only one request for financial information had been received in the past two years. That member’s request was promptly answered.

He also reported that the auditor’s examination of 2010 showed that the year ended $17,501 under budget, and a reserve contribution of $63,000 was made in accordance with the Reserve Study recommendation.

Kerry passed out a budget update and a list of expenses during the month of March. He advised that all budget lines were well under budget at this time. Approximately 12 percent of the annual budget has been spent through the end of the first quarter.

Kerry reported that outstanding member receivables of $25,666 remained at the end of March. Late fees have been assessed and liens will be filed on unpaid dues next month. He also advised that Karen Smiley and Merrilee Burns have been hired to staff the office.

New Business: Jackie Orwig has volunteered to chair the house committee. This committee oversees the clubhouse, its interior amenities, and its use. Pete requested additional volunteers for the house committee.

Pete also requested volunteers to serve on the audit and finance committee. This committee oversees the preparation of the budget and reviews the annual financial report.

Mike requested that a public comments period be added to the end of every meeting. There being no objections, the Board agreed to add public comments to the end of each meeting’s agenda.

Kerry requested that Pete read the Board’s statement on the recent change in office personnel. Pete read the following statement:

On March 14th the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners’ Association met in executive session to discuss a personnel matter. As is standard business practice with personnel matters, the specifics that were discussed by the Board in executive session will remain confidential. In this meeting, the Board voted unanimously to terminate the office manager’s employment effective immediately. After the meeting was adjourned the president, vice president and the treasurer implemented the Board’s directive.

The president and the treasurer then met with the office assistant to assure her that her job was secure at the same pay rate and under the existing conditions of employment. She refused to continue her employment under the existing conditions, effectively terminating her employment.

Unfortunately, this creates an environment in which former employees, either personally or through proxies, can make statements that are factually inaccurate knowing full well that the Board will not repudiate these statements by making public the specific facts that precipitated the Board’s action.

There will be neither additional statements nor responses to questions concerning this matter. The Board considers this matter closed.

John moved that the Board go into executive session. Bob seconded the motion. The Board went into executive session at 4:06 P.M.