May 9, 2011
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 2:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Bob Jones, Kerry Jarrell, Al Franklin, Brent Horten, John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli.

Pete introduced a letter from Ron And Ellen Pecina asking that each resident be given a specific amount of time to speak during resident comment periods. Al moved that three (3) minutes be the maximum time given each resident for comments. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Resident comments on agenda items only:
As agreed upon at the April meeting, Pete advised that resident comments about
agenda items would be heard at the beginning of each meeting and all other resident comments would be heard at end of the meeting. Joe Fioravanti asked about replacing the large poker table in the clubhouse. Pete advised that this question would be addressed when Mike gave his report on the clubhouse.

Approval of Minutes: Kerry presented the minutes for the regular Board meeting of April 11, 2011. Mike moved that the minutes be accepted. Brent seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Architectural Control: Bob Jones reported Bill Lee (8 Golf Crest Ct) had requested a board appeal for tree removal on his property. Bill Lee explained his request to the board. Peter Kirkby, ACC chairman, advised the Board of the chain of events leading up to the appeal. Peter sited that the arborist report provided by Mr. Lee stated that the gum trees in question were in fair condition and that the only reason for their removal was the negative effect that the gum balls had on Mr. Lee's pets. The ACC had previously given approval for one pine tree to be taken down, but it had denied the removal of the gum trees since they were in good condition. Bob advised Mr. Lee that the Board would consider the appeal and would notify him of the decision.

ACC Minutes: Pete stated that in the future the ACC minutes would be reviewed as a regular part of the monthly Board meeting. Mike commented that some of the items lacked detail. Peter Kirkby stated that as of April 1, 2011, more detail was being included in the minutes.

Bob stated that a letter was sent to Branson Builders notifying them of a hearing for the June 13th board meeting concerning property at 87 Persimmon Road.

Nominating: Nothing to report.

Recreation: Brent reported that the pool work had been completed and that the Health Inspector had verbally approved the job. The pavers installed at the pool have a 20-year warranty and the contractor has provided a 3-year comprehensive service agreement.

Brent also reported that the plasterers had removed the drain covers, and he will be requesting a $300 reimbursement from the contractors for the drain replacement.

Four pool attendants were hired and should start work several days before the Memorial Day weekend.

Kerry reported that about 40 people attended the volunteer party held on Sunday May 1st. He thanked the recreation committee for their work in organizing it. A quick survey of those in attendance revealed that they had contributed over 3000 hours of volunteer work during 2010.

The annual picnic is scheduled for Sunday, May 29th with a rain date of Monday, May 30th. Bob reported that the recreation committee will meet on Thursday May 19th to discuss last minute details.

Clubhouse: Mike stated that he had four bids on the new emergency handicapped access ramp and egress door. He asked that the board meet with the lowest bidder to ensure that
he had a clear understanding of the scope of work. Kerry moved that Mike be authorized to award the bid providing the meeting was successful. John Manning seconded, and the motion passed.

Mike mentioned the need for a new poker table for the clubhouse. Joe Fioravanti said that George Balbach would make a new wooden tabletop for $250. It was agreed that George would make the new poker tabletop, and the funds would come from the clubhouse budget.

Pete asked about volunteers to serve with Jackie Orwig on the House Committee. Mike said Jackie would like the following people to serve with her: Maureen Farley, Bette Stromen, and Jean Jann. Marlene Stewart was also interested in serving as an alternate. The Board agreed to that request.

Grounds: John reported that Coffee Grounds Landscaping will locate the sewer line when they do the planned irrigation work. Irrigation work on the area in front of the clubhouse has been completed, and John and Coffee Grounds will meet with Garden Club to select flowers. Coffee Grounds will do the landscaping and irrigation at the pool area. Trees will be pruned at the clubhouse and pool area by M&M. Handicap signs and bumpers will be installed at the clubhouse and pool area. Mike said that the drain near the kiddie pool is higher than the pool, which can cause flooding of the pool. The problem appears to be with roots from a tree on the golf course property. The golf course has agreed the removal of that tree.

Communication: Al spoke to the printer, Athens Publishing, and once they have the corrections completed the directories should be ready in about a month. Bulletin guidelines were discussed because of a recent bulletin article appeared to be inappropriate. Al was asked to have the communication committee come up with clear direction as to what types of articles can appear in our bulletin.

General Advisory Committee: Al asked that this be tabled until the next meeting.

Legal Affairs: Kerry reported that he and Pete met with our attorney concerning a hearing with the North Carolina Employment Security Commission on an appeal by Sue Ellen Bennett for unemployment benefits. A portion of the hearing was held on May 9th and the remainder of the hearing is scheduled for May 10th.

Town of Carolina Shores:
Pete announced that the Town of Carolina Shores budget vote was tabled for this month and will be voted on at the June meeting.

Financial Report: Kerry discussed the April detail of expenses and asked if any of the Directors had any questions or concerns. Mike asked if we needed to have both Terminex and Strand provide pest control services. The Terminex service will be canceled.

Kerry reported that outstanding member receivables of $16,886.27 remained as of May 6th. Kerry further stated that as of April 30th we collected over 96% of the dues, which is ahead of this time last year. Kerry passed out a list of members who had not paid their dues. Liens will be filed against those members if the dues remain unpaid. Kerry moved that we suspend the following members from the association for lack of payment:

Bowen, Agnes & Robert
Clark, Charles
Dale, George & Margaret
DelVecchio, Ron & Charlotte
Gonzolez & Vazquez, Larry & Debbie
Goodman, Larry & Kandi
Hancock, Ernest & Joy
Harris, Harold and Valerie
Hunnicut, Reid & Michelle
Jenkins, John O.
Kesterson, Harry & Shirley
Kirby, Thomas & Terrie
Langdon, Deborah
Lovallo & Sorbella, Pat & John
Massey, Kenneth & Kelly
Merwin, Teresa
Murphy, Michael
Peak, Richard
Pratt, Richard
Price, Lyn Edwards
Rider, John & Ronnie
Williams, Timothy& Catherine
Yando, Todd
Zaorski, Joesph

Bob Jones seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Kerry stated that he had two volunteers for the Finance & Audit Committee: Gordon Malmfeldt and Lynn Harbold. Gordon served last year and Lynn is a retired CPA. One more volunteer is needed. John moved to accept these two volunteers. Brent seconded the motion and it passed.

Kerry asked that spending procedures on budgeted items be tabled until the next meeting.

Maintenance - nothing to report.

Old Business- The need for a Confidentially Agreement for Directors, ACC and office staff was discussed. Kerry is working on the document and has discussed it with the attorney.

Bob asked that Mike and John help compile a list of members of various Carolina Shores clubs to insure that all members attending meetings are in good standing.

New Business- Bob asked that the new builders' package discussion be tabled until the next meeting.

Bob also brought up trees that pose a danger to property. This was prompted by a complaint by Mary Hartley (5 Putter Place) about a neighbor's tree leaning dangerously toward her house. Bob brought up Article 14 of the Deed of Restrictions that states the policy concerning the way dead trees should be handled. Kerry stipulated that under Section 14 the ACC should send a letter advising the homeowner of the issue with the tree and note the need for a response within 45 days.

Mike brought up the need for signage in the recreation area stating that it is for member use only. Brent will look into the need for signs.

Resident Comments-
Mary Hartley (5 Putter Place) affirmed her concerns about the tree leaning toward her house and asked that the ACC follow up with a letter. The ACC will send a certified letter to the owner.

Dana Sumner (9 Lakeview Ct.) discussed estimates for basketball backboards and Brent asked for more details in order to make a decision about replacement.

Peter Kirkby (19 Gate 6) commented on how the ACC already keeps information confidential so he sees no need for a confidentially agreement.

At 4:53 PM regular meeting ended and directors went into executive session.
The Board entered executive session at 4:54 PM.
The Board reconvened at 5:04 PM.

Al moved that the board reject Mr. Bill Lee's appeal for removing trees from his lot at 8 Golf Crest Court. Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed.

The Board adjourned at 5:07 PM.