September 12, 2011
Minutes of the Meeting

Call to Order: President Pete Gulliver called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association to order at 2:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Pete Gulliver, Bob Jones, Kerry Jarrell, Al Franklin, Brent Horten, John Manning, and Mike Riccitelli.

Approval of Minutes: Kerry passed out copies of the minutes for the regular Board meeting of August 8th and asked the members to respond within 48 hours with any changes. He will then request approval from the Board by email.

Resident comments agenda items only: None


Financial Report: Kerry reported on the suspended members. Suspended members are those owing dues or fines in excess of $150 and who have not made payment arrangements.

Suspended Members:

Jim & Bonnie Callahan- 86 Carolina Shores Dr.
Charles Clark- 11 Golfview Ct.
Gere & Marge Dale- 46 Calabash Dr.
Charlotte DelVecchio- 1 Pinebark Ct.
Larry & Kandy Goodman- 2 Egret Ct.
Ernest D. & Joy Hancock- 4 Clerk Ct.
Reid & Michelle Hunnicutt- 40 Calabash Dr.
Harry & Shirley Kesterson- 16 Sunrise Ct.
Thomas& Terrie Kirby- 5 Gate 11
Deborah Langdon- 89 Carolina Shores Dr.
Kenneth & Kelly Massey- 6 Buoy Ct.
Teresa Merlin- 8 Myrtlewood Dr.
Richard Peak Jr.- 38 Subfield Dr.
Richard Pratt- 14 Northwest Dr.
Todd Yando- 29 Gate 6
Joseph & Louise Zaorski- 29 Gate 11








Kerry moved to reinstate Melvin Confer. Brent seconded the motion. The motion passed. Kerry reported that members' receivables as of September 9, 2011 were $8506. He then distributed the detailed transactions for the month of August 2011 and a budget update through the end of August.

Kerry reminded board members that budget requests for the 2012 Budget are due by September 20th. The Fnance and Audit Committee will meet on September 26th to work on the budget. That committee will present budget at the October 10th Board Meeting. A budget workshop with the Finance and Audit Committee and the available Board Members will be held at 1PM October 12th. Time line for announcing the 2012 Budget is as follows: October 19th post to website, November 1st print in the November issue of the Bulletin, November 7th present at the quarterly CSPOA Community Meeting.

Communications: Linda Rugg spoke to the board about the meetings held by the Communications Committee. The first was held on Sunday, August 28th. In attendance at his meeting were Al Franklin, Linda Rugg, Diana Mardall, Linda Pennington and Teddy Altreuter. The second meeting was held on Friday, September 9th. In attendance were Pete Gulliver, Linda Rugg, Joyce Dunn, Marlene Stewart, Linda Pennington, Diana Mardall and Teddy Altreuter. Both meetings focused on suggestions for improving the content of the Bulletin and suggestions for determining the type of announcements that were appropriate. The Committee made the following suggestions to make the bulletin more interesting for our residents:

1. The Bulletin should allow announcements of events that would be of interest to the residents of Carolina Shores. These events can take place in Carolina Shores or in the surrounding communities.
2. All events listed in the Bulletin need to be submitted by a resident of Carolina Shores whether the event takes place in the neighborhood or not.
3. Information in the announcement should contain the name of the person submitting the announcement, the name of the event, and the place, time and contact information for obtaining more information regarding the event. Articles should not be more than 40 words or 3 lines in length.
4. The Bulletin will exclude any article that is "political" or "for profit". Announcements will be carried for non-profit organizations only.





To add interest the committee would like to add a "Sales-Services-Exchange" page for residents. Guidelines as follows:

1. Each submission should be no more than 10-15 words. It should contain the person's name, telephone number and item or service they are advertising. IE: couch for sale, dog walking, yard sale, exchange large kitchen set for smaller one, etc.
2. The ad would need to be resubmitted every month to keep it in print.
3. There will be a disclaimer of responsibility for the CSPOA.
4. This section would be included in the Bulletin on a trial basis for three months. After three months, the Communications Committee would review it.




John moved to accept the recommendations for the trial period of three months. Brent seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Linda Rugg reported that two new columns would be added to the Bulletin. The first is Neighborhood News. Marlene Stewart will be the contact person. This article will include good news items as well as information on neighbors that might need help. The second new column will be Town News. Joyce Dunn will be the contact person. Pete thanked Linda Rugg for her work on the bulletin.

Al moved to accept three new members to the Communications Committee: Teddy Altreuter, Diana Mardall, and Linda Pennington. John seconded motion. The motion passed. Linda Rugg was appointed as Chair Person for the Committee.

Al reported that most of the phone directories have been picked up or delivered. He will make certain that the remaining deliveries are completed.

Recreation: Brent reported that the last day for the pool attendants was Labor Day. The Board discussed the pros and cons of having attendants. Brent will evaluate the situation and make a recommendation for next year.

Merrilee Burns, a member of the Recreation Committee, requested that the Board accept "The Butcher of Brunswick" as the Committee's choice for catering the Holiday Party. Mike moved to accept the Committee's choice. Al seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Architectural Control: Bob Jones asked that the complaint on 8 Golf Crest Court be handled in executive session. The Board agreed.

Bob reported that Pete is working with Co-operative Extension Service to come up with a danger rating system for leaning trees. The ACC has requested guidelines for removal of leaning trees. The Board discussed "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs throughout the neighborhood. Pete suggested that the Committee take no action unless a request or complaint is filed on such signs.

Mike suggested that the ACC should have a camera in order to better document their investigations. Bob said that it would be part of 2012 budget request for the ACC.

ACC Minutes: Bob reported that minutes of the ACC meetings will be published on the website when approved.

Nominating: Pete announced that a tentative schedule had been established for nominations for the open Board seats. The schedule complies with the by-laws and will be included in the October Bulletin.

Clubhouse: Mike reported that he is working with Joe Johnson to obtain plans for replacing the handicapped access ramp on the front of the building. He also reported that Mike Poffenberger would be installing the new mailboxes on September 13th. Mike reported that contractors have inspected the subfloor of the clubhouse and have reported problems with the rafters. He plans on bringing these and other flooring issues to the reserve workshop in January.

Grounds: John reported that Brunswick Electric would install the new lights on the front sign area when they receive them.

He also reported that Coffey Grounds Landscaping would plant the replacement trees required by the Town in early November. John is working on moving the flagpole near the front entrance to a more suitable location.

John reported that Coffey Grounds has billed the CSPOA $4800 for clean up after Hurricane Irene. Some additional work remains along Gate 8. Kerry stated that we did have a storm reserve of $5,000 set aside, which we have not needed to use for several years.

General Advisory Committee: Pete advised that Dan Mann, Committee chair, requested that the CSPOA attorney explain her use of "clarification" or "clarifying" motions, since her opinion on changing the Declaration of Restrictions used those terms. There was no other action to report.

Legal Affairs: Nothing to report.

Town of Carolina Shores: Pete reported that he has formally asked the Town to report on the status of the $107,000 in the 2012 budget for overlay paving of Carolina Shores Parkway. Apparently the Town has not scheduled that work to be done. He stated that residents need to be vocal at town meetings to ensure that the money is spent on improvements in our community.

Maintenance - Nothing to report.

Old Business- Mike brought up that our time limit on the proposal from ADT has expired. That proposal would upgrade our equipment and give the CSPOA an immediate saving on the monthly bills as well as an equipment buyout for one dollar at the end of the contract. Brent moved to accept the ADT proposal. Kerry seconded motion. The motion passed.

New Business- Pete noted that the new date for foreclosure auction of the golf course is October 10th. Board feels that we have no need to have legal representation at auction. Pete also brought up that he was putting in a request for service with the town to pave the remaining unpaved roads off Pinewood Drive, for pothole repairs, and for maintenance of swales that are retaining water.

Al Franklin left the meeting at 4:48.

Resident Comments- No comments.

At 5:00PM the Board went into executive session.
The Board reconvened at 5:58 PM.

John moved that we accept the following resolution:



We, the undersigned, being all of the directors of CAROLINA SHORES PROPERTY OWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation") at a regular meeting of the directors of the Corporation, held on the 12th day of September, 2011, proper notice of which having been given and received by the directors, upon motion duly made by John Manning and seconded by Mike Riccitelli, do hereby adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Corporation is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of North Carolina, and

, Article VII. of the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation provides in pertinent part, "the Board of Directors also may promulgate and amend from time to time suitable policies and rules and regulations governing the work and activities of the Corporation, the care and use of its property, the qualifications, duties, performance of work and conduct of its staff and other personnel and employees and such other matters and things as may be necessary and desirable in the judgment of the members of the Board, and

WHEREAS, the Board of the Corporation has recommended that in their judgment it is necessary and desirable that Board members and other volunteers serving in aid of the Board members who may have access to confidential or sensitive information of the Corporation be required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement, a copy of which has been presented to the Board of the Corporation and attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Non-Disclosure Agreement").


, that the Board, on behalf of the Corporation, approves and adopts the proposed policy that Board members and other volunteers serving in aid of the Board who may have access to confidential or sensitive information of the Corporation shall be required to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement pursuant to Article VII. of the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation.
RESOLVED, that the resolution is effective this the 11th day of September, 2011.


Mike seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Bob moved that the Board find Bill Lee, 8 Golf Crest Court, in violation of the CSPOA tree removal restriction, and that he be fined $150 each for two trees removed without POA approval. Additionally, Mr. Lee would be required to plant two replacement trees from the approved list. The motion failed for lack of a second.

John moved that the Board send Mr. Lee a letter of reprimand stating that he was wrong in removing two trees without prior POA approval and that he be required to plant two replacement trees from the North Carolina approved list for Wet Areas and that such trees be planted no later than November 1st. Brent seconded the motion. The motion carried, five in favor, Bob Jones opposed.

The meeting adjourned at 6:04 PM.