Carolina Shores POA Board of Directors Policy Resolutions

1999-to current

1177-Any excess of membership income over membership expenses shall be applied against subsequent tax year member assessments. 03/22/99
1178-Once a year, a lien be placed on all property whose dues/assessments for the prior year remain unpaid. 03/22/99
1179-No alcohol will be served at any CSPOA function. However, individuals may bring it. 05/17/99
1180-Get approval of the Town on setback variances before the Board will consider a project. 06/28/99
1181-Pool security will be hired for summer. 07/19/99
1182-The Board will donate $300 to Calabash Fire Department. 01/4/2000
1183-Board established a new salary guideline for office personnel. 01/04/2000
1184-The Board will give fifty percent of any savings recognized from not paying SBWASA assessments to ASAP. 12/16/2000
1185-Vinyl siding will no longer be a restricted building material. 02/10/2001
1186-The color white will be allowed as trim and as door on houses. 02/10/2001
1187-Interest on delinquent dues will be 12% per year. 03/19/01
1188-Owners of rental property must notify the POA in writing the names of people to whom they are renting and which specific POA privileges to which they wish renters have access. 03/19/01
1189-No one under 18 is allowed in the pool without an adult. 05/22/01
1190-The Board instituted a fine schedule of $50.00/ day up to 60 days after proper notification, as well as $100.00 a tree removed without permission of the Architectural Control Committee. 06/11/01
1190B-The Board set a maximum of $3000 on the above $50.00/day fine. 08/20/01
1191-When a property owner requests a variance for a shed, letters will be sent to property owners of adjoining lots. The letters will state the variance request with a 15-day response time with the understanding that a non-response will be viewed as a no objection. 11/19/01
1192-Fine amendment- up to $500 per tree cut without permission of Architectural Control committee. 11/19 01
1193-Glass blocks do not fit the definition of "Windows" since they do not permit the flow of air or allow egress. 03/18/02
1194-Letters sent to the Board unsigned will not be accepted. 03/18/02
1195-Delinquent account schedule adopted. Accounts more than 1 yr., but less than 2 yrs., "not in good standing" -lose privileges. Accounts more than 2 yrs. But less than 3 yrs., place a lien. Accounts more than 3 yrs. Begin foreclosure. 04/15/02
1196-No smoking and no alcoholic beverages within pool confines. 06/17/02
1197-Board rescinded "no smoking" at the pool. 07/15/02
1198-The Board established a Committee on Unsightly Lots (2 Persons) that will report directly to the VP. 07/15/02
1199-The Board adopts a new system of ballots for annual elections. 09/16/02
1200-For this year the Board would accept ballots without validation. 01/20/03
1201-If necessary, the POA would use a "straw purchaser" at a foreclosure. 03/17/03
1202-The Board rescinded a decision that certain officers would vote on staff salaries-full Board will vote in future. 05/19/03
1203-The Board rescinded a decision about Garden Club money given to Garden Club may now be used for paying for work to be done. 06/09/03
1204-EMS personnel may use the pool for testing of SCUBA equipment. 07/21/03
1205-Damage to a tree that causes its demise shall be treated & fined the same as taking down a tree without permission. 09/15/03
1206-If a variance is needed from the Town, a property owner must obtain that first, before the Board will consider. 10/20/03
1207-If the Board sends letters for hearings and/or sanctions; letter must be sent both certified and regular mail. 10/20/03
1208-The Board will take legal action on: motorized vehicle in the common areas or picnic area, vehicles on buffers, people in recreation area after 10 pm w/o permission, and excessive noise. 12/15/03 Exec. Session.
1209-The Board will allow the Town of Carolina Shores Newsletter to be inserted into our Bulletin and delivered by our volunteers. 01/19/04
1210-The board adopted the following formula for measuring trees: 5/6/8-A tree must be measured at 5 feet from the ground; be 6 inches or over in diameter, and be 8 feet or less from the structure. 02/07/04
1211-When liens or foreclosures are filed, 15% of what is owed will now be added on for court costs. 03/08/04
1212-Certificates of Completion (COC'S) will now have to go before the full Architectural Control Committee before they can be signed and the security bond returned. 03/08/04
1213-Builders will once again be required to submit As Built Surveys when they submit the COC application. 03/08/04
1214-Security at the pool will begin the day the pool opens and continue until the day the pool is closed. 05/18/04
1215-All construction must be built on site. 05/18/04
1216-Persons who purchase Raffle tickets at picnics need not be present for the drawing. 07/19/04
1217-A Financial Report will be included in the Bulletin each quarter. 08/16/04
1218-The Reserve account should maintain a minimum balance of $175,000. 10/18/04
1219-Board of Directors accepted the employment plan motion. 11/15/04
1220-New rules for clubhouse and pool use amended. 12/20/04
1221-Rental fee of clubhouse changed to $50.00. Deposit to remain at $100.00. If already paid prior to 12/20/04 will be left the same.
1222-Delinquency procedure changed to 6-month delinquency apply lien. After one year apply foreclosure. 01/17/05
1223-Removal of healthy tree policy adopted. 03/21/05
1224-Healthy Tree Replacement by NC State adopted. 03/21/051225-Guest Policy change to a guest can come, but should not prohibit any resident from participating in any function. 03/21/05
1226-Section I. Paragraph-a. Split rail design is not more than forty inches in height above the ground. To be of any current acceptable construction material (but not limited to) wood, vinyl, PVC, etc., be of a color compatible to the house, and with prior approved by the Architectural Control Committee. With regards to Patio Homes. The fences required on patio homes will be of a color the same as (or compatible to) the home. 11/07/05.
1227-There will be no changes from the approved plans or variances given verbally without going through the proper procedure. All approvals for changes or variances will be in writing and must be endorsed by the Board. Any changes from the approved plans will require a written request along with the appropriate fee, as per "Guideline to Building" Section 4, paragraph-M. Effective 11/10/05
1228-The patio wall/fence for patio lots will be alternate open slat construction. Any existing patio wall/fence that is damaged and has to be repaired or replaced will have to meet this construction criteria when repaired or replaced. 08/20/07
1229-A "commercial vehicle" is identified as any vehicle with business signs or lettering on the outside of the vehicle. 02/18/08
1230-Random unavoidable parking of such vehicles, storage units, and dumpsters must be reported by the property owner to the Association as soon as possible to get approval to have the item on the property for a set period of time, to wit: four days for boat and motor homes and seven days for storage units. 04/21/08
1231-Board mandated the preparation and future updating of a CSPOA Board Reserve Study.05/19/08
1232-Effective January 1, 2009 the Tree Removal Preservation Regulations adopted by the CSPOA Board on December 15, 2008 shall govern the removal of all healthy trees over 6" in diameter at breast high level (4.5 feet).
1233-Effective September 21, 2009-Property owners who have visitors with a motor home, camping trailer, or boat may have them parked on the property for no more than 7 days at one time. This will be allowed once every six months. Property owner must call the POA office for the approval.
1234-Effective May 17, 2010 Signs on improved lots shall be no larger than 24 inches by 24 inches, and on a freestanding support. No more than two (2) signs in total may be placed on any lot, for example on e in the front and one in the rear. On corner lots a V-shaped sign may be used, this is considered to be one sign. No signs are allowed on any unimproved lot.
1235-Effective May 17, 2010 All items covered above (in 6-19), using fencing or shrubbery, must meet a height requirement of at least three (3) feet or higher, whichever is applicable.
1236-Effective July 12, 2010-Improved lots shall be deemed to be well maintained if their owners keep their lawns at a height not to exceed 6", there is no uncontrolled growth of vegetation or accumulation of brush or debris and their owners keep all growth of vegetation within the confines of their property boundary and out of adjacent ditchesand swales. Unimproved lots shall be deemed to be well maintained if their owners keep
all growth of vegetation within the confines of their property boundary and out of adjacent ditches and swales.