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Board Members: Joyce Dunn Davis - President, Monty Craig - Vice President, Bill Harniman - Treasurer,
Nancy Harthausen - Director, Mike Mundy - Director, Vicki Samuels - Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall

Volume 26 Issue 11

December 2006



New stop signs in the neighborhood. I know of two new three-way stops on Carolina Shores Parkway. There are probably some on Carolina Shores Drive. Please be alert and remember – stop means stop. It doesn’t mean press on the accelerator to go faster. It doesn’t mean slow down slightly and roll on through!!



Luminaries will be placed around the lake by the POA on Sunday, December 3. If you’d like to help assemble the bags, please meet us by the lake at 1:00 p.m. If you haven’t yet purchased white bags for your own luminaries, there are still some available in the POA kitchen, 15 bags for $1. Let’s light up our streets Sunday night! Any questions, call Jane or Richard Boyle – 575-6367.



As we approach the holiday season I hope you will join me in expressing our gratitude to all the wonderful people in Carolina Shores who volunteer their time to the work of the CSPOA and make this such a nice place to live. We have only two paid staff members in Carolina Shores – Vicki Samuels and Suellen Bennett – who run the operations of our office so well. Just about everything else around here is done by volunteers, including: the monthly CSPOA Bulletin, the CSPOA clubhouse library, the three CSPOA picnics and the holiday party, the Care Team freezer and drivers, the CSPOA web site, all of the CSPOA clubs and card games, setting up and closing down the swimming pool, supervising the work of home builders and responding to ACC complaints and problems, preparing and producing the handbook for new residents, coordinating the annual election of Board members, planning and hosting the potluck dinners, pool parties, and holiday meals for members, distributing and placing luminaries around the pond each holiday season, coordinating the annual Progressive Dinner, coordinating the many golf groups, the tennis groups, and the bowling league, teaching tennis lessons to the children in the community, decorating the clubhouse for the holiday, putting together special events like the Artists and Crafters show and the community yard sale, visiting new residents and writing about them in the Bulletin, teaching exercise, water aerobics and yoga classes, serving on the Board Standing Committees, and may other things. In addition to all these volunteers, I want to thank my fellow Board members for the incredible amount of time and skills they are donating to the community: Vice President Monty Craig who spends hours every week working with the Architectural Control Committee, Treasurer Bill Harniman who manages all the financial affairs of the POA and puts together the annual budget, Mike Mundy, who (with the help of just one other volunteer) oversees all of the maintenance and facility improvement projects for the entire community; and Nancy Harthausen, who put together and coordinates the work of an amazing nominating committee, is the sole coordinator of our holiday party, and was the lead Board volunteer at all three of our summer picnics. I am sure that I have forgotten many other volunteer activities in our community and I apologize in advance for any oversights. Please know how much we appreciate your efforts!
Joyce Dunn Davis, President


There are a couple of vacant spots left at the Winter Show on December 9. If anyone wishes to participate, please call Lynn at 579-7526. Residents of Carolina Shores community are featuring everything crafted by hand. Peruse the offering of gift ideas for family, friends or the home, in photography, note cards, woodworking, hand milled pepper mills, labeled jams and jellies, garden items, aprons, handbags, framed art, crocheting, hand made jewelry, plastic canvas Christmas village, Nativity sets, angels, mermaid bejeweled items, Santa certificates, etc. The line up of participants is as follows: Tom Anzelone, George Balbach, Suellen Bennett, Rosemary Connell, Lynn Darby, Michelle DePalo, Grayce Farley, Margaret Forte, Rich Hamilton, Bradley Lewis, Sally Nolan, Rom O’Reilly, Gloria Schroppe, Karen Strobel and Wendy Wagner. See you there!
Lynn Darby




This is a reminder to all of the clubs and social groups who use the clubhouse on a weekly or monthly basis. Please visit the POA office during December and complete a reservation form for 2007.


Do you have a question, concern, complaint or other communication you want to get to the POA Board of Directors or the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)? If so, please communicate it to and through the CSPOA office. Our office staff does an outstanding job of quickly getting your communications to the appropriate volunteer. All ACC complaints must be filed in writing to ensure proper follow-through. A form is available in the office and on our Board web site. Please do not call ACC members at home to make complaints. They cannot respond unless your complaint is submitted in writing, and it is not fair to expect volunteers to have their home lives interrupted by ACC or other POA business.


Your Nominating Committee will be presenting your candidates for election to the Board at our “MEET THE CANDIDATES FORUM” to be held at the CS POA on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007 at 3 PM. Light refreshments will be served. You, the POA members, will be able to ask the candidates questions regarding their experience/skills attained and their future accomplishments as a board member if elected. We hope that this forum will assist our members in making an informed election decision that will best benefit our Community.

Our Candidates are:

Charles J. Bebber – Resident since 1997. VETERAN: Army served in the Korean War. EDUCATION: State University of New York Teachers College, BS in Education and Industrial Arts, Degree in Mechanical Engineering. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: As a member of management teams for 17 years and in supervisory positions for over 30 years, I believe I can assist in the accomplishment of achieving specific goals as an active team member. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Not being aware of the duties of the board, my initial concern would be to listen, observe, learn and make relative comments and/or suggestions when requested to do so. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Architectural Control.

Al Franklin - Resident since 1996. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Retired US government and Real Estate. Was field office supervisor for 5 years while employed by the US Government. Managed family’s electrical contracting business. Was president of POA in Maryland and in Virginia. I served on the Carolina Shores ACC Committee and five years on the CSPOA Board of Directors. I know the history of POA and the guidelines of operation. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: To keep POA dues down and work for the members, to have the board operate per the By-Laws and ensure that architectural control requirements are enforced. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: President and Vice President.

David A Jones – Resident since Feb. 2006. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Member of Rotary Club for over 31 years. Currently Financial Center manager at First Federal in Sunset Beach and previously branch manager at RBC Centura in Calabash for 7 years. I have spent my entire adult life dealing with people and their finances. Consequently, I believe I have excellent communication skills as well as a good deal of expertise in financing and financial planning. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Maintain neighborhood character while continuing to grow. Position ourselves to attract younger people, their vitality could vitalize the whole town. Investigate what it would take to have our own law enforcement persons/department, workout facility for residents and a discount on green fees at Carolina Shores Golf Club. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Finance, Facility Management, Communication and Community Recreation.

John F. Kain – Resident since 2003. EDUCATION: St. Mary’s University in Maryland, Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy with minor in education and a Master’s degree in theology. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Working as a clergyman with church boards and ministering to the needs of several congregations. Employed by the Red Cross as a blood donor recruiter, public relations officer, fund raiser and chapter manager. Administrator of several law and accounting firms, responsible for human resource management, developing efficient and profitable systems, record keeping and facilities management. I am experienced in working with Boards, good at helping to achieve consensus, skilled in negotiating to achieve progress and success in many and varied projects. I am good listener. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Although I have no hidden agendas or pet projects, I will work toward the goals set and suggested in the recent survey. I hope to increase participation in POA activities. I will listen to the people, give their thoughts and ideas due consideration and function in a way to be in the best interests of our community. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Communication, Declaration of Restrictions and Community Recreation.

Sally Nolan – Resident for 2 years. EDUCATION: Wagner College, SI., NY, Assoc. Degree, Sociology, Brookdale Community College, Assoc. Degree in Small Business, Writing, Purchasing and Design, Vocational College Art-Watercolor and Oil Painting. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Retired from AT&T after 15 years in management. Owned and operated a decorating store and worked in investment banking. Experience at AT&T in both administration and management were valuable training in the areas of business, finance and budgeting. Owning and running a Bed and Breakfast for 7 years in PA really honed my people skills. I bring a wealth of business management experience to the Board. Activities at Carolina Shores include tennis, golf and the garden club. She is a working artist who exhibits in both the Franklin Square Gallery and the Sunset River Gallery. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: While Carolina Shores continues to be a caring, safe community, real estate values must be maintained. The upkeep and improvement of facilities and activity areas is also important in sustaining real estate values. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Facility Maintenance, Declaration of Restrictions, Architectural Control Committee and Community Recreation.

Angela Kopitopoulos – Resident since 2005. EDUCATION: Westchester Community College, Assoc. Degree in Business Management. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Worked for Verizon for 30 years in customer service. The first 20 years as a Customer Representative working with the public to facilitate work orders and the final 10 years as a Manager in Customer Service responsible for motivating my sales team, planning sales promotions and working with unions. I have taken numerous management courses to deal with the public and employees and have experience in labor disputes and arbitration. I have developed motivation and negotiation skills that will be invaluable in dealing with Board and community members on a variety of issues. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I believe that I can bring a reasonable and practical approach to address the concerns of the Community. My strength is listening and presenting the needs and desires of those neighbors that ask me to do so. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Communication and Community Recreation.

Charles P. Korf – Resident for 3 years. VETERAN: US Army Staff Sergeant. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Self employed for 38 years as a building contractor in commercial, new homes and alterations. I was a member of Albertson Fire Company of Long Island New York. Served as Vice President 2 years, President 2 years and Treasurer 7 years of the Albertson Exempt Benevolent Association and delegate to New York Fire Assoc. Law Committee for 4 years. I am very knowledgeable in construction, finance, maintenance and law. I know that I can contribute to the Board as well as to the Community. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The people of Carolina Shores can be better served if they have a larger voice in how the Board appropriates their money, especially in large projects. I believe the Board has to be sensitive to the needs and wishes of all its members. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Finance and President.

Malcolm Mac Raild – Resident since Jan. 2006, but have noted a need for resident participation in our POA. EDUCATION: Adrian College, B S Degree. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Employed at Rubbermaid, Inc. for 31 years retiring as Corp. Financial Services Manager. Responsible for a receivable for over a billion dollars and managed a staff of 50. I served on the Board of Directors for the Housewares NACM as a Director and Chairman. I was active in Junior Achievement, Little League, Hot Stove, Girls Fast Pitch and Ducks Unlimited. I enjoy golf, bowling and working in the yard. I functions effectively in committees as a member and as a chairman and am able to communicate the goal, need or ideas to all ages in the community. As an old financial manager, I try to work problems and find solutions analytically. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: To review the lighting needs for our streets and identify the special medical need families for disaster assistance. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Finance, Facility Maintenance and maintaining a safe Community.

Mike Mundy – Purchased home in 2001 and resident since 2006. VETERAN: Army Officer serving in Germany, Texas and Vietnam. EDUCATION: BA Degree from University of Scranton (PA). EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Operations management for a Grocery Wholesale Distributor. Long time Rotarian and Rotarian of the Year in 2001. I served as co-director of Wed. Night Duplicate Bridge Game at CS POA clubhouse and ran the marathon bridge in 2005/2006. Three years as member of Board (one as president) of Shipwatch Villas POA on Topsail Island, NC. Currently serving as CSPOA Board Member replacing member who resigned for personal reasons. Ability to “Get Things Done” as result of long career in management. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Help the Board to maintain and improve our community’s facilities and amenities while exercising fiscal responsibility. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Facility Maintenance and Community Recreation.

Connie M. Six – Resident for 10 and ½ years. EDUCATION: BS in Education, Concord University and Advanced Professional Degree, University of Maryland and Loyola University. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Teacher in Maryland for 32 years. Was department chairperson, served on several curriculum committees, was a member of the Faculty Council and the finance committee and chairperson of the social committee. Elected into Delta Kappa Gamma, an honorary fraternity for women educators. I served 8-9 years on POA in Columbia, Md. on the Architectural Committee Contract to obtain company for care of common grounds and snow removal, member of beautification committee, the budget committee and the committee to review the by-laws. I have developed good people skills due to my professional and community service. BOARD MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I would like to see the pool deck improved and uniform deck furniture. Set standards of exactly what is expected of pool employees, such as being outside and visible. Ensure maintenance of common grounds and POA facility. BOARD AND COMMUNITY AREAS OF INTEREST: Facility Maintenance, Declaration of Restrictions and Architectural Control. Increase of POA dues – no more than 5% should be allowed without community members’ vote.
The CS POA Nominating Committee


The CSPOA Member Survey results were handed out at the November Board Meeting. The handout consisted of a set of tables showing the numerical responses to each of the questions in the survey along with a written summary of the results. Both sets of documents are now available on the Board website ( and hard copies are available at the POA office.
The following is a brief summary of key outcomes:

Replies to the Survey: 506 households replied. 4% have minor children; 41% have residents 50-70 years old; 40% 71-85 years old; 2% 85+. 6% are part-time residents, 1% are houses used as rental properties, and 5% are people who own only vacant lots.
Preferences for new activities: the most popular options are movie nights at the clubhouse, bingo, game nights, and dance lessons for adults.
New Amenities: When asked whether they would pay a membership fee to use new community amenities the answers were: Exercise Room – 196 said yes and 273 said no; Indoor Pool – 178 said yes and 291 said no; RV/Boat Parking – 81 said yes and 385 said no.
Allowing Backyard Fences (meeting POA standards) – 46% said yes and 54% said no.
Allowing Sheds (meeting POA standards) – 46% said yes and 54% said no.

Many members added new ideas and comments to their surveys. These ideas have been passed along to the Board and to the appropriate advisory committees for discussion and recommendations. The Boards is very pleased with the number of members who took the time to respond. The results of the survey will help this and future Boards make decisions that best reflect the will and interests of the community.


The CSPOA Board of Directors maintains an e-mail distribution list that is used to share important or time-critical information with members. The distribution list is kept private and e-mails are sent only by the CSPOA Board. To join the list please send an e-mail to Be sure to include your name in your e-mail so we will know who is on the list.


The fancy new CSPOA Member Directory was distributed in November. The office is getting many compliments on the new and upgraded format. The directory was published at no charge to the POA (saving us $1,700) in return for allowing advertising to be included. Special thanks go to POA member Vaughn MacEntee or donating lots of his time and computer expertise in order to prepare our member database for transfer into the new directory format. If you did not receive a copy of the directory, or if you found an error in your personal information in the directory, please contact the POA office.


Jim and Phyllis Hartley – the last name is misspelled in the directory.
Doris Sanberg – street number should be 17 Swamp Fox
Diana Mardall – deleted in her entirety!! Should be 36 Carolina Shores Parkway – 575-7804


The CSPOA Board has voted to replace all of the Carolina Shores community entrance signs and gate signs. The gate signs will be done with larger numbers and a reflective covering that will make them easier to read. We expect that the work will be completed by the end of this year. Board member Mike Mundy is managing this process. Mike is also exploring the cost and procedure to add lighting to the entrance sign on Thomasboro Road.


Responding to a request from the CSPOA Recreation Committee, we have installed two bike racks by the tennis courts and one bike rack at the POA. In the spring we will add another by the swimming pool. If you own a bicycle, you can now ride it to the recreation area or clubhouse and lock it to a bike rack. Thanks go to Board members Mike Mundy and Monty Craig and Recreation Committee Co-Chair, Bob Anthony for installing the bike racks.


Once again we find ourselves shopping for the Holiday Season, so please remember the animals. We did a terrific job last year with all kinds of goodies for our no-kill shelter. We could make things easier for those who reside at the shelter. The shelter needs food for cats and dogs, canned or dry. They also need old towels and blankets (no sheets, please), collars, leashes, treats, shampoo and toys of any kind, feeding bowls, most anything pet related. They also love tennis balls. Boxes will be at the POA building where we hang our coats. Please help these poor unfortunate animals have a better life. If you have room in your heart and home, please adopt a pet from the shelter. Thank you once again for all your donations and support. We will pick up the boxes after Christmas. Have a great Holiday.
Dot Robertiello – 579-1407


Sugar is a toy poodle with a wonderful loving disposition. She was abused, starved and left out in the weather for a year or more. Her owners were put in a nursing home and the children took over. She had four litters in a row. Fortunately after having the last litter, she was brought to the vet to be spade. Unfortunately, it was discovered she tested positive for heart worms. It will cost $700 to treat her. Fuzzy Paws rescued Sugar (they have rescued and adopted out almost 130 cats and dogs) but cannot afford the treatment. Maybe our dog and cat lovers of Carolina Shores can donate a few dollars to “The Sugar Fund” at Fuzzy Paws. The pet store is located beside the Subway Shop in the Food Lion Shopping Center.
Ellie Girard – 575-0890


All golfers have clubs they no longer use filling their garages and we have a wonderful way to give these lonesome clubs a new home.
First Tee of Brunswick County is for children 7-18 and provides golf clinics, classes, their own golf course, necessary equipment for children wanting to learn to play golf and accepting the nine core values of life. Clubs are the biggest need, especially ladies.
On Thursday, December 7th from 2-4. Bill Stanley, Board of Directors member, and Sally Manifold, a volunteer coach, will be collecting clubs for this program in the parking lot on right side of pro shop. To learn more about 1st Tee and consider how you could make a contribution, visit the web site at: See you on the 7th.
Bill Stanley and Sally Manifold


The Progressive Dinner will be on Saturday, February 17, 2007. It consists of appetizers, dinner (hosted by 2 couples*), and dessert. Start thinking about what you would like to host, and watch for detailed information in future Bulletins. Those who have participated in previous years, talk it up to your new neighbors and friends. For further information contact Marlene Stewart – 575-6675.
*A couple can be any two people


The Carolina Shores Needlework Club welcomes all residents interested in any form of needlework. Our members’ interests include knitting, crocheting, counted cross stitch, and may other interesting skills. We gather once a month, sometimes at a member’s home and sometimes at the Atlanta Bread Company in North Myrtle Beach, for two hours of working on our individual projects, sharing ideas, and working together on afghans and lap robes to donate to seniors or victims of violent crimes in Brunswick County. Our meeting schedule for 2006-2007 is:

Monday, 12/11 – 10:00 a.m.
Monday, 1/15 – 10:00 a.m.
Monday, 2/12 – 10:00 a.m.
Monday, 3/12 – 10:00 a.m.
Monday, 4/9 – 10:00 a.m.
Monday, 5/14 – 10:00 a.m.

At the end of each meeting we decide where to meet the next month. Our December 11 meeting will be at the home of Solanda Marques, 80 Carolina Shores Drive. Solanda has invited the group to lunch at her house to celebrate her 80th birthday. For more information, call 575-0825 or send an e-mail to:


I would like to thank everyone for their interest in Polarity Yoga. Our class has been a great success. The 10 week course will come to a close on December 5th. I will re-start the 10 week course again on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at 8:30 am. Polarity Yoga is a series of gentle self-help exercises developed for stimulating and balancing life energy. It incorporates movement, stretching and meditation for a total mind and body workout. The routines are taught to be performed with “effortless effort” and to bring you new feelings of vitality and well being.
If you are interested in joining the class please call Kathy Whalen at 575-2911


Doris Pearce, Membership Chairperson for the Hickmans Crossroads Library, made an appeal for support to the group and distributed library membership flyers.
Thanks to Jane Boyle and her team for the great job of decorating the POA for fall and to Joanne Monahan for stepping up to be our Sunshine person.
With Flower Lady, Trinka Moore, dressed in sunflower colors it was easy to guess the flower of the month. The sunflower, worshipped by the Incas, is looked upon as a source of life by people, animals, and birds.
Joanne LaWall offered to chair the Soup Sale and after her return, Jill Binseel joined as co-chair. Sally Nolan and Rosemary Connell provided Bake Sale update.
Lynn Darby introduced our guest speaker Margaret Shelton of Shelton Herb Farm. Margaret's family has been in the area for over 200 years. She discussed herbs for fall planting as well as demonstrated how to plant a salad bowl garden. Very interesting and informative. Door prizes of herbs and pot pourri were won.


DATE: Wednesday, December 13, 2006
PLACE:Flynn's Irish Tavern, Main Street, North Myrtle Beach, SC
TIME: 11:30 a.m. cocktails, lunch at noon
COST: $16 per person
ENTREE: Choice of salmon, chicken cordon bleue, prime rib
ENTERTAINMENT: by Carolina Shores own Bob Davis
For tickets or information call one of the following before December 6th:
Lynn Darby 579 - 7526; Grayce Farley 579 - 3995; or Virginia Fischer 579 - 0658

Thank you to the members and non members of the Garden Club for their participation in the sale. We appreciate all of your help in making this years sale such a success.
SCHOLARSHIP LUNCHEON AND CARD PARTY: Tickets for this February '07 event will go on sale at the January meeting. Teddy Altreuter will chair.
The guest speaker for our January meeting on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at the POA at 1 p.m. will be Phil Lester of Brunswick County Animal Control.
Come join us!!! Bring a friend/invite a neighbor!!
Eva Jensen 579 -1984


These cool autumn mornings are great for tennis. Come join us for open tennis every Mon., Wed. & Fri. @ 9:00am--everyone who shows up is welcome and gets to play. There will be a mixed doubles round robin tennis tournament on Dec. 2nd @ 10:00am. Following tennis, there will be a pot luck brunch at the POA building from 12:00 noon until 2:00PM. Everyone attending the brunch should bring a dish to share and, of course, BYOB. Tennis and brunch are open to all current, former, and wanna-be tennis players and guests. There is a sign-up sheet at the tennis courts for both tennis and brunch, it will remain posted until Friday, 12/01, noon. The brunch will be held rain or shine--no rain date for tennis. Bob Anthony 579.9666.


NARFE will have a Christmas party on December 5th at 11:30 a.m. along with our regular meeting. New officers will be sworn in. Christmas carols will be sung and we’ll have a gift exchange. If you would like to attend, please bring a small gift under $10.
Ellie Girard – 575-0890


Mary Pritchard led our group in a discussion of something we thought the group didn’t already know about us. We welcomed two new members, Wendy Horton and Ellen Pecina.
Our attention then turned to upcoming events. Our group will sponsor a family for Christmas, and also collect items for the animals at Paw’s Place. Grayce Farley and her committee are meeting to plan some trips for the group in 2007. We are planning a Pot Luck Dinner in January. We also agreed to try to start a game night on the months we don’t have a Pot Luck. We are looking forward to a busy year.
Our December Meeting will be on Tuesday Dec. 12 at 10AM at the POA. Dot Robertiello will lead the meeting, followed by a Christmas Brunch. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share, drinks will be provided. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Marlene Stewart


For our Christmas party this year we are going to dinner at the Grill House in North Myrtle Beach on Tuesday, December 12. Plan to arrive between 5 and 5:30 p.m. Call Mary Wilson if you wish to attend – 579-9151. A $5 refundable deposit is required and should be paid to Mary Wilson by December 5.
Jane Mahnke


The Carolina Shores Quilters met November 10 at the POA with 33 members present. We also welcomed two new members. We had our business meeting, show and tell, tips with Morrie and then we were treated to a trunk show presented by Sewing in the Carolinas.
Our next meeting will be at the POA on Friday, December 8. After our meeting, show and tell, tips with Morrie, we will have our Christmas luncheon and optional grab-bag. Remember to bring non-perishable food for the Food Pantry. Any questions about our December meeting, please call. All are invited to our meetings whether you are a beginner or experienced quilter. Hope to see you in December.
Bonnie Reinecke – 575-4051

Dear members... notice information about Rose B&B Christmas Luncheon. Stay tuned for more information.

We all gathered in the kitchen, just enough room for the nine people that were interested in making the Hasselback (fan) potatoes. Lynn demonstrated the procedure for slicing and dressing up the potatoes. We all had something a little different for flavorings. We popped them into the oven to cook at 425 for about 30 minutes. We then retreated to the activity room to eat our brown bag lunches. Lynn was gracious enough to bring in some delicious home made soup: creamy tomato cheese soup with sliced mushrooms as garnish, which everyone shared. We all liked that! Once again we had a variety of different sandwiches that we all brought in with us. We went to chicken salad with nuts and grapes, egg salad, Havli crisp bread with cheese, meatloaf and cheese, ham Swiss and Salami on English muffins, to a chocolate bar that Eva insisted was her lunch. We surprised Jim Nay with a Birthday Cake and song for his November 4th celebrated 80th Birthday (and, many more, Jim). The remaining cake was wrapped and labeled for the Care Team Freezer. Our members returned to the kitchen, adding the final cheese toppings, to melt for another 10 minutes. We brought them home to try them out on the hubbies. They sure did smell good. We are going to have our Christmas Luncheon at Rose Bed and Breakfast on Hickman Rd. in Calabash on Dec. 5 at 11:30. If you plan to attend please call Lynn Darby 579-7526 for a head count. There is a limited seating of 16 people. We are all looking forward to this. Hope you will too. Grayce Farley will go to Rose B&B to get lunch offerings. We will contact the membership about price and the day's choice.
Dot Robertiello 579-1407


Our Christmas lunch and bridge will be held on Monday, December 18 at 11:30 a.m. If you have any questions, contact Pat Soule at 579-9326.


Come join us every Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the POA Clubhouse. We play duplicate bridge in a very relaxed setting. If you need further information call me at 575-0825. Here are recent results:

Oct 25 1st Rita Hoyne/Doris Sandberg, 2nd Ray Gosciniak/Jody Personnette, 3rd Tie Mike/Judy Mundy, Bob/Joyce Davis, Chuck/Alice Schilling
Nov 1 1st Chuck/Alice Schilling, 2nd Ann Hierman/Ann Nice, 3rd Mike/ Shirley Tolochko
Nov 8 1st Mike/Judy Mundy, 2nd Joan LaForge/Pat O’Brien 3rd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 4th Ann Hierman/Ann Nice
Nov 15 1st Doug/Jean Falls, 2nd Joan LaForge/Pat O”Brien, 3rd Marilyn Fisher/Marilyn Mattutat, 4th Mike/Judy Mundy Submitted by Bob Davis


Due to lack of interest we are discontinuing First Friday Bridge for the time being. We can restart again in the new year if enough people are interested. If you would like to see it continue AND would support it please call Don Hart at 579-7789. Thank you.


Holiday Party – Our Holiday Party will be held at the Carolina Shores Golf Club House on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 with cocktails at 5PM and dinner at 6PM. Cost is $15 per person which includes tax and gratuity. Checks made out to “C S Niners” and /or money to Jean Sanborn by Nov. 22. Please bring a $10 gift (woman bring for woman and man for a man). The sign-up sheet and menu selection is located in the Pro Shop. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there.
Weekly Play - Niners play every Thursday morning at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive a half hour before Tee Time (tee times are posted on the sign-up sheets). Signup sheets at the golf club house will be picked up on Tuesdays at 1 PM. Mary Anne Ketcham will be responsible for the pairings for all regular play in 2006. If you are a new golfer or a golfer that just likes to play nine holes, we welcome you to come and play with us. We are a very friendly and sociable group of ladies that enjoy the game and have a lot of fun playing.
Nancy Harthausen 575-2923


Candace Cochrane and Sherry Marsh fired gross 75 to win the Carolina Shores Ladies Golf Association's Member-Guest on Thursday, November 2. Judy Nicoletti and her guest, Shari Hodson, placed second with 77. Winning the net division were Patty Buck and Sharon Clark with 62. Ilse Batman and Dee Gillen placed second with 64 and placing third with 65 were Phyllis Welch and Frances Pritchard. A special prize for the highest net score went to Emily Sharp, guest of Helen Marsh.

Closest to the pin for guests was Geri Conroy at hole 3; and for members, Marie Strickler at hole 12. Closest to the line for guests was Geri Conroy on hole 4 and for members was Dawn Rubin on hole 16.
On November 6, Bev Farmarco, Blanche Johnson, Marsha Lewis, Sally Manifold, Bernice Morris, Judy Nicoletti, Marie Strickler and Phyllis Welch participated as a team in the Burnswick Ladybirds Cup at Bricklanding. Awarding of the Ladybird Cup was made at the Ladybird Luncheon on November 13 at Sea Trails. The ladies from Sea Trails walked away with the Cup. Awards also were presented to the member from each club who won the most times. Beverly Farmarco was Carolina Shores' winner.
On November 14, Judy Nicoletti and Marie Strickler participated in the year-ending play of Club 25 at Magnolia Greens. To make up the deficit of players, the ladies were allowed to invite their male friends. It was a day of fun. You were allowed to play whatever format your group wanted to play. Everyone had a great time.
On November 20, Judy Nicoletti, Marie Strickler and Phyllis Welch will participate in the Women's Grand Strand play at Wachesaw Plantation.

Upcoming Events:
Dec. 2-3 The Brunswick Beacon Tournament of Champions at Sea Trails' Maples Course
Dec. 5 CSLGA's Award Luncheon
Dec. 7, 9:34a CSLGA Play Day
Dec. 14, 9:34a CSLGA Play Day
Dec. 21, 9:42a CSLGA Play Day
Dec. 28, 9:42a CSLGA Play Day
Marie Strickler


Aberdeen was the site of the Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group’s November outing. Captain’s Choice was the format. The eight teams were required to use each team member’s drive three times.
First Place with a score of 71 was awarded to Art Hal, Barbara Malian, Jean Falls and Kay Craig.
Coming in second with 73 were Norm Buzz ell, Richard Boyle, Kathleen Brennan and Elaine Southard. Third place winners were Bill Southard, Joe Lowery, Gloria Crane and Bernice Morris with 74.
After play the group enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner, complete with innumerable scrumptious side dishes and delectable desserts. Thank you Bernice and Bev! Their helpers included: Teddy Altreuter, Ilse Bateman, Jane Boyle, Kathleen Brennan, Ro Buzzell, Sharon Clark, Kay Craig, Gloria Crane, Jean Falls, Carol Groner, Kathy Hahl, Martha Hannon, Barb Jones, Arlene Leskowicz, Barbara Malina, Diana Mardall, Dolores Sanborn, Doris Sandberg, Gloria Schroppe, and Esther Wannstedt.
December’s tournament will be on Saturday, the 2nd, at Sea Trail with dinner following at The Boundary House. Sign-up sheets are posted on the POA Bulletin Board.
Kay Craig


Cathy and Rich Strobel and Karen
2 Sand Dollar Dr 579-4834

Cathy and Rich moved here in February 2006 from Frederick, MD with their daughter Karen and dog Sheba. They also have a son in Frederick, and Cathy’s mom, Alice Smith lives in Carolina Shores. Rich works in home construction and Cathy is retired from working in stores, doing deposits. She loves to cook and do crafts and all of them love the beach. Karen is an accomplished artist. Many of her pictures are displayed in the home.

Ronni Young
1 Golfview Ct. 575-2138

Ronni moved here in Oct. 2006 from Hidden Valley in Calabash where she lived for 12 years and is originally from upstate NY. She is a bereavement counselor for Hospice. She has one daughter in New York who just had a baby girl in November, and her other daughter and grandson live in Seattle. She also has a son who works for NOAA, a government agency and is stationed in Hawaii. Ronni loves mahjong, playing all sorts of cards and going to the beach.

Geri and Ed McTighe
1 West Pine Ct. 579-6965

Ed and Geri moved to Carolina Shores from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Ed owned a video production company and Geri worked with him. They have twin sons. One has a child and another one is expected shortly. The other son is getting married in May. Ed is an avid golfer. Both play tennis and love the beach. Geri also enjoys gardening and reading.

Doug and Sue Jones
53 Swamp Fox Dr. 579-0746

Doug and Sue and their two cats moved here in October, 2006 from Northampton, Mass. Doug was a Systems Manager and Sue worked in marketing for the same firm. Sue likes gardening, sewing and the beach. Doug likes woodworking and golf. They also own a house on the coast of Maine and enjoy being their during the summer.

Luella Hatkewicz
51 Carolina Shores Drive 575 - 6675

Luella came from Queens, New York where she worked in a craft store. Her best friends moved to Sea Trail and Luella felt that she and her 15 year old cat, JD, would also enjoy living in the area. She likes to crochet, do crafting, read, travel, and of course go to the beach. Her son and and two granddaughters live in New Jersey, and her daughter lives in Florida. Luella is recovering from knee replacement surgery and once she is more mobile will continue to work and check out the various activities offered in our community.

Linda and Reginald "Reggie" Hill
73 Carolina Shores Drive 579 - 5606

Linda and Reggie had a condo in Little River, SC but wanted a home in the area and found Carolina Shores. They hail from New Bern, North Carolina. Reggie continues to work for the Department of the Navy. Linda worked for 32 years at Hatteras Yachts which custom builds large yachts. Currently she is busy decorating their home. They both enjoy playing cards, golf, and love to dance. Linda also likes to read. Their son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren live nearby. Between them they have a total of nine grandchildren. They enjoy the warmth of their new neighborhood and the fact that we are a restricted community.

Lynne Coley and Jeff Smith
59 Pinewood Drive 579-6637

These two have lived in the area for their whole lives. Lynne owns Sheer Honesty Salon in North Myrtle Beach and has been a hairdresser for 20 years. She also has a photography business and keeps very busy. While at home she likes to garden and do floral design. Jeff is also "on the go" a lot even when he isn't working at Linker and Linker Builders. Also sharing their home is "Simba" the cat.

Richard and Vivian Swanson and Nicole
38 Sunfield Drive

Richard, Vivian and their daughter Nicole come from Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY.
They found their way to our town through parents and a sister who live in the Village of Calabash. Richard works for Coastal Construction. Vivian enjoys crafts and painting. Nicole has recently turned 18 and is a senior at West Brunswick High School. They all like riding motorcycles.

Richard and Cynthia Wilson
26 Pinewood Drive 579-8332

This couple originally came from Cleveland, Ohio. They have lived the last 12 years in the Village of Calabash and recently moved into their beautiful new home, which they share with their 3 cats - Pugsley, Palmer and Prezlee. Richard retired after 27 1/2 years with the Police Department for the city of Cleveland. He spent 15 of those years as a motorcycle policeman and 7 with the SIU division. He keeps busy now with yard work, playing golf where he is president of a league, and serving as vice chairman of the planning and zoning board for Carolina Shores. Cynthia retired as a Marketing Manager for Sherwin Williams. She enjoys crafts, yard work and collectibles. She also works part-time for the sales office at Village of Calabash.
If someone new has moved in your area and has not been featured in the Bulletin contact: Marlene Stewart, Gwyn DeReene, Flo Pflaster, or Eva Jensen.


Once again I must express my appreciation to my wonderful friends and neighbors in Carolina Shores for the many prayers, food, flowers and cards that I received during my recuperation from surgery. I couldn’t live in a more caring community. Thank you.
Madeline Mahoney

Dear Carolina Shores Friends, I would like to take this time to thank all of you for the wonderful contributions that you made to the Food Pantry at Camp UMC. It is through the generosity of people like you that make the pantry as successful as it is. Through October, the pantry has served 10,338 persons. This is an increase of 14% over the 8,887 persons served last year through October. The growth of the pantry is indicative of the growth of Brunswick County. I welcome anyone to visit the pantry any Saturday from 10:00 am to noon to see the pantry in action. Thank you for all you do to make sure our less fortunate neighbors have enough to eat. Mary K. Pritchard Coordinator SBIC Food Pantry

I would like to thank all of the thoughtful, caring people who called, sent cards, made delicious food and visited after my recent surgery. Recovery is so much easier when you live in a community like Carolina Shores.
Thank you all.
Evie Hart

A great big Thank You to all my good friends and neighbors for your comfort and support to me in your many different ways, upon the very sudden death of my son Jeff. I have always called you “My Carolina Shores Family” and it is no truer than right now. I am trying hard to be strong and with your help, I know I will be. Love you and God Bless.
Lil Goehne


Ann Christensen – 11 Brassie Drive
Mary Elliott – 34 Calabash Drive


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