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Board Members: John Russo - President, Peg McDonald - Vice President,
Al Franklin - Director, Jackie Orwig - Director, Joyce Dunn Davis - Director
Vicki Samuels, Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall
Volume 25, Issue 2
February, 2006


As this is my last message as President of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the present and past Board members and staff, that I worked with through the years, for their support and dedicated teamwork that helped me in my endeavor to keep the Property Owners Association vibrant and still keep it's members contented. Change is evident, our membership has changed, the southern relaxing life that we originally moved here for is waning, retired is a fading word. We have younger working families with children who have other requirements; golf is no longer the mainstay of Carolina Shores, (although it is still part of most members' lifestyle). Traffic intensified, School buses ply our streets and construction has increased twofold. Along with all this, law's have changed and authority has shifted as we became part of a growing municipality.
It is my hope that the new Board of Directors will keep in mind the reasons its members moved to this "Pine Forest Community" of "affordable homes" - rewarding lifestyle and great amenities.
I conclude with a word to all our members, young and old: Get involved with one of our Standing Committees, help the Directors make determination productive to the members needs, the chairpersons can bring their information to the Board for their assessment and direct the officers of the Association to administer Property Owners Association business accordingly. There is no reason a Director has to do all the work her/him self, that is not what Directors do.
My best wishes to the new Board, my regards to all our members of the Property Owners Association and May the good Lord watch over you all.
"God bless America" and "In God We Trust"

John M. Russo

Will your Ballot for the POA Election be counted on February 4?

We have received a few Ballots without the signed Authorization Form. We cannot authenticate the validity of the Ballot without the signed Authorization Form, and your vote will not be counted.
If you think (or know) that you sent or (brought) a Ballot to the office without the Authorization Form:
1. Please come to the Property Owners Association office and ask the secretary to check if you signed and included your Authorization Form.
2. If not, you can then fill out a new Ballot with an Authorization Form, and we can count your vote with the others.
For those who haven't voted yet, be sure to include the signed Authorization Form in the white envelope.


Please be sure that everyone at your POA clubhouse gatherings remembers to take home everything they brought to the party, including leftover food and personal utensils and equipment. Items that are left behind will be thrown away or given to a thrift shop if they are not claimed within 30 days. Currently there are several worthwhile items that have been there too long and will soon be disposed of, including: a practically new spring form pan, an iron, and a Golds Gym personal cooler. Please claim these before February 15. There also are a couple of coats hanging in the clubhouse that have remained there for months and will soon be given away.


The 5th Annual Brunswick Stew sale is now ready to take your order.

The stew, cooked to a recipe from Southern Living Magazine by several of your neighbors and friends here in Carolina Shores, will be ready as soon as we know how many orders to cook.

Call Teddy Altreuter at 579-1057 or Ann Nice at 575-2166 to leave your order. One pint plus a corn muffin is $7.00. Order several for these cold, winter nights and help the Literacy Council while you enjoy a delicious meal. Your order will come frozen.


On December 28th, Pete and I traveled up to Boiling Springs to deliver the donations that were collected for the animals at the shelter. The volunteers and workers at the shelter could not believe the amount of donations the residents of Carolina Shores collected. They were absolutely thrilled at the generosity. I’m sure if the animals could talk they would want to thank each and every one of you who donated. We got hugs and thanks galore. So a big THANK YOU to all who donated. Everyone appreciated your kindness and devotion to the animals.
Dot Robertiello 579-1407


Saturday – February 18, 2006
Want to spend a great evening with your neighbors and friends? Then sign up for the Progressive Dinner.
You can host cocktails, dinner with another couple, or dessert. Total of eight people at each course. Begins at 5:30 PM
Call Marlene Stewart at 575-6675 or Barbara Malina at 579-9215 for questions or to sign up. Deadline is Feb. 11th.


We had our first meeting of 2006. The girls made and brought in delicious hors d'oeuvres and deserts. After, we had our business meeting and elected Ann Hierman as our yearly chairperson and Mary Lou Taylor as Treasurer. In February we will have a guest speaker to explain to us Medicare D. We will be playing bingo after that. Lil Hoehne & Alice Smith will be in charge, so bring in your nickels, dimes, and quarters!

Submitted by Jane Mahncke


The Carolina Book Discussion Group met on Friday, January 20, 2006 in the POA library at 9:30 a.m. There were 14 members present. This was the best turn out we’ve had in a while and everyone was eager to talk about this month’s selection, A Fine Balance written by Rohinton Mistry.

There was lively discussion from each member and the general consensus was that this selection was not an easy read, but a very good book.

The book is set in India between 1975 and 1984 and explores the friendships between four strangers, thrust together, forced to share one cramped apartment and an uncertain future. It explores the human spirit, rising above inhumane conditions. The characters are beautifully drawn and we are captivated by their stories. Mr. Mistry later wrote another book, Family Matters that some members enjoyed and recommended.

At next month’s meeting we will be discussing 1906 by James Dalessandro, a story about the great San Francisco earthquake. Our meeting will be on Friday, February 17, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. in the POA library. Please join us if you can. The more people we have, the more interesting the discussion will be.

Here is a list of books we will be reading in the coming months:
February – 1906 by James Dalessandro
March - Light on Snow by Anita Shreve (or anything by Anita Shreve)
April - A poetry reading by Kitty McDonough
(followed by lunch at Café Latte)
May - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon
June - The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Mary Dilettuso 575-5845


Our January 13th meeting was held at the POA and 27 members were present. We welcomed new member Mary Ellen Driscoll. After our business meeting we were treated again to a very talented show and tell. All our members are busy sewing on their Ronald McDonald quilts. Our January workshop was led by Rose Marcisyn and everyone was busy creating a hydrangea wall hanging. It looked like springtime! Our next meeting will be February 10 and we will be working on favors for our May luncheon. Everyone is welcome. Bonnie Reinecke – 575-4051


The Carolina Shores Needlework Club has moved its monthly meetings to the Atlanta Bread Company restaurant in North Myrtle Beach (near Walmart). The group gathers there at 10:00 a.m. for two hours of knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching (or whatever needle craft you want), great conversation, and a light lunch. In 2006 we also will schedule periodic field trips to craft stores. People of all interests and skill levels are welcome to join. Plenty of rides are available for those who prefer not to drive. Meetings for the first half of 2006 are:

Monday, February 27
Monday, March 20
Monday, April 24
Monday, May 15
Monday, June 19

For more information, or to sign up for a ride to the next meeting, call Joyce Davis, 575-0825.


The Carolina Shores Needlework Club has begun a project to make afghans and lap robes to be given to the Brunswick County Red Cross and the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department to hand out to victims of natural disasters or violent crimes. We will make items for adults, children, and babies, using everyone's leftover yarn. Bulletin Editor Diana Mardall has been kind enough to donate a large supply of leftover yarn to get us started. We welcome other donations and we also welcome help from others in Carolina Shores. We will make the afghans by assembling individual squares. The squares should be 7" square, made with size 7 knitting needles or size H crochet hook. They can be any colors and any design. If you would like to join our project, please call Joyce Davis, 575-0825.


To start out the month of January 2006, eighteen New Friends held a New Year's therapy session. The question of the month was to let out your secret bugaboo or secret bug-a-you. Of course, nothing goes beyond the group, so my lips are sealed! Such hoots and hollers!
In keeping with the New Year, a poem about resolving to take off those holiday pounds was shared. That resolution was a bust -- quickly annihilated when the lunch bunch left after the meeting.
All therapy aside, more pertinent info for New Friends was considered. On January 21, the first Potluck Dinner Dance of the New Year was held. "Dancing With The Stars of Carolina Shores" saw several highly talented dancing partners from our community demonstrate typical ballroom dances as the waltz, and the cha cha. Fine food and fleet feet made for a great evening.
Tuesday, March 7, New Friends will visit the Culinary Institute. Grayce Farley (579-3995) will lead the adventure. She will give more details at the February meeting.
Other possible field trips include a movie day, trip to Southport or a ride over to Fort Fisher.
The ladies resolved to meet again on the second Tuesday of the month, February 13 at 10 A.M. when Eva Jensen will be the leader. At that meeting, the order of the day will be to try to compile a "Care List" of services that can be provided for our sick or homebound neighbors and friends. In keeping with caring as a New Year's resolution, Please remember to bring canned goods and other food staples for the county food banks. Join us then.

Em Broughton - 575-0472


The Carolina Shores Potluck and Dance Club has set the following party schedule for 2006::
March 25th -- Potluck and Dance Party at the POB Clubhouse, 6:30 p.m.
June 17 -- Potluck and Swim Party at the CS Pool/Picnic Area, 6:00 p.m.
August 19 -- Potluck and Swim Party at the Pool, 6:00 p.m.
October 28 -- Family Halloween Party, featuring games, costume contest, etc. for children and adults, at the POA Clubhouse, 6:30 p.m.

Dress for the parties is always informal (swimsuits recommended for the pool parties). Guests bring a dish to share with others and whatever you wish to drink for yourself. The Club provides mixers, ice, and paper products and requests that guests donate $1.00 each to cover the cost. For more information -- or to sign up to help organize one of the parties -- please call Marlene Stewart (575-6675) or Joyce Davis (575-0825). These parties are sponsored by the Carolina Shores New Friends.


We had a fine turnout of Bridge players on Friday, January 6th at the POA.
We were joined by newcomers Al and Lynda Beard, Pat Wilson and Chick Weingarten. We missed Lloyd and Eloise Kiracofe, Mike and Shirley Tolochko due to illness. The winners were:
1st Place - Alice Schilling
2nd Place - Don Hart
3rd Place - Al Beard
We would like to see more Bridge players join us both male and female. If you would like to play and need a partner please call Evie or Don Hart at 579-7789 and we will get you a partner.
We are changing our starting time to 7:00 pm. so please mark your calendar accordingly and join on Friday, February 3rd at 7pm. at the POA. Refreshments will be served.
Don Hart 579-7789


We play duplicate bridge in a very relaxed setting, please join us
on Wednesday night! For more information call me at 575-0825.
Recent results for the 7:00 PM Wednesday evening game follow:
Dec 21 1st Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg,
2nd Nancy Bradbury/Joan LaForge
Dec 28 1st Bob Davis/Ed Woods, 2nd Rita Kielty/Marilyn Mattutat,
Jan 4 1st Vera McCabe/Rita Hoyne, 2nd Ray Gosciniak/Jody
3rd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 4th Bob/Joyce Davis
Jan 11 1st Bob Davis/Ed Woods, 2nd Rita Kielty/Marilyn Mattutat,
3rd Don/Evie Hart, 4th Ray Gosciniak/Jody Personnette
Jan 18 1st Pat O'Brien/Joan LaForge, 2nd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg,
3rd Bob/Joyce Davis, 4th Mike/Shirley Tolochko

Bob Davis


The ladies' spring bridge luncheon for Carolina Shores residents will be held at the Brick Landing Clubhouse on Wednesday, April 5, 2006. Mark your calendars now.

Lois Howard and Doris Palesko


"The Raven's," (Jean & Tom Bezek & Lee & Bonnie Diefenbaugher). were the First Place winners of the first half of the bowling season. They had a total of 43.5 points. Coming in with a close second was "The Kildeers" (Pat & Joe Cejka & Irene and Don Beard) with 43.0 points.
Bob Berry had a scratch set of 719 with games of 237, 246, and 236. George Mulcahy had a nice 203 game, T.J. Bagley 213, Joe Cejka 211, Fred Ortiz 216, Bob Grudee 207, Steve Kaperak 216, Tom Henry 217.

We still have a vacancy for one bowler. If interested please call Ellie 575-0890.


National Association of Retired Federal Employees with have their monthly meeting at 11:30, February 7th, at Derbster's. If interested in attending a meeting or joining please contact Ellie Girard 575-0890


Keith Berciunas of Coffee Grounds was our guest speaker at the January meeting. He is the Landscaper for Carolina Shores. He spoke informatively on the pros and cons of the various grasses such as centipede (easiest to maintain) and tree and shrub pruning. He answered many of our yard questions regarding moles (protected by NC state), use of herbicides, fertilization, and azaleas. If we need more information we can call him at (910) 579 -8255.
Pat McKay, Secretary, read the meeting notes from November and they were approved.
Katie Bissett, Treasurer, gave the treasurers report. She stated that the proceeds from the Bake Sale went to Beautification.
Emily Sharp, Vice President of Beautification, indicated that a uniform look to the gates and entrances will be addressed with the incoming board. The pansies are flourishing. If you have any suggestions for improving the medians or gate beds please contact Emily.
Dolores Sanborn reported that membership is up to 60 people.
President Kathy Harniman informed the group that the winner of YARD OF THE SEASON will be announced in April. Wonder whose yard?
Teddy Altreuter reiterated the importance of the card party as all proceeds go to the Garden Club Scholarship Fund. This fund, each year, awards $500 to two deserving seniors from West Brunswick High School.
The Scholarship Committee members are - Teddy Altreuter, Meryl Araps, Pat McKay, Garen Waters, and Sue O'Reily. The Card Party Committee includes Lynn Darby, Barbara Errickson, Kay Forbes, Laura Duncan, Mary Anne Ketcham, Madeline Mahoney, Jill Binseel, Mary Elliot, Lil Capuano, Jim Nay, Sally Nolan and Doris Pearce.
NOTE: Please bring door prizes to Jill Binseel by January 23rd.

will be a cold buffet catered by The Trestle Restaurant and Bakery of Conway, SC
COST: $15 per person
red/white wine will be available for a $2 donation
TICKETS: Call Madeline Mahony - 579 - 9317 or Doris Pearce 579 - 0181
Non-card players bring your board games and join the fun!!

The Coastal Garden Club is sponsoring a bus trip to the Carter and Holmes Orchid facility near Newberry, S.C. on Monday, March 13th. The bus will be at the Lowe's (home supply) store parking lot at 6:30am to 7:00 am. This will hopefully leave enough time for a coffee and bathroom break in Florence and get us there at 11:00 am for a 1 1/2 hour introductory commentary about orchids and an "Orchid Safari"(walking tour of the greenhouse facilities filled with orchid, houseplants, tropical foliage and gift items).
The cost of this trip is $35.00 which includes the bus trip, a $3.00 coupon, the redeemable amount towards a purchase, and a box lunch (catered by ART Caterers, owners of The Purple Onion). The bus holds from 46 to 54 people and the tour is open to everyone but will be open on a first come first served bases. Please make your checks out to: The Coastal Garden Club and send to: Doerthe Needham 16 Myrtlewood Drive Carolina Shores, NC 28467 by March 1st, 2006. For more information, call Doerthe at 579-9134.


It was a very entertaining lunch to say the least. The TomO Hibachi Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar was great. We were a group of 18 seated at two grills and entertained by 2 of the most efficient and talented Hibachi chefs. Our meals were delicious and I for one will be looking forward to a return visit. Their dinning room and sushi bar were ample as well as the area where the Hibachi grills are.
The next meeting of the cook’s club will be on Feb. 7th at 11 am. Our theme will be “Delight the Chocolate Lover” which will consist of desserts with chocolate and finger sandwiches, in honor of Valentines Day. Our hostesses will be Hall Cramer and Rita Gallo.
Come on out Ladies and join the Cook’s Club. Call Joan Keating if you have any questions regarding membership, 575-4957.

Dot Robertiello, 579-1407


The Renegades began their 2006 season with the Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon on January 12 at Brick Landing. At the luncheon, the officers were installed by Betty Johnston. The officers for this year are President, Carol Groner, Vice-President, Kathy Hahl, Secretary, Martha Hannon, Treasurer, Sharon Clark, and Tournament Chairperson, Kay Craig.
Awards were given for "Most Improved Golfer" and Birdie Pins were given to the members that scored one or more birdies in league play. The award for Most Improved Golfer went to Kathy Hahl. Members earning their Birdie Pins were Jane Mahncke, Sharon Clark, Laura Duncan, Kathleen Brennan, Kathy Hahl, Jane Jordan, Doris Sandberg, Kay Craig, Jan Kilgore, Pauline Millosky, Sally Nolan, Lin Penta, Donna Powers, Dolores Sanborn, Elaine Southard and Donna Watkins.
The Renegades will be playing the 2006 season at Carolina Shores Golf Course. Teddy Altreuter and Donna Watkins will be the co-chairpersons for February. Please check the bulletin board for sign-up sheet and tee times.

Donna Watkins


On March 19th, the Niners will host the St. Patricks Day Scramble. Be sure and get your partners to join in a fun time. Details will be posted in the Pro Shop by February 15th.

Schedule for the Niners: Each Thursday at 8:00 AM at Carolina Shores Golf Course. Be sure and sign up on Mondays at the Pro Shop. Pairings will be handled by Mary Anne Ketcham.

Nancy Harthausen will be taking over my job in February. All scorecards should be delivered to her.

It’s been fun and we all wish Nancy and the rest of the officers good
luck and have fun.

Submitted by Mary Fran Ryon


Black Bear, in nearby Longs, was the site of the 1st outing of the year for the Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group. Thirty-six players participated. Two low nets was the game.

First place honors (on a match of cards) went to Pat Soule, Joe Clark and Joe Farmarco.
Dolores Sanborn, Esther Wannstedt, Bill Southard and Will Groner finished second. In third place was the team of Barbara Malina, Doris Sandberg, Phil Thomas and Art Hahl.

Arlene and Jay Leskowicz and Jane and Richard Boyle hosted the tournament at Black Bear and the dinner afterward at the POA. The hosts would like to thank Kathy Hahl, Teddy Altreuter, Esther Wannstedt, Pat Soule and Bev Farmarco for the delectable desserts.

The next tournament will be on Sunday, February 19 at Panthers Run and will be hosted by Kathy and Bill Harniman.


Janet L. Johnson
35 Carolina Shores Drive

Janet is a retired Social Worker who worked with the schools in the city of Chicago. Before moving to Carolina Shores she lived in Kingston Plantation. She has a very large collection of holiday villages of which her Christmas "Dickens Village" is gorgeous and large! Janet says that she enjoys her home here and has great neighbors and friends. Molly, a friendly gray cat was adopted by Janet and shares her home.

Russell and Rita Pihlgren
1 Crane Court

This couple and their 17 year old son, Chris moved here from Alexandria, Virginia where they had lived for 28 years. Russell is an insurance broker and Rita is an accountant. They both enjoy golf and Rita is planning to start a business critiquing homes. They enjoy finding a house and making home improvements and reselling the home.

Joe and Maxine Margieri
49 Bayberry

This couple and their 3 dogs have moved here from River Edge New Jersey. Joe was in the coffee business and was a football referee for high schools and colleges. He used to dance in Summer Stock and was in Broadway with many famous stars. He enjoys playing golf. Maxine worked in Commercial Real Estate and is enjoying decorating her home as she lists interior design as one of her hobbies. She also lists shopping and "going out to lunch" as two of her favorite activities.


I want to thank all my neighbors and friends for their outpouring of love and concern shown to me during my recent recovery from surgery. All the flowers, meals, goodies, visits, gifts, cards, calls, and especially your prayers were greatly appreciated. I was deeply touched by the number of people who cared so much. The folks in Carolina Shores are the greatest!

Marlene Stewart



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