A Publication of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association for the sole use of its members.
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Board Members: Monty Craig - Vice President,
Joyce Dunn Davis - Secretary, Al Franklin - Director, Bill Harniman - Treasurer
Vicki Samuels, Office Manager
Editor: Diana Mardall
Volume 25, Issue 4
April, 2006


(Written by Monty Craig, VP CSPOA)
Regretfully, the CSPOA Board of Directors has received the Resignation of Peg McDonald from the Board, and as our President. At the Membership Board Meeting held on Monday, March 20, 2006, I read the following brief statement concerning Peg's unexpected departure from the Board...
"On Saturday, March 18, 2006, CSPOA Board Members received the unexpected and immediately effective resignation of Peg McDonald as President and Member of the CSPOA Board of Directors. Peg indicated that health issues facing her, her husband, and her brother and sister in Florida had escalated to the point where she could no longer devote the considerable time required to perform her duties with the CSPOA. I know that we all wish her well in assisting her family and caring for herself."
Peg's departure has created a vacancy on the Board, and in accordance with Article VI, Section 6 of the CSPOA By-laws, the Board of Directors will commence to fill this vacancy.
In last month's edition of the Bulletin, Peg McDonald indicated that Membership Meetings such as held on March 20, 2006 would be held on a bimonthly basis. Membership Meetings for the balance of 2006 will be held in May, July, September, and November. Specific dates for each of the Meetings will be published in upcoming issues of the Bulletin. To avoid the need for changing "projected" dates, the determination for each month will be made approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the Meeting.
As Peg also mentioned, the Board has determined the time is right to expand the Board from five to seven members. The process for increasing the number of authorized Board Members is described in Article VI, Section 6 of the CSPOA By-laws. Whereas the appointment of a new Director to fill a vacancy on the existing Board shall be made by the Board, the addition of two new Directors requires an election at the Annual Meeting, or at a Special Meeting of Members called for that purpose. At present, the Board is concentrating on filling the current vacancy, and will then proceed with determining an appropriate timeframe for increasing the number of Directors.
Please be sure that you have a copy of the CSPOA Declaration of Restrictions, and the By-laws. Compared to most Planned Communities, our Declaration of Restrictions and By-laws are very compact, clear, and full of information you need to know as a Resident and Member of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association.
Thank you...Monty.


The CS Board has completed a review and remodeling of our Board Standing Committees. As a result, we have two standing committees in need of members:
(1) The Recreation Committee. This group's responsibility will be all of the social activities sponsored by the Board, along with rules and regulations for the social use of the pool, picnic area, and clubhouse. The first task for this group will be to review the current Board social schedule (3 picnics and a holiday party) and determine whether these are still the best events to meet the needs of our growing and changing community. For example, should the Board host a family Halloween Party? Do we need three picnics? How about a golf event or a tennis tournament or some other sporting event? Could the Board sponsor occasional entertainment or instructional activities? The possibilities are wide open.
For this committee we would like a team of folks representing all the age groups and interests in the community. Would you be willing to volunteer? Can you suggest anyone for me to call and ask?

(2) The Audit and Finance Committee. This committee provides guidelines for handling the financial affairs of the Association; submits a quarterly report; provides an annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement; and makes recommendations to the Board regarding management of the Association's finances.

We now have a Board Treasurer -- Bill Harniman -- so this committee will not do any of the day-to-day accounting oversight. Their role will be more at the policy level -- ensuring that we follow appropriate financial management principals and make sound financial decisions. This committee will be chaired by Maslin Kain. She needs several additional residents who have financial experience or interest to join the team. Could you do this? Can you recommend someone who might?
Please email your response to me ASAP -- we want to get started on these new endeavors!

Submitted by Joyce Dunn Davis


The Board of Directors would like to develop a short list of skilled handymen or handywomen who live in Carolina Shores and are interested in being called on to handle everyday maintenance and improvement projects for the POA. People who are interested in being on this list should deliver a resume or list of skills, licenses, and certifications to the POA office and ask for an interview with the Board.


The ACC is in need of at least five more volunteers. Many of the people who have generously staffed the ACC for years have retired, or will be retiring shortly. When we chose Carolina Shores, we chose a Restricted Community. We wanted to live in a place that did not have rows of identical houses. We did not want fences obstructing our views. We did want protection from unscrupulous builders but most of all we wanted Carolina Shores to be what it was always meant to be, clean, orderly, peaceful and beautiful.
To Volunteer call the office at 579-2044


The Carolina Shores POA Board of Directors has created a new, part-time position in the POA office. The job will be titled "Office Assistant." It will be a part-time position (exact days and hours to be determined), acting as assistant to the Office Manager. Candidates for the job should have experience in standard office activities, including customer service and computer applications such as word processing and calendaring. If you are interested in this job please bring a short resume to the POA office ASAP. The position will be filled as quickly as possible.



The all-new, eager to help our neighbors, Carolina Shores Care Team is ready to go to work. The team already has 20 members who are available to help anyone in Carolina Shores who is injured, ill or otherwise in need of some assistance with everyday activities. Care Team members will fix you some meals, take your trash to the dump, walk your dog, feed your pets, clean your cat litter, do simple housework or yardwork, drive you to an appointment, pick up your prescriptions or groceries, sit with a homebound neighbor while the regular caregiver takes a break, visit the lonesome, or just make a friendly “how are you” phone call to someone who is alone. To get some help all you need to do is telephone the Care Team Coordinator, Mary Pritchard, 579-4684. She will locate the right Care Team volunteer for your task.


The Carolina Shores Care Team would like to locate an unused (or underused) freezer that someone is willing to donate for the good of the community. We would use this freezer as a central storage place where anyone could contribute a cooked meal to be kept frozen for later use by a person unable to cook for themselves. Our Frozen Meal Pantry would be run on the honor system – anyone who needs help with a meal would be welcome to go and take one out. Anyone who has some extra casserole (or other meals) would be asked to donate it to the Pantry. We would love to place a freezer in the POA building to ensure easy access – but if we can’t do that yet we will happily settle for a few shelves in somebody’s garage freezer. If you have a freezer or some space please call Joyce Dunn Davis, 575-0825.


It has come to my attention that pets are being allowed to run loose on the tennis courts. Please note that pets (dogs, cats & etc.) are not allowed on the tennis courts or inside of the fence. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Also remember there is a leash law in Carolina Shores.

Submitted by Al Franklin


Own a motorcycle? Thinking about buying one? Let's get together! Several of us novice riders have talked about forming a Carolina Shores Bike club. It would be an opportunity to get together on a regular basis to share info, plan group trips, etc. If this peaks your interest, call Charles McIntyre at 570-4403 or email at:


We made about 20 servings too much of our delicious Brunswick Stew. It costs $7 for a generous serving and comes frozen. Each container also comes with a corn muffin. To order some for yourself please call Teddy Altreuter at 579-1057 or Ann Nice at 575-2166. We've been told it is nice to have in your own freezer to provide an occasional "respite" meal for a friend who is ill, too.
All the money goes to support the work of the Brunswick County Literacy Council which works to improve the reading skills of the people of our County.

Submitted by Teddy Altreuter


A Rally For A Cure breast cancer tournament will be held on April 20, 2006 at Carolina Shores, hosted by the CSLGA. The awarding of prizes and a luncheon will be held at the clubhouse following golf.
Members of other Carolina Shores ladies golf groups are invited to join the CSLGA for a day of golf and camaraderie for a very worthy cause.
Sign up sheets are posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse, or contact Dottie Russo at 579-4913.

Submitted by Dottie Russo


Mark your calendar!!!
There will be a very important meeting on Tuesday, April 11th at 9:00 AM at the POA clubhouse. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss and vote on some very important matters pertaining to this upcoming season and to make sure classes will continue in the future.
Anyone who plans on taking water aerobic classes and especially those of you who have attended in the past are strongly urged to attend this meeting! Any questions call Bobbie Henry at 579-8136.

Submitted by Bobbie Henry at 579-8136.


Carolina Shores Book Discussion Group met on March 17th at 9:30 a.m. in the POA library. There were 11 members present.
Our book for this month was “Light On Snow” by Anita Shreve
It is a novel set in a bitter New England winter. Anita Shreve’s description of the cold winter scenery contributes to the overall sense of isolation of the landscape and the main characters, a father and his 12 year old daughter (who is narrating the story). The story begins with the discovery of an abandoned newborn in the snowy woods and leads us down the path of discovery and redemption.
The consensus of the group was that we liked the book, that it was a quick and easy read. Many positive comments were made about this book and some other Shreve books, “All He Ever Wanted”, “The Weight of Water” and “The Pilot’s Wife”.
Next month (April) is poetry month. Instead of a book, we will be meeting at the POA library at 10:00 a.m. to listen to local author and book club member, Kitty McDonough read poetry. After that we will be having lunch at Café Latte. If you would like to join us for lunch, please call Mary at 575-5845 or send an email to, so that we can include you in our reservations.
On May 19th we will be joining the Hickman Book Club group at the Hickman Library at 10:00 a.m. to hear guest speaker and Wilmington author Jack Fryar. He will be speaking about the history of Wilmington and surrounding areas. He will bring some of his books to this meeting. If you are interested in purchasing them, please bring cash or checks. If you are new to this area, this would be an interesting way to learn more about our beautiful and historical North Carolina coast.
On June 16th at 9:30 a.m. we will be discussing two books before our summer break. They will be “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon and also “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. Please join us if you can. The more folks we have, the livelier the discussion will be.

Submitted by Mary Dilettuso - 575-5845


All current and former tennis players please mark April 22nd on your calendar. We are planning to hold a mixed doubles round robin that morning starting at 9:00am, with a brunch immediately following tennis. All players, and non-players, attending the brunch should bring a dish to share; and, as usual, BYOB. There will be a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board at the courts.
Open tennis continues every Mon., Wed. & Fri. @ 9:00am. All POA members are invited to play. The weather is warming up so don't forget to bring along your own drinking water. We are still waiting for our water fountain to be installed.

Submitted by Bob Anthony 579.9666


The Carolina Shores Quilters Guild met for their monthly meeting March 10, we had 29 members and one quest present. After our business meeting we enjoyed another great show and tell and then enjoyed a workshop led by Lucy Timmerman on making Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
In 2005 the quilters made and donated to the Ronald McDonald in Durham 84 quilts, 39 pair of booties, 12 cloth books, and 6 afghans. We enjoy making the quilts as much as the recipients enjoy receiving them. Recipes from guests and employees of the Ronald McDonald House are available for sale through the Quilters Guild. A donation of $20.00 will help the Ronald McDonald with their endeavors.
Our next meeting will be at the POA on April 14 at 9:30. We will have a business meeting followed by show and tell. we will not have a workshop due to this meeting being on Good Friday.

Submitted by Bonnie Reinecke - 575-4051


On Monday, April 24, the Carolina Shores Needlework Club will meet at 9am at the CSPOA Clubhouse to assemble some afghans to help warm up Brunswick County. Club members and friends and neighbors who have been knitting and crocheting 7” squares out of leftover yarn are asked to bring the squares to the clubhouse and help match them into attractive groupings and stitch them together. Whatever we complete will then be donated to the Brunswick County Sheriff to be distributed to county residents who are victims of violence or other personal tragedies. Club members hope that the gift of a handmade afghan will let these people know that someone is thinking of them at a very difficult time. Club member Betty Bebber has already completed two entire afghans using yarn donated to the club by Diana Mardall. Now let’s see what everyone else has been able to do! See you on April 24th.

Submitted by Joyce Dunn Davis, 575-0825



The Carolina Shores New Friends’ March meeting, led by Eva Jensen, opened up by having everyone there tell whether they have any Irish heritage and then share stories related to that heritage. Several new residents participated for the first time. Mary Pritchard thanked everyone for their regular contributions to the Interfaith Food Bank and announced that Belk Department Stores are holding Belk Charity Days March 31 – April, where for a $5 donation to the food pantry shoppers can get a coupon good for 20% off on purchases. Flo Pflaster & Joyce Davis announced that the Needlework Club will hold a special meeting at the POA on April 24 to assemble all donated knit or crochet squares into afghans that will be donated to the Brunswick County Sheriff to distribute to victims of violence. Grayce Farley reported that the New Friends trip for lunch at the Culinary School at Georgetown Tech was a great success, with 22 people attending and everyone enjoying a great meal. Jo O’Keefe reminded the group to take photos at club meetings and community social activities and events and send them to so they can be included on the website. The next meeting of the New Friends will be on Tuesday, April 11, at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse. The Carolina Shores New Friends group is a monthly gathering of S residents who are interested in meeting some new friends, enjoying some old ones, sharing useful information about the area, and joining together for regular social and recreational events. New residents – as well as long-time residents – are always welcome to join this group. Come with your questions to ask or your good ideas to share.

Submitted by Joyce Dunn Davis


We had a great night of bridge on Friday, March 3rd at the POA. We can see why Carolina Shores is a favorite place to live when great people show up for a relaxing evening of social bridge.
The winners were:
lst place Evie Hart
2nd place Don Hart
3rd place Eloise Kiracofe
Small slam was bid and made by Jean Falls and Don Hart.
We would still like to see more players join us, so if you would like to play but need a partner call Don Hart at 579-7789.
Please join us on Friday, April 7th at 7 p.m. We look forward to seeing you.

Submitted by Don Hart


We play duplicate bridge in a relaxed setting every Wednesday night at 7 P.M. at the POA.
Please bring a partner and join us. If you need a partner or want to know more about the game, call Bob Davis at 575-0825 or Mike Mundy at 579-1436. Recent results for the Wednesday evening game are as follows:
2/22: 1st: Mike/Judy Mundy;
2nd: Doug/Jean Falls;
3rd: Chuck/Alice Schilling;
4th: Joan LaForge/Pat O'Brien

3/1: 1st: Ann Nice/Ann Hierman;
2nd: Alice Schilling/Rita Hoyne;
3rd: Velma Browning/Pat Wilson
4th: Evie/Don Hart

3/8: 1st: Roy Johnson/Nancy Bradbury;
2nd: Pat O'Brien/Dot Plourde;
3rd: Mike/Shirley Tolochko;
4th: Judy/ Mike Mundy

3/15: 1st: Doug/Jean Falls;
2nd: Mike/Judy Mundy;
3rd: Joan LaForge/Pat O'Brien

Submitted by Mike Mundy


We are in our 28th week of bowling, our bowlers just get better and better. Joe Farmarco had 224, 245,161 with a 630 series (198 pins over his average). Al Franklin had a 205 game, Helen Morrison had 462 series, Marge Lucas 454 series, Bob Berry 625 series, Mae Kerr 510 series, Ron Buck 557 series, Danny Mann 201 game, T. J. Bagley 548 series. T.J. Bagley has high scratch series 548, Bob Berry has a 719 scratch series, Flo Pflaster has 729 High series with handicap, Joe Farmarco 786 high series with handicap.
Beverly Farmarco has 226 scratch game and Tom Henry has a 277 scratch high game. T.J. Bagley has high average for women with 154, Bob Berry for men has 193.
If anyone is interested in bowling next year (2006-2007) contact Ellie Girard - 575-0890, Bob Berry - 579-3125. We can only have 18 teams (72 bowlers).

Submitted by Ellie Girard – 575-0890


We all enjoyed the Sicilian Extravaganza which consisted of marvelous selections that Joan Gilbert had selected for her team. We had Pasta Ala Norma, Olive Condite, Roasted Red peppers with oil and garlic, Pasta con il cavolfiore e la ricotta, Cassata Casalinga, Caponata, Pasta e fugiola, Polpettoive. I am sure none of the dishes sound familiar to anyone except those of us who participated. In fact I am making one of the dishes for dinner tonight.
For the month of April we are going to treat our selves to a lunch out. As of this printing, I do not know where we are going, but join us anyway and be surprised. We will meet at the POA clubhouse at 11:30 a.m. and car pool. Hope you will join us and bring a friend along.
For May we will be having our annual May picnic with Jim Nay at the helm. Looking forward to seeing you at our get away luncheon.
Any questions call Dot Robertiello, 579-1407


NARFE 's monthly meeting will be April 4th at Derbster’s, 11:30 AM. Our yearly card party to benefit Alzheimer's research, will be held May 9th at The Calabash Steak House (formerly Hailey's). Tickets will be $15.00. If interested please call Ellie Girard 575-0890, Ester Malmfeldt 579-3834. Members attending the meeting are asked to please bring gifts or cash for door prizes.

Submitted by Ellie Girard 575-0890


This month we didn’t have a regular meeting. Instead we all went to the VFW for St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. Pat Fensler made a tasty soda bread and Mary Wilson made a delicious Pumpkin Nut dessert. It was a wonderful dinner.
Don’t forget, we are going to the Culinary Institute for lunch on Monday, April 10. Be there by 11:45.

Submitted by Jane Mahncke


Ann Witzel was our guest speaker for the March meeting. Her topic - The Benefits of Exercise. She gave us hints to improve health. These included walking, eating lean meats and poultry, don't eat late at night and skip buffets. As she put it "Remember how I look and feel are more important than overeating." She took the group through some warm-up exercises and then we did a short workout. Later she demonstrated the art of belly dancing. Thank you Ann, for getting us up and on our feet.
Lynn Darby brought in one of her husband’s birthday presents -- an Abraham Darby Rose which is an English spreading tea rose. It has a wonderful fragrance. Thank you for sharing.
Lynn also spoke on the passing of Yvonne Ferrantello. Pat McKay read the beautiful poem that Yvonne's son, John, will have printed on the remembrance card. Those of us who knew her will miss her.
Pat McKay, Secretary, read the meeting notes from the January meeting and they were approved.
Kattie Bissett, Treasurer, gave the treasurers report which was also accepted.
Pat McKay, in the absence of Emily Sharp, provided the Beautification update. Keith is busy doing the prep work for spring; letter sent to new POA board; sign in front of POA will be replaced.
Dolores Sanborn introduced two new people and Jane Mahnke also introduced a new person.
Teddy Altreuter thanked her committee for the wonderful job they did on the Luncheon and Card Party in February. She also encouraged us all to get up and chair events.
Dertha Nedham informed the group that seats were still available for the Monday 3/13 trip to the Carter and Holmes Orchid facility.
Our "Flower Lady" Trinka Moore gave us a lovely reading on the daffodil. When you see the daffodils spring can't be far behind.
Grayce Farley thanked the members who provided the refreshments.
Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 20, for our outing to the Extension Center in Bolivia. The trip will consist of a plant sale, tour, and lunch on the premises. Details will be provided at the April meeting by Lynn Darby.
May Installation Luncheon/Fashion Show:

COST: $16 (includes tip and tax)

Make checks payable to Garden Club.
Wine will be available at $4 a glass; we will have a choice of beef, fish, or chicken with chocolate mousse for dessert.
Tickets will be sold at the April meeting. Lynn Darby, Grayce Farley and Emily Sharp are coordinating this event.
The speaker for April will be Derek Smith --North Carolina wildflowers.

Submitted by Eva Jensen 579 –1984


The Renegades held their annual St. Patrick’s Day Tournament at Azalea Sands Golf Course on March 9. The team of Jean Falls, Teddy Altreuter, Pat Soule and John Ogden took first place with a score of 176. Teams were awarded 1 point for each net score of bogie, 2 points for each net par, 4 points for each net birdie and 8 points for each net eagle. After play, the participants and their guests, gathered for dinner and the awarding of prizes at Flynn's Irish Tavern in North Myrtle Beach. Special thanks go to Jane Jordan and Martha Hannon for planning this event.
The sign-up sheets have been posted for the Ladies Away and also for the Couples Away. The Ladies Away will be held at Pinehurst on June 12 - 14. Kathy Harniman and Lin Penta are co-chairs for this event. Deposits are due by March 23. The Couples Away will be held on September 20 -21 at the Cheraw Golf Course. Teddy Altreuter and Kay Craig will be co-chairs for this event. Please check the bulletin board in the POA for further details.
The Renegades will hold their next meeting on April 20 at 3:30 at the POA. Please plan to attend.
Jan Kilgore and Jane Mahncke will be the co-chairs for the month of April. Please check the bulletin board or sign-up sheet carefully for tee times and courses. We will be playing Colonial Charters twice in April.

Submitted by Donna Watkins


The Niners hosted their annual St. Patrick’s Day Tournament and Dinner at the Carolina Shores Golf Club on Sunday, March 19, 2006. Later that day, golfers and guests returned to the Golf Club to share a wonderful Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage plus dessert. The awards for the day were presented after the dinner. First place went to the team of Mary Fran Ryon, Mike Deveroux, Ellie Girard and Ray Girard. The team of Nancy Harthausen, George Harthausen, Jean Sanborn and Gene Sanborn finished second. Low putts went to Carl Price for the men and T.J. Bagley for the women. Mike Deveroux had the longest drive on #13 for the men and Mary Fran Ryon had the longest drive on #18 for the women. Closest to the pin winners were Gwyn DeRenne on #17 for the women and Dick Pearce on #12 for the men. A great time was had by all.
Please plan to attend our quarterly meeting and luncheon which will be held at the Derbster’s on Thursday, April 13 immediately after our morning golf (approx. 11:30 am). Among other things, we will be discussing and voting on rule changes.
The Carolina Shores Niners are hosting the Grand Strand Niners on May 2, 2006. With the anticipation of many guests from the various clubs, it would be wonderful to see all Carolina Shores Niners playing in the event to show our appreciation to the other clubs for their participation. We will need to “Welcome“ our guests as they arrive, have a Niner ride in each cart to direct our guests around the course, sell mulligans, distribute name tags, etc. Registration is 8:15 AM – 8:45AM with a 9:00 AM Shotgun Start. The cost is $28.00 per person which includes green fees, cart, bag person, prizes and lunch in the Carolina Shores Pro Shop. The sign-up sheet is on our Niners’ desk in the Pro Shop. Please make all checks payable to “Carolina Shores Golf Course” and give them to Mary Anne Ketcham by April 17. Unfortunately, there will be no cancellations after April 24.
We are also planning a spring overnight golf outing at Beau Revage Resort on May 22-23, 2006. The trip will cost $83.90 per single (shared room) and $167.80 per couple. Each person will pay all hotel and golf fees at the hotel upon arrival. No cancellations will be accepted after May 5.
Weekly Play - Niners play is every Thursday at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive by 8:00 AM. All players for the next Thursday must sign-up on our sheet on our Niners’ desk in the Pro Shop by the preceding Monday. No phone calls making changes will be received after 12:00 Noon on Wednesday of each week. We will have lunch at the Pro Shop after golf on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Mary Anne Ketcham will be responsible for the pairings for all regular play in 2006. The last captain should deliver all the score cards for the day to Nancy Harthausen at 31 Carolina Shores Parkway if she is not at the Pro Shop that day.

Submitted by Nancy Harthausen 575-2923


Sandpiper Bay at Sunset Beach was the site of the Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group’s March tournament. The weather was perfect for the 34 golfers.
CHA-CHA-CHA was the game format. Players counted one low net on Hole #1, two low nets on Hole #2 and three low nets on Hole #3, etc.
The 1st place winners, on a match of cards, with a score of 103 were Jim Garrigan, Floyd Schroppe and Jean Falls.
Also scoring 103 and awarded second place was the team of Art Hahl, Will Groner, Bill Altreuter and Gloria Schroppe.
Finishing 3rd were Joe Farmarco, Gordon Goodwin, Barbara Malina and Kay Craig with a team score of 104.
Barbara and George Malina and Kay and Monty Craig hosted the corned beef and cabbage dinner following at the POA. The hosts would like to thank Jane Jordan, Kathy Hahl, Bev Farmarco, Gloria Crane, Betty Goodwin and Martha Hannon for their delicious Irish Soda Breads and desserts.

Submitted by The Craigs


Pat and Bob Cipriano
28 Pinewood Drive

Pat and Bob have been visiting Carolina Shores for some time as Pat's mother has been a resident here for quite awhile. They moved here from Freeport, Long Island. Bob was a Union Carpenter and Pat was an office manager. She is thinking of maybe going back to work but for right now they are putting their home and yard together and spending time doing what they love - enjoying the beach! Bob has a beautiful motorcycle and they like riding. He also likes fishing. Pat has a flair for decorating and is planning to do lots of baking.


An incorrect telephone number was given for Phil & Rosemary Connell. The correct number is:
(910) 575-7520


The POA is putting together an email distribution list of as many members as we possibly can to be used as a tool to get important information out to people quickly. This list will be maintained by the Board and will not be shared with or used by any person or group other than the POA Board of Directors. In addition, if you are willing, we will add your email address to the next edition of the POA Telephone Directory (to be published in early summer). If you have an email address, please send an email note (including your real name and your street address, so we know who sent the note!) to: (Joyce Davis's email address). Indicate whether you want to be on the email distribution and/or included in the telephone directory. Thanks!

Joyce Dunn Davis


There is no way to express my thanks and gratitude to my many friends and neighbors for their prayers, cards, phone calls as well as dinners and flowers after my recent stroke. You are truly “special” people here in Carolina Shores. I am improving slowly but hope to accomplish my goals in record time.
Thanks again and God Bless you all.

Delores Vulpis

Editor’s Note: Articles for the next Bulletin must be received by the Editor by the 20th of the month. You can e-mail articles, event information, etc. to me at (Note: there is an underlined space between “diana” and “mardall” – diana_mardall); you can deliver the information to me at 36 Carolina Shores Parkway, or you can send via e-mail to the POA and they’ll forward to me. Please include a name and phone number when sub