A Publication of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association for the sole use of its members
To Contact Board Members or the POA: 579-2044 or e-mail at:
Board Members: Joyce Dunn Davis - President, Monty Craig - Vice President, Bill Harniman - Treasurer,
Nancy Harthausen - Director, Mike Mundy - Director, Vicki Samuels - Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall
Volume 26 Issue 8
August 2006


Dear Neighbors,

For the CSPOA Board of Directors it has been a busy but exciting summer. We are especially pleased with the good work being done by the Standing Committees of the Board, so I wanted to share their work with you.

The Recreation Committee (Chairs Bob Anthony & Sandy Howard) jumped into action, with committee member Tammy Humphreys examining the lack of family and child oriented activities in the community. She began by looking for volunteers to teach tennis to children. Bob Anthony, Martin Minder, and Pat O’Leary took on this task and already are teaching weekly lessons to a group of 12-15 kids. Tammy then asked the New Friends to expand their August 19 Pool Party & Potluck Dinner to include a back to school celebration for families with children. The New Friends welcomed the idea, and are looking forward to sharing a fun evening with some younger “new friends.” The Recreation Committee also is looking into options like regular bingo games at the POA; forming a travel club to do day and overnight trips; and finding more volunteers to teach golf, art, crafts, photography, etc. to children or adults. They also are developing recommendations for the Board on how to incorporate some time at the pool for adults-only swimming. Committee member Mary Fran Ryon has done a spectacular job of chairing our two summer picnics (with help from some great volunteers). She is already hard at work on the Labor Day picnic and welcomes new ideas and new volunteers!

The Communications Committee (chair, Bob Jones) has been busy reviewing ways to expand our members’ access to useful information. Committee Member Gary Stewart has the new “official” CSPOA Web Site up and running ( Lynn Darby has created all the great flyers you see around the community advertising our important activities. Donna Watkins has completed an update of the Newcomers Booklet given to new residents. Diana Mardall does yeoman service producing our monthly Bulletin and is always looking for ways to improve it.

With Joe Martere at the helm (and Board Member Mike Mundy as the only other member of his team so far), the Facilities Maintenance Committee has been very busy. Joe is examining ways to save money on operating the pool (such as covering the pool in the winter to reduce electricity costs), while Mike is putting the pool in shape with repairs and some new furniture. We are having the picnic tables repaired and refinished, and will continue efforts to make the picnic area a very enjoyable space for our residents. Joe and Mike would like some more volunteers for this committee – you don’t have to DO the work – you just have to oversee it and advise the Board on what needs to be done.

The Finance and Audit Committee (Maslin Kain, Chair) is working hand-in-hand with Treasurer Bill Harniman to ensure that our finances and business operations are maximally effective. Together they have just completed working with our auditors on the 2005 Audit (a success!) and are implementing the recommendations of the auditors. The committee also is doing a comprehensive review of the POA’s insurance coverage and will work with the Board to obtain a professional assessment of the long-term costs of maintaining of capital property and equipment.

The Architectural Control Committee has lost several members due to other commitments, and is down to a “Few Good Men and a Woman,” all working very hard to maintain the quality of our community. They recently met with the Town of Carolina Shores to negotiate the overlaps of our tree policies (more on that later in this issue), and have successfully enforced our vehicle parking and lot maintenance requirements against some violators. We appreciate the hard work they do daily. THEY NEED NEW VOLUNTEERS!

Finally, Board Member Nancy Harthausen has assembled our Nominating Committee and they are seeking candidates for our 2007 Board elections. Please read their article below and give serious consideration to running. We are expanding the Board to reduce the workload, so now is the time to give it a try!
I hope you are all having a great summer and will think about becoming a CSPOA volunteer in the fall.
Joyce Dunn - CSPOA President

Election of POA Directors for 2007

It is time again to prepare for the election of officers for the POA Board of Directors. We currently have five seats actively filled on our Board of Directors. Two new seats were added and the election of those offices was deferred to this election in February, 2007. Therefore, we must fill five (5) seats on our POA Board of Directors in this election in February, 2007. A motion was passed to elect four (4) officers for two year terms and one (1) officer for a one year term. This will provide for some continuity in the 2008 election where four officers will continue in office for another year and we will have to elect three (3) new officers.

The nominating committee is searching for candidates to run for the five seats on the POA Board of Directors that will become vacant in 2007. We ask that you please volunteer some of your valuable time and consider running for office. You might not think so, but every member has something to contribute to the voluntary management of our Association. We need and welcome your service. If you are interested in running for a seat on the POA Board of Directors, please send a brief biography of your experience, skills and valuable knowledge to me via Email at or drop one off at the POA Office. If you have any questions, please call me at 575-2923. The nominations will be open until October 15, 2006. This will give you enough time to decide to help your community. We really need you.

Nancy Harthausen
Nominating Committee Chair


Last month, I made an urgent request to the community for Volunteers to join the ACC and also for a new ACC Chairman. I am happy to report that two volunteers have joined the ACC, and I would like to welcome Pat Behan and Bob Jones to the committee. Additional volunteers would be more than welcome, so if you are interested, please contact the POA!!! We are still looking for a Chairman of the ACC, and if you would be interested in assuming that position, please contact the POA office at 579-2044, or call me directly at 575-1145. I also mentioned last month that due to the departure of the ACC Chairman, publication of various updated Guidelines and Procedures would be delayed. Unfortunately, that occurrence, along with a back injury I sustained two weeks ago has added to that delay. I hope to be able to complete the documents in the next few weeks, and have them available on the web site and at the POA Office soon thereafter. I appreciate your under-standing concerning the delay of this information. Thanks!!!

Monty Craig


The CSPOA Member Directory will be published in September – this time in a fancy, spiral bound version and at no cost to the POA. The Board is contracting with Athens Publishing (who do directories for Sea Trail and Brunswick Plantation) to publish the directory in return for allowing advertising in the back of the directory. Please review your personal information in the current directory and notify the POA office at once ( in writing of any changes or additions to your information. If you want to include your email address and have not already submitted it, please do so now. The deadline for member changes and additions is August 10. Also – if you own a business or know someone who does, please ask them to consider advertising in our directory. For more information, advertisers can call Leslie Martin at 579-0848, extension 2.


Effective immediately, the Town of Carolina Shores will assume 100% responsibility for oversight of removal of trees within the town boundaries. Anyone who wishes to remove a tree must obtain a permit from the Town of Carolina Shores and pay a permit fee (which will be reviewed and possibly reduced at the town’s August meeting). Any reports about trees removed illegally should be filed with the Town of Carolina Shores. The CSPOA will not be involved in the process, except in cases of undeveloped lots in the community with trees that are a hazard or a problem for adjacent neighbors.


Sometime after the POA Memorial Day picnic and before the July 4 picnic somebody in our community borrowed the POA picnic coolers without asking to or advising the POA office. Consequently, when the Board began organizing the July 4 picnic and went to the storage area, no coolers were found and Board Member Nancy Harthausen set about buying new coolers. Then, on picnic day, lo and behold the old coolers miraculously reappeared and Nancy got to make a return trip to the store to take back the new ones she had purchased. Nancy is a very kind and gentle person, so she did not use the expletives many of us would have selected – but she still did get mightily inconvenienced. The moral to this story is, PLEASE DO NOT BORROW POA PROPERTY WITHOUT ASKING.



Carolina Shores Quilters Guild invites YOU to join them at their workshop on August 11 at 10a.m. at the POA building. Walker/wheelchair bags will be made for the Brunswick County nursing homes. Please bring your sewing machine if available. Extra hands can be used for measuring, cutting and finishing touches. If you plan to attend, please call Nancy @ 579-0054.


Refer to the new POA Web site for a copy of the Bulletin. Now you don't have to miss reading the Bulletin if you live here part time or are away on vacation, and it is also a great way to refer to old issues. They will be archived for one year on the site.
Missed a Board Meeting? No problem! There is also a summary of what happened at the Board Meetings on the new site for those who were not able to attend the meeting.
Keep checking for new additions to the web site as we continue developing it.
The Webmaster


Thanks to some kids and new adults who helped out last month !!
Our next week is August 28th-Sept 1 . We already have volunteers for the 28th so need volunteers for Tuesday ,Wednesday , Thursday and/or Friday.
If you can help please call me --Katie Bissett 579-1884.
You need to arrive at Bi-Lo, Main Street, North Myrtle Beach at approximately 8:45 AM, meet with the van driver - and you'll be back before 1 PM.
Wear comfortable shoes and bring a drink.


The Carolina Shores Garden Club is pleased to announce the winners of the Yard of The Season for Summer 2006 is Bob and Carol Wilson. They reside at 18 Brassie Drive. The Wilsons enjoy doing all their own landscaping.
The next Garden Club meeting is Wednesday, September 13, 2006, same time, same place. See you there!
Kathy Harniman


Saturday August 19th @ 4PM
Come out and enjoy a fun evening with your neighbors at the picnic grounds and swimming pool! This event is sponsored by the New Friends and all are welcome. We are also going to have a "Back to School Celebration" for the young people in our community at this event with special games planned for the children. Everyone is to bring a covered dish of a main entry, side dish, salad, or dessert. (We will not be doing any grilling at this picnic like we did at the last one.) A $1.00 donation will cover the cost of soft drinks, paper products etc. For more information call Tammy Humphreys 575-7827 or Marlene Stewart 575-6675.

CSPOA Swimming Pool Update

So far, this is the busiest summer ever for our pool. As more families with young children or with grandchildren from toddlers to teens join our community, it is important that we all share in the responsibility of keeping the pool clean, safe and orderly so that everyone can enjoy it. Parents and grandparents - please supervise your young ones so they can enjoy themselves without endangering themselves or others.
Guests must be accompanied by the card holding resident and can use the pool no more than three times a month (not applicable to houseguests who reside more than 50 Miles from Carolina Shores).
When you leave the pool, please place all trash (cans, cigarette butts, etc.) in the waste cans.
Please do not bring food, alcoholic drinks or glass containers inside the pool fenced area.
Mike Mundy


Carolina Shores Quilters Guild invites residents to join them at their workshop on August 11 at 10a.m. at the POA building. Walker/wheelchair bags will be made for the Brunswick County nursing homes. Please bring your sewing machine if available. Extra hands can be used for measuring, cutting and finishing touches. If you plan to attend, please call Nancy @ 579-0054.


The Memorial Day Picnic was a huge success with approximately 300 to 400 attendees. I especially want to thank Mike Devereux and Nancy Harthausen for all their support and the rest of the volunteers for working so hard to make our picnic so much fun. If you have never volunteered, please do, it's enjoyable and rewarding.
The winners of the Bocce tournament were Dave and Flo Pflaster and Ralph and Lil Capuano.
The putting contest was won by John Crane.
We are now preparing for the Labor Day Picnic, September 3rd. We need chairpersons for each of the following: Set up, Cooking, Bingo, Bocce, Putting contest, and clean up crew. Any volunteers may contact Mary Fran Ryon at 575-8343.
If anyone has any ideas for games or entertainment they would like included in future picnics, please let me know.
Mary Fran Ryon

News About our “Original” Web site

The "unofficial" web site of this community,, is alive and well despite my restricted computer use and multiple other issues.
The POA has launched a site making portions of the original web site unnecessary. When possible, I will write articles about residents, local news, area photos and charitable organizations. I will focus on the quilters because their web pages are visited by persons throughout the United States. I want to write about exceptional residents who will interest you. I will do my best to post photos of your events if you send them to me.
In particular, because it has been my life-long work, I will support your charitable events -- both announcing them and writing about them afterwards -- as well as posting notices about lost dogs. Please let me know as soon as you plan an event. This is a user-friendly web site. Your suggestions and assistance are important. Thanks for understanding. Jo O'Keefe - 910-579-0655 &



The local VFW Post 10804, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary have adopted a unit with 117 soldiers from North and South Carolina. They are now stationed in Iraq. We are preparing to ship our next delivery of goodies to them shortly.
Here’s how you can help….

• Call for a list of goodies to purchase then bring the items to the North Myrtle Beach post on 111 Hwy 57, Little River by August 12
• Help us raise almost $900 to purchase a 15 minute Operation Uplink Phone Card for each soldier ($7.50each)
• Provide a monetary gift to help us pay to ship the nearly 300 pounds of supplies

Please call Cheryl Zupan at 570-1091 for any additional information or if you need your care package items delivered.



Mr. Vic Pizzolato with AARP will conduct an AARP Safe Driving for Seniors Course at the POA clubhouse on September 19th and 21st. The course consists of two 3 to 4 hour segments and will begin at 9:00 am each day. The purpose of the course is to teach seniors to drive defensively to help compensate for the naturally occurring decrease in vision, hearing and reflexes as we age.
Insurance companies are required by law to give a 5 to 10% discount to those who have completed this course in 37 states - unfortunately NC is not yet one but it will probably pass the legislature next year.
Some of our residents who have taken the course in the past have received discounts by asking their insurance companies.
Attendance will be limited to the first 35 people to sign up - sign up log will be available at the POA office - a $10 per person charge must be paid when signing up. Fee is for training materials only -course is free - Vic is an AARP volunteer.
Mike Mundy



Carolina Shores People Are Terrific! Even though Carolina Shores had only two teams entered in the Brunswick County Literacy Golf Tournament this year, we were well represented among the winning teams. The team of Marie Strickler, Marlene Cleary, Judy Nicoletti and Pat Abell TOOK HOME THE $200 SECOND PLACE PRIZE for women! And the team of Bev and Joe Farmarco, Phil Thomas and Bob Jones WON THE SAME PRIZE IN THE MIXED TEAM GROUP!).
The “worker bees” at the tournament, as they have been from the very first golf tournament fund raiser BCLC ran 16 years ago, were almost all from Carolina Shores. Evie Hart chaired the committee of Carolina Shores ladies who baked the homemade cookies that were part of every player’s lunch. Donna Watkins, Kay Craig, Marge Dale, Cynthia Swanson, Jane Jordan, Kathy Harniman, Diana Mardall and Sally Nolan supervised the hole-in-one and closest to the pin contests on the par 3s (where Donna and Kay had the excitement of witnessing a player actually sink that hole-in-one and win $10,000!). Bob and Ruth Anthony were our refreshment people zipping around the course refilling and re-icing the coolers full of water and soda and helping with the clean-up. Jane Mahnke was a huge help working with BCLC staff, organizing and packing the lunches for all our golfers. Special thanks to Ann Nice and Bill Altreuter who were there from the crack of dawn to help register players until the end when we did the final clean-up.
The Literacy Council is truly grateful to these people and our community for all the support it has always shown to the work we do.
Our next big thing (and it never ends with any charitable work), is our big Autumn Yard Sale. We are looking for items small and especially large for the sale, so if you have an old appliance, piece of furniture or knick knack that you are ready to say goodbye to, please call us and we’ll arrange for a quick pick-up. Call Teddy Altreuter at 579-1057 or the Literacy Council at 754-7323


Attention: Carolina Shores Bowlers
There will be a meeting at 5:00 P.M. on August 15th at the POA for all bowlers. Any questions, call Ellie Girard 575-0890



New Meeting Time 11:30 - $5 to join

Our first meeting is Tuesday, August 1 at 11:30 A.M. Bring a bagged lunch and favorite beverage. Your new executive board will provide dessert.
It's time to make plans for the 2006-2007 season. Up for discussion will be: "Filling spots for officers and/or an alternative format?"
This club was started by Joan Gilbert and Jane MacEntee several years ago to share recipes, taste samplings, learn tips and how-to's, and then grew into adventurous culinary outings. Our secretary is Dot Robertello; our chaplain is Jim Nay.
We meet every first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 A.M. Hot beverages are served at all meetings. Thank you Rosey O'Reilly, our outgoing president of 2005-2006. Attend our meeting and see if we are for you, and please call Lynn Darby at 579-7526 if you have any questions.



Despite the HHH (hazy, hot & humid) conditions the Mon., Wed., and Fri. open tennis is alive and well--come join us. If your game is a little rusty please feel free to use the backboard behind court #3 to work on getting your swing back in shape. If you need someone to hit with, feel free to leave a note on the bulletin board or give me a call and I will try to match you up with someone. Tennis lessons for the children are going well and the "volunteers" are surviving quite nicely--the children never seem to run out of energy.
Bob Anthony--579.9666



Over twenty ladies met on a hot and humid Tuesday at the cool POA meeting room for a gathering of New Friends. Dot Robertiello led the introductions of both old (years of residency, of course!) and several new friends to the community.

The first order of business concerned all folks of Carolina Shores. More volunteers, both ladies and men, are needed on the Architectural Control Committee. Step up and help out this group so that the uniqueness of our community may be maintained. Call Monty Craig for further information.

It was then suggested that the Recreation Committee look into a format used at many community pools: that 15 minutes of every hour be used for adult swim only. This could alleviate adult concerns about too many children in the pool at all times.

The Care Team efforts and its food freezer program received accolades from a former member of New Friends who felt that this project created a positive framework for the entire caring community. Keep homebound neighbors and friends in mind during these hot months. Encourage them to use the Care Team services.
On Saturday, August 19, an End of Summer/Back to School Potluck Dinner and Swim Party will be held at the pool. Tammy Humpreys, with the help of New Friends, Rosemary Connell and Mary Dilettuso, will coordinate this family event where there will be activities for the children as well as for us "older kids" with games and prizes for all.

Upcoming events:

o Tuesday, September 19: 11 A.M. Lunch at Greg Norman's at Barefoot Landing followed by a trip on the Jungle Princess to view the Intra coastal Waterway from the “other side” i.e. the water!
o Tuesday, October 17: Trip and tour of Sandy Island, and lunch at Huntington State Park. Call Grayce Farley (579-3995) for information and reservations.

The lunch bunch elected Mary Pritchard to lead the next meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, August 8 at 10 A.M. See you there!
Em Broughton



The Ladies' Fall Bridge Luncheon for Carolina Shores residents will be held on Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at 11:30 a.m. at Brick Landing. The cost of the luncheon will be $13.50. Details - will be announced later.
Lois Howard and Doris Palesko



It’s not too late to sign up for Marathon Bridge. We need your $20 check by September 1st! (includes prize money, charitable donation and food to have at a party at the end of the tournament!)
Please call Jody Personette/Ray Gosciniak – 579-6086 or drop check by 29 Carolina Shores Pkwy.
Looking forward to September! Join Us!


All of you enthusiastic bridge players please mark the following date on your calendar – Friday, September 2, 2006 at 7 p.m. This is the night that we start off the fall season so get a partner and come on out. You'll be glad that you did!
Don Hart 579-7789



We play duplicate bridge in a relaxed setting every Wednesday night at 7 P.M. at the POA.
Please bring a partner and join us. If you need a partner or want to know more about the game, call Bob Davis at 575-0825 or Mike Mundy at 579-1436. Recent results for the Wednesday evening game are as follows:
6/21: 1st: Mike/Shirley Tolochko; 2nd:Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg; 3rd:Ray Gosciniak/ Jody Personette
6/28: 1st: Chuck/Alice Schilling; 2nd:Velma Browning/Rita Hoyne; 3rd:Mike/Shirley Tolochko
7/5: 1st: Nancy Bradbury/Mary Scott; 2nd:(tie) Mike/Judy Mundy and Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg; 4th: Gordon/Betty Goodwin
7/12: 1st: Mike/Judy Mundy; 2nd: Rita Kielty/Marilyn Mattutat
7/19: 1st: Ed/Carolyn Woods; 2nd: Mike/Shirley Tolochko; 3rd: Rita Kielty/Marilyn Mattutat
Submitted by Mike Mundy



Our Quarterly Meeting and Luncheon was held on Thursday, July 13th, at Derbsters. We had 14 members attending and enjoyed wonderful fellowship together. It is time again to solicit for new officers for 2007. A signup sheet has been placed on our table at the club house for those interested in serving. Niners please consider being an officer, we need your help.

Grand Strand Ladies - We will be playing at Prestwick Golf Club on August 8 with an 8AM registration and an 8:30AM tee time. The total cost is $28.00. Checks should be made payable to “Prestwick Lady 9 Hole Group” and given to Betty French or Mary Ann Ketcham by July 25. No refunds after August 1.

Weekly Play –Niners’ play is every Thursday at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive a half hour before Tee Time. Signup sheets at the golf club house will be picked up on Tuesdays at 1 PM. Phone calls making changes will not be received after 12:00 Noon on Wednesday of each week. We will have lunch at the Pro Shop after golf on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Mary Anne Ketcham will be responsible for the pairings for all regular play in 2006. The last captain should deliver all the score cards for the day to Nancy Harthausen at 31 Carolina Shores Parkway if she is not at the Pro Shop that day.
Submitted by Nancy Harthausen 575-2923



The team of Carol Groner, Kay Craig, Gloria Schroppe and Pauline Millosky shot a 108 to win top honors in the July team event held on July 6 at Carolina Shores. The game format for the event was Cha, Cha, Cha. Donna Watkins, Dee Gillin, Elaine Southard and Teddy Altreuter placed second with a score of 117 and the team of Lin Penta, Kathy Hahl, with two blind draws placed third with a score of 122.

The Renegades have planned a very busy fall calendar that will include the following:

August 3 – Tournament and Luncheon with the CSLGA
September 20-21 – Couples Away at Cheraw
October 5 – Rally for a Cure at Carolina Shores
December 14 – Christmas Tournament at Brick Landing

Lin Penta, Barbara Malina and Kathy Harniman are collecting items for the silent auction that will be held to benefit the Rally for a Cure. Please help them out with your donations.

Handicap labels are printed each month by the golf course. Please check the bulletin board next to the handicap computer at the Golf Course.

Martha Hannon and Kathy Hahl will be the co-chairpersons for August. Please check the bulletin board at the POA for tee times and sign-up sheets.

Submitted by Donna Watkins



The Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group played Meadowlands on July 9. The course’s 7,054 yards did not intimate the golfers but the recently aerated greens surely did.
The format for the tournament was two low grosses per foursome. The team of Bill Southard, Floyd Schroppe, Bev Farmarco and Kay Craig came in first. Second place went to the team of Al Franklin, Dolores Sanborn, Dick Boyle and Elaine Southard. Third place was determined on a match of cards and was awarded to the team of Barbara Malina, Sharon Clark and Isle Bateman.
Dinner followed at the POA hosted by Diana Mardall, Phil Thomas and Carol and Will Groner. The hosts would like to thank Betty Goodwin, Martha Hannon, Arlene Leskowicz and Dolores Sanborn for their scrumptious salads and desserts.
Next month’s play will be at Farmstead on August 13 and will be hosted by Jane and Paul Jordan and Jane Mahncke. Sign-up sheet is on the POA Bulletin Board.



Nancy Bates
6 Brassie Ct 575-3544

Nancy moved to Carolina Shores in January, 2006 from Greensboro, NC. She is a retired food economist. She has 2 daughters and one son. One of her daughters lives in Ocean Isle Beach and she is delighted to live near her. She has 2 dogs, Toby and Sam, who seem happy to be here, too. Nancy likes to read, play cards, garden and go to the beach.

Jim and Nancy Crews
68 Carolina Shores Pkwy 579-1218

Natives of NC, Nancy and Jim moved here from Hickory, NC. Jim is a sales manager for a fire safety company and is still working. Nancy retired from Wild Birds Unlimited in Hickory. They love to golf, garden, travel and go to the beach. They were high school sweethearts but then parted ways for 34 years. They have been together for the past 11 years, and have 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren between them.

Fred and Suzanne Kirksey
4 Sand Dollar Dr. 579-4172

Fred and Suzanne are from Maryland and moved into their new house in early July. They had been living for a few months in Brunswick Plantation and are excited to be finally settling into Carolina Shores. They have already become active in the community and are looking forward to doing more. She is retired from the Federal Government where she worked with computers, and he is a retired steamfitter and was in construction. They love to travel and go to the beach. Suzanne enjoys decorating and Fred is a golfer. They have 2 married daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Dave and Ellen Jones
12 Sage Court 579-5269

Originally from Connecticut, but after living for 6 years at Oak Island Dave and Ellen are getting settled into their new home in Carolina Shores. Dave is a banker for First Federal at Sunset Beach, and Ellen is a nurse for Dr. Holland in Oak Island. In his spare time, Dave likes to garden, lift weights, and golf. Ellen enjoys doing crafts, aerobics, reading, and also golfing. Right now they are busy helping to plan their son's wedding in September.

If you are a new homeowner in our community we would like to write you up in the Bulletin. If we have visited and left a card in your door, we would appreciate a call so we can visit again at your convenience. Also some of you live here part-time and it is difficult for us to find you at home so please give us a call. Marlene Stewart 575-6675, Gwyn DeReene 575-6604, or Flo Pflaster 575-6243.



It's true what they say about Carolina Shores People - they are wonderful!! Bruce and I thank you for all the wonderful food that kept arriving at our door, the cards, calls and especially prayers. My shoulder is on the mend and we thank one and all for your care and concern.
Betty Kibblehouse

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to those neighbors and friends who, in their various ways, expressed their deepest sympathy relative to the death of our beloved daughter Carol on June 10th 2006 at her home in Delaware following a courageous 6-year battle against cancer. We thank you all.
Lois & Charles Hargreaves

Thanks to all who attended Bill’s funeral. Everyone knew of his love of God, family, golf and Carolina Shores. Living here for over twenty-four years is a sign of what a great community this is. Please keep it that way.
Lill Haupt & Family

The wonderful friends and neighbors of ours that came to our rescue when we needed them, Thank you, thank you! They picked up our mail and newspapers, watered houseplants and loaned us equipment when Allen fractured his hip two days into our vacation in Georgia at our daughter’s house. Hospital, rehab and home visits, calls, cards and food were wonderful. Thank you one and all.
Jackie and Allen Storm

What a wonderful service provided by the Care Team! Don needed a ride to the Sleep Lab in Myrtle Beach but because of my macular eye problem we felt it unwise for me to drive in rainy weather. Many thanks to the Care Team, especially Bob and Barbara Jones.
Don and Louise Oldman



Ken Shafer - 19 Bayberry Circle



Editor’s Note: Articles for the next Bulletin must be received by the Editor by the 20th of the month. You can e-mail articles, event information, etc. to me at (Note: there is an underlined space between “diana” and “mardall” – diana_mardall); you can deliver
the information to me at 36 Carolina Shores Parkway, or you can send via e-mail to the POA and they’ll forward to me. Please include a name and phone number