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Board Members: Joyce Dunn Davis - President, Monty Craig - Vice President, Bill Harniman - Treasurer,
Nancy Harthausen - Director, Mike Mundy - Director, Vicki Samuels - Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall
Volume 26 Issue 7
July 2006


Dear Neighbors,
I believe –and I have heard from most of my neighbors here – that living in Carolina Shores has been an amazing and wonderful experience. The weather is great (usually), there is an abundance of enjoyable activities to choose from, and we are surrounded by some of the nicest, most caring neighbors a person could ask for. My greatest hope is for Carolina Shores to stay that way. From my perspective of serving on your CSPOA Board of Directors, I have been given a useful perspective that I would like to share with you concerning our Declaration of Restrictions.
The By-Laws and Declaration of Restrictions are here to make life better for all of us – not to make life as difficult as possible. We live in a rural county that has few and simple zoning and land use laws. Our Restrictions were created to fill the gap between local laws and the kind of lifestyle Carolina Shores property owners want. The job of the Board of Directors is to oversee fair and even application of the Restrictions and – when appropriate – to propose revisions or modifications.
The Board will do its best to be fair and even in enforcement of the Restrictions. We ask you – the members – to do your best to comply with the Restrictions, even when you do not agree with them or you believe the Board or the ACC may have made a mistake or an oversight that gives you an opportunity circumvent the rules. Our Board and ACC members are all volunteers, and will occasionally make a mistake or an oversight when dealing with the Restrictions. When that happens we do our best to quickly correct the errors. Most residents are very cooperative in this process. We appreciate their cooperation and ask that you – their neighbors – be patient and understanding when problems arise that take time to correct.
A small number of residents actually look for opportunities to circumvent the intention of the Restrictions. People who choose to do this are not hurting the Board or the Restrictions – they are choosing to take actions that are unfair and offensive to their neighbors. And that hurts all of us.
I urge each of you to join the efforts of the Board to keep our surroundings enjoyable. Please read the Restrictions and inform yourself about our building requirements before undertaking a project at your property, and then do your best to comply. If you see errors or unfair application of the Restrictions by the Board contact us in writing and ask for a review of the situation. We will do our best to respond quickly and fairly.
Let’s keep Carolina Shores the beautiful, warm, and neighborly place we have always been!
Joyce Dunn Davis

ACC Corner

Regretfully, I must begin this month's column by advising you that Curt Orwig, Chairman of the CSPOA ACC, submitted his resignation from the Committee on June 8, 2006. I would like to state on behalf of the Board of Directors that his departure was very disappointing, and we will miss his extraordinary leadership and organizational prowess. Curt worked many long hours for the betterment of the ACC, and through his efforts, many Committee improvements have been realized.
Last month I indicated that great strides were being made to update some of the more commonly needed "Request Forms' and "Guidelines and Procedures". Unfortunately, the final preparation has been somewhat delayed, and as time permits, we will complete the final versions of these very important documents, and put them into use. Until such time that a new ACC Chairman is selected, I am helping the Committee as much as possible, to ensure that we are able to conduct necessary ACC business activities. If you experience a delay in receiving assistance with any ACC issues you may have, please understand that due to the departure of the Chairman, and a woefully low number of volunteers to accomplish daily ACC requirements, our response time may not be as rapid as usual The Board and the ACC extends their appreciation to all of you for your cooperation and understanding as we work to regain our usual response capabilities.
Thank you...

Monty Craig, VP-CSPOA and Board Liaison to the ACC.




We are starting up the neighborhood crime watch this month. I am taking over for Joe Martere, to whom we all owe our thanks for running it the last several years. There are signup sheets for July, August, and September in the boardroom at the POA clubhouse, along with more detailed instructions. Please sign up for a day or two – this is not a difficult task. You only cruise your half of the community two or three times on the day you have selected. We will be using the sign-up sheets only for the next few months, so if you see open dates, ask your friends and neighbors to help. If the neighborhood watch is to be successful, most of us have to pitch in. Thanks in advance,

Bob Davis


On Tuesday, July 18th from 8 AM till 1 PM there will be a Community Blood Drive to be held at the Calabash VFW, 900 Carter Drive in Calabash. The drive is in honor of our troops serving overseas. No appointments are needed, but a "PHOTO ID" is required. Refreshments will be served.
For further info please contact Vera Manning (575-4099) or Bud Sweetman (579-9036).
Thank you in advance for your "GIFT OF LIFE".

History of Carolina Shores

Ever wonder how our community came to be? Our new web site has an article about the history of Carolina Shores written by Helen Moore. It describes the development and first ten years of Carolina Shores. It is an interesting read! Find it at:
Also, check out the calendar on the web site. It is updated on a regular basis.

Many Thanks for NEW FRIENDS' Successful Artists and Crafters Show

We had a wonderful turnout that made our very first New Friends show at the POA one successful, beautiful day. Special thanks for our construction of Public Signs and set ups by Bradley Lewis, and Eva Jensen; Flyer distribution by Rosemary O'Connor, Tina St. Marie, Grayce Farley, Fran DiBona, and others. Like a completed puzzle, we were all complimentary parts, fitting very well together. At the next show, we agreed it will last only 4 hours. Many new ideas will be discussed as to what our group will be doing next. Stay tuned. Have a great summer.

Lynn Darby


The Carolina Shores Care Team Freezer needs your help! Recent needs of our neighbors have reduced the supply of food in the freezer to near zero.
As you do your cooking over the next week please think about making extra portions and putting something in the freezer. Entrees, soups, desserts, etc. are all needed. Portions for two people are ideal, but more or less is always acceptable. Just put your food in a non-returnable container and mark the contents on the top (indicating if it is salt, sugar, or lactose free) and drop it by the POA at your convenience. Your neighbors will thank you!

Joyce Dunn Davis



The putting green contest was won by a play off between Gary Stewart, Bob Davis and Ed Morris.
Gary Stewart --- 1st place
Ed Morris---2nd place
Bob Davis---3rd Place
The kids age group for 11 and under was won by
Colin- 1st place
Kyle--2nd place
We had 55 players and it was a beautiful day!!!

Ron and Patty Buck



The water aerobics classes are taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9 AM to 10 AM. Since we have not been able to find another instructor, we have all decided that we will assist Bobby Henry throughout the summer in leading the exercises. We are still hoping that we can find someone in the community that may be interested in instructing the classes. In the meantime, please plan to come and enjoy the morning exercises.


Many of you know that I’ve been speaking with parents, grandparents and guardians of children in our community. I’m thrilled to share that many residents of Carolina Shores would like to get involved and make some positive changes for the families in our neighborhood! Contact me with your ideas at Here are some of the events going on so far:

Tennis Sign Up!

School age children (ages 6 and up) are welcome to sign up for tennis lessons to begin July 13 &14, here at the Carolina Shores tennis courts. Lessons will be twice a week, on Thursday & Friday afternoons, from 3 - 4:00 pm, for 4 weeks. Participants should bring their own racquets and water bottles with their names on them. Tennis shoes are preferred however, any court shoe will do as long as they don't have black or dark soles. Shirts & shorts are required. Sign up for tennis lessons by calling Tammy Humphreys at 575-7827 or email .

Volunteers Needed!

If you have a talent or skill that you think children could benefit from, please consider donating your time! We are looking for volunteers to teach golf, art, swimming, fishing, or anything you have to offer to children in our neighborhood. Parents, grandparents and guardians of children in Carolina Shores would love to have activities for their children within our own community. Families interested in participating in upcoming activities, please email me at Volunteers willing to share some time, please contact me as well.

Neighborhood Updates

August 19 -- End of Summer/Back to School Potluck Dinner and Swim Party at the Pool, 4:00 PM
October 28 -- Family Halloween Party, featuring games, costume contest, etc. for children and adults, at the POA Clubhouse, 6:30 PM
For more information -- or to sign up to help organize one of the parties -- please call Marlene Stewart (575-6675) or Joyce Davis (575-0825). These parties are sponsored by the Carolina Shores New Friends.


Mon., Wed. and Fri. open tennis is still going strong but there's always room for more. This summer some of the Carolina Shores tennis players are offering their time and "expertise" to the school children living & visiting in our community by providing beginner tennis lessons. Details of this program can be found in article elsewhere in this bulletin by Tammy Humphreys.

Bob Anthony 579.9666.



The Carolina Shores Quilters met at the POA June 9 with 21 members present and two guests, After our business meeting we all enjoyed another great show and tell. Our guest were introduced by Kathy Welker, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell were our guests and are representatives from the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, He gave us a very informative talk about the running of the house, the volunteers of the house, the patients and their families staying in the house. He and his wife expressed thanks for all the donations we have made to the Ronald McDonald house in the past and told us how much the children enjoyed the home made quilts. We presented them with more quilts and booties and then the meeting was adjoined. After the meeting was adjourned we enjoyed our June pot luck luncheon and visiting with one another. The committee did a great job.
Even though we will not have any business meetings through the summer, we will have open workshops in July and August. Our July 14 workshop will be at the POA and start at 9:30.This workshop will be held to make fabric bags to be hung on walkers or wheelchairs and will be donated to Autumn Care Nursing Home along with other facilities, we will also complete unfinished projects, or get help on completing them. The Quilters want to welcome interested residents to join them in making the bags. Sewing machines are welcome, but not mandatory, as there are other jobs to do such as measuring, cutting, and finishing touches. Do bring a sewing kit of needles, thread, scissors, etc.
Looking forward to seeing some new faces along with our members.

Bonnie Reinecke - 575-4051



There will be a meeting at 5:00 PM at the POA Clubhouse on August 15th, 2006. We will discuss new rules, prize lists, etc.
Ellie Girard - 575-0890


On June 16, 2006, the Carolina Shores Book Club met in the POA library. There were 12 members present. We had two very good books to discuss and it was difficult to cram all our thoughts into one hour, but we managed to stay focused by giving each book a half hour for discussion.
Our first book was “The Kite Runner” a powerful first novel written by Khaled Hossseini. The book was set in Afghanistan during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It is the story of family, of childhood friendship, betrayal, of choices made. Finally it is the story of redemption, healing and hope for the future. We all agreed that this book broadened our knowledge of the Afghan culture and their politics, loyalties and devotion to their families. This is a book worth reading twice.
“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon was our second selection for the month. It gives us a glimmer of what goes on in the mind of an autistic child and the unorthodox ways he uses to relate to other people and situations. Chris, the autistic child, narrates the story and lets us know that he is very upset because he discovered the body of the neighbor’s dog and knows that it did not die by accident. He’s fond of animals and relates to them better than humans so he decides he’s going to be Sherlock Holmes and solve this mystery. As he uses logic and mathematics to eliminate suspects, he manages to upset the whole neighborhood. He then runs away and navigates the subway system to find his mother who lives on the other side of the city. Most of the time, he seems to exhibit more logic than the adults around him.
We thought this was a humorous, heartwarming story of a very courageous young man. It gave us a chance to see just how difficult it is for an autistic person to get along in our world. Mark Haddon is a teacher of autistic children and his story was quite uplifting – another book worth reading again.
Our next meeting will be on July 21, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. in the POA library. Our book club has no reading agenda for the summer, we just meet and discuss any good books we have read and enjoyed. Please join us.

Mary Dilettuso – 575-5845




Our June meeting was a picnic held at the CS picnic area. Betty O’Rourke brought fried chicken from Food Lion and other members brought homemade salads, fruit and homemade goodies for dessert. Everything was very tasty! And we all had a good time.
New Horizons will not meet July or August. Our next regular meeting will be on September 19. Please join us.
Have a wonderful summer!

Jane Mahnke



Famous first words of the day that Carolina Shores folks hear all summer long! Summer activities for house guests of all ages was the discussion topic at the June meeting of New Friends. Several new residents were delighted to hear the following suggestions and some long time friends were thrilled to hear some new ideas for summer fun.
Of course, the beach is # 1 for sun fun. For younger grandchildren, a day at Broadway At The Beach could include The Children's Museum, Ripleys Aquarium and miniature golf. The older kids love NASCAR, located across the street. For speed boat rides and dolphin sightings, try the Hurricane Fleet's offerings out of the Calabash waterfront. Older kids also enjoy the Alligator House and Myrtle Wave, where at least the less timid can watch the water shenanigans seated in the shade. The Ocean Isle Museum plus the Planetarium are nearby venues that hold children's programs. And don't forget the free movies at the Coastal Cinemas in Shallotte every Tuesday and Thursday.
For adult visitors, be sure to visit the Sunset Gallery here in Calabash for outstanding art displays. For the shoppers, check out the Tanger Outlets, of course and Martin's for the golfers. Local thrift shops offer special shopping excursions also. For a peaceful boat trip down the Intracoastal Waterway , try the "Jungle Princess", leaving twice daily from Barefoot Landing. Dinner cruises are also available. Take the ferry out of Southport to visit Fort Fisher, a Civil War site and the North Carolina Aquarium. Don't forget to cheer on the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the A baseball team, for an evening of rousing fun. If antiquing is the order of the day, visit Southport, N.C, or Georgetown or Mullins S.C. Check newspapers for free concerts at Ocean Isle and local wineries. Finally, keep "Thursdays at the Beach" in mind. Join other C.S. people near the Sunset Beach pier around 4 P.M. for happy hour and watching the sunset.
One clever suggestion: keep on hand a collection of brochures that can be gathered at the Visitor's Center of sights and sites then let the your guests choose what they would like to see and do. Also keep on hand the small menus of local restaurants so guests can help in the selection of an eatery for a night out. (That way, the house cook can get a break!) Have a great summer entertaining!
Kudos and thanks go to Lynn Darby and Grayce Farley for all their hard work in organizing the first New Friends Arts and Crafts Fair in June. Since it was a qualifying success, another one will be held in the fall just in time for holiday shopping.
Please encourage neighbors and friends to use the resources of the Care Team, including the frozen meals in the freezer at the POA. Let's continue the "family friendly" atmosphere of this caring community and be aware of those around us who may be in need of such services.
Upcoming events:
Tuesday, July 11 - New Friends Meeting at 10 A.M. at the POA. Dot Robetello will chair the meeting.
Saturday, August 19 - Picnic and Pool Party
Saturday, October 28 Costume Party at the POA - Kids of all ages welcome!
Everyone is welcome to join this active group at any of the activities. See you there!

Em Broughton 575-0472



It's not too early to be thinking about marathon bridge, starting in September!
Get your partner and call Ray and/or Jody to get on the list!
579-6089 -- 29 Carolina Shores Parkway.


We play duplicate bridge in a relaxed atmosphere every Wednesday night at 7 PM. Come join us!
If you need more information, call me at 575-0825.
Recent results follow:
May 24 - 1st Mike/Judy Mundy, 2nd tie Dottie Plourde/Doris Sandberg, Ray Gosciniak/Jody Personette
May 31 - 1st Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 2nd Dottie Plourde/Nancy Bradbury, 3rd Ed Woods/ Bob Davis
June 7 - 1st Bob/Joyce Davis, 2nd Chuck/Alice Schilling
June 14 - 1st Pat O’Brien/Joan LaForge, 2nd Mike/Judy Mundy
3rd Ray Gosciniak/Jody Personette

Bob Davis


A Ray of Sunshine AMIDST the Showers!
Talamore @ Pinehurst was the destination of the Renegades for this year’s their Ladies Away. The group arrived on Monday in time to enjoy cocktails at the pool and a catered dinner. Tuesday morning’s skies were threatening but everyone was anxious to hit the fairways. The gray skies brightened when Donna Watkins’ drive on the second hole, a 120 yard par three, rolled into the cup for a Hole-in-One. Talamore honored Donna, giving her a Talamore flag and welcomed her into the Talamore Hole-in-One Club.
Jane Jordan was the last Renegade to experience one of the greatest thrills in golf when she aced Hole #7 at Carolina Shores in 2004.
The team of Barbara Malina, Sharon Clark, Kathy Harniman and Sally Nolan won 1st place honors in the day’s tournament. Second place winners were: Lin Penta, Donna Powers, Betty Johnson and Gloria Schroppe. Finishing third was the team of Donna Watkins, Pauline Millosky, Kay Craig and Jane Mahncke.
Prizes were awarded at dinner following at the Squires Restaurant in Southern Pines. After dinner and back at Talamore the Renegades reminisced about past Ladies Away trips and toasted the future. Sites for the next getaway were discussed.
Unfortunately Wednesday’s round was rained out. However, Tropical Storm Alberto could not suppress the camaraderie of the Group for they knew as they packed up and headed home, they would be back.
All the Renegades thank Lin Penta and Kathy Harniman for arranging the housing at Talamore and our golf, and especially for all the extra touches which only added to our enjoyment and fun memories. Well done, Ladies!
The Renegades will be playing at Carolina Shores during July. Nancy Rubin and Wanda Ogden are the co-chairpersons.

Kay Craig


The Carolina Shores Niners held their annual “Couples Father’s Day Nine and Dine” on June 17. We all played a great game of golf at the Eagles Nest Golf Club and the awards were presented at dinner that evening at Pat and Mike’s Restaurant in Little River. Doris and Dick Pearce were the low net winners in the women’s and men’s categories for the day. They also had the lowest putts for the women and men. What a day for them! Second low net went to Betty French for the women and Don Ketcham for the men. Nancy Harthausen had the longest drive in the women’s category and Dick Pearce had the longest drive for the men. Closest to the pin winners were Mary Fran Ryon for the women and Eugene Sanborn for the men. Chuck French had a chip-in at the 5th hole. The weather was beautiful and we all had a wonderful time together.
Our Quarterly Meeting and Luncheon will be held on Thursday, July 13th, at Derbsters at 11:30 AM. Hope to see a large group of Niners there.
Weekly Play –Niners’ play is every Thursday at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive by 7:30 AM. Tee time is 8:00 AM. All players for the next Thursday must sign-up on our sheet on our Niners’ desk in the Pro Shop by the preceding Monday. No phone calls making changes will be received after 12:00 Noon on Wednesday of each week. We will have lunch at the Pro Shop after golf on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Mary Anne Ketcham will be responsible for the pairings for all regular play in 2006. The last captain should deliver all the score cards for the day to Nancy Harthausen at 31 Carolina Shores Parkway if she is not at the Pro Shop that day.

Submitted by Nancy Harthausen 575-2923



The CSLGA held its annual Rally For A Cure Golf Tournament April 20thy to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Judy Nicoletti posted the Low Gross of 83. She was also closest to the pin on hole #17 which won her a pair of Etonic golf shoes provided by the Rally For A Cure. Carol Hamilton posted the Low Net of 68. Marie Strickler had the longest drive on hole #4 and Patty Buck had the most accurate drive on hole #16. Sally Manifold, Ann Hierman, Shirley Vazquez and Dottie Russo tied for low putts of 30 for which they received a Rally For A Cure golf ball.
Additional winners were: 2nd low gross – Marie Strickler; 3rd low gross – Sally Manifold; 2nd low net – Barb Kassner; 3rd low net – Bev Farmarco; 4th low net – Dottie Meader; 5th low net – Doreen Spearin; 6th low net (MOC) – Blanche Johnson, 7th low net – Patty Buck; 8th low net – Ilsa Bateman; 9th low net (MOC) – Marlene Cleary; 10th low net – Bernice Morris and 11th low net – Sharon Pies.
Prizes were provided by the following: Heather Glen, The Thistle, Angel’s Trace, Shaftsbury Glen, Sandpiper Bay, Crow Creek and Carolina Shores golf courses, The Office Restaurant, The Boundary House Restaurant, Captain Nance’s Seafood Restaurant, Derbster’s Restaurant, Totally Chic Hiar Salon, Tony’s Pizza and Lori’s Golf Shoppe.
We wish to thank the “Rally” committee (Dottie Russo – Chair, Barb Kassner, Dottie Meader), all the prize donors, the participants, Jo O-Keefe and Eva Jensen for their photography, and all those who donated to this most worthy cause. The sum of $713 was raised.

Marie Stricker, Publicity



The Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group held its June outing @ Eastport Golf Course. The 32 participants found it to be a challenging layout. However, Joe Farmarco, Gordon Goodwin, Kathy Harniman and Steve Blatnica managed to top Art Hahl, Jane Jordan, Sharon Clark and Kay Craig by a match of cards, with each team scoring a 133 for the one low gross, one low net game.
In third place were Bill Southard, Dick Boyle, Ilse Bateman and Jay Leskowicz.
A delicious barbeque dinner followed at the POA with Sharon and Joe Clark and Kathy and Art Hahl hosting. Salads, desserts and set-up and clean-up help were provided by Kathy Harniman, Sharon Clark, Kathy Hahl, Teddy Altreuter, Gloria Crane and Bev Farmarco.
The Scramble group also welcomed a new member - - Bob Jones.
July’s Scramble is scheduled for July 9 at Meadowlands. Carol and Will Groner and Diana Mardall and Phil Thomas will host. Sign-up sheet is on the POA Bulletin Board.


Sue and Bob Ferrell
94 Calabash Dr 579-6112

Sue and Bob moved to Carolina Shores in July, 2005 from Winchester, VA. However, Bob grew up in Raleigh, NC and Sue is from northern Virginia. Sue is a retired legal secretary and Bob worked 38 years for the Boy Scouts. They have a daughter who lives in Carolina Shores North with 4 children ranging in age from 1 to 7. Bob and Sue enjoy spending lots of time with them. In addition, Sue loves the beach, reading and walking. Bob loves to golf. They are enjoying their life here in Carolina Shores.

Debi and Steve Clemans
4 Fairway Ct 575-4414

Debi and Steve were married one year ago. She is originally from Indiana and he is from Ohio, although he lived in Sea Trail for several years. They moved to Carolina Shores at the end of May, 2006 and are thrilled to be setting up their new home together. Steve continues to work in the medical device manufacturing field. Debi is a retired secretary. She loves to knit, crochet and sew and Steve loves to golf. They have 4 grown children between them, and 3 grandsons.

Steve and Rose Mary Jones
1 Cleek Ct. 579-9338

Rose Mary and Steve are from High Point but spent 2 years in Moorehead City before moving to Carolina Shores in April, 2006. She is a retired Public Health Nurse who worked many years as a school nurse and he retired from Bell South as a telephone technician. She likes to read, do needlework and go to the beach. Steve plays golf, likes to garden and is a “fixer-upper”. They have a son in Raleigh and another son in Charlotte who was married in May. They are looking forward to getting involved in their new community.

Maude Davis
26 Gate 7 575-3738

Maude moved here in May, 2006 from Westbrook, Connecticut. She is a retired elementary school music teacher. Her sister lives nearby in Ocean Isle Beach. Maude enjoys reading and studying genealogy. She is looking forward to settling into her new home and redecorating and trying out the many restaurants in the area.

Bob and Kathy Sanders
4 Seagull Court 579-9056

Martinsburg, WV was home to Bob and Kathy before locating in North Carolina. Bob worked for 30 years for Lenox China, and Kathy worked as a customer service representative for BB&T and then for a packing service company. They are both golfers, and enjoy going to the beach together. Boating and fishing are other interests that they enjoy. Bob is also a big NASCAR fan.

Steve and Lisa Blair
Abby and Shelby
7 Oakbark Court 579-9076

Steve is originally from California and Lisa is a native of North Carolina. They met while Steve was stationed in NC in the military, and moved to Carolina Shores from High Point, NC. Steve owns a floor covering business in Boiling Springs, and Lisa works there as well. Their two daughters, Abby and Shelby, keep them busy, but Steve enjoys a round of golf when he has the time, and Lisa is learning how to golf. Lisa also enjoys scrapbooking, but right now they are busy getting settled into their new home.

Don and Pat Lehman
2 Pineridge Court 575-4547

Originally from Lexington, Ohio, and after living many years in Scotsdale, Arizona the Lehman's have returned to the east to retire. They have a daughter in Little River, SC so they were drawn to this area. However, their son from Montana plans to visit quite often and helped them make their move. Don worked as a civil engineer for the highways department, and Pat was a secretary. Don enjoys woodworking and fishing in his spare time, while Pat does painting, needlework, and reading to relax.

Frank Morgan
35 Carolina Shores Parkway 575-3209

Frank is retired from the Air Force, and moved here from Canton, NC. His mother and sister both live in the area as well. Frank's mother is the owner of Cafe Latte in Calabash. Frank enjoys shooting pool, and has room in his home for his own pool table. He also enjoys spending time on his computer. He has been having lots of up-grading down to the outside of his house, and it really looks great.

If you are a new homeowner in Carolina Shores, and haven't been visited by the Welcoming Committee please call Marlene Stewart at 575-6675, Gwen DeRenne at 575-6604, or Flo Plaster at 575-6243 to set up a convenient time to get together. Many of you live here part-time or work full-time, and it is difficult for us to find you at home, so please give us a call.


If you are sick or injured (or are the caregiver for someone who is sick or injured) the Carolina Shores Care Team is ready to offer some assistance. Our volunteers are available to drive you to local appointments, pick up medicines or other supplies for you, sit with you while your primary caregiver is unavailable, or help with pet care or simple house and yardwork. All you need to do is ask. If you need help – or you know of someone who needs help – call Care Team Coordinator Mary Pritchard at 579-4684 or send her an email at: Rides can also be arranged to take you to community social events like the 4th of July picnic.


The Carolina Shores Care Team Freezer is now up and running in the POA kitchen. If you are sick or injured and could use a small supply of frozen, read-to-serve meals just help yourself to the contents of the freezer. If you have a neighbor you think needs some food prepared, why not go get a meal from the freezer and take it to your neighbor? And if you are cooking something with leftovers, why not pack them up in a disposable container, label the contents, and donate them to the freezer? Contributions of entrees and desserts are always welcomed!


There are not enough words for us to express our gratitude for the numerous acts of kindness shown from the people of Carolina Shores. Your mass cards, prayers, sympathy cards, flowers, food, and kind thoughts were among the many ways that helped us through this very difficult time. No wonder John loved being a part of this community.
Also, thank you for all the contributions to the American Cancer Society.
Thank you and God bless all of you,
Maureen Farley and family

We read those “Thank You” messages every month in the Bulletin, but never thought we would be writing one. Just goes to show you how fast things can change and never take your good life for granted. The support we have received in many different ways from our friends, neighbors and members at the Club has been overwhelming. We thank each and every one of you for caring and taking the time to express your concern. As we begin our 5th month, we are headed in the right direction. We know it will be a long and upward battle but we have the strength, support and faith to get there. Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts,
Tom and Jamie Hoskinson

My deepest thanks to all friends and neighbors for your prayers, cards and phone calls on the passing of my dear mother. Words cannot express my feelings.
Marcy Norris

To all my friends in Carolina Shores,
I have to apologize for being so late in writing this note. Once again you have come to my rescue. Thanks to all who drove me to Myrtle Beach for my five weeks of daily radiation therapy and to those who have dropped by with their gifts of food and company after my recent hospital stay and series of home I.V. treatments. Fortunately, I'm feeling well now and rapidly regaining my strength. I thank each of you for your many kindnesses and prayers.
Fondly, Ramona Bendin

Velma-Lou and I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to the many friends and acquaintances for their prayers and expressions of sympathy concerning my mothers recent illness and subsequent death. We feel very fortunate to be part of a caring Carolina Shores community. Thanks to you all.
Bob Browning

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Iceland that turned out to be our darkest day.
We lost our dear son, John in a tragic motorcycle accident.
Love and support from our family in Iceland was wonderful. Then to come back home to Carolina Shores and feel such love and caring from our family, friends, and neighbors. It really did not surprise us. What a wonderful place to live. sincere thanks for all your prayers, cards, mass cards, cakes, plants, visits, phone calls and "John's Tree".
Joe & Halla Cramer

Editor’s Note:

I was recently told by someone in the community that “no-one with children reads The Bulletin – there’s nothing in it for them”. How sad! And how disappointing for all of you who write articles for the Bulletin, putting information out into the community (or so you thought!). Then I wondered, “Why do I spend my time putting the Bulletin together if lots of people don’t even read it?” Why don’t we just get rid of it altogether – save the POA $$$ for printing every month, save people having to walk around delivering it every month, save everyone time because they won’t have to write any more articles and save me time because I won’t have to work on it any longer.
Fortunately, I’ve had so many people tell me they love receiving The Bulletin and they enjoy finding out what’s going on every month that I think I’ll ignore the naysayer and continue producing it. Everyone who contributes, please keep the information coming in, and anyone who has something interesting to share, please send the article along to me. And I really recommend that families with children read The Bulletin. Perhaps your children will learn something new about the community they’re growing up in.
Diana Mardall

Editor’s Note: Articles for the next Bulletin must be received by the Editor by the 20th of the month. You can e-mail articles, event information, etc. to me at (Note: there is an underlined space between “diana” and “mardall” – diana_mardall); you can deliver the information to me at 36 Carolina Shores Parkway, or you can send via e-mail to the POA and they’ll forward to me. Please include a name and phone number when submitting information.