A Publication of the Carolina Shores Property Owners Association for the sole use of its members
To Contact Board Members or the POA: 579-2044 or e-mail at:
Board Members: Joyce Dunn Davis - President, Monty Craig - Vice President, Bill Harniman - Treasurer,
Nancy Harthausen - Director, Mike Mundy - Director, Vicki Samuels - Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall
Volume 25 Issue 6
June 2006

Dear Neighbors,
During the past three months the Board of Directors has undergone much change – two new members elected, another two members resigned and replaced, a new President elected, and a set of Board Standing Committees put in place. It’s been overwhelming for us and – I expect – confusing for many of you to be watching. But I think the result is an outstanding team of leaders with a great commitment to the community and lots of vision and enthusiasm for moving us into a productive future. Here are some of the important things already happening this year:
New Board Members: Mike Mundy joined the Board in April and Nancy Harthausen joined in May. Both of them are introduced more fully elsewhere in this Bulletin. Both bring important skills to the Board – Nancy is knowledgeable about financial management and planning; Mike is very experienced in facilities management.
New Standing Committees: Our Finance and Audit Committee has already assembled preliminary data on what it will cost to maintain our physical plant (clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, etc.) over the next ten years. This information will allow us to do much more accurate financial planning to ensure that our property and our budget remain in sound condition. Currently they are working with Treasurer Bill Harniman on our annual audit. The Recreation Committee is already at work identifying ways to improve our social/recreational activities to better meet the needs of community members of all ages; along with that they will be reviewing and making recommendations about possible additions or improvements to our recreation facilities. The Communications Committee is bringing together the leaders of all our internal communication tools – the Bulletin, the web site, the newcomers’ handbook, and our community bulletin boards – to see how we can get information out to all our members even more effectively. The Facility Management Committee will provide recommendations to the Board on how to best maintain the capital properties we currently own.
Review of the Tree Removal Policy: Responding to resident concerns about their ability to remove healthy trees as part of landscaping projects, the Board is gathering information from local communities as well as arborists and other tree management experts. It is our desire to find the fairest possible balance between the need for healthy trees to protect our community from water runoff problems and the desire of owners to change the looks of their landscaping.
Update of ACC Procedures: ACC Chair Curt Orwig has spent many hours assembling and updating the procedures and forms used by ACC members in overseeing construction and responding to member requests and complaints. The Board will review and give final approval to these forms by early June and Curt will ensure that all ACC members are fully trained in using them. The goal is to ensure that all present and future ACC members have the information and forms they need to ensure consistent and effective oversight of our Declaration of Restrictions. The forms will be available for printing from the new POA Board website.
These are but a few of the many projects the Board is working on. We welcome and encourage member comments, ideas, and involvement and look forward to working with all of you.
Joyce Dunn Davis
As Board Liaison to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), I would like to write a little each month concerning the activities of the ACC and provide information to all CSPOA Members which may be helpful in planning and execution of various projects you may wish to undertake.
Before going any further, I would like to acknowledge the excellent work the ACC accomplishes, and extend my thanks to ACC Chairman Curt Orwig, and the volunteers who diligently attempt to provide information, assistance, and at times approval/disapproval of certain requests received at the POA Office. It is important to know that the ACC is charged with the responsibility of assuring that the aesthetic values of our community are protected, and sometimes that means Members may not do certain prohibited alterations on their property. Fortunately, the vast majority of Members are familiar with our Declaration of Restrictions (DOR), and By-Laws, and maintain their properties in admirable fashion.
This month, I want to reiterate the need to obtain proper permits and ensuing approvals for alterations. The most common permit requirements would pertain to such things as House painting, Re-roofing, Fences (highly restricted), Tree Removal, Temporary Placement of a Trailer or RV, Room Additions, and any Building or Demolition work on a Member's property. There are other items which also require approval, and if you are not sure whether the work you wish to do may need a permit, feel free to contact the POA Office for assistance.
Please keep in mind that the ACC Volunteers are devoting their time and effort to help keep our community the beautiful place it has been for many years. The cooperation and support of all CSPOA Members will provide immeasurable help toward that aim. Thanks for taking the time to read this column, and over the coming months, I hope you will be pleased with the efforts of the CSPOA Board and ACC as we work to improve the clarity, consistency, and application of our deeded restrictions and requirements.
Monty Craig, VP, CSPOA

On Friday, May 12, Board member Al Franklin resigned from his position for personal reasons. The remaining four Board members met on Saturday, May 13 and unanimously selected Nancy Harthausen to fill the remainder of Al’s position (which concludes this year). For those who are not acquainted with Nancy or with Mike Mundy (our other new Board member), here is a short biography of each:
Nancy Harthausen and her husband George came to Carolina Shores in 2003 from Clinton, Maryland. Nancy had a long career as a payroll supervisor for the Potomac Electric Power Company and is well versed in financial management principals. She enjoys gardening, sewing, and fishing and, since coming to Carolina Shores, has become a passionate golfer as well.
Mike Mundy and his wife Judy moved permanently to Carolina Shores from Elgin, SC in 2003. Mike retired as manager of a large wholesale grocery distribution firm. He and Judy are both from Pennsylvania. A skilled bridge player, Mike is co-coordinator of the Wednesday night Duplicate Bridge group and this year he and Judy chaired the Carolina Shores Marathon Bridge competition. His other interests include reading, movies, gardening, and dabbling in antiques.

Be sure to stop by the POA office and get acquainted with our new Office Assistant, Suellen Bennett. Suellen became the other half of our office team in May and will be sharing the office responsibilities with Office Manager Vicki Samuels. Suellen and her husband John moved to Carolina Shores from Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 2004. Suellen worked for many years with Bank of America; her husband John was a landscaper and now works for the town of Carolina Shores. They are fans of mountain biking, camping, and kayaking.
The CSPOA Board is delighted to announce the arrival of the OFFICIAL Carolina Shores POA Web Site: web site will be limited to business and administrative information about the activities of the POA. On the site you will find information about the Board of Directors, updates on the results of Board meetings, reports from Standing Committees, ACC forms and information, the Carolina Shores Declaration of Restrictions and By-Laws, a POA calendar of events, important announcements, and other information that the Board believes would be useful to members. If you have suggestions for additions to this web site please contact the POA office. This site is not intended to replace the delightful (and unofficial) community web site that has been operated by Jo O’Keefe ( that is presently on hold while Jo takes some much needed R&R time.
Is your neighbor doing something that drives you crazy and makes you want to pick up your phone and complain to the POA? If so, please take these steps:
First: Think carefully about whether your complaint is worth pursuing. If you are submitting multiple complaints to the POA each year, perhaps you are spending too much time worrying about what others are doing. Why not get involved with the POA in some more enjoyable way?
Second: Nicely ask your neighbor to fix the problem. Or offer to help fix the problem if you can (e.g., if your part-time neighbor’s driveway is getting filled with old newspapers dropped there without his knowledge, why not just pick them up and throw them away rather than complaining?)
Third: If your neighbor does not respond to your request, then consider whether the problem is critical enough to report to the POA. If so, then you must file a written complaint. In order to ensure fairness and accuracy in enforcement of our Declaration of Restrictions, we must require that all complaints about violations be submitted in writing, including the name and address of the complainant. Complaint forms are available in the office and can be faxed, mailed, or emailed to members. Emailed complaints will be accepted if they include the member’s name and address. If you have an emergency complaint please indicate so and we will dispatch an ACC member to your home to review the problem and have you complete the required form at the same time
Fourth: Wait to hear back from the ACC or the office staff about the outcome of your written complaint. You will be notified about the result. If you don’t hear anything within a reasonable time check with the POA office

The 2006 edition of the Carolina Shores POA Telephone Directory will be printed and distributed in early September 2006 (to allow time for all the new residents arriving this summer to be included). If you are listed in the 2005 directory, please take a moment to review your entry and contact the POA office with any changes or corrections. All residents who have arrived in Carolina Shores since last summer and who have stopped by the POA office to check in and get newcomer information, should already be in our computer program. If you are new and have not visited the office – or cannot recall whether you submitted your data to the office – then please call or stop by and be sure you are in the program and will appear in the new directory
Third time lucky!! My apologies to Mr. McIntyre.

Own a motorcycle? Thinking about buying one? Let's get together! Several of us novice riders have talked about forming a Carolina Shores Bike club. It would be an opportunity to get together on a regular basis to share info, plan group trips, etc. If this peaks your interest, call Charles McIntyre at 579-4403 or email at:
As a member of the new Recreation Advisory board, I am looking for input from parents and guardians of children and teenagers in Carolina Shores. As the mother of four and a member of this community, I was asked to be on this board to represent the needs of families in our neighborhood. In order to do this, I need your thoughts about what you would like. For example, would you like a playground in our neighborhood? Would you’re child be interested in tennis, swimming, or golf lessons? Would you attend a family picnic with activities for the children? What interests do you or your children have that are not being addressed at this time? I am going to present your opinions to the Recreation Advisory Board, and we will be able to share your thoughts and concerns with the POA as well. Please contact me at home 575-7827 or via email Thank you for your help!
Tammy Humphreys
One or more new webmasters are needed immediately for our Carolina Shores neighborhood website – The webmaster is unable to continue to run it due to personal problems. We now know what residents enjoy, i.e., what parts of the website are visited most frequently. The path has been carved for those who follow in our footsteps. If you can help or if you know of others who can, please contact Jo O'Keefe, at 579-0655, Thank you for understanding. We hope that you have enjoyed our Carolina Shores neighborhood website! It will be on the Internet at least until next January.
We had a great round robin tournament last month. There were 23 players and a lot of "interesting" tennis. The stormy weather held off just long enough so that we all could enjoy a quick brunch--a good time was had by all. Once again it proved that tennis players are also great cooks. Good news for tennis players and anyone using our recreation area - we now have a working fountain at the tennis courts. Certainly a welcome addition. Monday, Wednesday and Friday open tennis is going strong and, for now, begins at 8:30am.
Bob Anthony 579-9666
I know this is the June Bulletin, HOWEVER, the next time we need Mobile Meals volunteers is JULY 4th week-- Monday - Friday July 3rd ‘til 7th. Many of us will have grandkids here and if they need community service hours for Scouts, School , Scholarship app's etc., I give 5 hrs credit for any one day helping .
Two people meet at Bi-Lo on Main Street, North Myrtle Beach at 8:45 AM. The van is clearly marked North Strand Mobile Meals. The driver will meet you there and knows the route, so you do no driving of van or map reading.
One volunteer sits in front and takes the basket with meal to the home of the recipient while the other volunteer sits in back and packs the next meal (meal, tea and milk) into next basket. You should be back by 1PM the latest .
IF you have bad knees, hips or back DO NOT volunteer as there is bending .
Anyone who would like to help please call me. We need volunteers approximately ever other month.
I would like to thank all those who have volunteered so many times in the past and to all who will in the future!!!.
Katie Bissett 579-1884
The Carolina Shores Needlework Club has completed 13 handmade afghans (9 adult and 3 for babies) using yarn and knit/crochet squares donated by our neighbors and friends. On Monday, May 15 we presented all our afghans to Detectives Candi West and Donna Simpson of the Brunswick Sheriff's Department Special Crimes Unit. They will hand the afghans out to adults and children who are the victims of violence or personal tragedies. Club member Betty Bebber single-handedly produced 8 of the afghans using yarn donated by Bulletin editor Diana Mardall. Staci Matthews, Flo Pflaster, and Joyce Dunn produced their own and assembled others by mixing and matching knitted and crocheted squares donated by women from Carolina Shores and nearby churches and knitting clubs. Special thanks go to Doris Buis and Joan McNamara for contributing a big supply of the squares and to Olivia Lieb-Pezzuto for contributing an afghan she crocheted. The project will resume in the fall, with our afghans going to local nursing homes, so keep working on those 7" squares over the summer.
Joyce Dunn Davis
The Carolina Shores Book Club met on April 21, 2006 in the POA conference room. There were 12 members present. We were delighted by a special poetry reading by Kitty McDonough. This has been an annual event with the book club for the past five years and Kitty said it has been a treat for her each year. Kitty talked about where she gets her inspiration for writing poetry and then she read to us for almost an hour. She read some of her poetry, some from Poetry Magazine and poetry of others who touch her. There were many different types of poetry, some funny, some tragic – all of it very moving. Thank you Kitty for sharing poetry with us.
After the meeting, we all went to Café Latte for lunch. It was a delightful day. Here’s to many more poetry meetings.
On May 19, 2006 we had the first joint meeting of the Hickman Library Book Club and the Carolina Shores Book Club. It was held at the Hickman Library conference room and was well attended by both groups. Approximately 30 people came to hear Wilmington author, Jack Fryar, speak on historical Wilmington and the Cape Fear region.
Mr. Fryar was born and raised in Wilmington. He’s a former Marine, and a retired Army officer, a lover of history and a natural story teller. He has written several interesting books that tell about the history of Wilmington, the Cape Fear River and the North Carolina Coast. He lectured for an hour about the role of those areas and the important significance they held in the outcome of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. His books appeal to everyone, including the native born southerner, the tourist, looking for historical background of this area, and the recent retirees who want to know more about the area they now call home.
We all enjoyed Mr. Fryar’s history lesson and were able to ask questions, purchase books and enjoy great food after the lecture.
Please join us for our next book club meeting which will be on June 16 at 9:30 a.m. in the POA library. We will be discussing two great books - “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon and “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini.

Mary Dilettuso
With over 30 New Friends and guests assembled, the POA Clubhouse was abuzz with meetings and greetings. Marlene Stewart, the leader for the month joked that the group was "harder than getting my third graders together!" Many of the guests came to get further information about a new adventure for Carolina Shores - the first New Friends Arts and Crafts Festival featuring C. S. artists and crafters who will show and sell their wares. On Saturday, June 10, the festival begins at 9 A.M. and runs until 3 P.M. at the POA Clubhouse and is open to the public. So invite friends and guests to this new event here.
Following the festival, the New Friends will hold their bi-monthly Potluck Dinner and Dance at the pool area beginning at 6 P.M. Bring a dish to share - paperware, ice and sodas are provided. One dollar per head covers those costs. Come and enjoy a wonderful summer's day beginning with the Arts and Crafts Festival and ending with delectables and dancing under the stars.
"Thursdays at the Beach" has already begun. Join with other Carolina Shores neighbors and friends at Sunset Beach somewhere near the gazebo. Bring your own chairs, snacks or supper and drinks. This informal group gathers around 4 P.M. and after.
The Care Team is up, running and growing. Don't hesitate to call Mary Pritchard (579-4684) for any help as the team considers it a joy to help our neighbors in time of need. Also, a new freezer has been installed in the POA kitchen and is filling up with meals for people who need them in an emergency. Remember this: if your neighbor is sick, they cannot get to the POA, so it's up to you to check to see if you can pick up and take a meal to them. Meals are marked with the date made, contents and are free. Just a few more ways to share the spirit of neighborliness and friendship that is so evident at Carolina Shores.
An invitation was issued for folks, especially new New Friends at C. S., to become involved with town and POA community affairs. The next POA Board Meeting will be Monday, July 17 at 7 P.M. The Town of Carolina Shores holds a regular meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall. Starting June 13, the time of this meeting will change to 3 P.M. The Planning and Zoning board meets the fourth Monday of the month beginning at 3 P.M. Meetings are open to residents of the town. It's a great way to learn the workings of the community.
Finally, some entertainment ideas for newcomers were exchanged and then the group was off to lunch. Join New Friends at their monthly meeting on the second Tuesday, June 12 at 10 A.M. at the POA Clubhouse. All friends, old and new are welcome.
Em Broughton (575-0472)
Everyone had a fun night of bridge at the POA on Friday May 5th. We decided to disband our meetings for the summer months and start up again on Friday, September 1st so hope to see you then.
The winners for the evening were:
lst place Lloyd Kiracofe
2nd place Eloise Kiracofe
We hope that everyone has a great summer.
We play duplicate bridge in a very relaxed setting, please join us on Wednesday night! For more information call me at 575-0825.
Recent results for the 7:00 PM Wednesday evening game follow:
Apr 26 - 1st Mike/Judy Mundy, 2nd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 3rd Bob Davis/Ed Woods, 4th Chuck/Alice Schilling
May 03 - 1st Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 2nd Chuck/Alice Schilling, 3rd Mike/Judy Mundy, 4th Pat O'Brien/Joan LaForge
May 10 - 1st Chuck/Alice Schilling, 2nd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 3rd Mike/Judy Mundy, 4th Pat O'Brien/Joan LaForge
May 17 - 1st Jody Personette/Ray Gosciniak, 2nd Tie Bob/Joyce Davis, Ann/Stan Filipski
Bob Davis
Our May picnic was a huge success with about 30 people in attendance. With hot dogs and hamburgers, salads and sides of all kinds, everything was delicious. Thank you to Jim Nay and to all who brought the goodies and desserts. Bocce Ball was a big hit as well as just socializing.
We asked for volunteers for next year’s officers and Lynn Darby will be our president with Joan Gilbert as vice president, Joan Keating will continue to be the treasurer and Dot Robertiello will continue as secretary. We need someone to take over the Sunshine part of the club. We will be having a meeting in July to discuss what we would like to see for next years Cooks Club Activities. A few good ideas have been thrown around already, such as: a number of demonstrations, dinning around, whether it be in the afternoon or evening and changing our dues to $5.00. We are looking forward to a broader and exciting new season, beginning on August 2, 2006 with a brown-bag lunch at OUR NEW STARTING TIME of 11:30, at the POA. Your officers will supply the refreshments. Please come and join us as we discuss the upcoming 2006-2007 plans. Bring your lunch and your ideas. See you then.
Dot Robertiello – 579-1407
We went to Barefoot Landing on Wednesday, May 17th and took the boat ride on the Intracoastal Waterway. It was a beautiful sunny day and we saw some interesting sights, not least of which was some super large homes. After our boat ride we had a delicious lunch at T-Bonz.
On June 20th, we are having a picnic at our picnic grounds. Betty O’Rourke is getting the chicken for us. The rest of our members will bring salads and deserts to share. We’re getting together at 5:00 p.m. See you all there!
Jane Mahnke
Carolina Shores Garden Club members ended the 2005-2006 year on May 10th with a luncheon/ officer installation/fashion show at Filet's Restaurant. Filet's has a beautiful setting for fine dining. Kevin Richard and his staff provided wonderful cuisine and service.
Our president, Kathy Harniman, welcomed the group. In recognition of their service, carnations were presented to past presidents as well as our current president. Past presidents in attendance were Emily Sharp, Marilyn Fisher, Trinka Moore, and Dolores Sanborn.
Lettie Gore and Jessica Dean two of our three North Brunswick High School scholarship recipients were introduced by Garen Waters. Not able to attend was recipient Jonathan Reeves. We wish them bright studies and the best of futures.
Our blessing was a beautiful and touching poem written by Lynn Darby.
Betty Johnston installed the officers for 2006-2007. They are -- President - Kathy Harniman; Vice President - Eva Jensen; Vice President of Beautification - Emily Sharp; Treasurer - Elaine Southard. Not in attendance -- Secretary - Pat McKay.
The fashion show was presented by Island Breeze. The lovely fashions and accessories were modeled by our own Katie Bissett, Grayce Farley, Joan Gilbert, Phyllis Hartley, Jane Jordan, Pat Kennedy, Sue O'Reilly, and Solveig Snyder. Ladies, you all looked lovely!
Special thanks to luncheon co-chairs Emily Sharp, Grayce Farley, and Lynn Darby for their work and effort to make the luncheon such a wonderful event.
In her closing remarks Kathy Harniman thanked all the members for their continued participation throughout the past year.
Take care and see you in September!
Carolina Shores Garden Club's Yard of the Season winners for the 2006 spring calendar year are Ed and Barb Gleed and their dog named Cheng Foo of 32 Sunfield Drive.
The front of the property is a lush landscaped planting of trees, colorful flowering shrubs and flowers. A large figure eight pond complete with waterfall and a wood footbridge accentuate the backyard layout off the patio area. They have just about everything within the borders and garden arrangements from coco palms along the lighted drive leading up to the Gleed's brick home to a hedge of Russian olive and clump of Leyland cypress along the property lines of their one acre tract. Ed "fusses" most with the blueberry patch he put in of about 35 high-bush varieties.
According to Ed, the key to a well-landscaped homesite is designing the beds in such a way that they accentuate the lawn area, deck(s) or patio space to provide a pleasing effect.
The team of Polly Millosky, Chick Weingarten, Kay Craig and Dolores Sanborn shot a 118 to win the team tournament for May. The game format was Cha, Cha, Cha. Second place winners were Judy Maiorca, Betty Johnston, Pat Soule and Evie Hart with a score of 125.
The Renegades are looking forward to their annual “Ladies Away” tournament which will be held June 12, 13 and 14 at Pinehurst. Kathy Harniman and Lin Penta have worked hard to plan an exciting tournament. Many thanks to these ladies.
Kay Craig will be the chairperson for the month of June. Please check tee times carefully and remember to sign up early. Don’t forget to sign up for the “birdie pool”. So far three ladies have had birdies but were not signed up.
Submitted by Donna Watkins
The Carolina Shores Niners hosted the first Grand Strand Lady Niners’ event of 2006 at Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club on May 2, 2006. The Grand Strand Lady Niners are golfers from Sea Trail, Carolina Shores, Island Green, Indigo Creek, Carolina National, Prestwick, Brick Landing, Sea Gull and Crow Creek. We had 80 golfers for the day which was the largest group participation in a Grand Strand Lady Niners Event. The game for the day was Captain’s Choice and the team with the lowest gross won. First place went to the team of Amber Britton (Carolina National), Betty Hewel (Sea Trail), Shirley Gober (Indigo Creek) and Claire Travers ( Crow Creek). Anne Spruce (Carolina National), Jan McComb (Sea Trail), Beth Skinner (Prestwick), and Beverly Ibbot (Crow Creek) came in second. Ann Soyring (Carolina Shores), Dottie Leelike (Brick Landing), Joan Cech (Sea Trail) and Joann Hadden (Island Green) were third. Forth place went to Jackie Craft (Carolina National), Barbara Kuhler ( Sea Trail), Gerry Mull (Prestwick), and Kathy Huntey (Crow Creek). The longest drive for the day went to Ilene McAllister of Sea Trail. Joan Lobasco (Island Green) and Ann Zawtocki (Prestwick) tied for closest to the pin. T. J. Bagley (Carolina Shores) had a chip in on the fifth hole. Lynn Gobrick (Carolina National) and Pat Montgomery (Island Green) had chip-ins on the second hole. After golf, there were 88 Grand Strand Lady Niners for a wonderful lunch at the Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club House. Our thanks to Betty French, Mary Anne Ketcham, their helpers and the Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club for the work they did to ensure that the event was a great success.
Our Father’s Day Tournament will be held on Sat. June 17 at Eagles Nest Golf Club. The tournament will be open to Carolina Shores Niners and their guest. Tee time is 2:20 PM, please arrive by 1:50 PM. The cost is $15.90 per person which will be paid at the course, along with a $2.00 prize contribution. Dinner will be 5:45 PM that evening at Pat and Mike’s. The sign-up sheet is on our Niners’ desk at the Carolina Shores Pro Shop.
The Grand Strand Lady Niners will be hosted by Indigo Creek on Tues., June 27. Play will be Captain’s Choice and registration is at 8AM with an 8:30 AM tee time. Coffee and muffins will be available prior to golf and lunch will be served afterwards. The cost is $28 per person and you must sign-up by June 13. The sign-up sheet is on our Niners’ desk at the Carolina Shores Pro Shop. Please make all checks payable to Indigo Creek Best of Nine, put your USGA Handicap Index in the memo area of your check, and give to Betty French or Mary Anne Ketcham by June 13. Sorry, no refunds after June 20.
Weekly Play –Niners’ play is every Thursday at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive by 8:00 AM. All players for the next Thursday must sign-up on our sheet on our Niners’ desk in the Pro Shop by the preceding Monday. No phone calls making changes will be received after 12:00 Noon on Wednesday of each week. We will have lunch at the Pro Shop after golf on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Mary Anne Ketcham will be responsible for the pairings for all regular play in 2006. The last captain should deliver all the score cards for the day to Nancy Harthausen at 31 Carolina Shores Parkway if she is not at the Pro Shop that day.
Submitted by Nancy Harthausen 575-2923
Crown Park in nearby Longs was the site of the Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group’s May tournament. Treatening skies but no rain greeted the 33 participants.
CHA-CHA-CHA was the game format. Players counted one low net on Hole #1, two low nets on Hole #2 and three low nets on Hole #3, etc.
The 1st place winners were Jane Mahncke, Bev Farmarco (playing without shoes), Will Groner and Bill Southard with a score of 111.
Finishing in second place with a 119 (on a match of cards) was the team of Joe Farmarco, Kay Craig and Carol Groner with Sharon Clark as the Blind.
Third place winners were Richard Boyle, Bernice Morris and Sharon Clark. Barbara Malina was the Blind for this group.
Bernice and Ed Morris and Kay and Monty Craig hosted the dinner following at the POA. The hosts would like to thank Jane Jordan, Sharon Clark, Will Groner, Gloria Schroppe, Elaine Southard, Ilse Bateman, and Jane Mahncke for providing the delicious salads and desserts.
June’s play is scheduled for Sunday, June 11 at Crow Creek. Sharon and Joe Clark and Kathy and Art Hahl will co-host. Signup sheet is on the POA Bulletin Board.
Sandy (known as Gail) Cohen and Danny Thomas
5 Swamp Fox Drive

Gail and Danny moved to Carolina Shores from New Jersey following friends who already live here. Gail was an International Relocation Consultant for a large company and Danny is a house painter. He plans to continue to work. They love the outdoors, especially the beach. Gail likes tennis and Danny is a golfer.
They are looking forward to becoming involved in Carolina Shores activities.
Frances Porter
57 Carolina Shores Drive 575-3842

Having previously lived in Carolina Shores for 7 ½ years, and then moving to Sandpiper Bay for 17 months, the Porters were very excited about their move back. Unfortunately shortly after their return, Jim was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in December. Frances said her new neighbors, especially the Czaps and the Colonnas, have been so wonderful to her both before and after Jim’s death.
Frances is originally from Enfield, CT where she worked in the corporate office for Dairy Mart Convenience Stores. Since 2000 she has owned Starheel Properties in Calabash where she sells real estate, handles rentals, and does property management.
David Philips and Raili Tate
5 Bayberry Circle

David and Raili moved here from Stafford, Virginia. David plans to continue working from home in Contracts and Procurement for private industry. Raili retired after 18 years in retail. Raili is originally from Finland and has traveled and lived all over the world. David's son graduated from the Annapolis Naval Academy and is currently serving in Charleston, SC. His two step children live in the Roanoke area of Virginia. Raili has a step daughter living in Las Vegas, Nevada. They both enjoy working in their yard. They are busy setting up their home. David is looking forward to playing golf. Raili enjoys miniature golf and is looking forward to making new friends in our community.
Scott and Rae Fulton
11 Bayberry Circle
579 - 1410

Scott, Rae, and their dog, Sunny, moved here from Columbus, Ohio.
Scott is an ASC Certified Automotive Technician and continues to work. Rae retired from teaching. She taught fifth and second grade as well as doing some tutoring. They have two sons and a daughter. Their daughter is expecting and this will be their first grandchild. They met while vacationing along the Atlantic Ocean. They love the beach and when Scott isn't working they head for the beach. Rea and Scott love to read, fish, swim, and hang out at the beach. Scott also enjoys playing golf. Currently, they are busy decorating their home and enhancing the yard. Rae is looking forward to participating in our many community activities
If you haven’t been visited by a member of the Welcoming Committee since you bought your home in Carolina Shores, please call Marlene Stewart at 575-6675, Flo Pflaster at 575-6243, Gwyn Derenne at 575-6604, or Eva Jensen at 579-1984 to set up a convenient time to get together.
Several of the property owners know that I have resigned from the POA board. I want to thank each property owner who have supported and helped me during the last five years.
Thank You
Al Franklin
The family of Charles Leonard Koontz wishes to express their thanks to each of you for your prayers, cards, and many kindness during our recent period of illness and loss.
Hazel Koontz
This letter is a long time coming, but every time I recovered from one illness it seemed another befell me. All of my friends and acquaintances here in Carolina Shores who have been so generous with their time and prayers, cards and masses, made what could have been a difficult time tolerable. To those of you who cut my lawn, cleaned my driveway when needed, I will forever be indebted. The fruit, flowers, candy and wine certainly cheered me up as well. I don't know how I can ever repay all of you, since I was overwhelmed by your caring.
THANK YOU. Bob Sanders
The Carolina Shores Care Team article in the May Bulletin brought forth two generous members of our community who offered to donate money to help buy a freezer to store Care Team Meals. Many thanks go to Sally Wallentine and Cheryl Brush, who were the generous donors. Their contribution made it possible for the Care Team to buy the new freezer you will find in the POA Clubhouse kitchen. We are beginning to stock it with meals contributed by CS residents. If you or a neighbor find yourselves injured or ill and unable to cook, please help yourselves to the items in the freezer. Each item is labeled. Contributions of meals are welcomed from anyone in CS – the next time you find yourself making a tasty meal, why not make a little extra and package it for the Care Team Freezer??


Need Some Help?
If you are dealing with an illness or injury and could use some help with meals, transportation, shopping, household chores, pet care, etc., call the Carolina Shores Care Team at 579-4684 or send an email to
The Sea Notes Choral Society: presents its annual patriotic concert "Sing the USA" on Friday, June 30 at 8pm and Tuesday July 4 at 3pm. Both concerts will be held at the Southport Baptist Church on Howe Street.. Cindy Sellers is the director for this program with principal accompanist Laurie Russ at the piano. Selections will feature popular tunes focusing on various individual states as well as familiar patriotic melodies.
As always, there is no charge to attend our concerts but funding for our programs in dependent upon the generosity of the communities we serve. As a non-profit organization, contributions can be tax deductible, and gratefully accepted at the door. Details 253-3187
Call to be at the NEXT 2 MEETINGS. Both are at 10 AM @ the POA on WEDNESDAY, MAY 24th and on MONDAY, JUNE 5th (day of final deadline). Spots are prime in first come, first serve. The Show is on Saturday, June 10th, @ 9 AM-3 PM. We are open to the public for purchasing. Table spaces are for CSPOA members only.
About the show:
We are featuring handmade Treasured gifts to own for yourself or others. We have Fine Artists--using oils, pastels, water color, Ink pen, etc. Also Fine Crafters in wood of pepper mills, birdhouse bag holders, jewelry and hand- rendered mixed media pieces. Continuing: Photographers of many subjects, Quilting Artisans, Storybook original works of Elf Lore, and hand creations in Yarn plastic canvas and felt creations. Think of weddings, babies, Graduations, Birthdays, Father's Day, and even Christmas! Some crafts can be personalized. View original copyrighted works: Memorable musical cakes, golfing objects, gardening objects, hanging flowers, etc., and many more one-of-a-kind surprises. You may bring many guests, friends and family from anywhere. We will publicize in some surrounding areas.
Call Lynn Darby at 910-579-7526 or Grayce Farley at 579-3995 and Mary Zio at 579-2056
Presenting are: Teddy Altreuter, Tom Anzelone, Lynn Darby, Fran DiBona, Grayce Farley AKA Graziella, Steve Freis, Chuck Jann, Bob Jones, Bradley Lewis, Sally Nolan AKA Rosabel Nerlino, (works featured in the Franklin Gallery and First Federal Bank of Sunset Beach), Marsha Olson Thomas, Karen Strobel, and Mary Zio, More may be added. Some will be doing their works that day.
  By Lynn Darby


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