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Board Members: Joyce Dunn Davis - President, Monty Craig - Vice President, Bill Harniman - Treasurer,
Nancy Harthausen - Director, Mike Mundy - Director, Vicki Samuels - Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall

Volume 27 Issue 2

February 2007



This is my last month writing this column as POA President and as a member of the Board. Many people have asked me why I elected to serve only one term on the Board and have expressed concern about ensuring continuity of experience in managing the community. I believe their concerns are valid and deserve a response, so here are the two reasons Board members decide to “retire”:

The Amount of Work and the Time Commitment Required of a Board Member. Our community started out in the 1970s with fewer than 200 homes and more than 1000 vacant lots. Today we have nearly 1000 homes and barely 200 vacant lots. The Board is essentially running a full-time business with only five (soon to be seven) volunteers and two part-time administrative staff. The proper role of a Board of Directors is setting policy and overseeing its implementation. Our Board has to both set the policy and then have to DO all the implementation. This includes: all financial activities (tax returns, billing and debt collection, budget management, etc.); all maintenance activities (from changing light bulbs and cleaning out the refrigerator to hiring and overseeing all contractors, buy and installing new equipment, and fixing anything that breaks); all record keeping (human resources, membership data, legal actions, how-to instructions for all POA equipment; minutes of meetings, and Board files); oversight and enforcement of the Deed of Restrictions (including new and remodeling construction projects, response to member complaints, and working with Town officials); recruiting and coordinating all volunteers for Board Standing Committees; communicating with POA members (setting agendas and running meetings, putting information into the Bulletin and the web site; writing all-member mailings, maintaining the member email list, taking and distributing minutes of Board meetings); providing POA social events (three picnics and a holiday party); and a myriad of other activities. Doing all this work takes a commitment from each Board member of at least 15-20 hours a week. This is a big chunk of anyone’s life!
I personally believe that it is time for this community to hire an experienced professional Property Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the CSPOA, and allow the Board to assume its appropriate role of setting policy and doing oversight of the paid professionals. That would allow us to attract and keep the best possible Board members and it would allow the Board to spend more time on planning for the future and coordinating with the Town.

Mistreatment and Abuse Received From Fellow POA Members. About 1-2% of all people who ever were CSPOA members have served on the Board. But 100% of our members have clear and strong opinions about how this community should be run and they are not shy about sharing their opinions. Many members are very good about submitting constructive ideas and offering to help implement them. But a significant minority feel free to make angry phone calls to the homes of Board members at all hours of the day and night (one just last week 6:45 a.m.), speak loudly and unpleasantly to Board members at social events, and come to the office to literally yell at a Board member about an ACC issue. All Board members welcome input from members – whether it’s a good idea or a problem -- but there are appropriate ways to do this, and waking someone up, interrupting private time, or ruining a day at the picnic or pool is unkind and unnecessary. Why would any reasonable person want an unpaid 20-hour a week job where people treat you badly?
I hope that sharing this perspective will not leave you with the impression that I have disliked serving on the Board. I have been fortunate to work with a wonderful and dedicated group of fellow Board members and feel very good about all our team has been able to accomplish. But it is time for me to reclaim my time and get back to doing at least some of the things I retired to do!
Joyce Dunn Davis, President


Voting Ballots – The voting ballots to elect five candidates to the POA Board of Directors have been mailed to all members. The ballot has been changed this year to simplify the form and the voting process. Please read the instructions carefully, sign and date the Proxy/Voter ID section at the top of the form and make your candidate selections in the Ballot area at the bottom of the form. Place the folded Proxy/ID and sealed ballot in the return envelope and send or take it to the POA Office. All ballots must be received by 11AM Saturday, February 3, 2007 at the Property Owners Association Annual Meeting. Please remember to return your ballots – This is your Community -YOUR VOTE COUNTS. If you have any questions, please call Nancy Harthausen at 575-2923.
Your Nominating Committee


Many POA members have expressed confusion about where to go with various problems and complaints. Where are the lines of authority drawn between the CSPOA and the Town of Carolina Shores . . . and what problems cannot be solved by either but must be taken to the county or state government? Here is a brief primer on who to call for what issues:

The Carolina Shores Property Owners Association (CSPOA) is responsible only for what goes on within the confines of our own community, and can only take action on things that are covered by the CSPOA Deed of Restrictions or CSPOA By-Laws. This generally includes maintaining community design and maintenance standards, quality of life issues (e.g., no unlicensed vehicles on property, no loose pets, no operating businesses from a residence, etc.); and providing and maintaining community recreation facilities and common grounds.

The Town of Carolina Shores is responsible for governing the entire physical area within the town (including multiple residential communities in addition to our own); maintaining all roads in the town (including ours) that are not owned by the State; oversight of tree removal, planning and zoning, and building construction and alterations throughout the town; maintaining public property owned by the town, etc. The Town of Carolina Shores does not have a police department, a fire department, or an animal control department. They obtain all of these services from Brunswick County.

Brunswick County governs all areas of the County that are unincorporated (not part of any town or other municipality). The County operates all public schools; social services (including services for seniors and Medicaid recipients); public health services (including mosquito control, flu shots, health clinics, TB tests); and animal control. The County also provides law enforcement for all areas of the county that do not have local police departments (that includes us) and operates the County Emergency Response Center – the place where all calls made to 911 to and are routed to the appropriate response team.

There are two important things to remember about the division of responsibility among these groups. First, if you have any type of fire emergency, health or medical emergency, or law enforcement emergency you should call 9ll. If need non-emergency information about crime and safety issues, you should look up the office number for the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department or the Calabash Fire Department and call there with your question. Second, any time there is a difference in “regulations” among a POA, a town, a county, and a state, the priority of enforcement goes to the highest level of government. That means, for example, that the CSPOA cannot make and enforce a building code that is less restrictive that the building codes of the Town and the Town cannot use building codes that are less restrictive than the County or the State. However, the CSPOA can make and enforce community standards that are MORE restrictive than the Town or the County. And any time both the CSPOA and the Town have legal requirements (e.g., obtaining building permits and getting a Certificate of Completion or Occupancy Permit); citizens ARE required to comply with both.


BRUNSWICK STEW – A wonderful stew for sale by Brunswick County Literacy Council to help benefit the Council. The cost is $7 per container (enough for 1 person). If you would like some, please call Ann Nice at 575-2166, or Helen Gabriel at the Council at 754-7323.


My 91 year old mother lives with my husband and me. She uses a walker and doesn’t hear well, but would enjoy a chance to get out and visit with others. If there are others in the community whose parents are living with them, or who are themselves homebound, perhaps we can find a way to hold a gathering for them at the POA once a month or so for an hour or two. We caregivers could take turns staying with them. If you would be interested please call Mary Ellen Psichos at 575-5008.


We are getting the Carolina Shores Crime Watch Program up and running again. Through this program, volunteer drivers patrol our community twice a day, year-round, watching for any signs of crime or safety issues. Doing this not only allows us to spot problems before they become serious, it also is an excellent preventive measure since all the volunteer drivers have large CRIMEWATCH magnetic signs on their cars as they drive. We will begin doing our daily patrols on February 1 and hopefully continue throughout the year. Currently, I am looking for volunteers for the following dates:

FRONT NINE SIDE (Carolina Shores Parkway and Acreage):

February 9
February 23
February 24
February 28




BACK NINE SIDE (Clubhouse side, including Northwest Drive):

Every day in February EXCEPT February 14. Volunteer drivers agree to drive their entire side of the community two times on the assigned day -- once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. You are asked only to observe what is going on in your territory and report any criminal activity or serious safety issues to 911.
Please let me know if you can be available to cover one of the open days -- especially on the Back Nine side -- ASAP. If you have already been contacted by a Crime Watch Captain to cover some other date, then you do not need to reply to this.
Thanks for any help you can give,
Joyce Dunn Davis


Mark your calendars now and plan to attend the first CSPOA MOVIE NIGHT -- Sunday, February 18, at 7:00 p.m. Any seat will be a good seat as we watch our first of many movies on our new, large, wall projection screen. We’ll have two movies on hand (a comedy and a musical) and the audience can choose which to watch. The CSPOA will provide the popcorn. You bring whatever you want to drink and your suggestions for future Movie Night features. See you there!


Start cleaning out your attic and garage – the Carolina Shores Community Yard Sale is coming back this spring. The date is not yet set – it will be April or May. To sign up for a table or offer to volunteer, call Josie Miller at 579-0785.


It is not too late to sign up for the Progressive Dinner on February 17. It is a fun evening and a great way to meet some new people in the community.
DEADLINE- Feb. 11.
Call: Marlene Stewart 575-6675;
Or Jan Kilgore 579-2772;


It’s that time again! Two volunteers needed each day Mon-Fri Feb 12th-16th. 8:45 a.m. at Bi-lo, Main St, NMB for North Strand Mobile Meals and again April 16th -20th. You are back at Bi-lo by about noon -12:30PM. If you've never done it before just give me a call and I'll fill you in.
Thanks ahead of time for your consideration
Katie Bissett 579-1884 or


Thank you so very much for donating hundreds of good, usable clubs, bags and balls to The 1st Tee of Brunswick County. The children are those who benefited from your generosity. We had to "commandeer" Charlie Mac Donald and his SUV as we filled three vehicles.
There were twenty sets of ladies clubs and Sally saw how pleased the older girls were to received full sets and bags. All afternoon she was hugged and thanked.
We also thank CSG&CC for allowing us to collect there and for the many sets of clubs and bags they donated. There were too many people to thank individually so THANKS TO ALL.
Sally Manifold and Bill Stanley


Edward & Bernice Morris
17 Sand Dollar Dr.
Telephone # 910 579-7547

Please make correction of name for:
Harry & Melissa Douglas
88 Calabash Dr.
Telephone # 910 579-8810


Roger & Mary Mullis
7 E. Pine Ct.
Telephone # 910 579-4053


Virginia Black
5 Ct. 12
Telephone # 910 443-7634


Correction & Addition of Name & Phone
Jean & Douglas Falls
Villa 45 Gate 1


Please add the following to the directory:
Judy Johnson
42 Swamp Fox
Telephone # 575-5970


The quilters met on January 12 at the POA for our January meeting and workshop, with members present and one new returning member, Donna Mergert. After our business meeting and show and tell we enjoyed a wonderful workshop taught by Judy Lilly, Making a Split Oak Leaf Quilt. We all enjoyed Judy Lilly’s class and came away with some new skills.
Our next meeting will be February 9 at 9:30 at the POA. After our business meeting we will have a round robin workshop. Everyone is invited, new and experienced quilters. Bring your lunch and come prepared to enjoy the day. Hope to see you there.
Bonnie Reinecke - 575-4051


NARFE will hold their monthly meeting February 6th at Derbster's, 11:30 AM. For more information please contact Ellie Girard 575-0890.

Mark your calendars! Make reservations for A Cruise on the CS Scholar Ship, this year's theme for the annual Carolina Shores Garden Club Luncheon and Card Party. The party, which raises funds for scholarships for West Brunswick High School graduating seniors, will be held Wednesday, February 28th at the Calabash Tavern & Steakhouse (formerly Haley’s). Please note this change of venue. The party was a sellout last year so, get your group together and call your reservations in early to ensure a table.
Tickets are $16 per person (includes a delicious catered luncheon, our exciting raffle, and a ship shaped Calabash Steak house.)

For reservations call: Kay Forbes - 575-2256 or Phyllis Hartley - 575-2356.
Set sail with us for a fun afternoon of good food, cards, and friends on Wednesday, February 28 at 11:30 am at the Calabash Tavern & Steakhouse.


Our "Flower Lady" Trinka Moore, did a wonderful reading on the snow drop, the lovely little white flower that is the first to bloom in the spring (up north).
As lighting of the Luminaries was canceled due to rain, save the bags for December 2007.
Kay Forbes, Jane Mahncke, and Eva Jensen volunteered for the Nominating Committee. Names of nominees will be presented at the March meeting.
Kathy Harniman stated we still need volunteers for the Installation Luncheon in May.
Joanne LaWall introduced our guest speaker, Bill Lester, of North Carolina Animal Wildlife Resources. This is a state agency and Bill is a sergeant for Brunswick and Columbus counties. The agency deals with areas such as wildlife, fishing, and boating. Bill's presentation was fact filled and very informative. Thank you very much Sergeant Lester.
REMINDER the regularly scheduled meeting for February will not be held on the second Wednesday of the month. INSTEAD we will have the Scholarship Luncheon and Card Party on February 28 at 11:30 am. Tickets are $16.00 per person. Get your tickets early for this super special event as they sell out quickly!
For tickets call: Kay Forbes 575 - 2256 or Phyllis Hartley 575 - 2356
Come join the fun!
Eva Jensen 579-1984


The end of the first part of the bowling season has come to an end. "The Penquins" are in first place (Rita Gallo, Hallo Cramer, Gloria Haddick and Don Haddick). They will bowl the winner of the second half in April. The winner of this match will become "Carolina Shores Grand Champion" and will have their name engraved on the plaque in the POA building.
Some of the individual Achievements are as follows:
Men High game without hdcp: Joe Florvanti with 299, Bob Berry 268, Mal MacRaild 264, Joe Cejka 247, Bob Grudee 244. High game without hdcp for women: T.J. Bagley 215, Linda Pennington 205, Beverly Farmarco 201, Diane Modlin 201, Teresa Crider 200, Gloria Gustauson 198. Men High Series without hdcp: MalMac Raild 728, Joe Fioravanti 710, Bob Berry 657, Danny Mann 587, Bob Grudee 585. Women high series without hdcp: T.J. Bagley 558, Diane Modlin 523, Gloria Schroppe 516, Linda Pennington 504, Teresa Crider 502. High series with hdcp for women: Gloria Schroppe 706, Lois Hansen 692, Gloria Haddick 691, Teresa Crider 691, Beverly Shaw 682.
Ellie Girard


It’s time to break out of the winter doldrums, work off some of those holiday additions (also known as a "winter coat"), and join your neighbors on the tennis courts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for open tennis. Everyone that shows up gets to play and all levels of play are welcome. Play begins at 9:00 a.m. See you there.
Bob Anthony 579-9666


First we would like to thank Mary Wilson for arranging our Christmas dinner. We had a wonderful turnout and everyone left with a Christmas treat.
January started our new season with a good attendance and several new members were introduced.
We meet on the third Tuesday each month at the POA at 5 pm. We also arrange for other outings such as dinners and our annual luncheon at the Culinary School in Conway, usually in March. We also have season tickets to the shows in Conway.
Mona McCraken will be our new coordinator, taking over from Ann Heirman.
Ellie Dawalt continues as our phone contact person, Jane Mahncke our treasurer and myself the Bulletin.
At our February 20th meeting Ann Heirman is arranging for us to see her video tape of her trip to South Africa.
You will be called as to what you have to bring along with BYOB.
If you are new to the area and would like to meet new people, we would like to invite you to our Feb. meeting, as our guest. Give me a call at 579-1980 if you would like additional information.
Pat Ferstler


New Year’s resolutions was the introductory discussion of the January meeting, led by Angela Kopitopoulos. Weight loss and more physical activity were cited by 99% of the friends. The Crime Watch Program is being re-introduced and revamped in our neighborhoods. The group was made aware of neighborhood safety issues and the need for such a program. Call Joyce Davis to volunteer and to help to keep our area safe. Since several new residents were in attendance, Marlene Stewart explained the Progressive Dinner to be held on Saturday, February 17. This is such a good way to meet people in our community. If you have not signed up yet, call Marlene to make your reservation; there's still time. Some upcoming events:
o Azalea Festival Trip - Saturday, April 14- Transportation by bus - Contact Flo Pfalster for more details.
o Savannah Trip - sometime in May - details upcoming
Some reminders: Vote for the POA Board candidates. Get your ballots in by February 3.
Carolina Shores website address:
Next meeting, Tuesday, February 13, 10 A.M. will be led by Kathy Sanders. Bring a new friend and some items for the Brunswick County Food Bank. See you there!
Em Broughton


The Carolina Shores Needlework Club will hold its next two meetings – Monday, February 12 and 10 a.m. and Monday, March 12 at 10 a.m. at the Atlanta Bread Company in North Myrtle Beach (next door to TGI Fridays). We gather there for two hours of sitting around the fireplace working on our projects. We stop working at Noon and enjoy lunch together before returning home. Needleworkers of all interests and skill levels are welcome. If you need a ride or want to carpool, call Joyce Davis at 575-0825.


Our January 2nd meeting was short and to the point. Just a discussion or two about things we would like to do this year. We then went off to the new Papa’s Pizza in the Lowe’s shopping center in Little River. We all had pizza and were delighted with the wonderful taste. About 15 of us went and we all decided it was a keeper for further exploration. We would like to thank Grace Farley for her time and effort in making the arrangements.
Our next meeting will be on February 6th, at 11:30. Our theme this month is High Tea. So come on Ladies, drag out an old hat and gloves and let’s partake. We may not have all the fine china, but we all know how to have a good time. If you are interested in going please call Dot Robertiello, so we can have a head count. Don’t miss out on this one ladies, it should be a lot of fun, bring your cameras.
Dot Robertiello, 579-1407


The Ladies Spring Bridge Luncheon for Carolina Shores POA members will be held at Brick Landing on Wednesday, March 21. Sign up for the luncheon will be held Monday, March 12 at 8:30 AM in the POA library. Cost of the luncheon will be $13.50. Menu will be announced later.
Lois Howard and Carolyn Woods [575-4520]


If you would be interested in joining a regular game of straight Seven Card Stud please call James Newmeyer, 579-8885.


Come join us every Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the POA Clubhouse. We play duplicate bridge in a very relaxed setting. If you need further information call me at 575-0825. Here are recent results:
Dec 27 1st Chuck/Alice Schilling, 2nd Mike/Shirley Tolochko Jan 3 1st Mike/Judy Mundy, 2nd Chuck/Alice Schilling Jan 10 1st Chuck/Alice Schilling, 2nd Ann/Stan Filipski, 3rd Tie Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, Bob/Joyce Davis Jan 17 1st Roy Johnson/Bob Davis, 2nd Mike/Shirley Tolochko, 3rd Chuck/Alice Schilling Submitted by Bob Davis


The Renegades held their annual kickoff meeting, luncheon and installation of officers on January 11 at Tiger's Eye. Officers for 2007 are: Jane Jordan, President; Barbara Malina, Vice President; Kathy Harniman, Secretary; Betty Johnston, Treasurer; Donna Watkins, Tournament Director. Kay Craig was honored at the luncheon with the Most Improved Player award. Kay's handicap index dropped seven points during 2006. Congratulations Kay.
Play continues in February at Carolina Shores with Evie Hart and Doris Sandberg as monthly chairpersons. Check the signup sheets for tee times.
The next Renegades special event will be the St. Patrick's golf and dinner on Thursday, March 15. Golf will be at Brierwood and dinner will be held at Flynn's in North Myrtle Beach. Signup sheets for golf and dinner choice will be posted at the Clubhouse in the beginning of February. Nancy Rubin and Kathleen Brennan will host this event.
Here’s to great fun and golf in 2007!!
Donna Powers


Installation Luncheon – The Niners held their annual installation luncheon at THE GRILL HOUSE on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007. The officers for 2007 are Nancy Harthausen, President; Mary Fran Ryon, Vice President; Joan McNamara, Treasurer; Gwyn DeRenne, Secretary/ Publicity. Everyone had a wonderful lunch and a good time was had by all.
Awards were presented for 2006:

Most Improved Player Nancy Harthausen
Most Faithful Mary Fran Ryon
Broke 60 Nancy Harthausen, Joan McNamara, Doris Pearce,
  Joanne Riedel, Mary Fran Ryon, and Jean Sanborn
Broke 50 Janice Garvin and Phyllis Gumbrell
Birdies T J Bagley, Janice Garvin and Nancy Harthausen
Chip-ins T J Bagley, Betty French, Janice Garvin, Ellie Girard,
  Nancy Harthausen, Joan McNamara, Doris Pearce, Mary Fran Ryon,
  Jean Sanborn, Pam Stanley and Beverly Shaw

Weekly Play - Niners play every Thursday morning at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive a half hour before Tee Time (tee times are posted on the sign-up sheets). Signup sheets at the golf club house will be picked up on Tuesdays at 1 PM. If you are a new golfer or a golfer that just likes to play nine holes, we welcome you to come and play with us. We are a very friendly and sociable group of ladies that enjoy the game and have a lot of fun playing.
Nancy Harthausen 575-2923


26 members of C.S.G.A. Scramble group enjoy a beautiful day at the Carolina Shores Golf Course on January 14th. The format was Individual Low Net and the winners were:

Gals Guys
Polly Millosky 65* Will Groner 69
Kathleen Brennan 65 Jerry Rubin 72*
Carol Groner 66 Bill Southard 72
Martha Hannon 70* Stan Lagiewski 72
Dolores Sanborn 70 George Malina 72
*match of cards  

Hors d’oeuvres and beverages of choice were enjoyed at the POA after golf. Our next date is February 4th at Panthers Run, first tee time 10 am, followed by distribution of prize money after golf at Tamer’s. Sign up sheet is posted at the POA.
Just a reminder that we need volunteers to be golf host coordinators for future outings and dues ($12) are due. New members are welcome.
Martha Hannon/Gloria Schroppe


Peter Gulliver
13 Oakbark Court 579-3933
Bear Mountain, New York was home to Peter before moving to North Carolina. He was the park manager at Bear Mountain State Park. Peter's dog, Bear, is his constant companion. Peter is already a member of our ACC. He likes gardening, woodworking, metal working, and also sees another sailboat in his future.

Mary Lou Schmidt, daughter Whitney
3 Golfview Court 579-3072
Mary Lou and Whitney are from South Charleston, WV. Mary Lou vacationed at Ocean Isle Beach for many years, and her brother owns a home at Sandpiper Bay so she was naturally drawn to this area. She likes to read, walk, cook, garden and shop. Whitney who is 17, enjoys making jewelry, creative dance, and baking. They are busy fixing up their new place.

Norma and Thames Lee
23 Bayberry Circle 579 - 7815
Norma and Thames (like the river) came to Carolina Shores from Raleigh, NC. Thames is a native North Carolinian from the Raleigh area and Norma hails from Missouri. Norma worked in the sales shop of the History Museum and Thames was a heavy duty truck salesman. They consider themselves "homebodies." He likes to play golf and read and she likes to read, play a little golf and enjoyed quilting. Norma has fond memories of playing under the quilts as her grandmother sat quilting. They have three children, two daughters and a son as well as four grandchildren. Their daughter and son-in-law, Lynette and Frank Mitchell, also reside in Carolina Shores. Lynette sent pictures of the house on Bayberry -- and here they are. They met in St. Louis while Thames was in the service and this summer they will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary. They love the area and the friendly people.

Patricia Shaw-Taylor
9 Sand Dollar Drive 575 - 2862
Patricia, a widow, moved to Carolina Shores from Greensboro, NC. She's originally from Massachusetts where she was a physiologist. Patricia enjoys needlework, crocheting, and knitting. She has two step sons and a grandson. Her uncle, Dick Lapan, is also a resident of Carolina Shores. She and her cats, Sundance and Beau, are in the process of getting settled with many boxes left to unpack. Patricia likes the quiet of the neighborhood and the fact that we are an established community with lots of trees. She also felt the need to get away from the ice storms of interior NC. A portable GPS system in her car will help acquaint her with our area.

If someone new has moved to Carolina Shores and has not been featured in the Bulletin please contact: Marlene Stewart, Flo Pflaster, or Gwyn DeRenne so we can make a visit.


Call Mary Pritchard, Coordinator at 579-4684

1. Need Help? For rides to doctors; have some groceries picked up, your trash taken to the dump,
  your dog walked or your cat fed, and other needs.
  Call Mary Pritchard, Coordinator at 579-4684
2. Have Care to Share? Sign up to help our neighbors. Make their lives easier when someone is in
  distress in any number of ways. Also contribute to the Care Team Freezer at the POA in the

Come to our New Friends Meeting to hear updates for needs and read the thank you letters in the Bulletin. See coordinating Poster in POA, and view on


If you enjoy the graphics included in The Bulletin, thank Lynn Darby who puts in a lot of time and effort to produce these. They certainly brighten up The Bulletin. Thanks, Lynn.


Many thanks to my friends and neighbors in Carolina Shores, for their support and expressions of sympathy since the death of my daughter, Karen. God Bless you all.
Doris Sandberg

Marie and I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to our wonderful neighbors and friends for their prayers, phone calls, visits and get-well wishes during my recent heart by-pass surgery. A special thanks to our neighbors the Knorr's for finishing our bedroom project in time for my return home and to the Morris' for the many things they did, i.e., wonderful minestrone soup, snacks, books, etc. I'm doing well and will be starting rehab before too long. Hopefully, I'll be back on the golf course in April!
Jerry Strickler


A memorial service will be held for John W. Manning, who died last November, on February 9th (which would have been his 95th birthday), beginning at noon. The service will be held at his home on 4 Pelican Court, where a retrospective of his paintings, many of them local scenes, will be shown in the afternoon from 2 to 4 pm (as well as at the memorial).
I can be reached via return email, or 212-817-7177 (work) or 718-796-1860 (home).
Thank you.
David Manning (son)


Doris Ball - 4 Gate 8
Tom Hoskinson - 13 Calabash Drive
Karen L. Sandberg - 35 Bayberry Circle