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Board Members: Mike Mundy – President, Al Franklin - Vice President, Malcolm MacRaild - Treasurer,
Angela Kopitopolos - Director & Board Secretary,
Sally Nolan – Director, Connie Six – Director, David Jones - Director
Vicki Samuels – Office Manager.

Volume 27 Issue 7

July 2007


I and the other board members would like to thank all of you who came out for the quarterly board meeting on Monday June 18th. We had about 60 in attendance and lots of helpful input and suggestions. After hearing reports from each of the Chairpersons of our standing committees, we had a very spirited discussion about the compactor at the Town's recycling center. We have had requests from some members to request that the Town change to curbside pickup. Our purpose was to hear from the members and decide whether a survey of the entire membership was in order. After a very spirited discussion of the pros and cons of both methods, a show of hands was taken. The members present were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the current method. The CSPOA Care Team has volunteered to assist any member in need by picking up trash and taking it to the center for them. If you need help please call Mary Pritchard at 579-4684.
The July 4th picnic is just around the corner, and as always volunteers are needed. If you want to help out, contact Nancy Harthausen or Connie Six.
Mike Mundy, President


After several years of outstanding service, the hardworking editor of our monthly Bulletin has recently informed the Board that this will be her last issue. Diana Mardall has spent many hours month after month to insure that all of our community news is on time and well presented. We all owe Diana our sincere thanks for an outstanding job. She will be truly hard to replace, but Joyce Dunn Davis has volunteered to accept the challenge. Starting this month, all of you who submit articles for the Bulletin should send your drafts to Joyce. Joyce’s e-mail address is
Mike Mundy


The Carolina Shores Property Owner's Association (POA) Board of Directors approved a change in the issuing of fines for violations of the Deed of Restrictions as follows:

1. When a violation is noted a letter will be sent to the property owner giving 15 days to correct the violation or request a hearing.
2. If the same property owner is cited for the same violation at a later date, a letter will be sent indicating that a fine has been issued and the amount of the fine, in accordance with the fine schedule.
3. If the same property owner has the same violation a third time, a fine double the original fine will be issued. The fine will be doubled from this point on each time the same violation occurs.

.Also please remember that when you want to make any exterior alterations to your property (painting, roofing, additions, etc.) you must get approval from the POA. If you have approval from The Town of Carolina Shores you still need approval from the POA.
Al Franklin - Vice President


Thanks to all the volunteers who made the Memorial Day Picnic such a success. I would also like to thank the New Friends for the potluck table. Now it is time to request your help for the 4th of July Picnic to be held Wednesday, July 4. Please call Nancy Harthausen (575-0809) or Connie Six (575-3362). In addition, anyone wishing to contribute to the New Friends potluck table, it would be appreciated.
The bleachers at the tennis courts are completed. Tennis lessons for the young people are a success. Presently there are 12 students between 8 and 14. Please call Bob Anthony if interested in participating.
Just a reminder for those using the pool. Please, no food or alcoholic drinks. No drinks should be in glass containers. Young children who are not potty trained should not be in the big pool even if they are wearing swim diapers or pull- ons.
For those of you who smoke, please bring a container for ashes and butts. Let's keep the pool area clean for everyone.
Connie Six


On behalf of all of our members, the CSPOA board of directors would like to thank Chief Karl Bennett and the Calabash Fire Department for all that they do for us. The recent tragedy in Charleston has brought home to us the risks that these dedicated individuals take for all of us on a regular basis. A summary of the frequency of their response to our needs is included elsewhere in this bulletin.
In addition to all of their other duties, Chief Bennett recently brought a ladder truck to the POA pool to replace the lanyard on our flagpole just in time for Memorial Day. Thanks again from all of us.
Mike Mundy


The Town of Carolina Shores, located at 200 Persimmon Drive, will be hosting a Life Line Screening for the community on Wednesday, July 25th. Life Line Screening will perform ultrasound test for potential stroke risk, abdominal aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease and osteoporosis. The cost is $35 for each test or all four for $129. These screenings would cost between $ 600 and $1,000 in the hospital. You must pre-register by calling 1-800-697-9693.


The Carolina Shores Community July 4 Picnic will be held at the picnic area on Carolina Shores Drive, next to the pool. Join your neighbors for Live People Horse Race, Bingo, Bocce Ball, Putting Contest, Horse Shoes and other fun things. Your POA will provide hot dogs and all the fixings, ice cream bars/cups/cones. Raffle tickets will be sold and all the money will be given away. Plan to come to the picnic, bring a neighbor or invite a new resident.
Sorry – no rain date!
Any questions, call Nancy Harthausen at 575-2923


At the July 4 picnic you will find a table set up for potluck sharing. Everyone who attends the picnic is invited to bring a dish to share, place it on this table, and then participate in the shared goodies. We hope that doing this will help newcomers find it easier to join in the eating and conversations and thus feel welcomed to our community.

And not to put a damper on your 4th -

It is against North Carolina and Town of Carolina Shores laws to set off fireworks within Town limits.
This law has not been honored very much around Independence Day in the past but this year it might really be to our advantage and the safety of all our properties if everyone will cooperate.
The fairly severe drought we experienced in April and May (and at this writing, has not yet been relieved by enough rain), will make setting off fireworks in our highly flammable, pine straw landscaped community a serious threat to our own homes and the homes of our neighbors.
Please be considerate. All our local beaches have wonderful fireworks displays that can be safely enjoyed by a short trip to our shoreline.
Teddy Altreuter


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2007
8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

Please donate blood in honor of our Troops overseas! Your blood donation is needed! There is always a shortage of blood in the summer. Refreshments will be served. No appointment is needed but a photo ID is required.
For information call Vera Manning at 575-4099 or Bud Sweetman at 579-9036.
Thank you for giving the “Gift of Life”.


The Calabash Fire Department responded to 1,202 calls in 2006 compared to 121 in 1997. There are 39 volunteer members. The Fire Department is manned with 1 firefighter 24/7, 1 firefighter 8-5 daily, 1 part-time captain (days) and 1 part-time administrative chief. Also there is one volunteer stand-by at the station from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. each night.
The Fire Department is required, by North Carolina Department of Insurance, to have the required apparatus, equipment and training. The Calabash Fire Department has an ISO rating of 5 – this saves each insured property several hundred dollars per year in insurance costs.


If someone in your household is facing a health crisis, the Carolina Shores Care team is here to help. We can provide a ride to the doctor’s office or grocery store, or someone to pick up a prescription, take your trash to the dump, walk your dog, or help with other things that you are temporarily unable to do for yourself. We also stock the Care Team freezer in the POA clubhouse kitchen with donations of frozen meals that are available at no charge to anyone in the community who is unable to cook. If you need some help or you know of a neighbor who needs help, stop by the POA and pick up some food or call the Care Team Coordinator, Mary Pritchard, at 579-4684.


As I drove around the neighborhood this week, I became astonished at how many people leave their garage doors up with no one apparently about the outside of the house.
Whereas I do not believe in living afraid, I do believe that a bit of caution is warranted.
If you are not in the immediate area of your open garage door, close it. Even if you just went in for lunch, or a quick break. A police officer long ago told me that people are not inherently good or bad. Most people are on the fence about this morality & opportunity can blow them either way—toward honesty or dishonesty.
Mary Pritchard


The First Carolina Shores Derby was held at the Property Owners Association "Memorial Day" picnic grounds, the stands were full, the track was dry and fast. The crowed cheered the Number 3 (no-name) filly and her jockey, "Miss Judy", across the finish line at least 4 lengths ahead. It paid 8 to 1 odds. If we attempt this again we will have to start earlier to try for two races. All the material was donated to the Property Owners Association.
At this time I would like to thank the volunteers that assisted me in this endeavor: George Mulcahy, Jim and Barbara Hartnett, Cookie Russo, Elaine and Bill Southard, along with the following jockeys, #1-Helen, #2-Shelby, #4-Gregory, #5-Cody, and #6-Natalie, and of course the horses from the George Balbach "Ranch".
John M. Russo


The putting green had just 27 players for the picnic. First place winner ($17) was Ron Disano. Second place ($12) was John Crane.
Ron and Patty Buck



e-mail correction/change:
Rich & Marcy Norris
47 Swamp Fox
correct email address is:


The children's tennis lessons are going strong. There are 12 participants this year with more expected to show before the six weeks are over. All the players returning from last year have shown a marked improvement in their skill levels and seem to be getting better each session. The new players this year are very talented and have picked up the game quickly. The volunteer coaches are doing their best to keep up with the kids.
Open tennis on Mon., Wed. & Fri. will continue thru the summer but will start at 8:30am beginning July 2nd.
Bob Anthony 579.9666.


The Carolina Shores Quilters held their last meeting before summer June 8 at the POA. We had 25 members and 2 guests present. After our business meeting, Kathleen Ball installed our new officers for next fall:

President: Bonnie Reinecke
Secretary: Nancy Sneska
Treasurer: Paula Delhaunty
Co-vice presidents: Morie Austin
  Barbara Hutton
  Mary Ellen Driscol.

A big thank you was given to Kathleen Ball and her committee for the outstanding job they did this year.
We then enjoyed another great show and tell and then we presented our years work to the representative from the Ronald McDonald house, Edith Rosenblatt who gave us an update of things happening at the Ronald Mc Donald house. We have donated this year: 46 children's quilts, 4 afghans, 1 pillow, 2 hats, booties, toiletries and pop can tops.
The Guild also presented Edith with the donated charity quilt to be raffled off in the fall. Lucy Timmerman made the quilt and Barbara Hutton quilted it. Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20. Proceeds are going toward building a new Ronald Mc Donald house.
Following all this excitement we adjourned for a wonderful luncheon. We will not have any formal meeting during the summer, but we will meet on the second Friday of the month from 9:30 till 12:00 to finish any work or just get together. July 13 we will finish our table runners with the help of Lucy Timmerman.
Bonnie Reinecke - 575-4051


The opening question that Flo Pflaster asked at the June meeting of New Friends was "Where should we go to lunch today!" After such important decisions were made, the next question was "What do you miss most about your hometown?" Naturally that made for much reminiscing. Would you believe that some of us actually miss winter weather, the cold, snow, winter ice-skating, and cold, fresh water lakes!! Foodstuffs were high on the list: Maryland crab cakes and New York bagels. Others cited the culture available in the large cities, certain eateries as all night diners, and good transit systems. However, all agreed, we would not be any place else other than here in Carolina Shores at this point.
Upcoming activities:
July 4 Picnic - New Friends will again have a "share table" at POA Picnic
July 24 - Pelicans game. Cost $8 Call Flo Pflaster for more information.
August 6 - 11 A.M. cruise on the Sun Cruz Casino Boat at Little River. Call Suzanne Kirksey (579-4172) for details.
August 18 - "Aloha to Carolina Shores" A Luau at the pool starting at 3 P.M. Food, music, games for kids and catered food will make for a great time. Bring your own drinks. (BYOD) Tickets can be bought from Grayce Farley, (579-3995) See further info. in this Bulletin.
September 20 (Thursday) - Lunch at the Webster House in Mullins.
November 7-8 - Two rooms left for the overnight trip to Charleston. Call Grayce Farley for information.
Thursday evenings always finds some New Friends near the pier at Sunset Beach. Join them for the happy hour.
All neighbors and friends are welcome at meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. On July 10, Dot Robertiello will convene New Friends again. See you there.
Em Broughton


The New Friends Travel Committee is planning a fun evening at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans game. They will be playing against the Frederick Keys. This event will be open to all Carolina Shores residents-car pooling will be available on request.
Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 7 PM
Reserved Field Box tickets-$8.00 per person (group rate) Deadline for payment-July 10, 2007-no further money will be collected after that date.
Contact: Flo Pflaster-575-6243
We will have a section for our group and we’ll have our name in lights on the video board and announced over the public address system during the game. So join us to cheer on the local team!


Come join us every Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the POA clubhouse. We play duplicate bridge, but in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you need further information call me at 575-0825. Here are recent results.
May 23 1st Pat O‘Brien/Joan LaForge, 2nd Mike/Judy Mundy, 3rd Chuck/Alice Schilling May 30 1st Pat O‘Brien/Joan LaForge, 2nd Mike/Shirley Tolochko June 6] 1st Pat O‘Brien/Nancy Bradbury, 2nd Mike/Judy Mundy, 3rd Ed Woods/Bob Davis June 13 1st Chuck/Alice Schilling, 2nd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 3rd Bob/Joyce Davis
Submitted by Bob Davis


This reporter had a senior moment and forgot to send an article last month!
In May our first Tournament, "Queen Bee" was held. Judy Nicoletti shot a 73 with 5 birdies on the second week and became "The 2007 Queen Bee". Flight winners were: Sally Manifold, Blanche Johnson, Dottie Meader and Carol Hamilton.
Our two day Member-Member Tournament ended in a three way tie. Blanche Johnson and Dottie Meader won on a match of cards. Second were Sally Manifold and Phyllis Welch over Shirley Vazquez and Bett Leftwich.
None of our ladies played with Club 25 as our Inter Club Team was playing at Litchfield.
Ladybirds will play here on July 10th and Farmstead on July 25th. Club 25 will play at Tidewater on July 24th.
Congratulations to two ladies who had excellent shots this month. Bernice Morris aced #3 with a seven iron. Barb Juergens eagled #11 using a driver and a nine iron.
Sally Manifold


The Renegades enjoyed their annual Ladies Away trip to Pinehurst on June 18, 19 and 20. On Tuesday, the group played a “Pink Ball Plus One Low Gross” tournament at the Mid South Golf Course. The team of Dolores Sanborn, Jane Jordan, Kay Craig and Kathy Harniman took first place honors with a score of 205. Closest to the pin contest winners were Sharon Clark on Hole #6 and Donna Powers on Hole #11. On Wednesday, the group played at Talamore and the format was Best Ball. Kathleen Brennan, Martha Hannon, Dolores Sanborn and Rita Kielty won first place on a match of cards with the team of Jane Jordan, Sharon Clark, Donna Powers and Betty Johnston. Closest to the pin winners at Talamore were Donna Powers on #5 and Dolores Sanborn on #13. Thanks go to Donna Powers, Barbara Malina and Donna Watkins for planning the event. Thanks also go to all the ladies who attended and made this a very special trip.
Chairpersons for golf in July will be Betty Johnston and Sally Nolan. Please remember to check the bulletin board at the Pro Shop for tee times.
Donna Powers


The Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group played Meadowlands on Sunday, June 10. Thank you to Elaine and Bill Southard and Ilse Bateman for a great job as our golf hosts!! The game played was one low net/one low gross with honors going to the following foursomes: First Place: the team of Bob Jones, Floyd Schroppe, Teddy Altreuter and Kay Craig; Second Place: the team of Bill Southard, Martha Hannon, Barb Malina and Jane Mahncke; Third Place: the team of George Malina, Bill Altreuter, Gloria Crane and Gloria Schroppe.
Meadowlands was in beautiful condition so maybe we didn't mind the water and the "mesa" so much!!!!! In the early evening we all got together for a picnic-style dinner at the POA Bldg. The food was scrumptious and we all ate heartily !!! Thanks to our sweet "sweets" providers: Ilse Bateman, Donna Lowry and Barb Malina, sooooo delicious !!!!!
Next month will find us at Farmstead on Sunday, July 8. Our golf hosts will be Barbara and Bob Jones.
Hors d'oeuvres to follow at the POA Building at 4 p.m. The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the POA Bldg.
Remember, new members are always welcome. It's never too late in the year to join in!!! We play a different course in the area each month at a reduced rate, so come on out and join the fun!!!
Martha Hannon/Gloria Schroppe


The Monthly Game Tournament was held on June 14 and the format was Cha-Cha-Cha. Winners were the team of Janice Garvin, JoAnne Riedel, Ellie Gerard and Barbara Allen. Being Flag Day, every person was given a flag by JoAnne.
Father's Day "Play Nine and Dine" was held at the Eagle Nest Golf Club with dinner at Pat and Mike's in Little River. Winners were: Eugene Sanborn - men's low gross; Nancy Harthausen - ladies low gross; Ray Girard - men's low net and Mary Fran Ryan - ladies low net. Birdies were scored by Sanborn on hole #5 and by Harthausen on hole #7.
Grand Strand Ladies held their 2nd tour of 2007 at Sea Trail on June 13. Eight Niners participated. Mary Ann Ketchum had a birdie. The next event for this group will be on July 18th at Island Green.
Niners Quarterly Meeting will be held on July 12th at Carolina Shores Golf Course following regular golf at approximately 10:30 a.m. (right after golf)
Weekly Play - Niners play every Thursday a.m. @ Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive a half hour before Tee Time. Sign-up sheets have the tee times listed - the sheets are picked up on Tuesday @ 1:00 p.m.

If you are a new golfer - or someone that just wants to play nine holes we welcome you to come and join us. We are a very friendly and sociable group of ladies who enjoy the game and have a lot of fun playing.
Gwyneth DeRenne


Losing your partner in life is never easy, nor do I expect I'll ever get over it, but the outpouring of sympathy to me, both verbal and in writing, and the actions, cards, and Mass cards in her memory, have made the days following Vera's death a little bit easier. THANK YOU.
Fritz McCabe

Thanks...... To my loving friends of Carolina Shores. Many thanks for your cards of sympathy, your prayers, kindness and support.
God Bless,
Doris Soper

On behalf of myself and my family I would to thank all of our friends and neighbors for their prayers, cards and offers of help during the 15 months prior to and leading up to the day of Mary’s passing on November 17, 2006. Her last four months in the hospital were extremely difficult for her as she was on a ventilator and feeding tube and was unable to speak. We all lost a good friend and I lost my best friend and wife. I would like to add a very special thank you to those who made memorials in Mary’s name to the Brunswick Community Hospital Volunteer Association for the benefit of the scholarship fund Mary started as a volunteer at the hospital for the benefit of second year students at Brunswick Community College who are interested in the Health Care Field. I am sure she is smiling down upon us all and saying “Thank you ALL for your help”.
Jack Elliott

Thank you so much to the kind and considerate friends and neighbors of Carolina Shores. After my recent surgery, I received so many cards, delicious food, flowers, and phone calls from the thoughtful people here. It is comforting to know we live in such a great community.
Thanks again,
Jan Kilgore


Edward L. Soper
36 Gate 3

Vera McCabe
44 Carolina Shores Parkway

Editor’s Note:

It’s been fun! I’ve been putting The Bulletin together for over two years and for personal reasons I have resigned, this is my last issue. The community is extremely lucky to have Joyce Dunn Davis take over this responsibility – thank you Joyce. All information for The Bulletin should be sent to Joyce at Or send to the POA and they will forward to Joyce.
Diana Mardall