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Board Members: Joyce Dunn Davis - President, Monty Craig - Vice President, Bill Harniman - Treasurer,
Nancy Harthausen - Director, Mike Mundy - Director, Vicki Samuels - Secretary
Editor: Diana Mardall

Volume 27 Issue 1

January 2007



As we begin a new year, it is always good to reflect on the one just completed. For the Board, it was a year of very hard work and many accomplishments, including:

• For the first time in recent years the Board established six Standing Committees: Recreation, Facility Management, Communications, Architectural Control, Finance and Audit, and Nominating. Each of the committees accomplished important work for the community.
• The Board focused on improving communication with members by establishing an official Board web site; creating an email distribution list for rapid sharing of time-critical information; and expanding the “member comment” section of its bi-monthly meetings to an interactive exchange with those present.
• Production of an upgraded CSPOA Member Directory was done by an outside vendor at no charge to the Board, saving us ~$1,700.
• The Board voted to expand its size from five to seven members, reflecting the growth of the community and the amount of work that must be done by Board members.
• The Board created, distributed, and analyzed a Member Survey that has provided a useful picture of member interests and desires. The results will allow future Boards to make decisions that better reflect the will of the community.
• The CSPOA Treasurer is conducting a computer-based analysis of the long-range requirements for funding repair and/or replacement of the CSPOA’s capital equipment and property.
• Bicycle racks were installed at the clubhouse and tennis courts and will be installed at the pool in the spring. Construction is underway on new “bleacher” style seating at the tennis courts.
• A complete replacement and updating of the Carolina Shores entrance and gate signs is underway and will be completed early in 2007.
• At the advice of the CSPOA attorney, the Board focused on resolving member complaints and ACC violations without resorting to legal action, resulting in a significant reduction in annual legal expenses. The ACC Complaint Form was updated and all complaints must now be made in writing to ensure adequate written records when legal action is required.
• Oversight of tree removal applications was transferred to the Town of Carolina Shores, considerably reducing time demands on ACC volunteers. At the Board’s request the town reviewed and reduced the cost of tree removal permits for property owners.
• A review is underway of all POA utility bills (electric, water, phone, cable, and computer services) to address unexplained fluctuations in the bills and ensure that we have appropriate and cost-effective use of the utilities.
In addition to all these activities, the current Board also has focused on creating good written records of all important Board functions and procedures, so that those who come after us will know what we do, how we do it, and what remains to be done.

Joyce Dunn Davis, President


Your Nominating Committee will be presenting your candidates for election to the POA Board of Directors at our “MEET THE CANDIDATES FORUM” to be held at the CS POA on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007 at 3 PM. Light refreshments will be served. You, the POA members, will be able to sit back and listen and/or ask the candidates questions regarding their experience/skills attained that will contribute to their work as a Board member, what they hope to accomplish, if elected, for our community during their service on our Board and any other pertinent questions. We hope that this forum will assist our members in making an informed election decision that will best benefit our Community. PLEASE COME– IT IS YOUR COMMUNITY.

Voting Ballots - Your voting ballots will be mailed to you on Friday, January 5, 2007. The ballot has been changed this year to simplify the form and the voting process. Please read the instructions carefully, sign and date the Proxy/Voter ID section at the top of the form and make your candidate selections in the Ballot area at the bottom of the form. Fold and seal the voting area of the ballot and continue to fold the entire piece of paper. Do not tear the page in half. Place the folded Proxy/ID and sealed ballot in the return envelope and send or take it to the POA Office by 11AM Saturday, February 3, 2007. Please remember – YOUR VOTE COUNTS –Return your ballots. If you have any questions, please call Nancy Harthausen at 575-2923.
Your Nominating Committee


Following the November CSPOA Board meeting, where property owners were invited to make comments and suggestions concerning the CSPOA budget for 2007, the Board of Directors met and reviewed member input. As Treasurer Bill Harniman announced when he presented the draft budget in November, the bill we received for our 2007 insurance was approximately $2,000 less than anticipated. Consequently, the Board voted to set the 2007 annual dues at $166 per property (a $2 reduction in the figure presented in the draft budget distributed in November). Bills have been mailed to each property owner and must be paid in full by January 31, 2007.


Some questions have arisen recently about the Board policy on bringing guests to meetings and social events at the Carolina Shores clubhouse. The policy is that the first priority on access to open activities at the clubhouse is always ensuring enough space for all interested CSPOA members to attend; once that requirement is met, any CSPOA member is permitted to bring a guest. (The only exception to this option is the annual CSPOA Holiday Party, which is paid for by the CSPOA budget and is only open to property owners.)


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to all the Carolina Shores residents who contributed to our “Adopt a Family for the Holidays” project. Because of your generosity we were able to provide lots of gifts and gift cards to a needy Brunswick County family of five (a young single mother, her two small children, and the grandparents she and her children live with). On December 19, Marlene Stewart and Joyce Davis delivered a car full of packages for the family and met the young mother and her two little girls. She was very nice and very thankful for all the gifts and said she had no income and would not have had presents for her children without our help. She later telephoned Joyce to repeat how much she appreciated all the gifts.


February 17, 2007

If you haven't already signed up for the Progressive Dinner, you are going to miss a really special evening in Carolina Shores. Just ask someone who has participated in the past. You can either host cocktails, dinner with another couple, or dessert. There are eight people present at each course and you will see a different group of people at the three courses (thanks to Gary Stewart and his programming skills).
The event begins at 5:30 and ends whenever you leave from dessert. Dessert begins at 8:30, and if that is too long of an evening for you then you can participate in just the first two courses, but you must let us know of your intentions when you sign up.
DEADLINE- Feb. 11.
Call: Marlene Stewart 575-6675;
Or Jan Kilgore 579-2772;


Any number listed with the pre-fix 597- should be 579-
Maxine and Joseph Mangieri – 575-6849
49 Bayberry Circle
John G. Carpenter – 579-9050
11 Court 4
Addition of Al Franklin's wife, Jude at 15 Ct. 8 North West Drive
Omit Robert Bodemer (who is deceased) and replace with Georgianna Matteson at 2 Niblick Court. Same telephone number.
Pearce, Dick & Doris – 30 Gate 7 – 579-0181
Additional listing to residence:
Ruth M. Olson – 7 Gate 11
Telephone # 579-8208


8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Please donate blood in honor of our troops overseas! Refreshments will be served. NO appointments is needed but PHOTO I.D. is required. Blood supplies always drop at the holidays, your blood donation is needed. Call Bud Sweetman at 579-9036 or Vera
Manning at 575-4099.


If you are getting ready to move or just thinking of getting rid of household items you no longer need, please keep the CSPOA clubhouse in mind. We are seeking donations of good quality linen table cloths, cookware and baking pans, cooking and serving utensils (including corkscrews), a DVD or VCR, and dishcloths. Please leave donations in the CSPOA kitchen and let the office staff know when you do it.


Singers who would like to form a local barbershop group are invited to meet on January 11th at 7:00 pm at the POA building for an organizational meeting. We will start singing in the barbershop style using men's arrangements. Ladies will probably sing tenor and lead with men bring up the bottom, baritone and bass. Four part harmony with three harmony parts surrounding a lead melody. For information call 579-1421.- Jarvis and Marie Baillargeon.


The Quilters Guild turned the POA Clubhouse into a Christmas fantasy at our December meeting. We had 39 members present. After our business meeting, Tips with Morrie, and a delightful show and tell, we enjoyed a wonderful luncheon and gift exchange. We contributed many canned goods and a check to the Brunswick Food Pantry.
Our next meeting will be held at the POA on January 12 and Judy Lilly will present a workshop making a split leaf oak quilt. Our business meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. All quilters are invited, hope to see you there.
Bonnie Reinecke - 575-4051


I would like to thank everyone for their interest in Polarity Yoga. Our class has been a great success. The 10 week course came to a close on December 5th. I will re-start the 10 week course again on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at 8:30 am at the POA.
Polarity Yoga is a series of gentle self-help exercises developed for stimulating and balancing life energy. It incorporates movement, stretching and meditation for a total mind and body workout. The routines are taught to be performed with “effortless effort” and to bring you new feelings of vitality and well being.
If you are interested in joining the class please call Kathy Whalen at 575-2911


The Garden Club Christmas Party was held at Flynn's Irish Pub. Lynn Darby and her committee, Kay Craig and Grayce Farley did a wonderful job with the Holly's history theme. Bob Davis led the entertainment with songs, solo and sing-alongs, which included his lovely wife, Joyce. Eight Norwegian Pine plants were given as lottery prizes.
Special thanks to Jane and Richard Boyle and their group for the luminaries around the lake for the POA Christmas Party and all those who helped decorate Carolina Shores for the holidays.
Join us for our next meeting, Wednesday, January 10 at the POA at 1pm when our guest speaker will be Phil Lester of Brunswick County Animal Control.
Come join us!! Bring a friend!!
Eva Jensen 579-1984

Mark your calendars! Make reservations for A Cruise on the CS Scholar Ship, this year's theme for the annual Carolina Shores Garden Club Luncheon and Card Party. The party, which raises funds for scholarships for West Brunswick High School graduating seniors, will be held Wednesday, February 28th at the POA Clubhouse. The party was a sellout last year so, get your group together and call your reservations in early to ensure a table.
Tickets are $16 per person (includes a delicious catered luncheon, our exciting raffle, and a ship shaped POA.)
For reservations call: Kay Forbes 575-2256 or Phyllis Hartley 575-2356.
Set sail with us for a fun afternoon of good food, cards, and friends on Wednesday, February 28 at 11:30 am at the POA.


The Carolina Shores Book Club met on December 15, 2006 in the POA library. There were 12 members present.
Those of us who hadn't finished "The Song of the Exile" in time for the November meeting were very eager to share their thoughts on that book, so we discussed "The Song of the Exile" by Kiana Davenport for the first 15 minutes. We all agreed that this was a very "heavy" book and we were glad to choose something lighter for our December selection.
"The Ladies of Covington" by Joy Medlicott, was a book that we all enjoyed. The story is about a group of women, in semi-retirement, who become friends when they join together to restore an old house. It is a story of hope, restoration and love.
On January 19, 2007 we will meet on 9:30 in the POA library to discuss "Digging to America" by Anne Tyler. Please join us. We have no dues or fees, just a great love of reading. Call me if you need any more information.
Mary Dilettuso - 575-5845


Our mixed doubles round robin tennis tournament was a great success. Eighteen folks participated and a fun time was had by all. After tennis we retired to the POA building for a pot luck brunch. Once again the food prepared by our current and former tennis players was outstanding--proving that the best cooks in the country must all reside in Carolina Shores. Open tennis is still going strong and available to all POA members and their guests every Mon., Wed. & Fri @ 9:00am---see you there!!
Bob Anthony 579.9666


Dot Robertiello led our group in a lively discussion of what we were looking forward to for the upcoming Holiday Season. Joyce Dunn-Davis reported that we were still collecting money, gift cards, or gifts for the family we adopted for Christmas. Joyce and Marlene will see that the gifts are wrapped and delivered. Dot asked for any other donations to Paws Place to come in by Christmas, and she and Pete will deliver those.
Our travel committee headed by Grayce Farley is busy planning some great trips for the coming year. Kathy Sanders is working on a Mystery Theatre at The House of Blues on Feb. 3. Flo Pflaster has a bus trip planned to the Azalea Festival in Wilmington on April 14. Grayce hopes to schedule the Sandy Island trip again in April.
Other important dates:

Pot Luck Dinner - January 20
Progressive Dinner - Feb. 17
(See article elsewhere for further details.)

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 9 at 10AM at the POA. Angela Kopitopoulos will be in charge. BRING A NEW FRIEND!
Marlene Stewart


Do you like to play chess, checkers, Monopoly, scrabble, cribbage, dominos, or any other game? Mark your calendars now and plan to attend a “Potluck Dinner and Game Night” hosted by the Carolina Shores Friends. At 6:00 p.m. we will gather at the clubhouse for a potluck supper. After dinner we will break into small groups to play whatever games people want to play. The New Friends will provide soft drinks and setups; you bring a dish to share and whatever game you would like to play. Reservations are required for this event so we can match players and games and ensure sufficient space. To sign up, call Joyce Davis, 575-0825, or send an email to: by January 15. I you would prefer to just join us for dinner, you are welcome to do that.


The Travel Committee is planning a Sunway Bus Tour to the Wilmington Azalea Festival and Parade on April 14, 2007. Sunway bus will pick us up about 6:30 AM probably at the Food Lion shopping center to take us to Wilmington. The price includes round trip transportation, reserved bleacher seats at the parade, and a scenic drive with a tour director through Greenfield Gardens. Lunch is on our own. There will be more than 160 arts and crafts booths, entertainment and shopping along the waterfront. We will return about 5:30 PM. COST is $40/per person. Please call Flo Pflaster by January 8 to reserve a seat. Phone 910-575-6243 or my cell phone 910-368-1070 after Jan 5.


The Carolina Shores Needlework Club will hold its January meeting on Monday, January 15, from 10 a.m. to Noon at the Atlanta Bread Company in North Myrtle Beach (adjacent to TGI Friday’s in the Wal-Mart shopping center). We will sit around Atlanta Bread’s cozy fireplace to work on our personal needlework projects and then enjoy lunch together before heading home. We welcome new members of all skill levels and interests. If you need a ride or want to carpool, call Joyce Davis at 575-0825 or send an email to:


Nancy Howell of Rose Bed and Breakfast catered a special Christmas Brunch for our small group. We took pictures in front of her Christmas tree and took a tour. On January 2nd we are going to lunch at Papa John's Pizza in the Lowe's Shopping Plaza in Little River. Membership is still open. Call to join our club or luncheon: Lynn Darby at 579-7526 or Grayce Farley at 579-3995.
Lynn Darby


Welcome to Carolina Shores Ladies who like to play cards. We play canasta, hand and foot, and kings row on Monday, 7 p.m., Wednesday, 1 p.m. and Friday, 1 p.m. We are glad to get new people and very willing to teach anyone who wants to learn a new card game.
If you have questions, call Pat Ferstler or Betty O’Rourke, or just come and join us and we will play cards.


Come join us every Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the POA Clubhouse. We play duplicate bridge in a very relaxed setting. If you need further information call me at 575-0825. Here are recent results:
Nov 29 1st Nancy Bradbury/Mary Scott, 2nd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg, 3rd Marilyn Fisher/Marilyn Mattutat

Dec 6 1st Marilyn Mattutat /Rita Kielty, 2nd Chuck/Alice Schilling, 3rd Roy Johnson/Doris Sandberg

Dec 13 North-South 1st Joan LaForge/Pat O”Brien, 2nd Bob/Joyce Davis, 3rd Nancy Bradbury/Mary Scott
East-West 1st Ann Hierman/Ann Nice, 2nd Dottie Plourde/Marilyn Fisher, 3rd Chick Weingarten/Rita Hoyne
Bob Davis


The Renegades enjoyed an unusually warm December day for their annual Christmas Tournament which was held on December 14 at Brick Landing. The Renegades and their guests teed off under bright blue skies. The format was one low net + one low gross per hole. First Place was awarded to the team of Art Hahl, Jan Kilgore, Carolyn McCroskey and Gloria Schroppe. Second Place went to Jane Jordan, Dee Gillin, Bob Kilgore and Joe Clark. Third Place winners were Kathy Hahl, Jane Mahncke, Pauline Millosky and Jerry Rubin. Finishing fourth (on a match of cards) was the team of Sharon Clark, Kathy Harniman, and Elaine Southard.
After golf The Renegades enjoyed cocktails, hors d’eouvres and dinner in the Brick Landing dining room. Our thanks to Kathy Harniman and Sharon Clark for a fun day spent with good friends.
The Annual Meeting/luncheon for the Renegades will be held on January 11 at Tamer’s Restaurant. The cost is $14, checks made payable to The Renegades. Sign up sheet has been posted on the Renegade bulletin board at the POA. Please see Donna Watkins or Barbara Malina for further information.
Tee times will be available at 8:30 on January 4, January 18 and January 25. See bulletin board at the golf course for sign up sheets.
Donna Watkins


Holiday Party – A festive and jolly group of our members and their guests attended our Holiday Party at the Carolina Shores Golf Club House on Wednesday, December 6, 2006. Holiday music was provided by Ray Girard and Sarah Claus (Mary Anne Ketcham) and her two elves arrived to hand out the presents to all the good girls and boys. We all sang carols and had a “HOLLY-JOLLY” party.

Installation Luncheon – Our annual installation luncheon will be held at THE GRILL HOUSE on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007 at 12 Noon. Details and a sign-up sheet will be posted at the Pro Shop.

Weekly Play - Niners play every Thursday morning at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Please be sure to arrive a half hour before Tee Time (tee times are posted on the sign-up sheets). Signup sheets at the golf club house will be picked up on Tuesdays at 1 PM. If you are a new golfer or a golfer that just likes to play nine holes, we welcome you to come and play with us. We are a very friendly and sociable group of ladies that enjoy the game and have a lot of fun playing.
Nancy Harthausen 575-2923


On November 20, Marie Strickler and Judy Nicoletti participated the Women's Grand Strand District Golf Association's play at Wachesaw Plantation. Marie won the Championship Flight posting 79 low gross.
Blanche Johnson shot a net 30 and won the Carolina Shores Ladies Golf Association Tournament on Thursday, November 30. The format was scores on the odd holes with half handicap. Marie Strickler placed second with 32.5 and Marlene Cleary was third with 33. Chipping in were Phyllis Welch and Sue Greiner at the 14th hole. Posting birdies were Sally Manifold at the 7th hole and Barbara Juergens at the 12th hole. Low putts went to Blanche Johnson with 29. Marie Strickler had the low gross of 83 and Blanche Johnson the low net of 72.
Marie Strickler represented Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club Brunswick Beacon's Tournament of Champions at Sea Trails December 2-3. Unfortunately, she did not win but finished tied for second with 167. The tournament had co-champions at 163: Mona Dye (Brierwood) and Sandy Halburg (The Lakes). Congratulations to all the Club Champions who participated.
Sally Manifold shot a net 56 to win the Carolina Shores Ladies Golf Association weekly tournament December 7. The format was throw out worst hole on each side minus handicap. Dottie Russo came in second with 62 on a MOC over Judy Nicoletti. Reporting chip-ins were Dottie Russo and Marie Strickler at hole 13. Marie also took putts with 29. Judy Nicoletti posted the low gross of 86 and Sally Manifold low net 70.
The CSLGA Awards Luncheon was held on Tuesday, December 12, at the Carolina Shores Golf Club. Receiving awards were:

Club Champion: Marie Strickler
A Flight/Gross: Judy Nicoletti A Flight/Net: Candace Cochrane
B Flight/Gross: Sally Manifold
B Flight/Net: Bernice Morris
C Flight/Gross: Dottie Meader
C Flight/Net: Ann Hierman
D Flight/Gross: Lois Howard
D Flight/Net: Dottie Russo

Member-Member: Marlene Cleary and Marie Strickler
Second Place: Candace Cochrane and Marsha Lewis
Queen Bee: Blanche Johnson

A Flight: Judy Nicoletti
B Flight: Barbara Kassner
C Flight: Lois Howard
D Flight: Helen Marsh

President's Cup: Dawn Rubin
Runner-Up: Patty Buck

Handicapped Tournament: Doreen Spearin Runner-Up: Patty Buck
Birdie pins were presented to everyone who made a birdie during 2006; Ringers went to Marie Strickler with the overall low gross of 60.
Marie Strickler - 575-6345


The Carolina Shores Sunday Scramble Group’s December tournament was held on the 2nd at Sea Trail’s Byrd Course. One Low Gross + one Low Net per hole was the format. The winners were:
1st Place: Art Hahl, Jim Garrigan, Elaine Tschofen and Gloria Schroppe
2nd Place: Joe Lowry, Wilf Tschofen, Laura Duncan and Arlene Leskowicz
3rd Place: Jay Leskowicz, Dave Duncan, Ilse Bateman and Jane Mahncke
Art Hahl won Low Net for Men and Ilse Bateman took the honor for the ladies.
Cocktails and dinner followed at The Boundary House.
Jean and Doug Falls coordinated the golfing portion of the day and Pat and Lester Soule, filling in for Lynn Jerr, handled the dinner arrangements.
In January the Group will welcome new co-Presidents: Gloria Schroppe and Martha Hannon. January’s tournament will be held on Sunday, January 14 at Carolina Shores. Sign-up sheet is on the POA Bulletin Board. Please remember your 2007 dues are payable at January’s outing.


Bob and Judy Quinn
11 Sage Court 579-3323
Moving from Westfield, Mass. was a good decision according to the Quinn's. Bob was a draftsman and served in the Marines. Judy was an elementary teacher for 30 years. Four children and eight grandchildren later, they are enjoying their retirement. Bob is active in the Marine Corp League, and the Elks Club. Judy likes to sew, do photography, and shop. They both love going to the beach.

Hugh and Brenda Gelston

1 Carolina Shores Drive
Phoenix, Maryland has been home to Hugh and Brenda where he has taught for 39 years at an all boys school in nearby Baltimore, and served as their Athletic Director. Brenda served as the Executive Director of the Baltimore Board of Officials for Women's Sports. Brenda likes to garden and shop the consignment shops, while they both enjoy golfing. They are awaiting the birth of their ninth grandchild.

Rhonda Westbrook and Shane Ferguson

37 Carolina Shores Drive 579-3255
Rhonda is originally from Western PA, and moved here from Raleigh. She works in Real Estate, and Real Estate Investing. Shane is a native North Carolinian and moved here from Greensboro. He is a landscaper, and pro golfer. Not only will he build you your private green, but give you golf lessons as well! Special rates for CS residents! They are active in their church and keep fit at the gym. Rhonda is also a talented decorator as evidenced by what she has done in the remodeling of their home. They have a sweet dog named Paris.

Ed and Florence Zydzik
4 Sunfish Court 575-3644
Elizabeth, NJ was home to Ed and Florence before retiring to Montrose, PA. They still have that home, but decided to come to the south and retire here. Ed served as Fire Chief in Elizabeth, and Florence was a school nurse at King's College. For relaxation Ed enjoys golfing, gardening, and renovating. Florence likes to quilt, do rug hooking, and needlework. They have two grandchildren living in PA.

Mike and Christine Rothwell
4 Moss Court
Mike and Christine and their son Ed are from Illinois. They both work for the Department of Corrections. Christine loves the beach and Mike enjoys playing golf in his spare time. Both also like hiking. They are busy getting their new home in Carolina Shores furnished and decorated.

If someone new has moved to Carolina Shores and has not been featured in the Bulletin please contact: Marlene Stewart, Flo Pflaster, or Gwyn DeRenne so we can make a visit.



Call Mary Pritchard, Coordinator at 579-4684
1. Need Help? For rides to doctors; have some groceries picked up, your trash taken to the dump, your dog walked or your cat fed, and other needs.
Call Mary Pritchard, Coordinator at 579-4684
2. Have Care to Share? Sign up to help our neighbors. Make their lives easier when someone is in distress in any number of ways. Also contribute to the Care Team Freezer at the POA in the kitchen.
Come to our New Friends Meeting to hear updates for needs and read the thank you letters in the Bulletin. See coordinating Poster in POA, and view on


A great big Thank You to all my good friends and neighbors for your comfort and support to me in your many different ways, upon the very sudden death of my son Jeff. I have always called you “My Carolina Shores Family” and it is no truer than right now. I am trying hard to be strong and with your help, I know I will be. Love you and God Bless.
Lil Hoehne

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the outpouring of care and concern from all of our neighbors and friends during my recent by-pass surgery. All of the cards, phone calls, flowers, visits and especially, the delicious meals, have healed my heart in a special way that no surgery can handle. It is always comforting to know that we have such great, compassionate and caring friends here in Caroline Shores. From the bottom of my (repaired) heart, I thank you.
Rita Kielty

Many thanks to my friends and neighbors in Carolina Shores, for their support and expressions of sympathy since the death of my husband, Bob. God Bless you All.
Kathy Welker and Family

The family of Bill Olson would like to thank friends and neighbors for their kindness following his passing; but especially for that kindness during his life here at Carolina Shores.


Tom Wilson – 38 Carolina Shores Parkway
Mary Elliott – 34 Calabash Drive
Robert Welker – 39 Calabash Drive

In November our community lost a beloved long-time resident, Mary Elliott, the wife of former Carolina Shores mayor Jack Elliott. The CSPOA Board asked Mary’s friend Jenny Garvey to write a remembrance of Mary for the Bulletin. Here are Jenny’s thoughts. . . .
I would like to ask that we all take a minute to remember Mary Elliott. The old timers of Carolina Shores (myself included) will always remember Mary for her wonderful sense of humor and for her dedication to whatever job was asked of her. Many of us had the honor to call her a personal friend and I count myself lucky to be included in that group. But in addition to being a good friend to many of us, she was also a wonderful neighbor to all of us in the Carolina Shores community. Her volunteer work included President of the Garden Club, President of the Niners, President of the Renegades and a board member and vice president on the Carolina Shores POA. She also found the time to devote 18 years to the Brunswick County Hospital Volunteer Association. There are so many funny stories I could tell you about Mary. One of my favorite memories is a golfing trip to Hilton Head Island. While golfing, Mary fell head over heels into a pond. In spite of the fact that she was soaking wet and reeked of the pond water, she played on. Mary loved to sing and many of us were lucky to have heard her belt out an Irish tune. She will be sorely missed not only by her family but her many friends in the hospital volunteer program and here in Carolina Shores.



Editor’s Note: Articles for the next Bulletin must be received by the Editor by the 20th of the month. You can e-mail articles, event information, etc. to me at (Note: there is an underlined space between “diana” and “mardall” – diana_mardall); you can deliver the information to me at 36 Carolina Shores Parkway, or you can send via e-mail to the POA and they’ll forward to me. Please include a name and phone number when submitting information.