To Contact Board Members or the POA: 579-2044 or e-mail at

Board Members: Pete Gulliver – President, Bob Jones – Vice President, Kerry Jarrell –Treasurer,

Al Franklin – Director, Brent Horten Director, Linda Pennington Director, Mike Riccitelli – Director,

Merrilee Burns – Co-Editor   Linda Rugg – Co-Editor

CSPOA web site:                  


Message from the BoardPete Gulliver, President



Currently the following property owners have been suspended from membership for non-payment of dues and assessments and are NOT PERMITTED TO USE ANY AMENITIES OR ATTEND POA SPONSORED FUNCTIONS EITHER AS A MEMBER OR AS A GUEST OF A MEMBER.  In order to protect your financial interest in the corporation, liens have been filed against their property with the Brunswick County Clerk's Office:


Gere & Marge Dale - 46 Calabash Dr.

FB Development Co. - 64 Carolina Shores Pkwy.

Ernest D. & Joy Hancock - 4 Cleek Ct.

Mark & Nora Jannelli - 1 Court 12

Thomas & Terrie Kirby - 5 Gate 11

Deborah Langdon- 89 Carolina Shores Dr.

Nona LaPointe-Regan- 5 Arden Ct.

Pat Lovallo & John Sorbella - 20&22 Gate 5

Kenneth & Kelly Massey - 6 Buoy Ct.

Richard Peak Jr. - 38 Sunfield Dr.

Richard Pratt - 14 Northwest Dr.

Martin Quinlan - 6 Lakeview Ct.

Brian & Lisa Roberts - 14 Swamp Fox Dr.

Margaret Rossi - 24 Carolina Shores Parkway

F. Wade - 14 Cleek Ct.

Todd Yando - 29 Gate 6


The proposed 2013 operating and capital reserve budgets are available for your comment and review.  Please submit your comments to the Business Office, ATTN:  Kerry Jarrell, through noon on Tuesday, December 11, or verbally at the board meeting on Wednesday, December 12.  At this meeting the Board will vote on the budget.


In response to concerns raised by residents the Board approved the addition of the following conditions to the reservation agreement given to groups that have reserved time in our clubhouse:


1. It is the responsibility of the person or persons reserving time in the clubhouse to make a reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of all the residents in good standing before accommodating non-residents and/or guests.  


2. It is understood that approval of this request does NOT give the group the exclusive use of the clubhouse.


3. It is the responsibility of the person or persons reserving time in the clubhouse to make a reasonable effort to determine that there are no suspended members using the clubhouse as part of this group.


We have a new water cooler near the entrance to the tennis courts.  The purchase price and installation cost was supplemented through a donation from Tom Moore in memory of his mother, Trinka Moore.  Bob Anthony administered the donation on behalf of the tennis players and Brent Horten coordinated the purchase and installation on behalf of the Board.


The friends of Mike Tolochko have donated a bench in his memory.  The bench is located in the grassy area across from the front entrance to the POA clubhouse.  Margie Pettersen managed the purchase and placement and Al Franklin coordinated the installation on behalf of the Board.





DECEMBER 12, 2012 – 9:30 a.m. – BOARD MEETING









How to Submit Articles to the Bulletin

The DEADLINE for submitting articles for the Bulletin is 5:00 p.m. on the 20th of each month for the following month's issue.

YOU MUST EMAIL ARTICLES  to:  Do not use the office email.  Be sure to include the name of the activity in the “subject” line of your email.  Thank you.




Nominations – Bob Jones


On February 2, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. our POA will elect four directors.  The following incumbent candidates have filed nomination applications for these positions:  Al Franklin, Pete Gulliver, Brent Horten and Kerry Jarrell.  The January bulletin will include bios for each candidate.





Pottery Lovers - Diana Mardall


Stay Centered Studio invites you to view their latest work.  Visit the new showroom at 286c Koolabrew Road, just west of Rt. 17 in Calabash.  There is beautiful, unique, hand-made pottery, functional and decorative, all made by local potters from Carolina Shores and Sunset Beach. 


The holiday hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., from now until December 18.  Contact Diana Mardall at 575-7804 if you need more information.




Can you help? – Mary Pritchard


The South Brunswick Interchurch Council is trying to provide a Christmas Turkey Dinner for 175 families in need in the South Brunswick area.


For $20 you can give a family of 4-5 people a box that includes:


12-14 pound frozen turkey

Yams  2 cans         Green beans   2 cans

Corn   2 cans         Cranberry sauce

Dinner Rolls    Pumpkin pie


Contact Wendy Horten at 579-0467 or Rosemary Jones at 579-9338




Computers Wholesale – Patricia Germond


Calabash Wholesale Computers invite you to our new showroom opening December 6 at 286B Koolabrew Dr, just west of Hwy 17, Calabash.  We offer good used quality Laptops, Desktops, LCD Monitors, etc. at affordable prices.  Contact Patricia Germond at 910-515-5026 for hours and information.  A 30 day warranty is given on all merchandise.




Carolina Shores Happenings Marlene Stewart


Kathy Hahl had her third hole-in-one.  She was playing the #4 par 3 at Beachwood Golf Course.  She used her 7 wood.  Arlene Leskowicz was playing with her, and had played with Kathy when she had her other two hole-in-ones.  She must be her lucky charm! 


Kathy seems to be having a lucky streak.  She won a beautiful gift basket from the Garden Club on Saturday.  The basket was filled with many wonderful items for gardening.  Or is it Art that will be using these items?




Tennis News Bob Anthony


Well, the drinking fountain at the tennis courts has been replaced by one that dispenses cold water.  The tennis community really appreciates this upgrade and the fountain will get a lot of use as the weather warms up next year.  Special thanks go out to POA Board member, Brent Horten, for making it happen.


Open tennis continues strong; come on out and get in shape for the upcoming Holiday (over eating) Season.  Open tennis occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m.




Carolina Shores Niners Betty Kibblehouse


The new officers for the year are:  Violet Collins - President, Rose Mary Jones - Vice President, Patricia Herdic - Treasurer and Joyce Dunn - Secretary.  Chairpersons are:  Ellie Girard - Social Secretary, Nancy Harthausen - Handicapping and Joanne Riedel – Rules.


The Christmas Luncheon is on December 13, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at The Surf Club.  Don’t forget your Yankee Swap gift.


We were happy to welcome Carol Hamilton as a new member of our group.


Weekly Play: Niners play every Thursday morning at the Carolina Shores Golf Club.  Ladies who are just learning the game, golfers who are older and can’t play 18, or ladies who just WANT to play 9 - this group is for you.  This is a friendly and sociable group.  If interested, contact Violet Collins at 579-1373 for additional details.  Lana Golden is our Pairings Coordinator for December.




Renegade News Debbie O’Dell


The Christmas tournament and dinner will be held on Thursday, December 13, at the Thistle Golf Course with dinner following.  We will have a shotgun start at 9:00 a.m.  Cocktails will be at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:15 p.m. Your hosts for this event are Mary Hedrick, Bev Farmarco and Bernice Morris.


Save the date…the January luncheon is now set for Wednesday, January 16, 2013.  Details will follow later in the year.  Kathy Hahl and Karen Hertling are our hosts.


Chairpersons for our regular weekly play in December are Pat Soule and Kay Craig.  Tee time for the month is at 8:32 a.m.




Sunday Scramble--Diana Mardall


November play was on the Jones Course at Sea Trail.  Weather was wonderful and the company was great.  We played a straight scramble through the green and winners were:  1st Place – Karl Petterson, Doug Falls, Dee Gillen, Geri McTighe; 2nd Place – Mal MacRaild, Joyce Dunn, Karen Hertling; 3rd Place – Keith Rogerson, Sally Nolan, Susan Jarrell.  After play we went to Derbster’s for a late lunch.


On December 9 we play at Crow Creek.  First tee time is at 9:27 a.m. and the cost is $37.  Mal and Sally will be hosting; please call them if you have any questions.


Dinner that evening will be at Tamer’s at Ocean Ridge Plantation.  Cost is $13 for members, $25 for guests.  Please get cash or check to Diana Mardall by December 1.  We’ll have appetizers and drinks at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m.  NOTE:  The dinner will be held even if golf is cancelled due to bad weather.


Joe Gallo, our “Director of Golf”, has already booked our first tee time for 2013 at Meadowlands on Sunday, January 13.  The first tee time is at 9:27 (double tee’d).  We need a host for that day; contact Joe if you’re able to take this on.  Also, please let Joe know which courses you think we’d all like to play (or those no-one wants to play) as he is compiling a list of courses to contact for play next year.




Carolina Shores Bowling League – Sharon Lynch


Come join us for some bowling fun!  We are still looking for subs.  If you are interested, please contact Sharon Lynch at 575-2106 or Mal MacRaild at 910-880-4166.


Bowling scores from October 23 - Men:  John Lynch had a 215 game with a 544 series, Joe Fioravanti had a 203 game with a 578 series, Vince Hammerl bowled a 191 game with a 536 series and Don Rose had a 178 game with a 438 series.  Women:  Pat McKay bowled a 192 game with a 439 series, Kathy Hahl had a 179 game with a 438 series, Pat Herdic had a 170 game with a 400 series and Linda Pennington bowled a 167 game with a 442 series.


Bowling scores for October 30 - Men:  John Lynch bowled a 216 game with a 538 series, Vince Hammerl had a 199 game with a 527 series, Joe Fioravanti had a 195 game with a 540 series and Bob Browning bowled a 184 game with a 524 series.  Women:  Deb Courtemarche bowled a 191 game with a 461 series, Kathy Hahl had a 182 game with a 463 series, Pat Herdic had a 177 game with a 452 series and Diana Mardall bowled a 164 game with a 401 series.


Bowling scores for November 6 - Men:  Vince Hammerl bowled a 221 game with a 566 series, Mike Romola had a 201 game with a 538 series, Don Rose had a 200 game with a 555 series and Joe Fioravanti bowled a 199 game with a 535 series.  Women:  Kathy Hahl bowled a 181 game with a 436 series, Marilyn Davidson had a 175 game with a 436 series, Sharon Lynch had a 174 game with a 433 series and Ann Britt bowled a 172 game with a 405 series.


Bowling scores for November 13 - Men:  Joe Fioravanti bowled a 212 game with a 566 series, Bob Browning had a 204 game with a 516 series, Mike Romola had a 196 game with a 539 series and John Lynch bowled a 190 game with a 540 series.  Women:  Gloria Riccitelli bowled a 183 game with a 437 series, Beverly Farmarco had a 182 game, Diana Mardall had a 177 game with a 485 series, Jessica Lynch bowled a 171 game with a 435 series and Karen Oldman had a 166 game with a 444 series.




Carolina Shores Quilting Guild Rose Mary Jones


Carolina Shores Quilters Guild met November 9 in the POA clubhouse.  Inez Barrett shared plans for an annual Holiday Luncheon, which will take place after the December meeting.  Because of the luncheon, the meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. on December 14 in the clubhouse.  Members who wish to donate nonperishable food items to the South Brunswick Interfaith Council’s food pantry may bring these to the meeting.


Several members have completed and showed their Mystery Quilts and several quilts were shown that will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house.  After the meeting many stayed to begin working on stuffed teddy bears to be donated to the Brunswick Novant Medical Center; the hospital requested these to comfort pediatric patients.


Visitors and new members are welcome to attend any meetings, held on the 2nd Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the POA clubhouse.  Quilting experience is not required since experienced quilters in our group are willing to help beginners and formal workshops follow most meetings.




Multi-Media Art Classes – Annette DeLisle


If you’re interested in finding your “artistic” talent, please join us each Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. at the POA clubhouse.  We work with acrylics, watercolors and oil paint as well as pastels and pencils.


If you’re interested, please stop by on Tuesday afternoons and check us out.  You may also contact me at 910-233-5827.


Don’t let your paints dry out!



New HorizonsEleanor Dawalt


Our Christmas Party will be held at Crow Creek on December 11 at 3:00 p.m.  If you wish to attend and haven't signed up, please call Nancy Bradbury at 579-7281 immediately.  If you find you can't attend and have signed up, please call Nancy by December 10.


Our November meeting, although a small group, had a fun time telling jokes and stories of personal events in our lives.  Nancy Bates always makes this fun.


We, the members of New Horizons, would like to extend Happy Birthday wishes to Ellie Dawalt, our oldest and very dear member.  (Ellie is unaware that this greeting would be included in this article.)




Book Discussion Group Margie Pettersen


A discussion was held among the members present at our November 16, 2011 meeting regarding two books.  Little Bee by Chris Cleave is a cleverly written book that will keep you reading to ascertain the mysterious event that brings the characters together.  It is also a gut-wrenching book since it deals with the impact of civil discord in Nigeria.  Those who read this book found it “riveting” and said they could not put it down.  The second selection was In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin by Eric Larsen.  Readers found it gave an interesting perspective on life in Germany in the 1930s since it is told through the diary and memoirs of William E. Dodd, America’s ambassador to Germany, and his socialite daughter, Martha.  Some were surprised to learn about the indifference of the American State Department to Dodd’s concerns about growing militarism and anti-Semitism in Germany.


At our next meeting on December 21 we will discuss  The Language of Flowers:  A Novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  The book discussion group meets monthly in the POA library at 10:00 a.m. on the third Friday of each month and always welcomes newcomers.  If you love to read and discuss books, this is the group for you!


Thank you from C. Hope Clarke

Hope-Lynn-Darby-Marylin-Calabash-NC.jpg (468×331)

On October 24, I had a double-duty day in Calabash, North Carolina this week.  In the AM, I spoke to the Carolina Shores Book Club in their POA meeting room and in the PM, I presented to the Hickman's Crossroads Library and had a full house!  Above you'll see Marilyn Searby, a volunteer at the library, who was a pure joy. To the left, meet Lynn Darby, a fan, a children's author, and one of the sweetest individuals I've met in a long time. She and her husband Larry escorted me around all day, and saw to it I reached my destinations, ate, and received all sorts of glorious attention.  It wasjust a fine day altogether.  On days like this you realize that readers abound in the world."

C. Hope Clarke

Click on photo to enlarge



New Friends Barbara Jones


Mary Pritchard led the November meeting.  Cindy Black from the Fitness Studio in Ocean Isle Beach led the interesting discussion about health, fitness and nutrition.  She then gave away two prizes for free fitness classes.  Kathy Rix and Sue Kronberg were the lucky winners!


A delicious lunch at the Grill House was enjoyed by many of our members.


New Friends meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. at the POA clubhouse.  Everyone is welcome.  You do not need to be new to attend.  There are no officers or dues, just a friendly group of people who enjoy being with others.  Please bring a food item for the Brunswick County food pantry.  Following the meeting many in the group go out for lunch.  Please mark your calendar and join this fun group.


***On December 11 we will have a pot luck Christmas Luncheon.  Please bring a dish to share.***

Wendy Horten, Rose Mary Jones and Mary Pritchard are coordinating the collection of $20 from folks who would like to contribute to the South Brunswick Interfaith Council (SBIC).  Every donation made goes to provide a full Christmas dinner for the needy in Brunswick County.  Last year 150 families were given these meals.  Contributions can be cash or check, made out to SBIC and given to one of these ladies any time before Christmas.


The Travel Committee is planning some fun events.  Keep reading this column monthly and contact the event coordinator early if you want to attend a function.  Also, if you have any ideas for this committee to explore, please let one of us know.


December 2 - Wilmington Christmas House Tour from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. with lunch first.  Contact is Ellen Pecina.

January 31, 2013 - Culinary Institute for our annual luncheon.  Cost is $15, which includes tip.  This must be pre-paid.  Contact is Suzanne Kirksey.  Men are invited, too!

February 21, 2013 - Jersey Nights (music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons) at the Palace Theater.  Cost will be $21 for the ticket and $13 for a pre paid lunch at the Carolina Roadhouse.  Contact Wendy Horten

March, 2013 -IMAX Theater and lunch.  The date is to be announced.  Led by Gail Cohen

March/April, 2013 - If there is enough interest, the committee will plan an overnight trip to Charleston for the Home and Garden tour.  Contact Suzanne Kirksey

Keep your eyes on this column.  Other events will be announced as the time approaches.




Needlework NewsMargie Pettersen


The Needlework group assembled at the POA clubhouse on Monday, November 11, 2012.  This group meets in the POA Board Room* on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. to sit and knit (or crochet).  We have no officers or dues and you’ll find us around the table chatting and working.  We welcome donations of yarn or needlework supplies of any kind and use the donated yarn for some of our charitable works.  We recently received a large donation of yarn and crocheted items from the family of Joan Keating who passed away recently.  Margie Pettersen will be visiting the Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center to deliver completed lap blankets and shawls for hospice patients.


If you’re new to the community and love working with your hands, this is the group for you.  You don’t have to be experienced to join us; we have members willing to help with knitting, crocheting, or needlework crafts.  After our next meeting, December 10, 2012, we will go out to lunch at Sunrise Pancake House in Calabash.


*Please enter through the POA office to access the Board Room.




Garden Club NewsDebbie O'Dell


Mark Blevins, Director of the Brunswick County Extension Program and himself a beekeeper, had our club in “stitches” with his wonderful program on Beekeeping.  Mark talked about the positive effects of Honey Bees and the honey they produce.  We learned many interesting facts about Honey Bees such as; Honey Bees can only sting once and then they die, the pollinating floral source determines the color, flavor and quality of the honey, the middle of a bee hive is 98 degrees at all times, and the process of honey making is a complete metamorphosis.

The Soup and Bake sale was held on November 16.  This was a huge success thanks to the efforts of Barbara Errickson who coordinated the Soup Sale and Margie Pettersen who coordinated the Bake Sale.  Many thanks to all that donated the wonderful tasty soups and delicious baked goods.  Thank you also to all who donated their time working this event.

Click on photo to enlarge


The Garden Club Christmas Luncheon is planned for Wednesday, December 12, at Clark’s Seafood & Steak House.  Tickets were on sale at the November meeting and can be obtained until December 4 by contacting Mary Shafer at 579-5624.  Maureen Farley and Mary Shafer are co- chairpersons of this event.

The Garden Club Card Party will be held on February 6, 2013.  Once again this year it will be held at the Surf Club.  For further information or to donate an item for the gift table, please contact Carol Filkins at 575-4495.

Click on photo to enlarge  






   Sales         and       Service 

Alterations & Custom Sewing  London College of Fashion qualified with 30 years experience.  Call Catherine Sludds on 910 579 1327


Golf Clinics $20 each or private lessons at Ocean Ridge with Martin Sludds, PGA Golf Coach. 910 269 1635


Computer Repairs- Do you need your computer fixed or upgrade to Windows 7?  call Vaughn MacEntee at 575-7515 .

Mary Kay Cosmetics - Christmas gift baskets, skin care and Glamour.  Look your best every day.  Call Ester Malmfeld at 579-0638 or email at


 “Simplify Your Surroundings” I make order out of chaos.  Call Nancy at 910-575-3156 or To view projects  go to

Calabash Wholesale Computers offers Free Computer Electronics Recycling for the residents of Carolina Shores.  Call Patty at 910-515-5026 for drop off times.  Sorry No TV’s..








December 2012



























8:30 Tai Chi Cha


Christmas Party at Sea Trail




9:15 Tai Chi Cha

1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

7:00 Ladies Poker



8:30 Tai Chi Cha

11:00 Cook's Club

1:00 Multi Media Painting



1:00 Ladies Cards


7:00 Dup. Bridge


8:15 Tai Chi Cha


9:30 Mah Jongg 


7:00 Men’s Poker



1:00 Ladies Cards


6:30 Men’s Poker



8:30 Tai Chi Cha




Sunday Scramble Group



9:15 Tai Chi Cha

10:00 Needlework

1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

7:00 Ladies Poker


8:30 Tai Chi Cha

10:30 New Friends

1:00 Multi Media Painting

5:00 New Horizons


9:30 CSPOA

Board Meeting

11:00 Garden Club Luncheon at Clarks

1:00 Ladies Cards

7:00 Dup. Bridge



8:15 Tai Chi Cha


9:30 Mah Jongg 


7:00 Men’s Poker



9:30 Quilting Guild


1:00 Ladies Cards


6:30 Men’s Poker



8:30 Tai Chi Cha





9:15 Tai Chi Cha

1:00 Ladies Bridge

1:00 Mah Jongg

6:30 Kings Row

7:00 Ladies Poker



8:30 Tai Chi Cha


1:00 Multi Media Painting



1:00 Ladies Cards


7:00 Dup. Bridge


8:15 Tai Chi Cha


9:30 Mah Jongg 


7:00 Men’s Poker



10:00 Book Discussion Group

1:00 Ladies Cards

6:30 Men’s Poker



8:30 Tai Chi Cha




Office Closed





Office Closed


Merry Christmas


Office Closed


1:00 Ladies Cards



Office Closed


7:00 Men’s Poker


Office Closed


1:00 Ladies Cards


6:30 Men’s Poker






Office Closed

Happy New Year







Regularly Scheduled Events

POA Clubhouse

Exercise Class      Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:00 a.m.

Tennis Court

Tennis                    Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:00 a.m.


Recycle Center Schedule

Windshield Sticker Required

Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays 7:00 a.m. 12:00 noon

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Closed Fridays and Sundays



Please Note: in 2012 the Recycle Center will close on the following holidays:

Labor Day, Monday, September 3; Thanksgiving, November 22-23; and Christmas, December 24-25. 





The following meetings are held at the POA clubhouse:


The CSPOA Board of Directors will meet December 12 at 9:30 a.m. in the main room of the POA clubhouse.

The Architectural Control Committee meets the first and third Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the ACC office